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Introduction To English Major

Subject : english
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1. (Period and effect)

2. Christianized Germanic culture

3. From death of Pope to death of Samuel Johnson

4. Tomato soup can

5. Emphasis on instinct and feelings

6. Moral responsibility

7. (Title and period)

8. What is 'Dover Beach' a poetical record of?

9. Rejection of form and order - Emphasis on uncertainty and play

10. 'A Description of Morning' (Characteristics)

11. Some revive medieval ideas - some stress freedom from all constraints - some support escapist fancy

12. Naturalistic Period

13. Dates of the Neoclassical Period

14. Interrogation and incorporation of mass media forms and images

15. Protestant Reformation

16. Emphasized contemporary life in actual setting

17. Transformation of personal and social identity through technological systems

18. (Author and period)

19. Supernatural is special way to arouse wonder by violating logic or reason; folklore - superstition - demons create for reader the occult and unknown

20. From the Civil War to World War II

21. Poetry can arouse wonder by creating perspective of ignorance or innocence in the reader - the sense of novelty - freshness of sensation

22. Affluence and consumer culture

23. English colonization

24. 'This poem has had up to here; this poem is the reader and the reader the poem'

25. (Title and period)

26. What is the setting of 'Dover Beach'?

27. Protest movements and counterculture

28. Transition from Victorian to Modernist

29. Langston Hughes

30. Wordsworth's 'Expostulation and Reply'

31. Individualistic - skeptical of society

32. Modernist alienation from mainstream

33. John Keats 'Ode on a Grecian Urn'

34. What is the focus of the Book of Mergery Kempe?

35. Ordinary language - plain diction

36. Lorna Goodison (Title and period)

37. What period is marked by industrialization?

38. Three revolutions of British Romantic Period

39. Satire becomes popular

40. Assumptions of postcolonial/transnational literature

41. Example of American Indian - Pre-Contact Literature

42. Relations of colonizer and colonized

43. Theme of 'Richard Cory'

44. What period - and what did this result in?

45. Conscious efforts to innovate

46. In the Kiowa tale - strategic use of language...

47. What is the setting of 'Dover Beach'?

48. Decolonization throughout 20th century

49. How are sentimentality and emotions portrayed in 'The Wild Honey Suckle' by Freneau?

50. What period - and what did they imitate?