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First Aid: Reproductive

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1. large - hyperchromatic syncytiotrophoblasts cells - increased freq theca leutin cysts - develops during pregnancy in mom or baby - marked by hCG

2. What is the number 1 risk factor for cervical dysplasia or carcinoma in situ

3. What are the pathologic features of leiosarcoma

4. What does SEVEN Up stand for in regards to the pathway of sperm

5. ovaries plus virilized external genitalia due to excessive and inappropriate exposure to androgenic steroids during early gestation

6. What does estrogen to do prolaction

7. What are the risk factors for endometrial hyperplasia

8. What pathologic states cause increases in hCG

9. What do leydig cells secrete?

10. common cause of recurrent miscarriage in 2nd trimester

11. Red velvety plaques - usually involving the glans - similar to Bowen's

12. Where does LH work - what enzyme works there and what product is secreted

13. What are the functions of oxytocin - maybe

14. Large cells in epidermis with clear halo

15. What are the four functions of estrogen

16. What does the histo show for prostate cancer

17. What does LH do

18. What changes are seen with total PSA and fraction of free PSA

19. when do primary oocytes begin meiosis I

20. vaginal carcinoma affecting girls < 4 spindle shaped tumors cells that are desmin positive

21. What does progesterone do to gonadotropins

22. <0.5 L of amniotic fluid

23. premature detachment of placenta from implantation site leading to fetal death

24. In What age group are ovarian germ cell tumors most common

25. Connects ovaries to lateral pelvic wall - contains ovarian vessels

26. What substances other than inhibin do sertoli cells produce?

27. Which phase varies and in length and Which is usually 14 days (menstrual cycle)

28. most common testicular cancer in older men

29. What does the tail go onto to form

30. is fibroadenoma a precursor to breast cancer

31. When is follicular growth the fastest?

32. What are common causes of hyperestrogenism

33. hyperplasia - not hypertrophy of the prostate gland

34. Which androgen is responsible for the closing of the epiphyseal plate

35. tumor with orderly row of cells - often multiple and bilateral

36. Where is SCC of the penis more common and What is it associated with

37. Breast path - diseases of the stroma

38. triad of ovarian fibroma - ascites - hydrothorax

39. What is the order of events in the menstrual cycle

40. What is the most common gynecologic malignancy

41. How does exogenous testosterone create azoospermia

42. What complications are associated with polyhydramnios

43. small follicles filled with eosinphilic secretions

44. leiomyoma and leiosarcoma have an increased incidence in which ethnic group

45. Some drugs cause awesome knockers

46. What is DHT responsible for in late development

47. What increases the risk of cryptorchidism

48. What is the karyotype of a partial mole

49. What does progesterone do to body temp

50. What is the pattern seen in leiomyoma