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Lodging Operations 101

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1. Which of the following is most essential to providing good service

2. What is true about the cost of providing room service meals

3. Which items would typically be included in a deluxe breakfast served by a limited-service hotel but would not be included in a standard continental breakfast

4. For food service buyers when does the ownership exchange of products the have purchased actually take place

5. With 400 guests and breakfast costs of $550 what would be a hotel's food cost per guest

6. A brand specific frequent guest program is an example of a...

7. Which of the following would be considered a user-generated web site

8. Which term refers to the fact that the decline in value of a hotel asset is generally tax deductible

9. What is the agency that enforces federal antitrust and consumer protection laws related to franchisors

10. What is the name for the difference between the original number of room requested by a group and that group's lower than requested actual room pick up

11. What is true about mislaid property

12. What type of maintenance activity in a hotel would include lawn care - landscaping care and snow removal

13. What is the purpose of an MSDS

14. Cleaning a dryers lint trap is an example of a PM activity. how often should it be performed

15. What is the industry term for an organization that provides travel booking services on the internet

16. Who usually maintains the washers and dryers placed in a hotel's guest laundry

17. What is another lodging industry term for a specific hotel brand name

18. When would hotel guest be charged a corkage fee

19. Which of a hotel's costs would be lowered the most if the hotel implemented a successful source reduction program

20. Which method would be least effective for determining guests' needs and wants

21. What is true about food served in the traditional french style

22. What is another lodging term for work-order

23. Who is responsible for making the distinction between mislaid - lost and abandoned property

24. Which is an example of a branded breakfast item

25. What does STAR report evaluate

26. Which area would be considered public space in a hotel

27. What is the lodging industry term used to identify the wages and benefits - replacement parts and contract services used to operate a maintenance and engineering department

28. What does Amtrak operate

29. What is true about a hotel room that is 'on-change'

30. with total breakfast costs of $550 for the week and an average of $2.20 cost per guest served - how many guests were served in the week

31. Managers can seek out service-minded staff by hiring those job applicants who

32. When can a cross-functional team be an effective operatiional tool in a hotel

33. Who usually maintains the washers and ryers placed in a hotels guests laundry

34. In a hotel guest room - Which is a potential source of HIV

35. In the lodging industry - What is the meaning of the term room mix

36. What is true about transient travelers

37. What is true about abandoned property

38. What should happen to service procedures after they have been implemented in a hotel

39. A room attendant cleand 15 rooms in a shift consisting of 7 hours of work and 1 hour break time. What was this room attendant's cleaning time in minutes per room

40. which factor most influences guest perceptions about their experience at a lodging operation

41. What term is used to describe the relationship between the amount paid for an item and the item's perceived quality

42. Which of the following is essential if employees are to effectively resolve guest problems as they occur

43. What is the term used to identify those who purchase the rights to a hotels brand naem

44. from what language does the kitchen term 'mise en place' originate

45. What is true about sanitation concerns in a limited service- hotel

46. An investor makes and investment of 1000000 and acheives a $200000 profit on that investment in this example what was the investors ROI

47. To whom does the sous chef in a large hotel report

48. What is the approximate amount of money that hoteliers should contribute to a property's FF&E reserve

49. In which type of booking model are room rates not seen by guests until after they have successfully 'bid' for a room

50. Which professional recognition is typically granted by a governmental agency