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First Aid: Reproductive

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1. What are common causes of hyperestrogenism

2. What does FSH do

3. What effect does NO have on smooth muscle in erectile tissues

4. What is the risk for carcinoma among patients with intraductal papilloma

5. What does progesterone do in the endometrium

6. 2 sperm + 1 egg

7. Which androgen is responsible for the closing of the epiphyseal plate

8. 50% of ovarian tumors - malignant and frequently bilateral

9. How does endometrial hyperplasia manifest clinically

10. < 21 day cycle

11. Large cells in epidermis with clear halo

12. What hormones regulate sperm creation?

13. triad of ovarian fibroma - ascites - hydrothorax

14. Connects ovary to lateral uterus

15. What does estrogen stimulate in the endometrium

16. Arrange the androgens in order of most potent to least potent

17. What are the four functions of estrogen

18. What is mortality due to in preeclampsia

19. disagreement between the phenotypic and gonadal sex

20. Is fertility compromised in double Y males?

21. How long does it take for sperm to fully develop

22. Which side is varicocele more common on...

23. Breast path - diseases of the terminal duct

24. 2 sperm + empty egg

25. How does exogenous testosterone create azoospermia

26. What can happen with no sertoli cell or lack of anti mullerian hormone

27. What does progesterone do to gonadotropins

28. What is DHT responsible for in late development

29. What is the right venous drainage of the ovary/testis

30. histo: simple columnar epithelium

31. Which androgen is responsible for libido

32. histo: simple columnar epithelium - pseudostratified tubular glands

33. small - mobile - firm breast mass with sharp edges - most common in <25

34. blood from ruptured follicle causing peritoneal irritation that can mimic appendicitis

35. What are the useful tumor parkers in prostatic adenocarcinoma

36. What is the flaggelum derived from

37. List the estrogens in order of decreasing potency

38. What are the most common cause of anovluation

39. Which system and nerve are responsible for emission

40. What structures does testosterone negatively feedback on?

41. What are the 3 androgens

42. Connects uterus - fallopian tubes and ovaries to pelvic side wall - contains ovaries - fallapian tubes - and round ligaments of uterus

43. What is the single most important prognostic factor for malignant breast tumors

44. which cysts results from gonadotropin stimulation and is associated with choriocarcinoma and moles

45. When is follicular growth the fastest?

46. In what group are malignant breast tumors most commonly seen

47. What percentage of testicular tumors are germ cell

48. What does the histo show for prostate cancer

49. dx with decreased testosterone - increased LH

50. gynecological tumors from highest incidence to lowest