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Subjects : gre, english, vocabulary, bvat
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Cancel; retract; CF. irrevocable

2. Praise; enthusiastic approval; round(succession or series) of applause; ADJ. plauditory; CF. applaud

3. Pertaining to the organs or sense of touch

4. Move or swing back and forth; be uncertain or unsteady in decision or movement; Ex. wavering between accepting and refusing

5. Poison (of an animal); hatred; Ex. remarks full of venom; ADJ. venomous

6. Written symbols; number; amount represented in numbers; outline or silhouette of a thing or human body; person (well-known); impression; diagram; pattern; group in a dance; Ex. figure of speech; V. calculate with numbers; adorn with figures; appear;

7. Red or white cell in the blood

8. Approve; support; tolerate; Ex. countenance his rude behavior; N: face; appearance

9. Filled with great surprise or fear; horrified

10. Irresistible crushing force; overwhelming advancing force that crushes everything in its path

11. Behavior; bearing

12. Capture; enslave; captivate; hold the complete attention of (as if magic); hold spellbound

13. Traitor

14. Seemingly reasonable but incorrect; misleading (often intentionally)

15. Small church (in a prison - college - or hospital)

16. Comic misuse of a word; CF. Mrs. Malaprop

17. Witty thought or saying - usually short

18. Cheating; deceitful; Ex. fraudulent means; N. fraud: deception; swindle

19. Obligatory; compulsory; of a mandate

20. Widespread; affecting the majority of people; N: pandemic disease; CF. all people

21. Be unfaithful; reveal (unconsciously or unwillingly); Ex. Her trembling hands betray her anxiety.

22. Harmonious; in harmony with; able to exist together

23. Speed; rapidity

24. List of works of music - drama - etc. - a performer is prepared to present; CF. repertory

25. Drink with zest; drink with relish(zest; hearty enjoyment)

26. Give an imitation that ridicules; imitate mockingly

27. Clever and imaginative (in dealing with difficult situations); N. resource - resourcefulness

28. Animal-biting fly; irritating person

29. Reckon; calculate

30. Impossible to reconcile; incompatible; not able to be resolved

31. Convincing

32. Relating to paradise; blissful

33. Related to seed or semen; germinal; creative; providing a basis for further development; influencing future developments; Ex. seminal research in a new field

34. Disaster; misery

35. Social outcast; Ex. Mariah the pariah

36. Money; profit; Ex. filthy lucre

37. Crevice; crack

38. Man who is not a cleric; man who is nonprofessional

39. Held in common; public; of a group of people; of a commune

40. Bad-tempered; showing ill-humor; angry

41. False belief; hallucination; deluding; Ex. delusions of grandeur; Ex. under the delusion that

42. Arrange (laws or rules) as a code; classify; N. code: system of words used instead of ordinary writing; collection of laws - rules - established social customs

43. Punishment; severe criticism or disapproval

44. Quote; commend; Ex. cited for bravery in an official record

45. Based on experience; of or acquired through practice (rather than theory); useful; Ex. practical man

46. One who has more than one spouse at a time; CF. bigamy; CF. polyandry

47. Wear a mask or disguise; pretend; N: costume party or ball at which masks are worn; pretense; disguise

48. Make young again

49. Miser; stingy person

50. Contrast; one that by contrast enhances the distinctive characteristics of another