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Hospitality Law

Subjects : hospitality, law
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1. Division of law that defines rights and remedies

2. Allows a legislation to override the Charter

3. If an employee of the hotel tells a guest that the hotel will provide a greater level of liability than the statutory limitations - the hotel will be stopped from relying on the protection of the statutory limitations.

4. The innkeeper-guest relationship change into this type of relationship if the guest stays for an extended period of time?

5. Three types of offences

6. What are three ways a contract is breached

7. When the police do not need a warrant to search your residence and/or business?

8. Guilty mind.

9. Under contract law - list the three types of mistake the law recognizes.

10. What are the two types of property?

11. The Charter is part of the ( ) - whereas the CHRA is a piece of federal legislation and therefore subject to change.

12. Once a lien is registered - a claim must be issued within 90 days of substantial completion of the work?

13. Equal pay for males and females doing the same job - Equal pay for substantially similar jobs - Equal pay for jobs of equal value - and Pay equity

14. To place the issue - facts and evidence on the table. Each party can examine the other party under oath

15. Which of the following rights does the Charter guarantee only to citizens of Canada

16. Independent contractors and employees.

17. Specific deterrence - general deterrence - rehabilitation - and protection of the public

18. Offeree does not accept by the deadline Offeree does not accept within a reasonable time One party dies or loses the capacity to contract

19. An advertisement is an example of this... lets people know that you are ready to accept offers

20. 'To have the body'

21. Balance of probability needed to win a civil case

22. This type of document is an attempt by one party to unilaterally impose on the other the terms specified in the waiver.

23. Conditions for rightful dismissal.

24. What are some of the conditions for rightful dismissal?

25. An agreement by an offeror to leave an offer open for a specified period of time.

26. List 3 ways to finance a new or existing business.

27. The level of government in charge of bylaws

28. Fundamental freedoms in Section 2 of the Charter

29. Four methods to prevent potential legal action against your business.

30. 5 possible consequences if you default on your mortgage?

31. Clauses in the purchase agreement to restrict the seller from competing with the business for a reasonable amount of time within a reasonable geographical location.

32. Law created by a person or body with authority to enact and enforce it

33. What are exemplary damages?

34. what are the four purposes of sentencing?

35. Job duties and standards - remuneration (salary - bonuses - perks - and benefits) - duration of term of employment - and likelihood of changes to the position.

36. What are the 3 ways employment can be terminated?

37. Author of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948?

38. Division of Lower Provincial Courts

39. A declaration that the statute operates notwithstanding the Charter ceases to have effect after five years

40. What are the 3 types of bailment?

41. A plaintiff is partly or solely the cause of his or her own injury.

42. Types of Damages

43. Who owns mislaid property?

44. If an employee of the hotel tells a guest that the hotel will provide a greater level of liability than the statutory limitations

45. An agreement by an offeror to leave an offer open for a specified period of time

46. What are the three kinds of misrepresentation?

47. 3 types of offenses in a criminal procedure

48. Res ipsa loquitur

49. Innocent - negligent and fraudulent

50. Accommodations that are not considered 'inns'.