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Hospitality Law

Subjects : hospitality, law
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1. Alcohol misuse under the Liquor License Act

2. Latin for 'the thing speaks for itself'

3. judge feels that the bargain was unfair due to (1) lopsided bargaining power - (2) abuse of authority - or (3) breach of fiduciary duty.

4. what are the four purposes of sentencing?

5. Assault - battery -trespass - conversion - false Imprisonment - intentional infliction of mental suffering - deceit - and intentional interference with a contract.

6. Who owns mislaid property?

7. What are the two types of property?

8. Circumstances in which the authorities do not need a warrant to search your premises

9. Independent contractors and employees.

10. The price a party pays for the promise.

11. A tortfeasor who can reasonably foresee some injury as a consequence of his or her conduct may be liable for more serious consequences than he or she anticipated.

12. Within the walls of the inn

13. Four methods to prevent potential legal action against your business.

14. Three types of intangibles

15. Specific deterrence - general deterrence - rehabilitation - and protection of the public

16. Favoritism granted to relatives or friends regardless of merit

17. Tort law bypass - principal of agents - vicarious liability - corp. form by amalgamation - collateral warranties - etc.

18. What are some of the conditions for rightful dismissal?

19. The innkeeper becomes liable for the entire loss even if the innkeeper has not been negligent.

20. Food Poisoning from chicken

21. Land - marriage - co-signing - longer than one year to complete - agreement to deliver goods at a future date - and (3 more)

22. Offeree does not accept by the deadline Offeree does not accept within a reasonable time One party dies or loses the capacity to contract

23. Use of another company's business name or logo without permission.

24. Conditions for rightful dismissal.

25. Damages are awarded to compensate the injured party

26. The division of law associated with interpersonal matters

27. What are the five stages of a civil action?

28. How can an employer escape alcohol misuse liability?

29. The amount he merits

30. Accommodations that are not considered 'inns'.

31. To place the issue - facts and evidence on the table. Each party can examine the other party under oath

32. What does real property include?

33. A plaintiff is partly or solely the cause of his or her own injury

34. A declaration that the statute operates notwithstanding the Charter ceases to have effect after five years

35. Guilty mind.

36. Political - religious beliefs - and affiliations

37. When the police do not need a warrant to search your residence and/or business?

38. Once a contract is written - it cannot be changed without the consent of both parties

39. When a contract is breached - the injured party must do What is required to limit the losses they suffer.

40. Food poisoning from hamburger

41. List remedies one would expect when a contract is breached

42. Innocent - negligent and fraudulent

43. What three situations allow the employer to discriminate against employees on the basis of drug and alcohol dependency?

44. What are exemplary damages?

45. When two or more suppliers conspire to set prices.

46. Law is whatever judges say it is...

47. The Charter is part of the ( ) - whereas the CHRA is a piece of federal legislation and therefore subject to change.

48. A promise for an action

49. The innkeeper-guest relationship change into this type of relationship if the guest stays for an extended period of time?

50. list 4 elements of bailment