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GRE Literature: Subject Test Authors And Works

Subjects : gre, literature
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1. J. M. Synge

2. Edmund Spenser - 1590

3. Upton Sinclair

4. Andrew Marvell

5. T.S. Eliot 'The Hollow Men'

6. John Donne sermon - 'Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions'

7. Bram Stoker

8. James Joyce

9. Richard Wright

10. Dedication of Shakespeare'S sonnets

11. Malcom Lowry

12. Gulliver'S Travels - everyone is 6' tall and cruel

13. Sylvia Plath

14. George Meredith

15. First line of The Iliad

16. Daniel Defoe

17. John Dos Passos

18. John Ruskin

19. James Baldwin

20. Ann Radcliffe

21. George Orwell

22. Charlotte Bronte

23. 'The Way of the World' by William Congreve - 1700

24. George Eliot

25. First line of William Langland'S Piers Plowman

26. Geoffrey Chaucer

27. T.S. Eliot

28. Nadine Gordimer

29. Follows trip of protagonist Lewis Lambert Strether to Europe in pursuit of his widowed fiancee'S supposedly wayward son - Chad Newsome. Strether is to bring the young man back to the family business - but he encounters unexpected complications. The t

30. Oscar Wilde

31. Rudyard Kipling

32. Ernest Hemingway

33. Gertrude Stein

34. Amiri Baraka/Leroi Jones

35. Christopher Marlowe

36. Percy Bysshe Shelley

37. Club formed by Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift - dedicated to the ridicule of folly/satire

38. Ovid'S Metamorphoses - basis for Romeo and Juliet - play in Midsummer Night'S Dream

39. William Makepeace Thackeray

40. Dylan Thomas

41. Ben Jonson

42. Kate Chopin

43. First Englishwoman to publish a substantial volume of original poems (1611)

44. Edith Wharton

45. Keat'S 'Ode to a Nightingale'

46. Alexander Pope'S The Rape of the Lock - 1717

47. Eric Arthur Blair

48. T.E. Lawrence

49. Northanger Abbey

50. William Langland - search for the right way to salvation - controversial as it explores rebellion - revolution - social and religious issues