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Subjects : gre, english, vocabulary, bvat
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Enthusiastic follower; enthusiast; Ex. devotee of Bach

2. Nimbleness; ability to move quickly

3. Do or give something in return; repay in kind; give or take mutually; interchange; move backwards and forwards; Ex. reciprocate his invitation by inviting him; N. reciprocity: reciprocal relationship; mutual interchange of advantages between two grou

4. (of an animal) feed on growing grass; cause (an animal) to feed on grass; scrape (esp. the skin) or touch lightly in passing; brush; Ex. We can't graze the cattle till summer; N: surface wound

5. Those of gentle birth; high social class; refinement; quality of being genteel

6. Compensation (for loss or wrong); amends; Ex. make reparation for the damage; CF. repair

7. Having a backbone or spinal column; N: group of animals having a segmented spinal column

8. Staff officer assisting the commander; assistant

9. Look on with scorn; regard as worthless or distasteful; ADJ. despicable: contemptible

10. Beat with or as if with a flail; move wildly; thresh grain by hand; strike or slap; toss about; N: threshing tool consisting of a stick swinging from the end of a long handle

11. Assent; agree passively; comply without protest

12. Susceptible to wounds or attack; N. vulnerability

13. Deadlock; situation in which further action is blocked

14. Poor; destitute

15. Old-fashioned; past the prime

16. Ing'enue; young innocent girl

17. Metal block used for shaping metal or plastic; device for stamping or impressing; mold; CF. dice

18. Stronghold; something seen as a source of protection; Ex. the last bastion of male chauvinism

19. Dethrone; remove from office; give a deposition; testify

20. Logical formula consisting of a major premise - a minor premise and a conclusion; deceptive or specious argument

21. (esp. of a girl or young woman) impertinent; forward; trim; jaunty; Ex. pert young miss/hat

22. Fantastic; violently contrasting; noticeably odd; strikingly unconventional

23. Oversimplified

24. Holding tenaciously to an action; stubborn; persistent

25. Musical repetition; repeating of a piece of music; repeat performance; recurrent action; Ex. reprise in the finale; Ex. constant reprises

26. Surround tightly so that movement is impossible; Ex. hem in; N.

27. Pleasantly fat; nicely rounded

28. Severity; Ex. rigors of the Russian winter

29. Enthusiastic applause

30. Ransack; thoroughly search

31. Rate of occurrence; particular occurrence; Ex. high incidence of infant mortality

32. Great mass of falling snow and ice

33. Agent (sent on a mission to represent another); messenger

34. Daily; occurring during the daytime

35. Do drudgery; N: person who drudges

36. Glass water bottle; decanter

37. Firmness; persistence

38. Distinctive behavioral trait; affected style in art (according to a set of styles)

39. Practice of abstaining totally from alcoholic drinks; N. teetotaler;; ADJ. teetotal; CF. T + total

40. Clearly different; clearly noticed

41. Territory enclosed within an alien land

42. Queer and amusing

43. Inflammatory disorder of the lower intestinal tract

44. Ostentatious; showy; pompous; making unjustified claims; overambitious; Ex. pretentious films that claim to be art

45. Discipline; punish in order to correct; CF. castigate

46. Substance causing vomiting; ADJ.

47. Alert and watchful; listening carefully; paying attention; considerate; thoughtful; politely helpful; Ex. attentive audience; Ex. He was attentive to the old lady; N. attentions: act of courtesy and consideration

48. (of work) compensating; rewarding; profitable; well-paid; V. remunerate: reward; pay (someone) for work or trouble

49. Trying to please; obliging; willing to please others

50. Framework and working parts of an automobile; framework to which components are attached