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Hospitality Law

Subjects : hospitality, law
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1. Consent - self defense - lack of intention - necessity - legal authority - defense of property - and defense of a third person.

2. The Charter is part of the ( ) - whereas the CHRA is a piece of federal legislation and therefore subject to change.

3. Spoken and written defamation

4. What are the two types of property?

5. 'It stands decided'

6. Tort law bypass - principal of agents - vicarious liability - corp. form by amalgamation - collateral warranties - novation - etc

7. Within the walls of the inn

8. Which of the following Act states that no food may be advertised as a cure of treatment for any of the afflictions

9. When the police do not need a warrant to search your residence and/or business?

10. The most difficult element of negligence to prove

11. Land - marriage - co-signing - longer than one year to complete - agreement to deliver goods at a future date - and (3 more)

12. Bailment for the sole benefit of the bailor.

13. Under contract law - list the three types of mistake the law recognizes.

14. list 4 elements of bailment

15. What are the 3 types of bailment?

16. Two types of negligence

17. Latin term for within or on the premises of the inn (extension of the inn).

18. Notices of statutory provisions limiting liability be posted where?

19. Law is whatever judges say it is...

20. what are the four purposes of sentencing?

21. Which of the following rights does the Charter guarantee only to citizens of Canada

22. List remedies one would expect when a contract is breached

23. How contracts can be discharged

24. Equal pay for males and females doing the same job - Equal pay for substantially similar jobs - Equal pay for jobs of equal value - and Pay equity

25. Law based on moral - religious or philosophical grounds

26. A document in which you appoint someone else to act on your behalf on issues that you specify. Issues usually include medical - business - and/ or legal dealings

27. Damages imposed to make an example of the wrongdoer

28. Selling accounts receivable at a discount.

29. Guilty mind.

30. For duress - for undue influence - if a mistake was made - for misrepresentation - where utmost good faith was not demonstrated.

31. The innkeeper becomes liable for the entire loss even if the innkeeper has not been negligent.

32. 2 classes of servants.

33. 3 types of business structures.

34. Guilty act in Latin.

35. Division of law that defines rights and remedies

36. Job duties and standards - remuneration (salary - bonuses - perks - and benefits) - duration of term of employment - and likelihood of changes to the position.

37. Latin for 'the thing speaks for itself'

38. Under the law - when an employer terminates the contract with an independent contractor - before all duties have been performed; What can the contractor sue for?

39. The innkeeper-guest relationship change into this type of relationship if the guest stays for an extended period of time?

40. A right to use another's land for a specific purpose.

41. Stages of a civil action

42. A person who becomes ill but did not pay for the meal can sue the establishment

43. Once a lien is registered - a claim must be issued within 90 days of substantial completion of the work?

44. A chattel mortgage on inventory - is a situation which the creditor can swoop down and immobilize the inventory still in stock upon default.

45. Food Poisoning from chicken

46. Job duties and standards - remuneration (salary - bonuses - perks - and benefits) - duration of term of employment - and likelihood of changes to the position.

47. If an employee of the hotel tells a guest that the hotel will provide a greater level of liability than the statutory limitations - the hotel will be stopped from relying on the protection of the statutory limitations.

48. Legal responsibility for the negligence of another person

49. Latin term for when one level of government passes a law Which is actually within the realm of responsibility covered by another level of government

50. Author of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights