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GMAT Idioms

Subjects : gmat, english
  • Answer 50 questions in 15 minutes.
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  • Match each statement with the correct term.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. I chose an interesting gift __ anniversary

2. This dish appears __ undercooked

3. Jayne is fascinated (by/ with) his boss

4. Jack prefers tea (to/over) coffee

5. Evaporation refers ___ a scientific term

6. I would have not tea ____ coffee

7. There is a dispute ___ the new name of the city

8. You can't explain ___ all your mistakes

9. The weakest candidate emerged (as/ to be) the winner

10. Can you permit me ___ the door please

11. I expected better __ Jayne

12. The management views the problem (as/ to be) an opportunity

13. The team credits its own success (to/ with) good fortune

14. I disaprove __ the use of cheating to pass the test

15. The CEO is likely___arrested today

16. I am worried ___ my parents

17. Jayne mistook a Ferrari (as/ for/ to be) a Lamborghini

18. I can't concieve of you (to be/ as) a scientist

19. The director depicted the actor (as/ to be) a mutant

20. The conversation ceters (around/ on) Mozart's contribution to music

21. For some people - laptops are just a means __ an end

22. The Royal Bengal Tiger is native (of/to) the Sunderbans

23. The new ad for lawnmower is targeted ___ gardeners

24. Jayne is contrasting his working style with that of Mal

25. She began taking classes in order (to/ that she could) learn French

26. The CEO deemed it necessary ___ask the employee to resign

27. Does my dress conform (with/ to) your regulation?

28. The team is composed (from/ of) people (of/ from) every department

29. Jayne said the would (try to come/ try and come) on time

30. Jerry is training for six hours with the aim of winning the marathon

31. He prized his only child ____ everything else in the world

32. I sacrificed a lot for money __ visit Europe

33. The members insisted ___ the speaker be removed from his post

34. It will be interesting to see what results ___ the police's efforts

35. It is the CEO's responsibility ___ meet the assigned targets

36. I hope that this will result ___ the police finding your car

37. The child grew (into/ to be/ as) tall handsome teenager

38. I discouraged them (from filing/ to file ) a complaint

39. The police led the criminal ___ from the other accused.

40. I'm delighted (to/ at) make your acquaintance

41. The ruler is expected (to/ that he should) protect his people

42. The job requires that Jayne (to/ none) supervise the entire operations of the assembly line

43. I am looking at him ____ I am studying his jacket

44. My problem is less serious than yours

45. I do not subscribe ___ the view that Jayne is guilty

46. My friend referred me ___ a specialist

47. Jack is contending (that/ with) Jerry for the award

48. The Indian constitution is modeled ____ the British constitution

49. Jayne has been (accused of/ accused with/ accused to have committed ) theft

50. The prisoner seeks pardon ___ the victim