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Important Digital Marketing Vocab

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1. Handle: your user name in a social community

2. Authenticity: accept organic word of mouth -advocacy: enable consumers to rate the value of opinions offered on the site -participatory: encourage consumers to contribute posts -reciprocity: acknowledge the value of the opinions customers offer -inf

3. Google's pay-per-click advertiser program.

4. Ads that appear between web pages (before the browser displays a new page).

5. Consumers are happy/ unhappy posting about you with reviews of anysort

6. Means that people tend to follow and emulate those people whom they find attractive or otherwise desirable

7. Term for an online ad format that is tall and narrow. Skyscraper ads are typically run along the right or left margin of a web page.

8. Churn Rate is a measure of customer attrition - defined as the number of customers who cease being customers over a specified time period divided by the average total number of customers over that same time period.

9. Avg number of times someone is exposed to your message

10. The term used when people have clicked on or viewed a web page.

11. Cultural pressures -fear of deviance -commitment - group unanimity - size and expertise -susceptibility to interpersonal influence

12. Games in which the players play a character role with the goal of completing a mission

13. Stay informed - raise your profile - level the playing field - Influence the influencers - Nurture brand advocacy-pass it on - the wisdom of the crowd

14. May include text graphics video and sound but on a website

15. Those that involve expert play to organize and value variables in the game system

16. To build a picture of a target customer based on information from various sources including customer transactions - completed forms and demographic data.

17. Social bookmarking - Social media submission sites - forums and discussion sites - media sharing sites-reviews and rating sites-social network sites - blogs - micro-blogging - wikis - social media dashboards

18. The visual nature of the game such as science fiction - fantasy horror and retro

19. Require a great time investment are highly immersive and demand advance skill

20. Online word of mouth and very strong influence on consumer decision making

21. A Microsoft technology that allows scripts to be integrated into web pages - most often to collect information using forms.

22. Search engine marketing programs that guarantee web site listings for specific keyword search terms for a fee.

23. When an advertiser pays for their online ad based on the number of views.

24. The process by which display ads get placed on websites.

25. Scores that people acting in the role of critics assign to something as an indicator

26. The use of a digital brand name by someone who does not have legit claim to the name

27. Information in web pages - Flash movies - email - enewsletters - etc. - that changes automatically based on database or user information. When used effectively - this content targets users' specific needs - providing what they are looking for

28. An XML-based system that enables people to receive ongoing - constantly updated information collected from many sources through a simple reader.

29. Constantly wired in the network - always online

30. 1) acknowledge the problem/issue - 2) define need(s) - 3) explore solutions - 4) gather vendor information/options - 5) identify finalists - 6) engagement - 7) circulate RFP - 8) evaluate proposals and 9) purchase

31. The electronic/online activity of prospects

32. Promotions within a game that another company develops and sells - can chose from three different methods: display ads - static ads - dynamic ads

33. Require only a small amount of time are easy to learn and are readily available 55% female for casual social games

34. Search Engine Marketing is the process of marketing your web site via search engines. It includes Search Engine Optimization and directory submissions - as well as paid submission programs like AdWords.

35. The degree to which the data in a database is accurate and consistent according to a data model and data type.

36. The ability to freely interact with other people and companies; open access to venues that allow users to share content

37. Increase awareness - influence desire - encourage trial - facilitate purchase - cement brand loyalty

38. A means of communication

39. Reward power: ability to provide what others desire - coercive power: ability to punish others - legit power: authority based rights - referent power: authority through motivation to identify - expert power: recognition of ones knowledge skills and a

40. A snippet of cultural information that spreads person to person until eventually it enters the general consciousness

41. The means by which files are transferred from your computer directly to your website.

42. Google's pay-per-click - context-relevant program available to blog and web publishers as a way to create revenue.

43. Careful crafting of a title that markets the content

44. Refers to situations where consumers interact with others during a shopping event

45. Content that will entertain

46. This ad buying option places ads on several networked websites.

47. Pop up ads that appear on top of the user's active window and often stay on the screen even as the user scrolls down.

48. A web-based tool or desktop application that collects syndicated content.

49. Paying to acquire leads from an outside party at a set rate or amount per lead.

50. Typically educational content that readers use over time - save and share