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1. The WSUS server and remote SQL server _____________.

2. How do you create a VPN connection?

3. What should you do if a host file is missing?

4. What should you use for enhanced wireless security?

5. What do NAP clients do?

6. What does the MigApp.xml file do?

7. How does AppLocker reduce administrative overhead and help administrators control how users can access and use files - such as executable files - scripts - Windows Installer files - and DLLs?

8. What does DirectAccess uses to authenticate?

9. What requirements needs to be met to use network level authentication?

10. What is Touch UI?

11. How do you upgrade windows 7?

12. What is AH?

13. What does "wbdadmin -startrecovery -version" do?

14. What does System Protection cover?

15. What does Internet Explorer store while you are surfing using InPrivate Browsing?

16. What is the RACAgent?

17. Why would you add additional drivers for the various operating systems in your organization that will be connecting to the shared printer when sharing a printer?

18. What port does RDP use?

19. The print management console can be configured to _____________.

20. How can you communicate accross the IPV6 accross a IPV4 network?

21. How do you restore a System Image from backup?

22. What type of drives can Software RAID 0 -1 -5 can only be implemented on?

23. What is PSR.EXE?

24. How do you decrease zone transfer traffic?

25. What is a NAP policy?

26. How many bits are in the site subnet?

27. How do you repartition your hard disk by using the Shrink feature in Disk Management?

28. What does importing and exporting rules affect?

29. How do you move a Dynamic Disk from one computer to another?

30. What is Aero Shake?

31. What is a mx record?

32. What do you do if a computer is missing the data recovery agent certificate for the EFS recovery agent?

33. How can you disable IPV6 from OSs that cant be uninstalled?

34. How do you create a custom Windows PE image that supports windows scripting host?

35. RRAS can be configured both in ______________.

36. How can you use ImageX to apply a WIM Image directly to a VHD file?

37. What is BCDEdit?

38. How can you removed a stale resource record from DNS?

39. Where is Reliability Monitor data kept?

40. What is an example of a rule based on file attributes derived from the digital signature?

41. Does the Advanced Firewall already has a predefined Homegroup inbound rule?

42. What do wireless access point need to be configured with to to preform 802.1x authentication?

43. What does dnscmd /zoneadd primary do?

44. What is System protection?

45. What does the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor do?

46. What are the ESRB Ratings?

47. How can non Microsoft PCs connect to print services?

48. What OSs can IPV6 be uninstalled?

49. Where is ageing configured?

50. What does IMAGEX /SPLIT do?