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1. How do you create a VPN connection?

2. What port uses PPTP uses?

3. What does "Create System Repair Disk" option do?

4. Active directory DNS ____ replicate between forests.

5. Can Wireless profiles can be exported and imported using a flash drive?

6. What does AppLocker allows you to generate default rules for?

7. What is new in Windows User State Migration Tool (USMT) 4.0?

8. What does Credential Manager allows you to store?

9. How many bits are in the site prefix?

10. How do you calculate the original subnet mask of a network that was divided in to multiple networks?

11. You can configure process monitor alerts to _____.

12. Where must SSL certificates must be issued by?

13. How do you upgrade windows 7?

14. What is Aero Snap?

15. What does WINRM QUICKCONFIG do?

16. How do client computers get configured to use a WSUS server?

17. What does Cipher /K do?

18. How should EFS files should be recovered?

19. How do you configure client computers to use a WSUS server as the source for Windows Update?

20. What is Network Level Authentication?

21. What does Windows uses the index for?

22. How do you decrease zone transfer traffic?

23. What is the responsible person on a SOA records field?

24. What does windows cardspace do?

25. How do you test the ip connectivity on IPV6?

26. How do you capture a computer's hard disk to a .WIM file?

27. How does a autoconfiguration router or DHCP assign a IPV6 address (after the Local Link Address)?

28. How do you have a Firewall rule apply only to a specific computer?

29. How do you restrict which DNS servers get a zone transfer?

30. How do you secure a WSUS connection to a remote SQL server?

31. What versions of Windows 7 support Bitlocker Drive Encryption?

32. How many bits are in the regional prefix?

33. Can configure a GPO to prevent all removable storage devices?

34. What OSs support SSTP?

35. What is another way to deploy an application compatibility database across multiple computers?

36. What does Cipher /X do?

37. You cannot delete an individual restore point - but you can either delete all restore points or all but the most recent restore point. Deleting restore points temporarily frees up disk space. As new restore points are created - disk space will be use

38. What is File Server Resource Manager?

39. You can still ___________ if root hints are disabled.

40. What is Optimize for Consistency polling mode do?

41. How do you review files in the Offline Files Cache?

42. What are the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 7?

43. What do wireless access point need to be configured with to to preform 802.1x authentication?

44. What are a few types of NAP enforcement points?

45. What is the command needed In order for ScanState and LoadState to use any of the migration .xml files?

46. IPV6 is _____ on Windows 2000

47. What is BranchCache?

48. Are Migrated user accounts are enabled by default?

49. What is NAP's security health validator?

50. How can you disable IPV6 from OSs that cant be uninstalled?