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1. The publication where rules and regulations of administrative agencies are codified

2. Secondary authority that is leading annotated law reporter published by Lawyers Co-op. Distinguishing feature not the cases that it reports - but the extensive editorial commentary that follows each reported case

3. 1. volume number of encyclopedia 2. abbreviated name of encyclopedia 3. title of article (underscored or in italics) 4. section symbol and section number within the article; 5. specific page within section; and 6. date of publication

4. A publication of law that is not specifically authorized or sanctioned by an official body but - rather - is compiled by a private publisher i.e. West Publishing Company (West) and Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company (Lawyers Co-op)

5. As session laws

6. Govern the types of evidence that are admissible in criminal and civil trials and - in some situations - the manner in which the evidence can be presented during trial

7. A system where every topic and subtopic is assigned its own key number

8. Digests

9. 48 Fed. Reg. 37 -315 (1983).

10. Connecticut - Delaware - D.C. (Court of Appeals) - Maine - Maryland - New Hampshire - New Jersey - Pennsylvania - Rhode Island - and Vermont

11. United States Reports (U.S.) - Supreme Court Reporter (S.Ct.) - United States Supreme Court Reports - Lawyers' Edition (L.Ed. or L.Ed.2d)

12. Summarize statute topics

13. Mandatory legal authority that consists of constitutions - statutes - case law - rules of procedure - rules of evidence - administrative rules - court rules - executive orders

14. Statutory law

15. When a federal case first decides a case. a single opinion of the court issued without headnotes and without indexing.

16. Legal publisher noted for its extensive use of annotations.

17. 1. U.S. Constitutional provision and amendments 2. Federal statutes 3. Federal procedural rules 4. Federal cases (U.S. - F.3d - the F.Supp.) 5. State cases (official reporter - then regional reporter) 6. Federal administrative rules and regulations 7

18. A single-volume text written by a legal scholar in a given topic area

19. Case reports - published by West - that divides the United States into seven geographical regions and reports the decisions of the highest appellate court of each state within that region.

20. Typical case reporter

21. Selected decisions

22. United States Reports

23. Govern the way in which a defendant is charged - tried - and sentenced for a federal crime

24. Avery v. Exxon Co. - 397 U.S. 812 (1991).

25. Legal encyclopedia published by Lawyers Co-op

26. Virginia Koerselman - Comment - Worker's Compensation - 15 Creighton L. Rev. 415 (1981).

27. Ballantine's Law Dictionary 41 (3rd ed. 1969).

28. 1. name of the act 2. abbreviation of Public Law and the public law number 3. volume number of the Statutes at Large 4. abbreviation for Statutes at Large 5. page number where the statutes begins; and 6. the year when the statute was passed as law.

29. Products of West Legal Studies

30. Pleadings - transcript of trial testimony - and exhibits

31. Explanation of the subject

32. Federal Rules Decisions

33. A bill that has been adopted into a law but has been printed singly rather than as a part of a group of laws

34. Unofficial U.S. Supreme Court case reporter published by West

35. What federal session laws are codified and published in

36. L.Ed or L.Ed.2d

37. Often provide case citations upon which a definition is based. A couple of them are Black's Law _____ and Ballantine's Law _____.

38. Statutes at Large

39. If the same case is published in another case reporter - the volume and page number of that reporter is shown

40. Extensive selected annotations

41. Presidential proclamations

42. Law that establishes and defines the basic rights and duties that govern a society. It consists of constitutions - legislative enactments - common law - and certain executive actions.

43. The entire court participates rather than the permissible quorum. This does not mean that the entire court agrees on the outcome - however.

44. Statutes at Large

45. Rule of law for which the case is cited as precedent; it is the legal effect of the facts of the case

46. Decennial Digest

47. Opinion issued by the majority of the judges of the appellate court; the holding of this opinion may be cited as precedent if all other criteria are met. There is only one in a case

48. Advance sheet published weekly by the Bureau of National Affairs

49. Legal dictionary - treatise - restatement of law - encyclopedia

50. Ritches Jr. v. Li - 665 F. Supp. 139 (E.D.Pa. 1991).