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Important Digital Marketing Vocab

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1. Performative in that the player chooses an action that the game executes

2. Content that will entertain

3. Channels capable of two way communication on a small scale

4. Classifications that experts create

5. Authenticity: accept organic word of mouth -advocacy: enable consumers to rate the value of opinions offered on the site -participatory: encourage consumers to contribute posts -reciprocity: acknowledge the value of the opinions customers offer -inf

6. The value added for all users by each individual user

7. Channels of social media focusing on relationships and the common activities people participate in with others who share the same interest or idenification Ex: Social networking sites - messages boards - forums - wikis

8. Anything that involves delivering hosted services online

9. The contact and profile information of a lead identified by marketing as a potential buyer due to various explicit and implicit responses/behaviors.

10. The coding language used to create and link together documents and files on the internet.

11. Belief that when a lot of people select one option then it must be the right option

12. Cross media genre of interactive fiction using multiple delivery and communications media including television radio newspapers etc. - also known as transmedia social games

13. The exposure of a clickable ad on a website to one individual person.

14. A method used to check how many hits or clicks an ad receives.Useful tool for discovering where the most revenue comes from - and how to better personalize ads to reach more customers - and encourage more new customers.

15. Refers to situations where consumers interact with others during a shopping event

16. A list of other websites or services online. The directory is often its own website and contains links to various sources - websites - or other information on a variety of topics.

17. Term for an online ad format that is tall and narrow. Skyscraper ads are typically run along the right or left margin of a web page.

18. Change in beliefs or actions as a reaction to group pressure (real or imagined)

19. Uses software to fine tune the offer and build intimacy with the customer

20. Ads that appear between web pages (before the browser displays a new page).

21. Refers to the process social media users undergo to categorize content according to their own folksonomy

22. Increase awareness - influence desire - encourage trial - facilitate purchase - cement brand loyalty

23. A link that leads people to a different website from the one they are visiting.

24. Stay informed - raise your profile - level the playing field - Influence the influencers - Nurture brand advocacy-pass it on - the wisdom of the crowd

25. Assessments with detailed comments about the object in question

26. Means of communication that can reach a large number of individuals

27. A means of communication

28. Pick listspopularity filters - share your story - user forums - deal directories - deal feeds - group buy - news feeds - geo location promotions - social media storefronts

29. Constantly wired in the network - always online

30. Reward power: ability to provide what others desire - coercive power: ability to punish others - legit power: authority based rights - referent power: authority through motivation to identify - expert power: recognition of ones knowledge skills and a

31. Avg number of times someone is exposed to your message

32. Paying to acquire leads from an outside party at a set rate or amount per lead.

33. A measure of the success of online advertising achieved by dividing the number of clicks on a web page or online ad by the number of appearances of that web page/online ad (i.e. - number of impressions).

34. Search Engine Marketing is the process of marketing your web site via search engines. It includes Search Engine Optimization and directory submissions - as well as paid submission programs like AdWords.

35. Those others view as knowledgeable sources of information

36. Cost of advertising based on a visitor taking some specifically defined action in response to an ad. 'Actions' include such things as a sales transaction - a customer acquisition - or a click.

37. Google's pay-per-click advertiser program.

38. Term used to decipher what kind of people or what kind of patterns are taking place when people exit or move away from a website.

39. Acronym representing a way to create real-time Web applications.

40. Sets of labels (tags) individuals choose in a way that makes sense to them

41. Online word of mouth and very strong influence on consumer decision making

42. Save your bookmarks online so they are always available wherever you have online access

43. Careful crafting of a title that markets the content

44. Scores that people acting in the role of critics assign to something as an indicator

45. Media for which you assessed monetary fees

46. Tactic of hiding messages within another medium so that the message is undetectable for those who do not know to look for it

47. Sites with aid in the dissemination of content to an audience:

48. Occur in real time

49. Cost of advertising based on the number of clicks received.

50. A link to your website from a different website.