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Hospitality Law

Subjects : hospitality, law
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1. Latin term for 'On the face of it'.

2. This relationship exists when one person has the power to affect another person's property or legal interests

3. When the public is misled into believing that one company's goods or services are those a similar brand or product

4. Beyond a reasonable doubt is what probability

5. What must be established to substantiate a claim for bailment?

6. list 4 elements of bailment

7. What are the three kinds of misrepresentation?

8. First stage in a criminal court procedure

9. Which of the following Act states that no food may be advertised as a cure of treatment for any of the afflictions

10. Two kinds of negligence

11. Latin term for within or on the premises of the inn (extension of the inn).

12. How contracts can be discharged

13. Division of law that defines rights and remedies

14. Guilty act in Latin.

15. Favoritism granted to relatives or friends regardless of merit

16. 'To have the body'

17. What are the 5 tiers of the corporate structure.

18. An advertisement is an example of this... lets people know that you are ready to accept offers

19. What are the 3 ways employment can be terminated?

20. If someone relies on advice or information negligently provided by a specialist - and does so reasonably to his or her detriment - a duty of care is breached

21. Once a lien is registered - a claim must be issued within 90 days of substantial completion of the work?

22. 'Reasonable worth of the good'

23. A promise for an action

24. Food poisoning from hamburger

25. A chattel mortgage on inventory - is a situation which the creditor can swoop down and immobilize the inventory still in stock upon default.

26. Tort law bypass - principal of agents - vicarious liability - corp. form by amalgamation - collateral warranties - etc.

27. Author of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

28. The innkeeper becomes liable for the entire loss even if the innkeeper has not been negligent.

29. Law created by a person or body with authority to enact and enforce it

30. Legislators - judges - jurors - lawyers - clients and police

31. Balance of probability needed to win a civil case

32. What would a careful - thoughtful person in the same circumstances have done

33. How can an employer escape alcohol misuse liability?

34. What are the two types of property?

35. 3 types of business structures.

36. Notices of statutory provisions limiting liability be posted where?

37. The publication of a false statement about someone either verbally or in writing which damages their reputation

38. What is the maximum weekly EI benefit?

39. Tort law bypass - principal of agents - vicarious liability - corp. form by amalgamation - collateral warranties - novation - etc

40. Allows a legislation to override the Charter

41. What are three ways a contract is breached

42. Discrimination that is actually encouraged in our society

43. What are three ways a contract is breached?

44. Fundamental freedoms in Section 2 of the Charter

45. Political - religious beliefs - and affiliations

46. Alcohol misuse under the Liquor License Act

47. Specific deterrence - general deterrence - rehabilitation - and protection of the public

48. Types of Damages

49. Promises made without consideration

50. Consent - self defense - lack of intention - necessity - legal authority - defense of property - and defense of a third person.