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Lodging Operations 101

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1. Suppose its monday morning. what should a hotel's breakfast attendant begin to remove complimentary breakfast items from the hotel's breakfast serving area

2. Which of the following best describes a 'moment of truth'

3. What is the name of a lodging industry trade association that has been at the forefront of promoting fairness in the hotel franchising

4. What is true about a hosted bar

5. Who has the greatest influence on the overall quality of service provided within a hotel

6. Maintenance that must be performed immediatley to minimize damage to a hotel is referred to as

7. Who usually maintains the washers and ryers placed in a hotels guests laundry

8. What does Amtrak operate

9. Which of the following is a demand generator

10. What does STAR report evaluate

11. What is a normal par level in hotel laundry

12. In a full service hotel What is true abouth the profitability of banquet food sales compared to that of dining room sales?

13. What type of lamp works when a filament inside the lamp's bulb is heated by electric current to produce light

14. Which is an example of a consumer-generated content web site?

15. What is true about first tier management companies

16. What is the purpose of cold calling

17. What is true about hotel management companies

18. For Which item below would a 'replace as needed' program be best

19. what type of activity describes a site tour

20. When can a cross-functional team be an effective operatiional tool in a hotel

21. Which group of housekeeping employees should receive blood born pathogen training

22. Which state is NOT among the 3 largest car rental location states

23. When would hotel guest be charged a corkage fee

24. What does a foot candle measure

25. What is true about the traditional russian style

26. In a housekeeping department - What is the role of inspector

27. Which of the following best describes 'managers reception' in a limited service hotel

28. What is true about mislaid property

29. Which is true about a hotels commitment to green practices

30. A room attendant cleand 15 rooms in a shift consisting of 7 hours of work and 1 hour break time. What was this room attendant's cleaning time in minutes per room

31. What is a REIT

32. Assume you are reading a STAR report about a hotel you manage. What does an ADR index of 110 indicate

33. In which type of booking model are room rates not seen by guests until after they have successfully 'bid' for a room

34. What is the purpose of an MSDS

35. What is the greatest difference between full service and limited service hotels

36. What is the name for the difference between the original number of room requested by a group and that group's lower than requested actual room pick up

37. What is the lodging industry term for a hotel that is not part of a franchise group?

38. Which factor has the most impact on the number of guests who will be served in a limited service hotel

39. What is the approximate number of attendees at the average business meeting

40. Which company's motto is 'we are ladies and gentlemen serving Ladies and gentlemen'

41. What is the approximate amount of money that hoteliers should contribute to a property's FF&E reserve

42. Which of the following is NOT a demographic factor of a guest

43. What should happen to service procedures after they have been implemented in a hotel

44. What best describes a hotels chief engineer

45. What is the travel industry term used to describe a group of travel services - such as hotel rooms - meals - and airfare - sold for one price

46. Which area would be considered public space in a hotel

47. What is the term used to identify those who purchase the rights to a hotels brand naem

48. What type of maintenance activity in a hotel would include lawn care - landscaping care and snow removal

49. Which of the following represents the correct order of procedures used in cleaning linens and terry products

50. What is the primary factor that determines the total fees that franchisors can charge franchisees who want to affiliate with the franchisors brand