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1. How do you change the ReadyBoost configuration of a flash drive?

2. What does Scanstate /OfflineWinOld: C:Windows.old do?

3. What does dnscmd /zoneadd dsprimary do?

4. What does Removing Modify NTFS permission (not explicitly denying) do?

5. What must you do if DHCP is not installed on the same computer as the RADIUS server?

6. How can you restrict users to create sub-folders in a dfs root share?

7. Who can run the Windows Easy Transfer Wizard?

8. Does Windows 7 does have an email client like Outlook Express or Windows Mail?

9. What is the cache.DNS file?

10. How do you restore a System Image from backup?

11. What does the Resource Monitor display?

12. What is the command to set a collecting computer for event log forwarding?

13. How do you repartition your hard disk by using the Shrink feature in Disk Management?

14. How do you verify your IPV6 address?

15. The WSUS server and remote SQL server _____________.

16. What is a DNS SRV record?

17. What drive is System protection is automatically setup on?

18. Why would you nest WSUS servers?

19. What dows Windows Anytime Upgrade do?

20. What does windows cardspace do?

21. What is PSR.EXE?

22. What is s stub zone?

23. How do you troubleshoot DHCP client address assignment using the network monitor?

24. What is Optimize for Consistency polling mode do?

25. Can configure a GPO to prevent all removable storage devices?

26. Why would you add additional drivers for the various operating systems in your organization that will be connecting to the shared printer when sharing a printer?

27. How do you setup a DHCP server for redundancy?

28. How do you block all traffic for a specific port in windows firewall?

29. You can configure process monitor alerts to _____.

30. Direct Access requires...

31. What needs to be enabled for smart card logon?

32. What is the command to set a forwarding computer for event log forwarding?

33. What preforms authentication at a computer level for vpn?

34. What is a DHCP relay agent?

35. What do you do if the firewall is running on the remote PC?

36. What does the max=32000 mean in 'create vdisk file = c: vhd windows 7 vhdfilename.vhd max = 32000'

37. How do you allow specific vendors for being excluded from a GPO to prevent all removable storage devices?

38. What mode is BranchCache configured for branch offices with fewer than 50 users?

39. How can Transparent Caching is be enabled?

40. What is required to upgrade Vista to Windows 7?

41. What tool is used to manage shadowcopies?

42. How can you modify event viewer from being filled up with the printer related events?

43. What OSs can IPV6 be uninstalled?

44. What is the benifit of create a fixed size VHD instead of a dynamically expanding VHD file?

45. What will happen if click on a hyperlink when you are viewing a web page offline in Internet Explorer?

46. Why would a secondary DNS server stop responding to client queries?

47. What are soft disk quotas?

48. What does the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor do?

49. What does MISEXEC.EXE do?

50. What are the ESRB Ratings?