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1. Initial velocity= the square root of 2gh

2. Voltage / current

3. Shows in 1905 that newtons laws were not valid for objects moving with speeds near the speed of light.

4. A disturbance that propagates through a medium

5. T=2p square root m/k frequency= square root k/m;/2p

6. Net force=0 net torque=0

7. V x A= constant

8. P + density x g h

9. Weight of displaced water=volume of displaced water in liters x 10 n / liter

10. T(C) +273

11. If energy is transferred and the internal energy of system B decreases by some amount then the internal energy of system A must incrase by the same amount.

12. Initial velocity= the square root of 2gh

13. Distance traveled / time

14. The amount of heat that is required to raise the temperature of one g of a substance by 1 degree C.

15. V1 x A1=v2 x A2

16. Because nothing stops it

17. Fbottom-Ftop=mg=(density x vol) x g

18. T^4

19. Analized brahe's data and verified the heliocentric theory. These regularities are known as Helpers Laws of Planetary motion.

20. ?

21. 1.25 kg/m^3

22. Decreases

23. The effectiveness of a material in conducting heat

24. P(P2-P1)D^4/128Ln n=fluid's viscosity

25. Equals total momentum after collision

26. Hf

27. Force per unit area

28. Solids - liquids - gases

29. The study of how objects behave (from the very tiny to the very big - and from the beginning of the Universe to its ultimate fate).

30. Number density x temperature

31. New theory that explained behavior at the atomic level

32. Work done / heat in

33. Mass x velocity

34. Mass x velocity

35. Heat is carried from place to place by the bulk movement of either liquids or gasses

36. 1 -000 kg/m^3

37. Change in velocity / time

38. Fluid flow velocity=u - fluid density=p (rho) - fluid pressure=P P +

39. The level stays the same

40. Gallons per minute (gpm) - liters/s - cubic feet per minute (cfm) or m^3/s

41. Current x resistance

42. Velocity squared / radius

43. Pressure x area

44. Maximum displacement from equilibrium

45. Sounds below 30 Hz

46. A tendency for liquids to resist flowing.

47. Force x lever arm

48. Heat Q= mass of sample x specific heat x temp change

49. Believed that the natural state of objects was to be at rest

50. As the speed of a moving fluid increases - the pressure within the fluid decreases