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GRE Literature: Subject Test Authors And Works

Subjects : gre, literature
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1. Alan Ginsberg

2. Aeschylus. Agamemnon - Choephoroe - The Eumenides. About the cursed house of Atreus

3. Daniel Defoe

4. John Dryden

5. Jeffrey Aspern - Modeled after Lord Byron) as long-dead famous poet - biographer is trying to secure some papers from Aspern'S former mistress and homely daughter. Set in Venice.

6. Milly Theale - an American heiress stricken with a serious disease - and her impact on the people around her (Kate Croy - Merton Densher)

7. First line of William Langland'S Piers Plowman

8. John Fenimore Cooper

9. Thomas More - early 1500s - humanism

10. Gulliver'S Travels - flying island where practical projects neglected and impractical projects pursued

11. Thomas Macaulay

12. Ezra Pound

13. Richard Sheridan 'The School for Scandal' 1777

14. Amiri Baraka/Leroi Jones

15. William Dean Howells

16. John Milton

17. Ben Jonson

18. Philip Sidney

19. John Berryman

20. Mansfield Park

21. Algernon Charles Swinburne

22. George Etherege 'The Man of Mode -' 1676

23. Gulliver'S Travels - Houyhnhnms' slaves - look like humans - idiots and violent - only governed by passionate and not reason

24. George Eliot

25. Gerard Manley Hopkins

26. William Cowper

27. Mary Anne Evans

28. Emerson - 'Concord Hymn'

29. James Joyce

30. Ernest Hemingway

31. Final lines of Lycidas by Milton - pastoral elegy for Edward King - his colleague at Cambridge that drowned

32. T.E. Lawrence

33. Virginia Woolf

34. William Congreve

35. John Lyle

36. Ralph Waldo Emerson

37. E.e. cummings

38. Anonymous author of Cleanness and Patience - Pearl

39. Samuel Pepys

40. Lord Byron

41. Sir Thomas Malory; one of first books printed in England

42. Robert Browning

43. Kate Chopin

44. Gulliver'S Travels - unhappy immortals who wish they could die

45. Elizabeth Gaskell

46. First line of The Iliad

47. Charles Dickens

48. William Blake

49. Flannery O'Connor

50. Ann Radcliffe