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Hotel Front Office Management

Subject : hospitality
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1. Guest with confirmed/guaranteed booking who does not arrive - but has not cancelled

2. 5-7%

3. Needed for large conventions where delegates may stay in many hotels

4. Guest without reservations needing rooms

5. A negotiated discount below the rack rate. Members pick the rate they want to pay

6. Rates are gathered through the CRS' seamless connection. Displays discounts and lowest available rates for all hotels in the competitive market set

7. Temporarily unavailable due to fixable problems. Can be fixed quickly if absolutely essential. Can be sol at a discount if un-fixed - with disclosure.

8. The lodging industry's oldest and most popular provider of ASP Central Reservations software.

9. Advanced reservations (the best) -Guaranteed Reservation -Confirmed Reservation

10. Travel related bookings are the largest category of Internet transactions. Each year - the Internet attracts a larger share of reservations away from more traditional sources - growing at a rate four times faster than the rest of the industry.

11. Estimated over $80 billion. Group delegates spend more dollars.

12. 1)Amadeus 2)Galileo 3)Sabre 4)Worldspan

13. 40% of annual marketing budget may be spent on online products. Booking through own website nets more revenue than booking through 3rd party websites.

14. Unavailable long-term due to non-fixable problems. Cannot be sold due to unacceptable condition.

15. As individual room requests arrive at the hotel - they are booked against the group room block. Reservation received after the closeout date - 20 to 30 days before the convention starts - are accepted on an availability basis only

16. When a person calls directly to the hotel to book their reservations.

17. Guest who stay longer than booked

18. Establishes and monitors rate structure - Continually monitors reservations activity and sets inventory controls as needed - Aids rate negotiations with bulk buyers -Monitors and restricts the number of reservations that can be taken for any particul

19. Hurdle point is set - lower rates rejected

20. The electronic system - including the last-room availability interface with individual chain properties. Linked airlines with travel agents.

21. Changes in dates - names - numbers - room types etc.

22. Rooms available -Occupied last night -Expected check-outs -Stayovers -Today's Reservations -Rooms committed today -Rooms available for sale -Occupancy percentage

23. Convention guest who try to get a better rate by using other deals

24. The actual office site at which chain reservationists reside.

25. A CRS -GDS connectivity -Connections to 'alternate' distribution systems -Internet Reservations

26. Sites that are not controlled either by the hotel or the chain. (hotwire - expedia - travelocity - orbitz etc..)

27. More rooms sold than available - done deliberately.

28. The role that airline reservation systems played

29. Guest who arrive days before booking

30. Speaking the same language within incompatible systems

31. 2-3 minutes

32. The hotel wants to see the rates it is listing in Expedia as well as the rates listed by competitors in order to manage its own hotel-direct Web site

33. In 2001 - Galileo was purchased by Cendant Corporation for $2.9 billion.

34. Based entirely on historical date. Does not share specific performance date for each competing property.

35. Breaks the hotel rates into two categories - GDS and CRAS and looks for the lowest available rate in each of these areas

36. Guest who leave earlier than expected

37. Publicly funded - quasi-govermetnal organizations to represent city's hospitality industry. Represent bid for large and small conferences

38. Guest booked to depart today

39. The act of controlling rates and restricting occupancy to maximize gross room revenues

40. 1)Tour Groups 2)Convention Groups 3)Exposition and Trade Shows

41. Continuing guest - as per booking

42. Blanket reservation is made initially. Is adjusted as dates come closer. Convention hotels cooperate to determine 'show rate' of a particular group from past records.

43. Very price sensitive - weekend travel - will trade price for restrictions - are motivated by deals

44. CRS for hire - used by smaller chains - independent hotels.

45. Software companies that offer a suite of software applications via Internet-based access.

46. Place and date more important than rate.

47. The American Society of Association Executives

48. Compares a manager's room available with those available in the competitive market set and room -nights sold for the manager's hotel against room-night sold across the competitive set

49. Yesterdays stay-overs + today's reserved arrivals

50. Number of guests in hotel