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1. What does Windows uses the index for?

2. How do you setup DNS single label (unqualified) name resolution?

3. How can you restrict users to create sub-folders in a dfs root share?

4. What is Client for Microsoft Networks?

5. Why would you deploy an application compatibility database across multiple computers?

6. What does DISM /Get-Drivers do?

7. What is a Subscription in event viewer?

8. When you install an application in Windows Virtual PC - Windows XP Mode - where does it automatically creates a Windows 7 Start Menu Shortcut under?

9. How do you configure DHCP to ignore clients on a particular subnet?

10. What is terminal server network level authentication?

11. What is a WSUS server?

12. What command is used to view the network monitor via command line?

13. What versions of Windows 7 support Bitlocker Drive Encryption?

14. What is BCDEdit?

15. What does the MigUser.xml file do?

16. What is Optimize for Consistency polling mode do?

17. What are soft disk quotas?

18. What does netsh do?

19. How do you enable rdp on a core server?

20. What does the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor do?

21. What are the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 7?

22. What is AH?

23. Why is PKi needed to encypt vpn traffic?

24. If you wanted to encrypt the connection between a client PC and the WSUS server what would you use?

25. You can configure ____________ in group policy.

26. How do you setup multiple mx records?

27. Where should you backup to automate System Image backups and maintain multiple images?

28. How do you review files in the Offline Files Cache?

29. What does PNPUTIL.EXE do?

30. What is Oscdimg?

31. What is Aero Peek?

32. How can you removed a stale resource record from DNS?

33. What is WinRS?

34. How do you upgrade windows vista to windows 7?

35. How do you ping the IPV6 address of a remote computer?

36. How do client computers get configured to use a WSUS server?

37. How do you setup Ready Boost?

38. What OS can be upgraded to Windows 7?

39. What is IPsec ESP tunnel?

40. What controlls file extensions?

41. What is "Transparent Caching"?

42. What does the MigApp.xml file do?

43. How do you setup a remote site that resolves names even when there is no connectivity to the main site?

44. How do you create a subscription?

45. What is File Server Resource Manager?

46. What are a few types of NAP enforcement points?

47. Why would a secondary DNS server stop responding to client queries?

48. Can users can share encrypted files with another user by giving them permission?

49. What is the responsible person on a SOA records field?

50. What are WIM files used for?