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1. The cited authority presents helpful background information about the proposition

2. Govern the way in which a defendant is charged - tried - and sentenced for a federal crime

3. The Federal Reporter

4. United States Reports (U.S.) - Supreme Court Reporter (S.Ct.) - United States Supreme Court Reports - Lawyers' Edition (L.Ed. or L.Ed.2d)

5. The entire court participates rather than the permissible quorum. This does not mean that the entire court agrees on the outcome - however.

6. A bill that has been adopted into a law but has been printed singly rather than as a part of a group of laws

7. Within the federal system - the chronologically published rules and regulations of administrative agencies

8. 15 U.S.C. A 7 (1988).

9. 88 C.J.S. Trial A 107 (1980).

10. Opinion of the entire court (all judges who heard the case) - as opposed to an opinion written by a specific judge

11. F.Supp

12. Decennial Digest

13. Case reports - published by West - that divides the United States into seven geographical regions and reports the decisions of the highest appellate court of each state within that region.

14. Opinion issued by one or more judges of the appellate court which disagrees with both the result and the reasoning of the majority opinion. There can be more than one

15. A proposed legislative measure

16. Pleadings - transcript of trial testimony - and exhibits

17. Connecticut - Delaware - D.C. (Court of Appeals) - Maine - Maryland - New Hampshire - New Jersey - Pennsylvania - Rhode Island - and Vermont

18. 1. case name 2. case reporter in which the case is published (include volume number - abbreviation of case reporter - and page where case begins); 3. identity of court issuing the opinion 4. year in which the decision was issued; and 5. subsequent hi

19. The date upon which the decision was rendered

20. Obiter dictum- comments of the court about minor issues or concerns other than the specific holding - rationale - and decision. Never cited as precedent

21. Law that establishes and defines the basic rights and duties that govern a society. It consists of constitutions - legislative enactments - common law - and certain executive actions.

22. When an official body authorizes and directs the collection and publication of law

23. The cited authority contradicts the proposition stated in the memorandum

24. Published by Lawyers Co-op

25. Shepard's Citations - statute edition

26. The court's ruling or disposition of the case (whether affirmed - reversed - remanded - or dismissed)

27. Arkansas - Kentucky - Missouri - Tennessee - Texas - and Indian Territories

28. Extensive selected annotations

29. Legal encyclopedia published by Lawyers Co-op

30. Avery v. Exxon Co. - 397 U.S. 812 (1991).

31. The court's explanatory comments - which can included the holding - the rationale for the holding - and dicta

32. American Digest System

33. Alaska - Arizona - California - Colorado - Hawaii - Idaho - Kansas - Montana - Nevada - New Mexico - Oklahoma - Oregon - Utah - Washington - and Wyoming

34. Contains recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court

35. 22 C.F.R. A 145.6 (1992)

36. 48 Fed. Reg. 37 -315 (1983).

37. Ritches Jr. v. Li - 665 F. Supp. 139 (E.D.Pa. 1991).

38. Compiled chronologically

39. Type of law consisting of legislative enactments called statutes at federal level and ordinances at state levels.

40. Persuasive legal authority that consists of law from other jurisdictions - legal encyclopedias - American Law Reports - restatements of law - dictionaries - treatises and periodicals

41. The most comprehensive collection of legal citators.

42. Illinois - Indiana - Massachusetts - New York - and Ohio

43. Freedom of Information Act - 46 U.S.C. A 89 (1973).

44. A syllabus of the court

45. Virginia Koerselman - Comment - Worker's Compensation - 15 Creighton L. Rev. 415 (1981).

46. S.Ct.

47. Encyclopedias that are arranged alphabetically and contain narrative - expository information on a variety of legal topics. published by West and Lawyers Co-op

48. Seven

49. Legal document that carries the most weight and embodies the government's authority to exist and serves as an outline for the exercise of governmental powers.

50. When a federal case first decides a case. a single opinion of the court issued without headnotes and without indexing.