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GMAT Idioms

Subjects : gmat, english
  • Answer 50 questions in 15 minutes.
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  • Match each statement with the correct term.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. I am expecting parcel __ my brother

2. These trees range ____ a very large territory

3. We encouraged Mary __ her singing career

4. Rampant cutting of trees is a danger to ecology

5. The dogs fled ___ their cruel master

6. Freddie was elected (as/ to be/ to act as ) the president of our club

7. I consider myself (none/ as/ to be) a close firend of the rockstar

8. Jayne was required to supervise the entire operations of the assembly line

9. Jerry mad me as (many/ much) as fifteen mistakes in the test

10. The children have been independent (to/ of) their parents since childhood

11. We could neither walk (nor/ or) drive to the venue

12. She would permit not permit me up the ladder

13. The team's success is dependent (upon/ on) him

14. His behavior (aggravated/ was aggravating to) the problem

15. My achievement is no less than his achievement

16. A life of sin will inevitably lead ___ suffering

17. We isolated the chemicals___the source of the leak

18. The donation will enable the college __ buy a new projector

19. By the end of the contest the boxer had drawn (on/ upon/ at/ to) all the energy he had

20. He prized his only child ____ everything else in the world

21. I am travelling from New York to London

22. I expected better __ Jayne

23. This is a real life instnace__ plagiarism

24. Jayne demands (that he be given a raise/ for a raise)

25. You can't explain ___ all your mistakes

26. Oxygen is essential (to/ for) life

27. Rising temperatures is a consequence (of/ for) global warming

28. The chairman claimed that he was speaking ___ his experience

29. Just as Katy is a champion swimmer - __ is Angie

30. I am worried ___ my parents

31. I will have either ice-cream or pastry

32. You are to your parents what I am to mine

33. He was trained (to become/ as) an athlete ever since he was a child

34. The team credits its own success (to/ with) good fortune

35. The more the price rise - the ____ the demand increases

36. The costs associated (to/ wtih) setting up a factory are prohibitive

37. The members insisted ___ the speaker be removed from his post

38. Jayne always associates coke (with/ to) pizza

39. I disagree ___ you on this subject

40. I am more clever than my brother

41. The ruler is expected (to/ that he should) protect his people

42. Your analysis (agrees with/ agree to) mine

43. The weakest candidate emerged (as/ to be) the winner

44. Can you make yourself indifferent _____ someone you love?

45. Not only is he very intelligent - ____ very humble

46. Is the novel as great as is being reported in the media?

47. Jayne forbid his driver (to enter/ from entering) the house

48. Jayne's grades are so poor (as to/ in order to) lead to his expulsion from the school

49. The facts dont correlate (to/ with) her story

50. There is a dispute ___ the new name of the city