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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. How do you configure WSUS computer groups for defined updates?

2. What does the MigApp.xml file do?

3. Use ocsetup instead of servermanagercmd.exe _________.

4. How can Transparent Caching is be enabled?

5. What preforms authentication at a computer level for vpn?

6. What are Libraries?

7. How do you delegate permissions to modify a specific DNS zone?

8. What happens if the router advertisement has the M flag set to 0 but the other staeful configuration (o) flag set to 1?

9. What does DRIVERQUERY /SI do?

10. How can you can upgrade an offline image's Windows 7 edition?

11. What should you do if you receive warnings that your virtual memory is low?

12. You can configure ____________ in group policy.

13. How does DirectAccess work?

14. What does MISEXEC.EXE do?

15. What versions of Windows 7 support Bitlocker Drive Encryption?

16. What does dnscmd /zoneadd primary do?

17. What is Oscdimg?

18. How can you use ImageX to apply a WIM Image directly to a VHD file?

19. What is new in Windows User State Migration Tool (USMT) 4.0?

20. How can you can prevent users from accessing certain MMC console snap ins?

21. What port does RDP use?

22. How do you view failed WSUS updates on the client PC?

23. What does the Storage Manager Report mmc allow you to do?

24. What is a ns record?

25. Why would you deploy an application compatibility database across multiple computers?

26. What is a Subscription in event viewer?

27. What does "wbdadmin -startbackup -allcritical" do?

28. What does Scanstate /p do?

29. How do you initiate a zone transfer?

30. What sites support Integrated Windows Authentication?

31. How do you prevent Forms Based Credentials from being saved?

32. What does Windows ReadyBoost do?

33. What is IPP?

34. How can you modify event viewer from being filled up with the printer related events?

35. How do you install RRAS?

36. How do you need to configure the NAP enforecment points if using in conjenction with NPS?

37. What is a DHCP relay agent?

38. What are the two ways that you can take advantage of system protection?

39. Who can run the Windows Easy Transfer Wizard?

40. Are Migrated user accounts are enabled by default?

41. What does AppLocker allows you to generate default rules for?

42. What is DiskPart?

43. What is the benifit of create a fixed size VHD instead of a dynamically expanding VHD file?

44. What is Touch UI?

45. Where is the Troubleshoot option for fixing common problems located?

46. What does servermanagercmd.exe do?

47. How do you configure DHCP to ignore clients on a particular subnet?

48. How do you change the ReadyBoost configuration of a flash drive?

49. How do you calculate the number of host addresses in a give subnet?

50. How do you add the Windows 7 VHD to the boot choices menu?