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Introduction To English Major

Subject : english
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Contrast between court culture and lingering Puritan culture

2. The Age of Reason in action

3. Content of Iroquois prayer-song

4. (Period and characteristics)

5. Focus on technologies of stimulation

6. What type of interpretation is Troy Book? Why?

7. From the Jacksonian period to the Civil War

8. (Period and characteristics)

9. What is the retreat of the tide in 'Dover Beach' a metaphor for?

10. Stabilizing of middle class and concern for morality

11. Literature articulates history and history articulates literature

12. Visionary - celebrates the imagination

13. Hybridity

14. 'Beauty is truth - truth beauty'

15. Responds to crises of the period

16. English colonization

17. Example of the metaphysical poem

18. Moral responsibility

19. Urbanity - wit - licentiousness

20. (Period and definition)

21. What period - and what was it?

22. What is the tone of 'Dover Beach'?

23. 'This poem has had up to here; this poem is the reader and the reader the poem'

24. Rejects kinds of political and social oppression

25. Influenced by Darwin

26. Natural world as endowed with feelings - pathos - passion - expression

27. Dates of the Neoclassical Period

28. 'Guinea Women'(Period and characteristics)

29. Dramatic political changes

30. Transnational character

31. Human nature is essentially good

32. (Author and period)

33. Romantic rejection of reason

34. What ideas did the end of the Commonwealth Period give birth to? What were the poetic responses?

35. Transnational literature

36. What is the retreat of the tide in 'Dover Beach' a metaphor for?

37. Associated with prudishness/repression

38. Cultural response to political upheavals and the new world of constant change

39. Interest in nature

40. Often abstract and non-representational

41. Decolonization throughout 20th century

42. Sense of despair - crisis of faith

43. What does the line 'the space between - is but an hour' mean?

44. Rebellious movement

45. What is 'Dover Beach' a poetical record of?

46. Radical break with tradition

47. What was literature's goal in the Augustan Age?

48. American Romanticism's emphasis on (4): _____ > _____

49. Seriousness and sobriety

50. 'Beauty is truth - truth beauty'