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Lodging Operations 101

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1. Which is the most important market for large convention hotels

2. What is the lodging industry term used to identify the wages and benefits - replacement parts and contract services used to operate a maintenance and engineering department

3. What is true about second-tier management companies

4. What is the difference between advertising and publicity

5. Which is true about a hotels commitment to green practices

6. What is another lodging industry term for a specific hotel brand name

7. In a 150 room hotel with housekeeping costs of $8000 and 2 -500 rooms sold in a mont - what would be the hotels labor cost per occupied room for that month

8. What is the lodging term for the fans and mechanical systems required to move air through a hotel's air ducts and vents

9. What is a common job title for the individual Who has regular on-site interaction with a franchised hotel

10. What is the one reason a hotel owner might consider hiring a hotel management company

11. What is true about a hotel room that is 'on-change'

12. What is the type of dining in which each available menu item is sold for an individual price

13. What is most likely to happen when many travelers want to visit and stay in an area

14. What happens to a hotel's POM costs as a hotel ages

15. In the lodging industry - What is the meaning of the term room mix

16. What term is used to describe the relationship between the amount paid for an item and the item's perceived quality

17. What is the most important reason for properly maintaining trash removal areas

18. Which of the following represents the correct order of procedures used in cleaning linens and terry products

19. Which of the following is the formula hoteliers use to calculate RevPar

20. What is true about sanitation concerns in a limited service- hotel

21. What is the lodging term used to describe a hotel room or area that is undergoing extraordinary cleaning procedures

22. What is true about a hosted bar

23. What is the industry term for a form used by sales an food production personnel to detail the food and service requirements of a banquet

24. What is true about food served in the traditional french style

25. What lodging industry term is used to identify a hotel's meeting rooms - conference areas and ballroom space

26. Which of the following is a demand generator

27. What is the industry term for an organization that provides travel booking services on the internet

28. In the small town of someko - michigan there are 5 hotels with a combined total of 650 sleeping rooms. during june an avg. of 400 of those rooms were sold each day - generating $29 -200 in room sales. What was the average daily rate (ADR) of the town

29. Which of the following would be considered a user-generated web site

30. What does STAR report evaluate

31. Which items would typically be included in a deluxe breakfast served by a limited-service hotel but would not be included in a standard continental breakfast

32. Which of the following is essential if employees are to effectively resolve guest problems as they occur

33. Which group is more likely to use the services of a travel agent

34. What is true about the cost of providing room service meals

35. What is a REIT

36. What type of maintenance activity in a hotel would include lawn care - landscaping care and snow removal

37. What is the term describing stealing of small quantities of something over a period of time

38. What is the advantage of a CFL

39. In a full service hotel What is true abouth the profitability of banquet food sales compared to that of dining room sales?

40. What is a lodging industry term for hotels operating under the same brand name

41. Managers can seek out service-minded staff by hiring those job applicants who

42. with total breakfast costs of $550 for the week and an average of $2.20 cost per guest served - how many guests were served in the week

43. Which housekeeping- related term is not used by professional hoteliers

44. Which position would be a direct report to a hotels F&B director

45. In a very small limited service property - Which individual is typically responsible for the setup of the property's complimentary breakfst area

46. Who usually maintains the washers and dryers placed in a hotel's guest laundry

47. In which type of booking model are room rates not seen by guests until after they have successfully 'bid' for a room

48. Which term refers to the fact that the decline in value of a hotel asset is generally tax deductible

49. In a hotel guest room - Which is a potential source of HIV

50. A CVB is typically funded by what