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Introduction To English Major

Subject : english
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1. How are sentimentality and emotions portrayed in 'The Wild Honey Suckle' by Freneau?

2. (Title and period)

3. Religious/devotional mixed with secular

4. Thomas Gray

5. Drive for learning and artistic expression

6. Legacy of European colonialism

7. Natural world as endowed with feelings - pathos - passion - expression

8. Naturalistic Period

9. Dramatic political changes

10. 'This poem has had up to here; this poem is the reader and the reader the poem'

11. Questioning of traditional institutions - customs - and morals (America)

12. Cultural response to political upheavals and the new world of constant change

13. Collapse of distinctions between elite culture and popular culture

14. Dates of the Romantic Period (Britain)

15. Realistic details of 'Richard Cory'

16. Focus on technologies of stimulation

17. How did content and form change during the Romantic Period?

18. William Blake Interest in imagination

19. Seriousness and sobriety

20. Ambivalence

21. William Butler Yeats

22. Sentimentality and emerging ideology of the 'vanishing Indian'

23. (Period and definition)

24. English colonization

25. Supernatural is special way to arouse wonder by violating logic or reason; folklore - superstition - demons create for reader the occult and unknown

26. (Period and effect)

27. (Period and characteristics)

28. Harlem Renaissance subverting of history

29. Pessimism and alienation in 'The Darkling Thrust'

30. Stabilizing of middle class and concern for morality

31. Dates of Postmodernism

32. 'Beauty is truth - truth beauty'

33. Responds to crises of the period

34. Types of literature from Colonial Period

35. Protestant Reformation

36. Period of immense emigration - constant expansion

37. Pagan authors = sources for thinking

38. Impact of the Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression

39. Supernatural is special way to arouse wonder by violating logic or reason; folklore - superstition - demons create for reader the occult and unknown

40. Protestant Reformation

41. Economic - scientific and technological revolutions of daily life

42. Rejects style of neoclassical period

43. Problem/struggle of British Romantic literature's content?

44. Who is the author - what is the period - and what is this an example of?

45. What does the form of Browning's 'The Cry of the Children' give a sense of? How?

46. How is Whitman's 'When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer' a romantic poem?

47. Interiority - less optimistic version of Transcendentalism

48. Langston Hughes

49. Romantic rejection of reason

50. Thomas Hardy