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Hospitality Law

Subjects : hospitality, law
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1. Law is whatever judges say it is...

2. Consent - self defense - lack of intention - necessity - legal authority - defense of property - and defense of a third person.

3. List the 3 subtle signs of intoxication.

4. The exchange of benefits; the price a party pays for the promise

5. A tortfeasor who can reasonably foresee some injury as a consequence of his or her conduct may be liable for more serious consequences than he or she anticipated.

6. List 3 ways to finance a new or existing business.

7. How can an employer escape alcohol misuse liability?

8. Selling accounts receivable at a discount.

9. Assault - battery -trespass - conversion - false Imprisonment - intentional infliction of mental suffering - deceit - and intentional interference with a contract.

10. An agreement by an offeror to leave an offer open for a specified period of time

11. A crime consisting of the use of services - such as a hotel room or a restaurant meal - with the intent of avoiding payment and the act of failing to pay.

12. First stage in a criminal court procedure

13. The division of law associated with interpersonal matters

14. It is not my deed

15. What does BFOR stand for?

16. Land - marriage - co-signing - longer than one year to complete - agreement to deliver goods at a future date - and (3 more)

17. Allows a legislation to override the Charter

18. Law created by a person or body with authority to enact and enforce it

19. Notices of statutory provisions limiting liability be posted where?

20. Circumstances in which the authorities do not need a warrant to search your premises

21. 3 types of business structures.

22. What three situations allow the employer to discriminate against employees on the basis of drug and alcohol dependency?

23. List remedies one would expect when a contract is breached

24. Spoken and written defamation

25. Promises made without consideration

26. The innkeeper becomes liable for the entire loss even if the innkeeper has not been negligent.

27. A restriction placed on some aspect of land use.

28. When the public is misled into believing that one company's goods or services are those a similar brand or product

29. A right to use another's land for a specific purpose.

30. The period of time required to pay off the principal completely at a set interest rate.

31. judge feels that the bargain was unfair due to (1) lopsided bargaining power - (2) abuse of authority - or (3) breach of fiduciary duty.

32. Which of the following Act states that no food may be advertised as a cure of treatment for any of the afflictions

33. Division of law that defines rights and remedies

34. Four methods to prevent potential legal action against your business.

35. 3 types of offenses in a criminal procedure

36. A chattel mortgage on inventory - is a situation which the creditor can swoop down and immobilize the inventory still in stock upon default.

37. What does real property include?

38. Once a contract is written - it cannot be changed without consent of both parties.

39. Legal responsibility for the negligence of another person

40. What are the three kinds of misrepresentation?

41. This person acts on behalf of the principal

42. Three types of intangibles

43. When the public is misled into believing that one company's goods or services are those a similar brand or product.

44. Types of Damages

45. Someone who certifies documents - but does not draft documents

46. Bailment for the sole benefit of the bailor.

47. You shall have the body

48. Surviving a falling elevator

49. Food Poisoning from chicken

50. Conditions for rightful dismissal.