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Important Digital Marketing Vocab

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1. The interface that allows one computer system or application to communicate and exchange data with another.

2. Information that people copy from other sources

3. Change in beliefs or actions as a reaction to group pressure (real or imagined)

4. Avg number of times someone is exposed to your message

5. A web-based tool or desktop application that collects syndicated content.

6. Belief that when a lot of people select one option then it must be the right option

7. Media channels beyond the control of the company (word of mouth)

8. Content that refutes an accepted belief

9. Means that people tend to follow and emulate those people whom they find attractive or otherwise desirable

10. A means of communication

11. The value added for all users by each individual user

12. Originate from the recipients social graphs thus making them more influential - can be simple or integrated in execution

13. The percentage of people whose activity can be tracked from clicking on an ad or visiting a website to actually purchasing a product or service. A high conversion rate indicates that the link - ad - or site was successful.

14. Tactic of hiding messages within another medium so that the message is undetectable for those who do not know to look for it

15. Typically educational content that readers use over time - save and share

16. Online ads that contain motion - sounds - or video and usually use Java or Flash to enhance the viewer's experience.

17. Encompasses channels and vehicles that offer opportunities for play and enjoyment - reviews and ratings - deal sites - social shopping markets - social storefronts

18. The game itself is a form of branded entertainment. it is designed by the brand to reflect the brands positioning statement

19. Share and promote online news

20. 1) acknowledge the problem/issue - 2) define need(s) - 3) explore solutions - 4) gather vendor information/options - 5) identify finalists - 6) engagement - 7) circulate RFP - 8) evaluate proposals and 9) purchase

21. Careful crafting of a title that markets the content

22. Online ads are generally clickable - linking to a landing page - and may include banners - skyscrapers - buttons and other formats; often animated in some way.

23. A custom web page designed to convert visitors into leads or sales. Email - banner ads and even offline outbound marketing campaigns drive traffic to a landing page to capture information or trigger a sale; also called a destination page - splash p

24. The standard unit for buying or selling Internet advertising. The 'thousand (or M in Roman numerals in the abbreviation) stands for 'thousand advertising impressions' - or views. To figure out what it costs to reach each individual viewer of an ad -

25. Online hosts that enable sites memebers to construct and maintain profiles - social identity: picture - social presence: status updates - Connections: followers

26. The visual nature of the game such as science fiction - fantasy horror and retro

27. Channels capable of two way communication on a small scale

28. Term used to decipher what kind of people or what kind of patterns are taking place when people exit or move away from a website.

29. Increase awareness - influence desire - encourage trial - facilitate purchase - cement brand loyalty

30. Content that promises something for free

31. Content that offers a claim about something of interest

32. Ability of a site to draw repeat visits and to keep people on a site

33. Cost of advertising based on a visitor taking some specifically defined action in response to an ad. 'Actions' include such things as a sales transaction - a customer acquisition - or a click.

34. A link to your website from a different website.

35. Handle: your user name in a social community

36. Organic search results are listings in search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms - as opposed to their being advertisements.

37. Means of communication that can reach a large number of individuals

38. Labels or categories that describe the content of a web site - bookmark - photo or blog post. You can assign multiple tags to the same online resource. Tags provide a useful way of organizing - retrieving and discovering information.

39. When two versions of the same ad are sent to different websites (or different publications) for testing purposes - this is known as a split-run.

40. Online display ads that incorporate user data in the ad or targeting of the ad - social engagement ad contains ad crative along with option of viewer engagement -social contest ad -organic social ad shared on activity stream

41. Occur in real time

42. A list of other websites or services online. The directory is often its own website and contains links to various sources - websites - or other information on a variety of topics.

43. Within each medium - marketers can choose these specifically to place a message

44. Popular term for SEO tactics that attempt to gain higher search engine rankings for a particular website through unethical means - such as stuffing keywords - or tricking web spiders in other ways.

45. The means by which files are transferred from your computer directly to your website.

46. Assessments with detailed comments about the object in question

47. Plug ins that appear as clicable icons on a website and enable the viewer to bookmark or share the page with others

48. Those that involve expert play to organize and value variables in the game system

49. Constantly wired in the network - always online

50. Require only a small amount of time are easy to learn and are readily available 55% female for casual social games