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GMAT Idioms

Subjects : gmat, english
  • Answer 50 questions in 15 minutes.
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  • Match each statement with the correct term.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. His reasoning was flawed - and appeared to be independent (to/of) any logic

2. Jayne has invested 6 weeks __ preparing for the test

3. Even as a young boy he was (known to/ known as wanting to) explore different ways of doing things

4. You can't explain ___ all your mistakes

5. I doubt (that/ whether) his venture will succeed

6. (After/ Following) the gold rush - the mining town collapsed

7. The prisoner seeks pardon ___ the victim

8. Gold jewelry has been prized ___ thousands of years

9. He prized his only child ____ everything else in the world

10. We attribute our success (to/ from) good fortune

11. Sheena wants to speak ___ for the rights of the homeless

12. I'm delighted (to/ at) make your acquaintance

13. The police continue to seek ___ the thief who stole Jayne's car

14. All his troubles originate (in/ from) his mind

15. I am not so much sad ___perplexed

16. Not only is he very intelligent - ____ very humble

17. It is the CEO's responsibility ___ meet the assigned targets

18. This group includes such cars ___ BMW ____ Audi

19. He was trained (to become/ as) an athlete ever since he was a child

20. Jayne is fascinated (by/ with) his boss

21. Does my dress conform (with/ to) your regulation?

22. Newton is credited (with the discovery of/ as discovering / to having discovered/ for discovering the laws of) gravity

23. Rising temperatures is a consequence (of/ for) global warming

24. Tom was elected (to/ for) the office by the party members

25. The donation will enable the college __ buy a new projector

26. Monarch declared all fundamental rights (none/ as/ to be) unconstitutional

27. The chairman claimed that he was speaking ___ his experience

28. Jerry is training for six hours with the aim of winning the marathon

29. I consider myself (none/ as/ to be) a close firend of the rockstar

30. My achievement is no less than his achievement

31. The ruler is expected (to/ that he should) protect his people

32. My problem is less serious than yours

33. The worth of the sculpture was estimated ___ Madrid

34. The dogs fled ___ their cruel master

35. You are to your parents what I am to mine

36. I would have not tea ____ coffee

37. The CEO is responsible ___ meeting the assigned targets

38. Jayne and Tina agree (on/ with) the need to hire a trainer

39. I do not subscribe ___ the view that Jayne is guilty

40. The boss seemed ___ a nice person when I met him

41. Cats have the ability (to see /of seeing) in the dark

42. I am more clever than my brother

43. The team credits its own success (to/ with) good fortune

44. The team is composed (from/ of) people (of/ from) every department

45. Don't expend too much effort (at/ on) this document

46. Please disclose the details to me at once

47. Jayne's grades are so poor (as to/ in order to) lead to his expulsion from the school

48. Tim is attending __ his sick mother

49. We encouraged Mary __ her singing career

50. Are international charities becoming more localized ___the economic crisis?