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Subjects : gre, english, vocabulary, bvat
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers to obvious but it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Hard but easily broken; difficult; unstable; Ex. brittle situation

2. Logical formula consisting of a major premise - a minor premise and a conclusion; deceptive or specious argument

3. Fragments (esp. from a destroyed building)

4. Pithy; terse; concise; aphoristic

5. Retaliation

6. Cloying sweet; characteristic of sugar or saccharin

7. Complain; fuss; grumble; grouch; N: plump chickenlike game bird

8. Scolding woman; very small mouselike animal

9. Gather into wrinkles or folds; N: wrinkle or fold

10. Express strong disapproval of; condemn openly (something dangerous to the public); disparage; Ex. decry the violence of modern films

11. Use a divining rod to search for underground water or minerals

12. Make secure against damage or loss; compensate for damage or loss; CF. make uninjured

13. Feign; pretend to: claim to possess; make pretensions to; Ex. I don't pretend to much expertise; N. pretense

14. Unpleasant high sharp sound; shriek; V.

15. Pithy maxim or saying; ADJ. aphoristic

16. Yearly allowance

17. Adjacent to; touching upon

18. Banish to the country; dwell in the country

19. Deserve; ADJ. meritorious: deserving reward or praise

20. Restore to a previous condition or position

21. Slight degree of color; V: give a tint to

22. Put in danger

23. Mutually agreed on; done together by agreement; Ex. concerted effort; CF. in concert: working together

24. Sudden sharp feeling of pain

25. Mad with violent anger; frenzied; madly excited

26. Banish from a group; exclude from public favor; ban; Ex. His friends ostracized him. N. ostracism

27. Shove; bump; push against (someone) rather roughly; Ex. jostled by the crowds

28. Treacherous; stealthy; sly; working or spreading harmfully in a stealthy manner; Ex. insidious spreading of dry rot

29. Mar; disfigure

30. Lower; degrade; humiliate; make humble; make (oneself) lose self-respect

31. Not literal but metaphorical; using a figure(impression) of speech

32. Legal official of high rank; CF. chancellery(chancellory): position of a chancellor

33. Irritate; fester; annoy

34. Wriggle; move from side to side with irregular twisting motions

35. Obligatory; compulsory; of a mandate

36. Work or appoint as a deputy; N. deputy: person who has the power to take charge when the leading person is away

37. Act stupidly; play the fool; N.

38. Commit an offense; do (something wrong)

39. Be cautious (of)

40. In agreement; harmonious; corresponding; coinciding exactly; CF. congruous

41. Praising; eulogistic; N. encomium: very high praise; eulogy

42. False testimony while under oath; V. perjure oneself: testify falsely under oath

43. Cause; produce; give rise to

44. Secondary or minor occupation

45. Imitation of a real object used as a substitute; effigy

46. Bending of a ray of light

47. Move gently (in air or in seas) by wind or waves; Ex. leaves wafting past the window

48. Payment or expense; expending; something expended; output; Ex. receipt for the expenditure; Ex. expenditure of all the energy

49. Sound (a large bell) slowly at regular intervals; N: sound of a bell; fixed tax or charge

50. Miserable person; bad or despicable person; ADJ. wretched: miserable; bad; contemptible; vile