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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. What is SSTP?

2. What is a reservation?

3. How do you remove a resource record from a zone file?

4. How can you disable IPV6 from OSs that cant be uninstalled?

5. What does WINRM QUICKCONFIG do?

6. What should you do if a host file is missing?

7. What does Scanstate /EFS:COPYRAW do?

8. What firewall profile is configured for AD domain computers?

9. The WSUS server and remote SQL server _____________.

10. How can you modify event viewer from being filled up with the printer related events?

11. Where must SSL certificates must be issued by?

12. How do you connect to a wireless access point is not broadcasting its SSID?

13. What is jetpack.exe?

14. How should EFS files should be recovered?

15. What is PSR.EXE?

16. IPV6 is _____ on Windows 2000

17. What is the command to set a forwarding computer for event log forwarding?

18. What does Reliability Monitor display?


20. What is WinRS?

21. How do you restore individual files?

22. What does DRIVERQUERY /SI do?

23. What does DirectAccess uses to authenticate?

24. How can you delete route table entries?

25. Where is ageing configured?

26. How do you verify your IPV6 address?

27. What is a DNS SRV record?

28. What is the command to set a collecting computer for event log forwarding?

29. What is DiskPart?

30. What mode is BranchCache configured for branch offices with fewer than 50 users?

31. What windows 7 OSs can join a domain?

32. The print management console can be configured to _____________.

33. How do you quickly restore a file from backup?

34. What is the default Install image from a Windows 7 Setup DVD?

35. What preforms authentication at a computer level for vpn?

36. What is WPA-PSK?

37. What does "wbdadmin -startbackup -allcritical" do?

38. What does the MigUser.xml file do?

39. What are the two primary offline scenarios enabled in USMT 4.0?

40. Can you choose which media libraries you want to share with your homegroup?

41. What do wireless access point need to be configured with to to preform 802.1x authentication?

42. What is a NAT forwarding?

43. What OSs can IPV6 be uninstalled?

44. What is terminal server network level authentication?

45. NAP can be configured to ____________.

46. Where are Applocker policies are configured?

47. What is Optimize for scalability polling mode do?

48. How do you statically add a route to a route table?

49. How do you setup Windows 7 setup to run unattended?

50. How do you enable rdp on a core server?