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Introduction To English Major

Subject : english
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1. Deflates pretensions and ideals

2. Dates of Middle Ages/Medieval Period

3. Subdivisions of early American literature

4. Modernist alienation from mainstream

5. 'To Penshurst' by Ben Jonson

6. Legacy of European colonialism

7. Seriousness and sobriety

8. Valuing of external world of nature

9. How did content and form change during the Romantic Period?

10. Urbanity - wit - licentiousness

11. Supernatural is special way to arouse wonder by violating logic or reason; folklore - superstition - demons create for reader the occult and unknown

12. What period - and what was it?

13. 'Beauty is truth - truth beauty'

14. Rebellious movement

15. Rejection of 18th-century emphasis on neoclassical - reason - constraint - order - etc.

16. How is Whitman's 'When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer' a romantic poem?

17. William Butler Yeats

18. What period - and what was it?

19. Dates of American Romanticism/Realism and Naturalism

20. Who is the author - what is the period - and what is this an example of?

21. (Period and definition)

22. Who is the author - what is the period - and what is this an example of?

23. Reformist bent

24. Innovation in 'When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer'

25. From death of Pope to death of Samuel Johnson

26. Culmination of Enlightenment

27. Collapse of distinctions between elite culture and popular culture

28. Sense of despair - crisis of faith

29. What does the extraordinary 'breaking in' upon everyday existence suggest about Romantics?

30. Three aesthetics of Romantic literature

31. What does the form of Browning's 'The Cry of the Children' give a sense of? How?

32. Belief in reason (America)

33. (Period and characteristics)

34. Transformation of personal and social identity through technological systems

35. Experiences of disintegration and disillusionment

36. Example of American Indian - Pre-Contact Literature

37. Why is survival such an issue in Native American literature?

38. Harlem Renaissance features of 'The Weary Blues'

39. Impact of WWII

40. Satire becomes popular

41. Realistic details of 'Richard Cory'

42. Tone = very modern - omniscience

43. Economic - scientific and technological revolutions of daily life

44. Ishmael Reed (Title and period)

45. Individualistic - skeptical of society

46. Impact of WWII on postmodernism

47. (Title and period)

48. What is the tone of 'Dover Beach'?

49. Dates of Modernism

50. Oral tradition