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Hospitality Law

Subjects : hospitality, law
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1. Accommodations that are not considered 'inns'.

2. Stages of a civil action

3. Law based on moral - religious or philosophical grounds

4. List the 3 subtle signs of intoxication.

5. Author of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights

6. Laws duly enacted by a person or body having the authority to enact and enforce them.

7. Fundamental freedoms in Section 2 of the Charter

8. Three types of offences

9. The amount he merits

10. What are some of the conditions for rightful dismissal?

11. Legislators - judges - jurors - lawyers - clients and police

12. When the public is misled into believing that one company's goods or services are those a similar brand or product.

13. When a contract is breached - the injured party must do What is required to limit the losses they suffer.

14. If an employee of the hotel tells a guest that the hotel will provide a greater level of liability than the statutory limitations - the hotel will be stopped from relying on the protection of the statutory limitations.

15. When a contract is breached - the injured party must do What is required to limit the losses they suffer

16. Division of Lower Provincial Courts

17. Latin for 'the thing speaks for itself'

18. You shall have the body

19. Breach of a legal duty to act reasonably that is the direct (or proximate) cause of injury to another.

20. Once a contract is written - it cannot be changed without consent of both parties.

21. Assault - battery -trespass - conversion - false Imprisonment - intentional infliction of mental suffering - deceit - and intentional interference with a contract.

22. Law is whatever judges say it is...

23. A declaration that the statute operates notwithstanding the Charter ceases to have effect after five years

24. What must be established to substantiate a claim for bailment?

25. 5 reasons for evicting a guest.

26. An advertisement is an example of this... lets people know that you are ready to accept offers

27. A symbol - word - name or device used to identify or signify a company or its product.

28. Under contract law - list the three types of mistake the law recognizes.

29. Tort law bypass - principal of agents - vicarious liability - corp. form by amalgamation - collateral warranties - etc.

30. What are three ways a contract is breached?

31. Job duties and standards - remuneration (salary - bonuses - perks - and benefits) - duration of term of employment - and likelihood of changes to the position.

32. An agreement by an offeror to leave an offer open for a specified period of time

33. Food Poisoning from chicken

34. Land - marriage - co-signing - longer than one year to complete - agreement to deliver goods at a future date - and (3 more)

35. The exchange of benefits; the price a party pays for the promise

36. A chattel mortgage on inventory - is a situation which the creditor can swoop down and immobilize the inventory still in stock upon default.

37. What are the 3 ways employment can be terminated?

38. Most difficult element of negligence to prove

39. Offeree does not accept by the deadline Offeree does not accept within a reasonable time One party dies or loses the capacity to contract

40. What are three ways a contract is breached

41. What are the five stages of a civil action?

42. List 3 ways to finance a new or existing business.

43. Another word for 'reafian'?

44. Notices of statutory provisions limiting liability be posted where?

45. Legal responsibility for the negligence of another person. Legal doctrine that assigns liability for an injury to a person who did not cause the injury but Who has a particular legal relationship to the person who did act negligently

46. List the 4 conditions of adverse possession. (squatter's rights)

47. This piece of legislation states that any persons donating and distributing donated food to another person are not liable for the damages resulting from injuries or death caused by the consumption of the food - unless the food was rotten or the perso

48. Defaming a business - a product or a property rather than a person.

49. Law created by a person or body with authority to enact and enforce it

50. Res ipsa loquitur