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1. What does DISM do?

2. Where should you backup to automate System Image backups and maintain multiple images?

3. How do you upgrade windows vista to windows 7?

4. What does Cipher /X do?

5. What is Drvload?

6. What does the MigUser.xml file do?

7. Why would a secondary DNS server stop responding to client queries?

8. What does the NEW-PSSESSION powershell applet do?

9. Why would you nest WSUS servers?

10. What dows Windows Anytime Upgrade do?

11. What is the benifit of create a fixed size VHD instead of a dynamically expanding VHD file?

12. What is PSR.EXE?

13. What is the command to add a DNS server?

14. What preforms authentication at a computer level for vpn?

15. What does Scanstate /GENMIGXML do?

16. What versions of Windows 7 support Bitlocker Drive Encryption?

17. In case the _______________ - DHCP clients can be configured with an alternative static ip address?

18. How do you add the Windows 7 VHD to the boot choices menu?

19. How do you manage EFS from the command line?

20. What is s stub zone?

21. What is a split tunnel VPN?

22. Can the Application Compatibility Kit can also search and report on the applications installed on a Windows 7 computer?

23. You can configure ____________ in group policy.

24. How do you install applications in Windows XP Mode?

25. How do you view failed WSUS updates on the WSUS server?

26. What is AH?

27. What is System protection?

28. How do you enable a recovery agent?

29. What tool is used to manage shadowcopies?

30. What is DirectAccess?

31. What is File Server Resource Manager?

32. What do NAP clients do?

33. What is another way to deploy an application compatibility database across multiple computers?

34. What is Optimize for Consistency polling mode do?

35. What is a HomeGroup?

36. What are Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) ratings for?

37. How do you remove a resource record from a zone file?

38. What event viewer log is the Radius server (NPS) logs stored?

39. How do you verify your IPV6 address?

40. What must you do if DHCP is not installed on the same computer as the RADIUS server?

41. Windows firewall can be configured to ___________.

42. What do quota templates do?

43. What does windows cardspace do?

44. What version does Windows XP must have to be able to connect with Remote Desktop to a computer requiring network level authentication?

45. What is WinRS?

46. What does DirectAccess uses to authenticate?

47. How do you install RRAS?

48. How do you create a subscription?

49. What is Sysprep?

50. How do you capture a computer's hard disk to a .WIM file?