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1. Persuasive legal authority that consists of law from other jurisdictions - legal encyclopedias - American Law Reports - restatements of law - dictionaries - treatises and periodicals

2. Official case reporter for the U.S. Supreme Court

3. 15 U.S.C. A 7 (1988).

4. How civil actions are handled - including rules that cover the complaint - summons - answer - discovery process - trial - and post-trial procedures

5. The cited authority states a proposition that is different from the proposition stated by the writer - but the proposition stated in the cited authority is sufficiently similar to lend support to the writer's proposition

6. John Willis - Annotation - Industrial Noise: Promoting an Unsafe Work Enviroment - 76 A.L.R. Fed. 489 (1986).

7. Infra

8. Mandatory legal authority that consists of constitutions - statutes - case law - rules of procedure - rules of evidence - administrative rules - court rules - executive orders

9. Legal publisher noted for its extensive use of annotations.

10. (primary law - secondary law - encyclopedia - or other) issued by a private - non-government publisher.

11. The most comprehensive collection of legal citators.

12. Advance sheet published by Commerce Clearing House

13. Sometimes called adjective law - it prescribes the manner in which substantive laws must be enforced.

14. Summarized statute topics

15. 1. the title (chapter) number 2. abbreviation for the Code of Federal Regulation 3. section number symbol and the section number; and 4. year of publication

16. A system where every topic and subtopic is assigned its own key number

17. Legal dictionary - treatise - restatement of law - encyclopedia

18. Result or disposition of the case

19. 1. number of the Code title 2. abbreviation for the United States Code 3. section symbol - followed by the number of the Code section; and 4. date of the Code volume in which the most recent version of the section can be found

20. Opinion issued by the majority of the judges of the appellate court; the holding of this opinion may be cited as precedent if all other criteria are met. There is only one in a case

21. The West key number system

22. Govern the types of evidence that are admissible in criminal and civil trials and - in some situations - the manner in which the evidence can be presented during trial

23. Precedent

24. The Federal Reporter

25. Products of West Legal Studies

26. Is used in the first 50 volumes of the United States Reports plus all unofficial reporters of Supreme Court decisions

27. The cited authority directly supports the proposition; other authorities also could have been cited but were not cited to avoid duplication

28. U.S. Const. amend. XIV - A 1.

29. Case law - or judicial opinion - that articulates common law principles

30. Compilations of cases and historical matter dealing with various aspects of a code of statute - which contain short summaries of other cases - both for and against

31. When a federal case first decides a case. a single opinion of the court issued without headnotes and without indexing.

32. Reported selectively

33. Legal encyclopedia published by West

34. 1. full name of author 2. designation of type of article (required only if written by student); 3. title of article (italicized or underscored) 4. volume number of law review 5. abbreviated name of law review 6. page number where article begins; and

35. Contains recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court

36. A publication of law that is not specifically authorized or sanctioned by an official body but - rather - is compiled by a private publisher i.e. West Publishing Company (West) and Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company (Lawyers Co-op)

37. The cited authority presents helpful background information about the proposition

38. Supra

39. 22 C.F.R. A 145.6 (1992)

40. Official publication

41. State and federal

42. 1. volume number of encyclopedia 2. abbreviated name of encyclopedia 3. title of article (underscored or in italics) 4. section symbol and section number within the article; 5. specific page within section; and 6. date of publication

43. All slip laws enacted during a legislative session that are arranged in chronological order according to date of enactment

44. The court's ruling or disposition of the case (whether affirmed - reversed - remanded - or dismissed)

45. Name of the appellant

46. Govern the form and procedure for appeals from the U.S. District Court to the Court of Appeals within the federal system

47. United States Reports (U.S.) - Supreme Court Reporter (S.Ct.) - United States Supreme Court Reports - Lawyers' Edition (L.Ed. or L.Ed.2d)

48. Health Care Act - Pub. L. 92-117 - 83 Stat. 624 (1987).

49. United States Reports

50. The publication where rules and regulations of administrative agencies are codified