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Hospitality Law

Subjects : hospitality, law
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1. When the public is misled into believing that one company's goods or services are those a similar brand or product.

2. Circumstances in which the authorities do not need a warrant to search your premises

3. When leaving property with the hotel for safekeeping the guest must make the hotel aware to the value and need for safe custody.

4. Which of the following Act states that no food may be advertised as a cure of treatment for any of the afflictions

5. Defaming a business - a product or a property rather than a person.

6. Notices of statutory provisions limiting liability be posted where?

7. Political - religious beliefs - and affiliations

8. If an employee of the hotel tells a guest that the hotel will provide a greater level of liability than the statutory limitations

9. Land - marriage - co-signing - longer than one year to complete - agreement to deliver goods at a future date - and (3 more)

10. Discrimination that is actually encouraged in our society

11. Within the walls of the inn

12. List 5/6 items employers can expect from their employees

13. Laws duly enacted by a person or body having the authority to enact and enforce them.

14. Types of Damages

15. You shall have the body

16. To place the issue - facts and evidence on the table. Each party can examine the other party under oath

17. What are the two types of property?

18. What three situations allow the employer to discriminate against employees on the basis of drug and alcohol dependency?

19. Latin for 'the thing speaks for itself'

20. The publication of a false statement about someone either verbally or in writing which damages their reputation

21. An agreement by an offeror to leave an offer open for a specified period of time

22. Law is whatever judges say it is...

23. What would a careful - thoughtful person in the same circumstances have done

24. A duty that cannot be given to someone else

25. In a criminal procedure list the 3 types of offenses

26. Latin for guilty act and guilty mind

27. Division of Lower Provincial Courts

28. Food poisoning from hamburger

29. How contracts can be discharged

30. The amount he merits

31. A symbol - word - name or device used to identify or signify a company or its product.

32. First stage in a criminal court procedure

33. A declaration that the statute operates notwithstanding the Charter ceases to have effect after five years

34. Damages are awarded to compensate the injured party

35. An agreement by an offeror to leave an offer open for a specified period of time.

36. Under contract law - list the three types of mistake the law recognizes.

37. The exchange of benefits; the price a party pays for the promise

38. A person who becomes ill but did not pay for the meal can sue the establishment

39. Job duties and standards - remuneration (salary - bonuses - perks - and benefits) - duration of term of employment - and likelihood of changes to the position.

40. Once a contract is written - it cannot be changed without the consent of both parties

41. Balance of probability needed to win a civil case

42. Breach of a legal duty to act reasonably that is the direct (or proximate) cause of injury to another.

43. If an employee of the hotel tells a guest that the hotel will provide a greater level of liability than the statutory limitations - the hotel will be stopped from relying on the protection of the statutory limitations.

44. Four methods to prevent potential legal action against your business.

45. When the police do not need a warrant to search your residence and/or business?

46. List 3 ways to finance a new or existing business.

47. What does real property include?

48. Offeree does not accept by the deadline Offeree does not accept within a reasonable time One party dies or loses the capacity to contract

49. Innocent - negligent and fraudulent

50. 5 possible consequences if you default on your mortgage?