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GMAT Idioms

Subjects : gmat, english
  • Answer 50 questions in 15 minutes.
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  • Match each statement with the correct term.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Jayne contends (with/ that) his friend is innocent

2. Her will power is starting to dwindle away

3. It will be interesting to see what results ___ the police's efforts

4. Can you make yourself indifferent _____ someone you love?

5. He was trained (to become/ as) an athlete ever since he was a child

6. I am worried ___ my parents

7. Monarch declared all fundamental rights (none/ as/ to be) unconstitutional

8. I am expecting parcel __ my brother

9. The MPs debate (about/ over/ on/ for) the bill tomorrow

10. Jayne mistook a Ferrari (as/ for/ to be) a Lamborghini

11. For centuries - people have been using herbs ___ remedies for the different diseases

12. The police led the criminal ___ from the other accused.

13. The team's success is dependent (upon/ on) him

14. The police continue to seek ___ the thief who stole Jayne's car

15. Is this shirt promised __ anyone?

16. My friend referred me ___ a specialist

17. The costs associated (to/ wtih) setting up a factory are prohibitive

18. Not only is he very intelligent - ____ very humble

19. The Indian constitution is modeled ____ the British constitution

20. We choose him (as/ to be) our representative

21. The CEO is responsible ___ meeting the assigned targets

22. The thief has escaped ___ the prison

23. I sacrificed a lot for money __ visit Europe

24. We can count __Jayne's to compete the project

25. Jayne is fascinated (by/ with) his boss

26. The agreement invests the vice-chairman __ the authority to act on the chairman's behalf in certain conditions

27. I doubt (that/ whether) his venture will succeed

28. I discouraged them (from filing/ to file ) a complaint

29. I disaprove __ the use of cheating to pass the test

30. Even as a young boy he was (known to/ known as wanting to) explore different ways of doing things

31. His reasoning was flawed - and appeared to be independent (to/of) any logic

32. All the time I dream (about/ of) football

33. In Argentina - Maradona is often compared (to/with) God

34. I'm delighted (to/ at) make your acquaintance

35. Jayne's grades are so poor (as to/ in order to) lead to his expulsion from the school

36. The teacher failed half of the class (in/ on) the test

37. The house is beautiful and perfect except __ one thing - the price

38. A plant grows ___ a seed

39. Rampant cutting of trees is a danger to ecology

40. Jerry is capable (for/ of) great feats of strength

41. The chairman claimed that he was speaking ___ his experience

42. Jayne is contrasting his working style with that of Mal

43. The landlord has prohibited Jayne ___ coming late in the night

44. Just as Katy is a champion swimmer - __ is Angie

45. Jacol likes to associate (with/ among) honest people

46. For some people - laptops are just a means __ an end

47. We encouraged Mary __ develop her singing talents

48. Jerry is training for six hours with the aim of winning the marathon

49. The children have been independent (to/ of) their parents since childhood

50. The landlord owes me an apology - he as good as coled me a thief.