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Lodging Operations 101

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1. What is true about a hotel room that is 'on-change'

2. 'Terry' refers to guest room amenities that

3. What is true about transient travelers

4. What is most likely to happen when many travelers want to visit and stay in an area

5. What happens to a hotel's POM costs as a hotel ages

6. Suppose its monday morning. what should a hotel's breakfast attendant begin to remove complimentary breakfast items from the hotel's breakfast serving area

7. What is true about an accrual accounting system

8. Which is true about a hotels commitment to green practices

9. In the lodging industry - What is the meaning of the term room mix

10. What is the advantage of a CFL

11. Assume you are reading a STAR report about a hotel you manage. What does an ADR index of 110 indicate

12. with total breakfast costs of $550 for the week and an average of $2.20 cost per guest served - how many guests were served in the week

13. Which factor has the most impact on the number of guests who will be served in a limited service hotel

14. What is the name for the franchise disclosure document prepared by a franchisor and registered and filed with the state governmental agency responsible for administering franchise relationships

15. In Which type of booking model are room rates readily viewed on-line by potential guests?

16. what type of activity describes a site tour

17. Which area would be considered public space in a hotel

18. What lodging industry term is used to identify a hotel's meeting rooms - conference areas and ballroom space

19. Which brand is generally recognized as the first hotel chain

20. What is the greatest difference between full service and limited service hotels

21. Who is responsible for making the distinction between mislaid - lost and abandoned property

22. What does STAR report evaluate

23. Which professional recognition is typically granted by a governmental agency

24. A room attendant cleand 15 rooms in a shift consisting of 7 hours of work and 1 hour break time. What was this room attendant's cleaning time in minutes per room

25. What is true about mislaid property

26. Each of the following events would require one or more guest rooms - which would be classified as a SMERF

27. What do the initials PM refer to in a hotel maintenance department

28. What is the lodging industry term for the formal operating agreement between a hotel's owners and a hotel management company

29. What is the difference between advertising and publicity

30. What is the management term for granting authority to employees to make key decisions within their assigned areas of responsibility

31. Which items would typically be included in a deluxe breakfast served by a limited-service hotel but would not be included in a standard continental breakfast

32. What is another lodging industry term for a specific hotel brand name

33. In a hotel with the linen cost of $2 -486 in the month and the rooms sold was 1 -130 - what was the hotel's linen cost per occupied room

34. What is another lodging term for work-order

35. Which is an example of a branded breakfast item

36. What is the industry term for a form used by sales an food production personnel to detail the food and service requirements of a banquet

37. In a hotel dining room with a total revenue of $1 -150 and 85 guests served what would be the hotels check average

38. when using a par inventory system - how does the individual responsible for purchasing food items determine how much to buy

39. What is true about the cost of providing room service meals

40. What is the term used to identify those who sell the rights to use a hotels brand name

41. Which of the following is the formula hoteliers use to calculate RevPar

42. What is true about first tier management companies

43. Which of the following best describes 'managers reception' in a limited service hotel

44. What is the most important reason for properly maintaining trash removal areas

45. Which of the following represents the correct order of procedures used in cleaning linens and terry products

46. What is true about abandoned property

47. In a 150 room hotel with housekeeping costs of $8000 and 2 -500 rooms sold in a mont - what would be the hotels labor cost per occupied room for that month

48. What is a normal par level in hotel laundry

49. In which type of booking model are room rates not seen by guests until after they have successfully 'bid' for a room

50. With 400 guests and breakfast costs of $550 what would be a hotel's food cost per guest