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1. John Willis - Annotation - Industrial Noise: Promoting an Unsafe Work Enviroment - 76 A.L.R. Fed. 489 (1986).

2. The appellate court reviews the record for prejudicial legal errors committed in the trial court but gives great deference to the findings of fact; factual findings are generally reversed only when they are 'arbitrary or capricious'

3. Compilations of cases and historical matter dealing with various aspects of a code of statute - which contain short summaries of other cases - both for and against

4. Secondary authority that is leading annotated law reporter published by Lawyers Co-op. Distinguishing feature not the cases that it reports - but the extensive editorial commentary that follows each reported case

5. The date upon which the decision was rendered

6. When a federal case first decides a case. a single opinion of the court issued without headnotes and without indexing.

7. Shepard's Citations - statute edition

8. Opinion issued by the majority of the judges of the appellate court; the holding of this opinion may be cited as precedent if all other criteria are met. There is only one in a case

9. Ballantine's Law Dictionary 41 (3rd ed. 1969).

10. Health Care Act - Pub. L. 92-117 - 83 Stat. 624 (1987).

11. Govern the types of evidence that are admissible in criminal and civil trials and - in some situations - the manner in which the evidence can be presented during trial

12. Precedent

13. Federal Supplement (F. Supp.) - Federal Reporter - Second Series (F.2d) - Federal Reporter (F.) - Federal Cases (F. Cas.) - all unofficial and all published by West

14. Caption - date of decision - parallel citations - headnote or syllabus - statement of facts - opinion - holding - rationale - dicta - decision

15. Legal encyclopedia published by Lawyers Co-op

16. Congressional Record will provide the most direct access to the text of the statute

17. Legal publisher noted for its extensive use of annotations.

18. Shepard's Citations is used

19. Summarized statute topics

20. Law that establishes and defines the basic rights and duties that govern a society. It consists of constitutions - legislative enactments - common law - and certain executive actions.

21. Restatement (of law)

22. The cited authority states a proposition that is different from the proposition stated by the writer - but the proposition stated in the cited authority is sufficiently similar to lend support to the writer's proposition

23. W. Weitz - Nocturnal Crimes - 20 Brooklyn L. Rev. 180 (1992).

24. 88 C.J.S. Trial A 107 (1980).

25. Unofficial U.S. Supreme Court case reporter published by West

26. When an official body authorizes and directs the collection and publication of law

27. Secondary authority

28. Statutes at Large

29. Avery v. Exxon Co. - 397 U.S. 812 (1991).

30. Case law - or judicial opinion - that articulates common law principles

31. Virginia Koerselman - Comment - Worker's Compensation - 15 Creighton L. Rev. 415 (1981).

32. Statutes that are collected into a statutory code that are arranged by topic

33. Ratio decidendi- court's reasoning or basis for it sholding and decision

34. The subsequent history of the cited case must be included in the citation

35. The cited authority presents helpful background information about the proposition

36. Decisions concerning federal rules of procedure

37. A system where every topic and subtopic is assigned its own key number

38. Statutory law

39. Legal dictionary - treatise - restatement of law - encyclopedia

40. A syllabus of the court

41. Connecticut - Delaware - D.C. (Court of Appeals) - Maine - Maryland - New Hampshire - New Jersey - Pennsylvania - Rhode Island - and Vermont

42. Alaska - Arizona - California - Colorado - Hawaii - Idaho - Kansas - Montana - Nevada - New Mexico - Oklahoma - Oregon - Utah - Washington - and Wyoming

43. U.S. Const. amend. XIV - A 1.

44. 22 C.F.R. A 145.6 (1992)

45. Arkansas - Kentucky - Missouri - Tennessee - Texas - and Indian Territories

46. Official publication

47. Digest topic

48. Contains recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court

49. Brief summary of a legal rule discussed in the opinion; headnotes are numbered. key numbers are used in West publications

50. The most comprehensive collection of legal citators.