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Lodging Operations 101

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1. How can guest service best be integrated with employee reward systems

2. What is the difference between advertising and publicity

3. Which brand is generally recognized as the first hotel chain

4. What is true about hotel management companies

5. What is the approximate amount of money that hoteliers should contribute to a property's FF&E reserve

6. What is the advantage of a CFL

7. What is a per diem

8. In a very small limited service property - Which individual is typically responsible for the setup of the property's complimentary breakfst area

9. Which is an example of a consumer-generated content web site?

10. What is the purpose of an MSDS

11. Maintenance that must be performed immediatley to minimize damage to a hotel is referred to as

12. What is the industry term for a form used by sales an food production personnel to detail the food and service requirements of a banquet

13. Which area would be considered public space in a hotel

14. Which of the following is a demand generator

15. What is the industry term for an organization that provides travel booking services on the internet

16. The best menus are those developed based upon

17. For Which item below would a 'replace as needed' program be best

18. Which position would be a direct report to a hotels F&B director

19. What is a REIT

20. Which factor has the most impact on the number of guests who will be served in a limited service hotel

21. What is the greatest difference between full service and limited service hotels

22. Which of the following is essential if employees are to effectively resolve guest problems as they occur

23. What is the primary factor that determines the total fees that franchisors can charge franchisees who want to affiliate with the franchisors brand

24. What is a guest seeking to communicate with a DND sign placed on the outside of the door?

25. Who usually maintains the washers and ryers placed in a hotels guests laundry

26. Which group is more likely to use the services of a travel agent

27. With 200 occupied rooms and breakfast costs of $450 - what would be a hotels breakfast cost per occupied room?

28. An investor makes and investment of 1000000 and acheives a $200000 profit on that investment in this example what was the investors ROI

29. A CVB is typically funded by what

30. Which of the following is the formula hoteliers use to calculate RevPar

31. In regard to quality service - a gal of zero defects can

32. What is the type of dining in which each available menu item is sold for an individual price

33. What term is used to describe the relationship between the amount paid for an item and the item's perceived quality

34. A brand specific frequent guest program is an example of a...

35. Which housekeeping- related term is not used by professional hoteliers

36. What should happen to service procedures after they have been implemented in a hotel

37. What is the lodging industry term for the formal operating agreement between a hotel's owners and a hotel management company

38. Each of the following events would require one or more guest rooms - which would be classified as a SMERF

39. What happens to a hotel's POM costs as a hotel ages

40. What is the name for the franchise disclosure document prepared by a franchisor and registered and filed with the state governmental agency responsible for administering franchise relationships

41. In a hotel dining room with a total revenue of $1 -150 and 85 guests served what would be the hotels check average

42. What is true about a hotel room that is 'on-change'

43. with total breakfast costs of $550 for the week and an average of $2.20 cost per guest served - how many guests were served in the week

44. In Which type of booking model are room rates readily viewed on-line by potential guests?

45. Which group of housekeeping employees should receive blood born pathogen training

46. What is another lodging industry term for a specific hotel brand name

47. Which types of food items have labor 'built in' to their prices

48. Which company's motto is 'we are ladies and gentlemen serving Ladies and gentlemen'

49. In the small town of someko - michigan there are 5 hotels with a combined total of 650 sleeping rooms. during june an avg. of 400 of those rooms were sold each day - generating $29 -200 in room sales. What was the average daily rate (ADR) of the town

50. Which group of employees will most often initiate the largest number of work orders