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1. How can you restrict users to create sub-folders in a dfs root share?

2. What is Internet Explorer Content Advisor?

3. What are the proven - standards-based technologies that DirectAccess is built on?

4. There is a RESET option in Internet Explorer to...

5. What do you modify to define CD Autoplay settings and file associations?

6. How do you ping the IPV6 address of a remote computer?

7. What is the difference between MSCHAP2 and EAP-TLS?

8. How do you can disable programs from autostarting?

9. What is Client for Microsoft Networks?

10. Can you choose which media libraries you want to share with your homegroup?

11. What is IPsec ESP tunnel?

12. What is Drvload?

13. What is the command needed In order for ScanState and LoadState to use any of the migration .xml files?

14. What is s stub zone?

15. What does "wbdadmin -startbackup -allcritical" do?

16. Where can Windows Backup backup a local drive to?

17. Can Wireless profiles can be exported and imported using a flash drive?

18. Where is Software RAID is configured?

19. IPV6 is _____ on Windows 2000

20. What is Bootsect.exe?

21. What is WPA-EAP?

22. Where is the Troubleshoot option for fixing common problems located?

23. How do you initiate a zone transfer?

24. Does the Advanced Firewall already has a predefined Homegroup inbound rule?

25. How do you troubleshoot DHCP client address assignment using the network monitor?

26. What command is used to view the network monitor via command line?

27. What is a NAT forwarding?

28. What does Microsoft Transform files (MST) do?

29. How does a autoconfiguration router or DHCP assign a IPV6 address (after the Local Link Address)?

30. What is the command to set a forwarding computer for event log forwarding?

31. What do NAP clients do?

32. What should you modify of the NAP Agent client service if the computer needs to prove health status?

33. What does MISEXEC.EXE do?

34. How can you removed a stale resource record from DNS?

35. What is Reliability Monitor display?

36. You can configure process monitor alerts to _____.

37. What needs to be enabled for smart card logon?

38. How do you calculate the original subnet mask of a network that was divided in to multiple networks?

39. How do you restrict which DNS servers get a zone transfer?

40. How can you disable IPV6 from OSs that cant be uninstalled?

41. What does the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor do?

42. How do you enable additional Windows Components?

43. What is AppLocker?

44. What does the MigUser.xml file do?

45. Why is PKi needed to encypt vpn traffic?

46. What is Oscdimg?

47. How do you enable rdp on a core server?

48. How can you use ImageX to apply a WIM Image directly to a VHD file?

49. What can In-Private Browsing not display?

50. What does User Rights policy governs?