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1. Shepard's Citations - statute edition

2. Case law

3. Statutory law

4. Govern the form and procedure for appeals from the U.S. District Court to the Court of Appeals within the federal system

5. Legal publisher noted for its extensive use of annotations.

6. Case law - or judicial opinion - that articulates common law principles

7. If the same case is published in another case reporter - the volume and page number of that reporter is shown

8. The entire court participates rather than the permissible quorum. This does not mean that the entire court agrees on the outcome - however.

9. A very brief opinion; a cursory opinion; an opinion so abbreviated that it is hardly an opinion at all

10. Ritches Jr. v. Li - 665 F. Supp. 139 (E.D.Pa. 1991).

11. Published by West

12. Published by Lawyers Co-op

13. 48 Fed. Reg. 37 -315 (1983).

14. The three branches of government that make up each legal system- legislative - judicial and executive

15. Is used in legal memoranda and briefs to indicate the full citation for the case follows at a later point in the memorandum or brief

16. Alaska - Arizona - California - Colorado - Hawaii - Idaho - Kansas - Montana - Nevada - New Mexico - Oklahoma - Oregon - Utah - Washington - and Wyoming

17. Type of law consisting of legislative enactments called statutes at federal level and ordinances at state levels.

18. Health Care Act - Pub. L. 92-117 - 83 Stat. 624 (1987).

19. Within the federal system - the chronologically published rules and regulations of administrative agencies

20. Federal Reporter - Third Series (F.3d) - Federal Reporter - Second Series (F.2d) - Federal Reporter (F.) - Federal Cases (F. Cas.) - all unofficial and all published by West

21. 1. case name 2. case reporter in which the case is published (include volume number - abbreviation of case reporter - and page where case begins); 3. identity of court issuing the opinion 4. year in which the decision was issued; and 5. subsequent hi

22. Legal dictionary - treatise - restatement of law - encyclopedia

23. F.Supp

24. Illinois - Indiana - Massachusetts - New York - and Ohio

25. An unofficial publication of law that uses the key number system to aid the researcher

26. Compilations of cases and historical matter dealing with various aspects of a code of statute - which contain short summaries of other cases - both for and against

27. (primary law - secondary law - encyclopedia - or other) issued by a private - non-government publisher.

28. United States Reports (U.S.) - Supreme Court Reporter (S.Ct.) - United States Supreme Court Reports - Lawyers' Edition (L.Ed. or L.Ed.2d)

29. U.S.

30. W. Weitz - Nocturnal Crimes - 20 Brooklyn L. Rev. 180 (1992).

31. Infra

32. Headnotes in the American Digest System are cataloged in this manner: Thing - Action - Relief - Parties

33. Anew - from the beginning - the case is tried in the appellate court as if it had not been tried previously - and witness are allowed to testify.

34. 1. full name of author; 2. the word 'Annotation'; 3. title of annotation (underscored or in italics); 4. volume number of A.L.R. series 5. abbreviation for Annotated Law Reports 6. page number where the annotation begins; 7. year of publication

35. Summarized statute topics

36. When an official body authorizes and directs the collection and publication of law

37. What federal session laws are published in

38. A prior case within a particular jurisdiction that has 1. facts and legal issues substantially similar to the facts of the case before the court and 2. it was decided by a majority decision of a higher court of that jurisdiction and 3. the case was r

39. Rule of law for which the case is cited as precedent; it is the legal effect of the facts of the case

40. Statutory law

41. Freedom of Information Act - 46 U.S.C. A 89 (1973).

42. Avery v. Exxon Co. - 397 U.S. 812 (1991).

43. Advance sheet published by Commerce Clearing House

44. United States Reports

45. Supplement volumes or pocket part supplements should be used

46. Extensive selected annotations

47. Decennial Digest

48. Iowa - Michigan - Minnesota - Nebraska - North Dakota - South Dakota - and Wisconsin

49. Encyclopedia

50. Alabama - Florida - Louisiana - and Mississippi