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Green Belt Six Sigma

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Project information must be collected in what form?

2. Name the 3 desired measurement properties.

3. Within the 8 wastes - __________ is a significant factor

4. Describe the concept of takt time and how would you calculate it?

5. What is an MGPP and when is it useful?

6. What are the three CPI methodologies?

7. What are the 5 CTXs

8. What does Gemba mean?

9. Descriptive Statistics

10. Non Value Add - Definition and Example(s)

11. What is a Measurement System Analysis (MSA)?

12. 2 Sigma

13. What is WIP?

14. How can you ensure that your process stays within control?

15. What are the 5 actuals?

16. What are some of the Lean Principles?

17. Business Value Add - Definition and Example(s)

18. Name 3 prioritization tools

19. What are the 5S of workplace organization?

20. Pareto Charts

21. What is VOC - VOB? What does it provide? What are three techniques you can use to gather it?

22. A SIPOC is a good tool to use before doing what?

23. Name the 5 TOC focusing steps.

24. What are the duration and the size of a typical team in a Kaizen/RIE?

25. 7 Quality Tools

26. Scatter diagrams

27. 5 Sigma

28. What are the 3 forms of value (customer perspective)?

29. Does not have to be the "best" solution but one all can "live" with.

30. Good customer requirements are ____________ and ______________

31. Much of the information we receive comes in qualitative or quantitative form?

32. Inferential Statistics

33. 3 Sigma

34. What do SMART goals stand for?

35. What are the 8 forms of waste (muda)?

36. 1 Sigma

37. Touch Time

38. Sample

39. Six Sigma Key Roles

40. Value-Add - Definition and Example(s)

41. Median

42. What is PCE?

43. What is critical to performing value analysis?

44. 4 Sigma

45. What does Kaizen mean?

46. Variable data

47. Population

48. What is a Kaizen event?

49. Mean

50. What are the 7 Wastes? Provide an example of 2 of the wastes