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1. What do you do if the Operating System won't start due to a corrupt driver?

2. What is Aero Shake?

3. What does DISM do?

4. What does Diskpart.exe do?

5. What do NAP clients do?

6. What extensions is Firewall rules can be exported and imported?

7. What does dnscmd /zoneadd primary do?

8. What does IMAGEX /SPLIT do?

9. How can you removed a stale resource record from DNS?

10. What are IPV6 host records in DNS?

11. What does the Ping -6 option do?

12. When you install an application in Windows Virtual PC - Windows XP Mode - where does it automatically creates a Windows 7 Start Menu Shortcut under?

13. How do you route IPV6 traffic on your private network?

14. What is a bootstrap wireless profile?

15. What mode is BranchCache configured for branch offices with fewer than 50 users?

16. What does windows cardspace do?

17. What does DirectAccess uses to authenticate?

18. What does sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown /unattend:sysprep.xml?

19. What is the cache.DNS file?

20. What controlls file extensions?

21. What can you use the User State Migration Tools (USMT) for?

22. What does dnscmd /zoneadd dsprimary do?

23. How do you review files in the Offline Files Cache?

24. What type of router can RRAS be configured as?

25. What is the command needed In order for ScanState and LoadState to use any of the migration .xml files?

26. How can you can prevent users from accessing certain MMC console snap ins?

27. What does netsh do?

28. What is IPsec ESP tunnel?

29. How do you setup a DHCP server for redundancy?

30. How do you install RRAS?

31. What protocol does NAP enforce when used in 802.1x authentication?

32. Why would you deploy an application compatibility database across multiple computers?

33. What version does Windows XP must have to be able to connect with Remote Desktop to a computer requiring network level authentication?

34. What is a WSUS server?

35. What is Network Level Authentication?

36. What is a NAP policy?

37. How do you display detailed Windows Activation and License status?

38. What should you modify of the NAP Agent client service if the computer needs to prove health status?

39. How should EFS files should be recovered?

40. What does the Resource Monitor display?

41. What can Windows 7 Enterprise can be directly upgraded to?

42. What are Libraries?

43. What port uses PPTP uses?

44. Why would you use audit-only mode?

45. You can configure process monitor alerts to _____.

46. What is the command to configure the preferred DNS server?

47. How do you add the Windows 7 VHD to the boot choices menu?

48. Does the Advanced Firewall already has a predefined Homegroup inbound rule?

49. What does Microsoft Transform files (MST) do?

50. What should you do if you receive warnings that your virtual memory is low?