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First Aid: Reproductive

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1. gray - soliarty - crusty plaque - usually on the shaft of the penis or on the scrotum - peak incidence in 5th decade of life - can progress to invasive SCC in < 10% of cases

2. How is dyslpasi and carcinoma in situ of the cervix classified

3. triad of ovarian fibroma - ascites - hydrothorax

4. marked increased hCG - complete or partial

5. in postmenopausal women Where is androstenedione converted to estrone

6. headache - blurred vision - abdominal pain - edema of face and extremeties - altered mentation - hyperreflexia in pregnancy

7. How does progesterone inhibit sperm entry to uterus

8. how can struma ovarri present?

9. Where is testosterone converted to estrogen

10. common cause of recurrent miscarriage in the 1st week

11. What is a complication of invasive carcinoma

12. gynecological tumors from highest incidence to lowest

13. Where does FSH work - what enzyme works there - what substrate comes in and what leaves

14. What are the useful tumor parkers in prostatic adenocarcinoma

15. Breast path - diseases of the lactiferous sinus

16. How does endometriosis cause infertility

17. which cysts results from gonadotropin stimulation and is associated with choriocarcinoma and moles

18. when do primary oocytes complete meiosis I

19. testicular atrophy - eunochoid body shape - tall - long extremities - gynecomastia - inactivated X chromosome - dysgenesis of seminiferous tubules - decreased inhibin - abnormal leydig cell function

20. Red velvety plaques - usually involving the glans - similar to Bowen's

21. What is the prognosis for seminoma

22. How is prostatic adenocarcinoma diagnosed

23. What is the presentation of prostatitis

24. Connects ovary to lateral uterus

25. histo: simple columnar epithelium - ciliated

26. can present as precocious puberty in kids - can cause endometrial hyperplasia/carinoma in adults - abnormal uterine bleeding

27. In what phase is meiosis II arrested

28. Which androgen is responsible for the closing of the epiphyseal plate

29. Connects ovaries to lateral pelvic wall - contains ovarian vessels

30. Uterin fundus to labia majora

31. Wher does dysplasia and carcinoma in situ of the cervix usually begin

32. Benign painless lump - forms as a result of injury to breast tissue - possible history of trauma

33. Bent penis due to acquired fibrous tissue formation

34. Large bulky breast mass of connective tissue and cysts with leaf like projections

35. Large cells in epidermis with clear halo

36. Why does the skin resemble an orange peel in inflammatory type of maligantn breast tumor

37. 2 sperm + empty egg

38. What does gynecomastia result from?

39. What is mortality due to in preeclampsia

40. What is the lymphatic drainage the ovaries/testis

41. is fibroadenoma a precursor to breast cancer

42. What pathologic states cause increases in hCG

43. How many functional sperm does 1 germ cell creat?

44. what structures supplies the energy to the middle piece (neck)

45. malignant - pseudomyxoma pertonei - intraperitoneal accumulation of mucinous material from ovarian or appendiceal tumor

46. malignant - painful - often glandular/papillary morphology testicular germ cell tumor that can differentiate into other tumors

47. What converts testosterone to DHT

48. Some drugs cause awesome knockers

49. histologic type of fibrocystic with fluid filled - blue dome and ductal dilation

50. What is the presentation of fibrocystic dz