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1. What does MISEXEC.EXE do?

2. How do you create a subscription?

3. What is the Powercfg.exe tool?

4. Can the Application Compatibility Kit can also search and report on the applications installed on a Windows 7 computer?

5. What does System Protection cover?

6. What does the MigUser.xml file do?

7. What is the default Install image from a Windows 7 Setup DVD?

8. What is BCD?

9. What happens when 3rd party vendors create a new driver?

10. What does the Hosted Cache mode do?

11. What protocol does NAP enforce when used in 802.1x authentication?

12. How do you install RRAS?

13. What does the MigDocs.xml file do?

14. What should you modify of the NAP Agent client service if the computer needs to prove health status?

15. What is the command to set a collecting computer for event log forwarding?

16. What requirements needs to be met to use network level authentication?

17. How do you view failed WSUS updates on the WSUS server?

18. Where can Windows Backup backup a local drive to?

19. What should you do if you receive warnings that your virtual memory is low?

20. What tool is used to manage shadowcopies?

21. What is a mx record?

22. What does Microsoft Transform files (MST) do?

23. Where is Software RAID is configured?

24. Where are Applocker policies are configured?

25. Windows firewall can be configured to ___________.

26. What can NAP do?

27. What command is used to view the network monitor via command line?

28. What do you modify to define CD Autoplay settings and file associations?

29. What does Scanstate /GENMIGXML do?

30. What OSs are all Windows Games installed on?

31. What is Internet Explorer Content Advisor?

32. What sites support Integrated Windows Authentication?

33. How should EFS files should be recovered?

34. What happens if the router advertisement has the M flag set to 1?

35. What will a (.root) zone do in a DNS server?

36. Can you choose which media libraries you want to share with your homegroup?

37. What does Scanstate /p do?

38. How do you have a Firewall rule apply only to a specific computer?

39. How can you can prevent users from accessing certain MMC console snap ins?

40. How do you set a DNS server to a cache only DNS server?

41. Why is PKi needed to encypt vpn traffic?

42. What is BranchCache?

43. What do you provide to Scanstate to prevent certain system settings from being migrated?

44. Can DISM can apply an answer file to an offline image?

45. How are RRAS/NPS policies evaluated?

46. What does Internet Explorer store while you are surfing using InPrivate Browsing?

47. What is IPsec Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) tunnel?

48. How do you configure DHCP to ignore clients on a particular subnet?

49. What can In-Private Browsing not display?

50. What should you use for enhanced wireless security?