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Lodging Operations 101

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1. What is the lodging term used to describe a hotel room or area that is undergoing extraordinary cleaning procedures

2. In a full service hotel What is true abouth the profitability of banquet food sales compared to that of dining room sales?

3. What is another lodging industry term for a specific hotel brand name

4. What is the food service term for the amount of money remaining from a food sale after subtracting the items cost from its selling point

5. Which of the following best describes a 'moment of truth'

6. What type of maintenance activity in a hotel would include lawn care - landscaping care and snow removal

7. What is the travel industry term used to describe a group of travel services - such as hotel rooms - meals - and airfare - sold for one price

8. which factor most influences guest perceptions about their experience at a lodging operation

9. What is a normal par level in hotel laundry

10. What is a per diem

11. Which of a hotel's costs would be lowered the most if the hotel implemented a successful source reduction program

12. What is a guest seeking to communicate with a DND sign placed on the outside of the door?

13. What is the name of the computer system connecting travel professionals worldwide for the purpose of reserving hotel rooms and other travel service for their clients?

14. What is the approximate amount of money that hoteliers should contribute to a property's FF&E reserve

15. What is true about abandoned property

16. Which association is a collection of state-level hotel associations working together to meet the educational - social - and legislative needs of its members

17. What is the advantage of a CFL

18. What is true about transient travelers

19. Which state is NOT among the 3 largest car rental location states

20. In a hotel with the linen cost of $2 -486 in the month and the rooms sold was 1 -130 - what was the hotel's linen cost per occupied room

21. In a hotel guest room - Which is a potential source of HIV

22. Which is an example of a branded breakfast item

23. Which term refers to the fact that the decline in value of a hotel asset is generally tax deductible

24. Which is the missing entry in the following formula when a hotel utilizes an accural accounting system? (Beginning inventory of food+_____) - ending food of food inventory=food cost

25. What do the initials PM refer to in a hotel maintenance department

26. What is true about an accrual accounting system

27. What is most likely to happen when many travelers want to visit and stay in an area

28. Managers can seek out service-minded staff by hiring those job applicants who

29. what type of activity describes a site tour

30. What lodging industry term is used to identify a hotel's meeting rooms - conference areas and ballroom space

31. What is a lodging industry term for hotels operating under the same brand name

32. What happens to the unit price of food service items as the number of those items purchased increases

33. Which position would be a direct report to a hotels F&B director

34. Which of the following is NOT a demographic factor of a guest

35. What does STAR report evaluate

36. Which group of housekeeping employees should receive blood born pathogen training

37. What happens to a hotel's POM costs as a hotel ages

38. Which group of employees will most often initiate the largest number of work orders

39. What is the purpose of cold calling

40. Approximately how many hotels are in operation in the US

41. What is a common job title for the individual Who has regular on-site interaction with a franchised hotel

42. What is the lodging industry term for the formal operating agreement between a hotel's owners and a hotel management company

43. In regard to quality service - a gal of zero defects can

44. Which housekeeping- related term is not used by professional hoteliers

45. What best describes a hotels chief engineer

46. Which of the following would be considered a user-generated web site

47. What is true about the cost of providing room service meals

48. What is the industry term for an organization that provides travel booking services on the internet

49. What is the lodging industry term used to identify the wages and benefits - replacement parts and contract services used to operate a maintenance and engineering department

50. Which of the following is most essential to providing good service