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1. What has Windows 7 modified in searching?

2. What does Cipher /X do?

3. What requirements must your system must meet to use BranchCache?

4. What do quota templates do?

5. How do you have a Firewall rule apply only to a specific computer?

6. How do you setup DNS single label (unqualified) name resolution?

7. What is a split tunnel VPN?

8. What are Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) ratings for?

9. How are RRAS/NPS policies evaluated?

10. When you install an application in Windows Virtual PC - Windows XP Mode - where does it automatically creates a Windows 7 Start Menu Shortcut under?

11. What is jetpack.exe?

12. What sites support Integrated Windows Authentication?

13. What is IPsec ESP tunnel?

14. How do you enable a recovery agent?

15. How do you configure IPSEC?

16. What firewall profile is configured for AD domain computers?

17. How can you can prevent users from accessing certain MMC console snap ins?

18. Where can Windows Backup backup a local drive to?

19. What is SSTP?

20. Why would you add additional drivers for the various operating systems in your organization that will be connecting to the shared printer when sharing a printer?

21. What extensions is Firewall rules can be exported and imported?

22. Direct Access requires...

23. What does windows cardspace do?

24. You can configure ____________ in group policy.

25. How do you export the DNS zone to a text file?

26. What does DISM /UNMOUNT-WIM /COMMIT do?

27. Where is ageing configured?

28. How do you restore individual files?

29. The print management console can be configured to _____________.

30. How do you make a Windows 7 Answer File used for unattended setup?

31. How do you configure client computers to use a WSUS server as the source for Windows Update?

32. How do you determine if your PC's ip and its default gateway are on the same network?

33. What is the command to add a DNS server?

34. Can Wireless profiles can be exported and imported using a flash drive?

35. How do you reload an active directory integrated zone from a ad database?

36. What does AppLocker allows you to generate default rules for?

37. What is BCDEdit?

38. What is Oscdimg?

39. How can you modify event viewer from being filled up with the printer related events?

40. What do RRAS/NPS policys govern?

41. What does DRIVERQUERY /SI do?

42. What do you provide to Scanstate to prevent certain system settings from being migrated?

43. What does Removing Modify NTFS permission (not explicitly denying) do?

44. What is the command to set a forwarding computer for event log forwarding?

45. What does Scanstate /EFS:COPYRAW do?

46. What does WinRS do?

47. What is a WSUS server?

48. How do you upgrade windows 7?

49. What is a DNS SRV record?

50. How many bits are in the GLOBAL/UNIQUE LOCAL prefix?