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Important Digital Marketing Vocab

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1. Typically educational content that readers use over time - save and share

2. Plug ins that appear as clicable icons on a website and enable the viewer to bookmark or share the page with others

3. Games in which the players play a character role with the goal of completing a mission

4. Gathering information from multiple web sites - typically via RSS. Aggregation lets web sites remix the information from multiple web sites - for example by republishing all the news related to a particular keyword.

5. The ability to attribute prospect behavior to the media that triggered the response.

6. Placement of a branded item in an entertainment property such as a television program - movie - or game.

7. Within each medium - marketers can choose these specifically to place a message

8. Constantly wired in the network - always online

9. An XML-based system that enables people to receive ongoing - constantly updated information collected from many sources through a simple reader.

10. Those others view as knowledgeable sources of information

11. Search engine marketing programs that guarantee web site listings for specific keyword search terms for a fee.

12. Pick listspopularity filters - share your story - user forums - deal directories - deal feeds - group buy - news feeds - geo location promotions - social media storefronts

13. Information in web pages - Flash movies - email - enewsletters - etc. - that changes automatically based on database or user information. When used effectively - this content targets users' specific needs - providing what they are looking for

14. Anything that involves delivering hosted services online

15. A means of communication

16. Require only a small amount of time are easy to learn and are readily available 55% female for casual social games

17. Labels or categories that describe the content of a web site - bookmark - photo or blog post. You can assign multiple tags to the same online resource. Tags provide a useful way of organizing - retrieving and discovering information.

18. Cross media genre of interactive fiction using multiple delivery and communications media including television radio newspapers etc. - also known as transmedia social games

19. The RSS or Atom feeds used by news aggregators.

20. A multiplayer - competitive goal oriented activity with defined rules of engagement and online connectivity among a community of players -leader boards: listing of leaders in the game competition -achievement badges: symbols awarded to show game l

21. Online ads that contain motion - sounds - or video and usually use Java or Flash to enhance the viewer's experience.

22. Google's pay-per-click - context-relevant program available to blog and web publishers as a way to create revenue.

23. Cost of advertising based on the number of clicks received.

24. Original cntent that positions the sponsoring entity as a authority

25. The shortcuts our brains take when we process information

26. Online hosts that enable sites memebers to construct and maintain profiles - social identity: picture - social presence: status updates - Connections: followers

27. Google's pay-per-click advertiser program.

28. Require a great time investment are highly immersive and demand advance skill

29. Collaborative online workspaces that enable community memebers to contribute to the creation of useful and shared resource

30. Term used to decipher what kind of people or what kind of patterns are taking place when people exit or move away from a website.

31. The contact and profile information of a lead identified by marketing as a potential buyer due to various explicit and implicit responses/behaviors.

32. An engagement with online communities to generate exposure - opportunity and sales. The number-one advantage is generating exposure for the business - followed by increasing traffic and building new business partnerships. Common social media market

33. Content that promises something for free

34. Ads that appear between web pages (before the browser displays a new page).

35. A link to your website from a different website.

36. Online display ads that incorporate user data in the ad or targeting of the ad - social engagement ad contains ad crative along with option of viewer engagement -social contest ad -organic social ad shared on activity stream

37. Refers to the process social media users undergo to categorize content according to their own folksonomy

38. A Microsoft technology that allows scripts to be integrated into web pages - most often to collect information using forms.

39. The coding language used to create and link together documents and files on the internet.

40. The percentage of people whose activity can be tracked from clicking on an ad or visiting a website to actually purchasing a product or service. A high conversion rate indicates that the link - ad - or site was successful.

41. Cultural pressures -fear of deviance -commitment - group unanimity - size and expertise -susceptibility to interpersonal influence

42. Software that is routinely updated like an app

43. A snippet of cultural information that spreads person to person until eventually it enters the general consciousness

44. Performative in that the player chooses an action that the game executes

45. Handle: your user name in a social community

46. Change in beliefs or actions as a reaction to group pressure (real or imagined)

47. A breakdown of how much a website or Internet company makes on average based on the number of clicks or visitors it receives.

48. Person who is frequently able to influence others

49. Means of communication that can reach a large number of individuals

50. Channels capable of two way communication on a small scale