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GRE Literature: Subject Test Authors And Works

Subjects : gre, literature
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1. Herman Melville

2. Sean O'Casey

3. Charlotte Bronte

4. George Bernard Shaw

5. Ezra Pound

6. Albert Camus

7. Jonathan Swift

8. Mansfield Park

9. Thomas Carlyle

10. Matthew Arnold'S Culture and Anarchy (sweetness and light originally coined by Jonathan Swift'S Battle of the Books)

11. E.M. Forster

12. Charles Dickens

13. Richard Wright

14. Allen Ginsberg - 'Howl'

15. Kate Chopin

16. Samuel Taylor Coleridge

17. T.S. Eliot

18. Miles and Flora seem to be haunted by ghost of their country estate'S former employees - Peter Quint and Miss Jessel. Told by their English governess

19. Dedication of Shakespeare'S sonnets

20. Chinua Achebe'S retelling of Nigerian independence

21. George Meredith

22. Honor de Balzac

23. Charles Lamb

24. E.e. cummings

25. Christopher Marlowe

26. Nathaniel Hawthorne

27. Oedipus the King - Oedipus at Colonus - Antigone

28. F. Scott Fitzgerald

29. Joseph Conrad

30. Lawrence/Laurence Sterne

31. William Blake

32. 'The Country Wife' by William Wycherley - 1675

33. John Donne

34. Samuel Beckett

35. Rainer Maria Rilke

36. First line of The Iliad

37. Sir Walter Raleigh

38. Jean Genet

39. Gulliver'S Travels - flying island where practical projects neglected and impractical projects pursued

40. Northanger Abbey

41. John Webster

42. John Stuart Mill

43. Christopher Newman - good-hearted but gauche American businessman on his first tour of Europe - looking for different world than the harsh world of 19th century American business. Mostly concerns his courting of a young widow from aristocratic Parisi

44. Gerard Manley Hopkins

45. Henry James

46. Thoreau - 'Walden'

47. Anthony Trollope

48. Gerard Manley Hopkins

49. James Joyce

50. Henry David Thoreau