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Lodging Operations 101

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1. With 400 guests and breakfast costs of $550 what would be a hotel's food cost per guest

2. What is true about transient travelers

3. In the small town of someko - michigan there are 5 hotels with a combined total of 650 sleeping rooms. during june an avg. of 400 of those rooms were sold each day - generating $29 -200 in room sales. What was the average daily rate (ADR) of the town

4. Which group of housekeeping employees should receive blood born pathogen training

5. What is the food service term for the amount of money remaining from a food sale after subtracting the items cost from its selling point

6. Which brand is generally recognized as the first hotel chain

7. An investor makes and investment of 1000000 and acheives a $200000 profit on that investment in this example what was the investors ROI

8. What is a guest seeking to communicate with a DND sign placed on the outside of the door?

9. What is true about mislaid property

10. What is the primary factor that determines the total fees that franchisors can charge franchisees who want to affiliate with the franchisors brand

11. Which factor has the most impact on the number of guests who will be served in a limited service hotel

12. When the entire staff of a hotel consistenly fail to deliver quality service to guests - the problem is most likely that

13. with total breakfast costs of $550 for the week and an average of $2.20 cost per guest served - how many guests were served in the week

14. what type of activity describes the act of placing an ad in the yellow pages?

15. Which of the following is NOT a demographic factor of a guest

16. What is the most important reason for properly maintaining trash removal areas

17. Each of the following events would require one or more guest rooms - which would be classified as a SMERF

18. Which is the most important market for large convention hotels

19. What is the name of a lodging industry trade association that has been at the forefront of promoting fairness in the hotel franchising

20. Who usually maintains the washers and dryers placed in a hotel's guest laundry

21. In a hotel dining room with a total revenue of $1 -150 and 85 guests served what would be the hotels check average

22. What is true about a marketing plan

23. What is the name of the computer system connecting travel professionals worldwide for the purpose of reserving hotel rooms and other travel service for their clients?

24. In the lodging industry - What is the meaning of the term room mix

25. What is the lodging industry term used to identify the wages and benefits - replacement parts and contract services used to operate a maintenance and engineering department

26. A CVB is typically funded by what

27. What is the purpose of cold calling

28. What is the purpose of an MSDS

29. what would the occupancy rate for a hotel that has 200 rooms on a day in January In which it sold 100 rooms and received total rooms revenue of $17000

30. What is the industry term for an organization that provides travel booking services on the internet

31. What term is used to describe the relationship between the amount paid for an item and the item's perceived quality

32. Maintenance that must be performed immediatley to minimize damage to a hotel is referred to as

33. With 200 occupied rooms and breakfast costs of $450 - what would be a hotels breakfast cost per occupied room?

34. What is true about abandoned property

35. Which is true about a hotels commitment to green practices

36. When considering varied types of guests such as families on vacation and businesspersons - what will be true about each type

37. Who has the greatest influence on the overall quality of service provided within a hotel

38. What is the one reason a hotel owner might consider hiring a hotel management company

39. Which of the following best describes 'managers reception' in a limited service hotel

40. What is true about a hosted bar

41. what type of activity describes a site tour

42. In a full service hotel What is true abouth the profitability of banquet food sales compared to that of dining room sales?

43. when using a par inventory system - how does the individual responsible for purchasing food items determine how much to buy

44. For food service buyers when does the ownership exchange of products the have purchased actually take place

45. What does STAR report evaluate

46. from what language does the kitchen term 'mise en place' originate

47. What is true about sanitation concerns in a limited service- hotel

48. Who will most often have the greatest detailed knowledge of guest likes and dislikes

49. In a hotel guest room - Which is a potential source of HIV

50. What is the travel industry term used to describe a group of travel services - such as hotel rooms - meals - and airfare - sold for one price