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Important Digital Marketing Vocab

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1. The value added for all users by each individual user

2. The shortcuts our brains take when we process information

3. Ads that appear between web pages (before the browser displays a new page).

4. Those others view as knowledgeable sources of information

5. The contact and profile information of a lead identified by marketing as a potential buyer due to various explicit and implicit responses/behaviors.

6. Modifying web pages and web sites so that they rank as highly as possible in search results with the objective of attracting traffic from web searchers looking for vendors - solutions - products or services. This is achieved through thematic page d

7. Search Engine Marketing is the process of marketing your web site via search engines. It includes Search Engine Optimization and directory submissions - as well as paid submission programs like AdWords.

8. Cost of advertising based on a visitor taking some specifically defined action in response to an ad. 'Actions' include such things as a sales transaction - a customer acquisition - or a click.

9. An XML-based system that enables people to receive ongoing - constantly updated information collected from many sources through a simple reader.

10. Tactic of hiding messages within another medium so that the message is undetectable for those who do not know to look for it

11. Information that people copy from other sources

12. Pick listspopularity filters - share your story - user forums - deal directories - deal feeds - group buy - news feeds - geo location promotions - social media storefronts

13. The percentage of people whose activity can be tracked from clicking on an ad or visiting a website to actually purchasing a product or service. A high conversion rate indicates that the link - ad - or site was successful.

14. Popular term for SEO tactics that attempt to gain higher search engine rankings for a particular website through unethical means - such as stuffing keywords - or tricking web spiders in other ways.

15. Term for an online ad format that is tall and narrow. Skyscraper ads are typically run along the right or left margin of a web page.

16. Selling an additional category of products/solutions as a result of a customer's original purchase.

17. Term used to decipher what kind of people or what kind of patterns are taking place when people exit or move away from a website.

18. A Microsoft technology that allows scripts to be integrated into web pages - most often to collect information using forms.

19. Method of game play:

20. Anything that involves delivering hosted services online

21. The process by which display ads get placed on websites.

22. Those that involve expert play to organize and value variables in the game system

23. 1) acknowledge the problem/issue - 2) define need(s) - 3) explore solutions - 4) gather vendor information/options - 5) identify finalists - 6) engagement - 7) circulate RFP - 8) evaluate proposals and 9) purchase

24. Performative in that the player chooses an action that the game executes

25. Scores that people acting in the role of critics assign to something as an indicator

26. Churn Rate is a measure of customer attrition - defined as the number of customers who cease being customers over a specified time period divided by the average total number of customers over that same time period.

27. Within each medium - marketers can choose these specifically to place a message

28. Require a great time investment are highly immersive and demand advance skill

29. Content that offers a claim about something of interest

30. The visual nature of the game such as science fiction - fantasy horror and retro

31. Handle: your user name in a social community

32. An engagement with online communities to generate exposure - opportunity and sales. The number-one advantage is generating exposure for the business - followed by increasing traffic and building new business partnerships. Common social media market

33. Online ads that contain motion - sounds - or video and usually use Java or Flash to enhance the viewer's experience.

34. Media channels beyond the control of the company (word of mouth)

35. Person who is frequently able to influence others

36. Information in web pages - Flash movies - email - enewsletters - etc. - that changes automatically based on database or user information. When used effectively - this content targets users' specific needs - providing what they are looking for

37. Consumers are happy/ unhappy posting about you with reviews of anysort

38. Channels capable of two way communication on a small scale

39. Oldest venue of social media that are ineractive versions of community bulletin boards

40. Paying to acquire leads from an outside party at a set rate or amount per lead.

41. The visible - clickable text in a hyperlink typically used to indicate subject matter.

42. The way the game world is experienced

43. Assessments with detailed comments about the object in question

44. A small text file on the user's PC that identifies the user's browser (and hence the user) so they're 'recognized' when they re-visit a site. Allows usernames to be stored and websites to personalise their offering.

45. Forn an online community to thrive a significant proportion of it's memebers must participate otherwise the site traffic will slow

46. Plug ins that appear as clicable icons on a website and enable the viewer to bookmark or share the page with others

47. Avg number of times someone is exposed to your message

48. Save your bookmarks online so they are always available wherever you have online access

49. Refers to a way for a web server to pass information along through a particular application program. Used in many different web programming applications including Perl and Java.

50. Text inserted into the source code of a web page that includes key words in order to provide information to a search engine about the contents of the page for search engine optimization.