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1. What is the RACAgent?

2. What does AppLocker allows you to generate default rules for?

3. What does a BranchCache client hosting content in distributed cache mode must have?

4. Does Windows 7 does have an email client like Outlook Express or Windows Mail?

5. You cannot delete an individual restore point - but you can either delete all restore points or all but the most recent restore point. Deleting restore points temporarily frees up disk space. As new restore points are created - disk space will be use

6. What command is used to view the network monitor via command line?

7. How do you ping the IPV6 address of a remote computer?

8. What is "Transparent Caching"?

9. What is Optimize for Consistency polling mode do?

10. What does "wbdadmin -startbackup -allcritical" do?

11. How do you setup DNS single label (unqualified) name resolution?

12. Use ocsetup instead of servermanagercmd.exe _________.

13. What is exFAT?

14. Can the Application Compatibility Kit can also search and report on the applications installed on a Windows 7 computer?

15. What should you do if a host file is missing?

16. The WSUS server and remote SQL server _____________.

17. What is File Server Resource Manager?

18. What does DISM do?

19. Where is Reliability Monitor data kept?

20. What does the WSUS DB Store?

21. How do you need to configure the NAP enforecment points if using in conjenction with NPS?

22. What does the NEW-PSSESSION powershell applet do?

23. What type of router can RRAS be configured as?

24. What is the responsible person on a SOA records field?

25. What do you modify to define CD Autoplay settings and file associations?

26. What is a reservation?

27. Where must SSL certificates must be issued by?

28. Can Wireless profiles can be exported and imported using a flash drive?

29. What mode is BranchCache configured for branch offices with fewer than 50 users?

30. What firewall profile is configured for AD domain computers?

31. How does DirectAccess work?

32. How do you have a Firewall rule apply only to a specific computer?

33. How can you disable IPV6 from OSs that cant be uninstalled?

34. What does DISM do?

35. What is a ESP?

36. What does IP Helper service has to run for?

37. You can still ___________ if root hints are disabled.

38. What requirements must your system must meet to use BranchCache?

39. What do you do if the firewall is running on the remote PC?

40. RRAS can be configured both in ______________.

41. What does Cipher /K do?

42. What do you do if the Operating System won't start due to a corrupt driver?

43. What is Aero Shake?

44. What is WPA-EAP?

45. What is AppLocker?

46. What do you provide to Scanstate to prevent certain system settings from being migrated?

47. What does running network monitor in PMode do?

48. How do you configure DHCP to ignore clients on a particular subnet?

49. How can you use ImageX to apply a WIM Image directly to a VHD file?

50. How do you restore individual files?