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Important Digital Marketing Vocab

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1. Promotions within a game that another company develops and sells - can chose from three different methods: display ads - static ads - dynamic ads

2. Oldest venue of social media that are ineractive versions of community bulletin boards

3. A link to your website from a different website.

4. An XML-based system that enables people to receive ongoing - constantly updated information collected from many sources through a simple reader.

5. 1) acknowledge the problem/issue - 2) define need(s) - 3) explore solutions - 4) gather vendor information/options - 5) identify finalists - 6) engagement - 7) circulate RFP - 8) evaluate proposals and 9) purchase

6. Forn an online community to thrive a significant proportion of it's memebers must participate otherwise the site traffic will slow

7. Works by encouraging consumers to make decisions that mimic those of people in thier social networks

8. When two versions of the same ad are sent to different websites (or different publications) for testing purposes - this is known as a split-run.

9. Sites with aid in the dissemination of content to an audience:

10. Encompasses channels and vehicles that offer opportunities for play and enjoyment - reviews and ratings - deal sites - social shopping markets - social storefronts

11. A measure of the success of online advertising achieved by dividing the number of clicks on a web page or online ad by the number of appearances of that web page/online ad (i.e. - number of impressions).

12. Tactic of hiding messages within another medium so that the message is undetectable for those who do not know to look for it

13. Content that will entertain

14. Online display ads that incorporate user data in the ad or targeting of the ad - social engagement ad contains ad crative along with option of viewer engagement -social contest ad -organic social ad shared on activity stream

15. Persuades with the opinion or recommendation of an expert in the field

16. Paying to acquire leads from an outside party at a set rate or amount per lead.

17. The online means of communication - conveyance - collaboration and cultivation among interconnected people - communities and organizations.

18. Games in which the players play a character role with the goal of completing a mission

19. Stay informed - raise your profile - level the playing field - Influence the influencers - Nurture brand advocacy-pass it on - the wisdom of the crowd

20. The process by which display ads get placed on websites.

21. The means by which files are transferred from your computer directly to your website.

22. Search Engine Marketing is the process of marketing your web site via search engines. It includes Search Engine Optimization and directory submissions - as well as paid submission programs like AdWords.

23. Content that refutes an accepted belief

24. Ads that appear between web pages (before the browser displays a new page).

25. The contact and profile information of a lead identified by marketing as a potential buyer due to various explicit and implicit responses/behaviors.

26. The way the game world is experienced

27. Organic search results are listings in search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms - as opposed to their being advertisements.

28. Means that people tend to follow and emulate those people whom they find attractive or otherwise desirable

29. Externally measurable characteristics of potential buyers such as age - gender - race - education and income level.

30. Is based on the shared beliefs - realtionships - and actions of those in the community such that norms behaviors and values held and shared by individuals ultimately support a community reputation

31. Google's pay-per-click - context-relevant program available to blog and web publishers as a way to create revenue.

32. Selling an additional category of products/solutions as a result of a customer's original purchase.

33. An engagement with online communities to generate exposure - opportunity and sales. The number-one advantage is generating exposure for the business - followed by increasing traffic and building new business partnerships. Common social media market

34. Sets of labels (tags) individuals choose in a way that makes sense to them

35. Performative in that the player chooses an action that the game executes

36. Collaborative online workspaces that enable community memebers to contribute to the creation of useful and shared resource

37. Opportunites include interactive product placement - branded ingame experiences - and game integration between the game and the brand

38. A technology that enables marketers to determine which media are generating responses and traffic to a landing page or website.

39. Problem recognition - info search - alternative eval - purchase - post purchase eval

40. Consumers are happy/ unhappy posting about you with reviews of anysort

41. Website measurement that records unique IP addresses as individual visitors.

42. The electronic/online activity of prospects

43. Typically educational content that readers use over time - save and share

44. Refers to the process social media users undergo to categorize content according to their own folksonomy

45. A breakdown of how much a website or Internet company makes on average based on the number of clicks or visitors it receives.

46. The ability to freely interact with other people and companies; open access to venues that allow users to share content

47. The term used when people have clicked on or viewed a web page.

48. Cross media genre of interactive fiction using multiple delivery and communications media including television radio newspapers etc. - also known as transmedia social games

49. A method used to check how many hits or clicks an ad receives.Useful tool for discovering where the most revenue comes from - and how to better personalize ads to reach more customers - and encourage more new customers.

50. Reward power: ability to provide what others desire - coercive power: ability to punish others - legit power: authority based rights - referent power: authority through motivation to identify - expert power: recognition of ones knowledge skills and a