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Subjects : gre, english, vocabulary, bvat
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Brave and successful act; deed or action - particularly a brave deed; CF. crossing the Atlantic ocean

2. Ward off a blow; deflect; Ex. He parried the unwelcome question very skillfully; N.

3. All-powerful; having unlimited power

4. Remembering; honoring the memory of; Ex. commemorative stamp

5. Social or moral custom; established practice; formal meeting; international agreement

6. Door bar; fastening pin or screw; length of fabric; large roll of cloth; V: dash or dart off; fasten (a door); gobble down

7. Unoriginal; obtained from another source; Ex. derivative prose style; N.

8. Shine with a flickering light; glimmer intermittently; Ex. The moonlight shimmered on the water; N.

9. Ability to change in form; fickleness; ADJ. mutable: able to change; fickle; CF. mutate; CF. mutant

10. Miser; excessively frugal person

11. Cancel; remove a word or name (from a book or list); erase

12. Miscellaneous; various; several; N. sundries: small miscellaneous items

13. Division of animals or plants - below a family and above a species

14. Pierce (with a sharp point); Ex. impaled by the spear

15. Slovenly; careless; sloppy; untidy; shabby; Ex. slipshod work

16. Pertaining to marriage

17. Done slyly and secretly (being dishonest)

18. Make invalid; make null; invalidate

19. Hang about/around; stand idly about; linger

20. Tiresome dwelling on a subject; V. harp: dwell on(think or speak a lot about) tediously

21. Thin; slim; rare

22. Poem or song expressing lamentation (for the dead); ADJ. elegiacal - elegiac

23. Slavish; cringing; N. servility

24. Swimming

25. Disheveled; uncared for in appearance; not combed; CF. comb

26. Dead; no longer in use or existence

27. After death (as of child born after father's death or book published after author's death); coming or occurring after one's death; Ex. posthumous fame/novel

28. Teach (ideas or principles); instill

29. Article treating a subject systematically and thoroughly

30. Approve; support; write one's signature on the back of; N. endorsement; CF. dorsal

31. Pertaining to money

32. Causing deep feelings of wonder - joy - respect - etc.; exalted; noble and uplifting; utter

33. Make or become confused; muddle; drive crazy; become rotten (egg)

34. Saturate(soak thoroughly); fill; Ex. imbue someone with feelings

35. Prudent; judicious; well judged; expedient; well devised

36. Prayer for help (used in invoking); calling upon as a reference or support; act of invoking

37. Indirect; slanting (deviating from the perpendicular or from a straight line); Ex. oblique reference

38. Plunder

39. Shut; close; obstruct; Ex. A blood clot occluded an artery.

40. Profane; violate the sanctity of

41. Tiny; weak; insignificant

42. Healthful; conducive to health or well-being; socially desirable; Ex. salubrious area; CF. health

43. Mischance; ill luck; Ex. death by misadventure

44. Clearly different from others of the same kind

45. Great influence (especially political or social); hard blow with fist

46. Rate of occurrence; particular occurrence; Ex. high incidence of infant mortality

47. Humbleness of spirit

48. Stubborn; refusing to change one's belief

49. Below the threshold of conscious perception; Ex. subliminal advertisement

50. Swamp gas; heavy vaporous atmosphere often emanating from decaying matter; pervasive corrupting influence; noxious atmosphere or influence