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Important Digital Marketing Vocab

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1. Those others view as knowledgeable sources of information

2. Google's pay-per-click - context-relevant program available to blog and web publishers as a way to create revenue.

3. Churn Rate is a measure of customer attrition - defined as the number of customers who cease being customers over a specified time period divided by the average total number of customers over that same time period.

4. The way the game world is experienced

5. Method of game play:

6. A user interacts with an ad by clicking or mouse-over - the ad enlarges to reveal additional information.

7. Placement of a branded item in an entertainment property such as a television program - movie - or game.

8. Online advertising where an advertiser pays a pre-agreed price each time a user clicks on their advertisement. The cost for the click is often negotiated via an auction - with ad placement determined by the relative size of the bid - as well as oth

9. Cost of advertising based on a visitor taking some specifically defined action in response to an ad. 'Actions' include such things as a sales transaction - a customer acquisition - or a click.

10. A web-based tool or desktop application that collects syndicated content.

11. Software that is routinely updated like an app

12. Search engine marketing programs that guarantee web site listings for specific keyword search terms for a fee.

13. Typically educational content that readers use over time - save and share

14. Content written with the intent to be helpful to target audience

15. Media channels beyond the control of the company (word of mouth)

16. Problem recognition - info search - alternative eval - purchase - post purchase eval

17. A custom web page designed to convert visitors into leads or sales. Email - banner ads and even offline outbound marketing campaigns drive traffic to a landing page to capture information or trigger a sale; also called a destination page - splash p

18. A small text file on the user's PC that identifies the user's browser (and hence the user) so they're 'recognized' when they re-visit a site. Allows usernames to be stored and websites to personalise their offering.

19. Channels capable of two way communication on a small scale

20. Promotions within a game that another company develops and sells - can chose from three different methods: display ads - static ads - dynamic ads

21. The ability to freely interact with other people and companies; open access to venues that allow users to share content

22. Text inserted into the source code of a web page that includes key words in order to provide information to a search engine about the contents of the page for search engine optimization.

23. Is based on the shared beliefs - realtionships - and actions of those in the community such that norms behaviors and values held and shared by individuals ultimately support a community reputation

24. Refers to a way for a web server to pass information along through a particular application program. Used in many different web programming applications including Perl and Java.

25. Content that refutes an accepted belief

26. Number of people exposed to your message

27. Avg number of times someone is exposed to your message

28. The coding language used to create and link together documents and files on the internet.

29. Share and promote online news

30. A link that leads people to a different website from the one they are visiting.

31. Tactic of hiding messages within another medium so that the message is undetectable for those who do not know to look for it

32. Modifying web pages and web sites so that they rank as highly as possible in search results with the objective of attracting traffic from web searchers looking for vendors - solutions - products or services. This is achieved through thematic page d

33. When an advertiser pays for their online ad based on the number of views.

34. Forn an online community to thrive a significant proportion of it's memebers must participate otherwise the site traffic will slow

35. Acronym representing a way to create real-time Web applications.

36. Organic search results are listings in search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms - as opposed to their being advertisements.

37. A snippet of cultural information that spreads person to person until eventually it enters the general consciousness

38. The interface that allows one computer system or application to communicate and exchange data with another.

39. A list of other websites or services online. The directory is often its own website and contains links to various sources - websites - or other information on a variety of topics.

40. Information that people copy from other sources

41. Occur in real time

42. The standard unit for buying or selling Internet advertising. The 'thousand (or M in Roman numerals in the abbreviation) stands for 'thousand advertising impressions' - or views. To figure out what it costs to reach each individual viewer of an ad -

43. Attempt to depict real world sitiuations

44. Sets of labels (tags) individuals choose in a way that makes sense to them

45. Save your bookmarks online so they are always available wherever you have online access

46. Performative in that the player chooses an action that the game executes

47. Google's pay-per-click advertiser program.

48. Authority building content seminal pieces of work that shape the way people think

49. The term used when people have clicked on or viewed a web page.

50. Uses software to fine tune the offer and build intimacy with the customer