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Subject : english
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1. What was the unifying theme of Romantic literature in Britain?

2. Interest in nature

3. Why is survival such an issue in Native American literature?

4. Dramatic monologue - stream of consciousness

5. What is 'Dover Beach' a poetical record of?

6. Romantic rejection of reason

7. Realistic representation of class tension - frustration - envy

8. Beat Generation

9. (Period and types)

10. Often abstract and non-representational

11. Who is the author - what is the period - and what is this an example of?

12. Visionary - celebrates the imagination

13. 'The Imperfect Enjoyment' Restoration Period/Neoclassical Period

14. Example of the carpe diem poem

15. Psychoanalytic focus

16. Interrogation and incorporation of mass media forms and images

17. Freud and psychoanalysis

18. Economic - scientific and technological revolutions of daily life

19. William Butler Yeats

20. (Author and period)

21. Awareness of horrors of empire and industrialism

22. Uses ordinary language

23. What is the mood of Browning's 'The Cry of the Children'?

24. The Age of Reason in action

25. Aim of postcolonial criticism

26. Emergence of distinctively American literature

27. Individualistic - skeptical of society

28. Contrast between court culture and lingering Puritan culture

29. What is the retreat of the tide in 'Dover Beach' a metaphor for?

30. Emergence of distinctively American literature

31. Reconstruction - rapid urbanization - industrialization

32. Valuing of external world of nature

33. Realistic representation of class tension - frustration - envy

34. Result of historical context of the Victorian Period

35. Tone = very modern - omniscience

36. Writes devotional poetry

37. How does 'A Supermarket in California' reflect the post-war conditions of the US?

38. Belief in reason (America)

39. Motivated by industrial reform

40. Growth of literature associated with social protest/cultural nationalist movements

41. Puritanism and gender

42. What period - and what did this result in?

43. Darwinism and the 'crisis of faith'

44. Sense of loss or disillusionment

45. Three revolutions of British Romantic Period

46. Natural world as endowed with feelings - pathos - passion - expression

47. Texts of the Harlem Renaissance

48. 'Guinea Women'(Period and characteristics)

49. The proofs - the figures' for 'the mystical moist night-air' is an example of...

50. Focuses on ordinary people in ordinary circumstances