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1. How do you view failed WSUS updates on the client PC?

2. What do you do if you install an older operating AFTER you install Windows 7?

3. You cannot delete an individual restore point - but you can either delete all restore points or all but the most recent restore point. Deleting restore points temporarily frees up disk space. As new restore points are created - disk space will be use

4. What has Windows 7 modified in searching?

5. How do you enable rdp on a core server?

6. What does Reliability Monitor display?

7. What port uses PPTP uses?

8. How do you test the ip connectivity on IPV6?

9. What is a HOSTS file?

10. Wireless profiles _____________ - the PC needs to be connected to the LAN first.

11. What is the RACAgent?

12. What is a NAT forwarding?

13. What is exFAT?

14. What is a bootstrap wireless profile?

15. How does DirectAccess work?

16. What is a ESP?

17. What does Cipher /X do?

18. How do you add the Windows 7 VHD to the boot choices menu?

19. What does Aero require?

20. What happens if the router advertisement has the M flag set to 0 but the other staeful configuration (o) flag set to 1?

21. How do you can disable programs from autostarting?

22. What is Bcdboot?

23. What type of drives can Software RAID 0 -1 -5 can only be implemented on?

24. What drive is System protection is automatically setup on?

25. How do you calculate the number of host addresses in a give subnet?

26. Why would a secondary DNS server stop responding to client queries?

27. What is IPP?

28. Use ocsetup instead of servermanagercmd.exe _________.

29. Can DISM can apply an answer file to an offline image?

30. What is Aero Snap?

31. Windows firewall can be configured to ___________.

32. What is Client for Microsoft Networks?

33. How can you communicate accross the IPV6 accross a IPV4 network?

34. What does the MigDocs.xml file do?

35. What do Print permission only allows?

36. What is an example of a exceptions to rule?

37. What does DISM /UNMOUNT-WIM /COMMIT do?

38. What is jetpack.exe?

39. What wireless protocolls can be used to authenticate smart cards?

40. How does AppLocker reduce administrative overhead and help administrators control how users can access and use files - such as executable files - scripts - Windows Installer files - and DLLs?

41. What does DirectAccess uses to authenticate?

42. Active directory DNS ____ replicate between forests.

43. What is BCDEdit?

44. What event viewer log is the Radius server (NPS) logs stored?

45. What are Libraries?

46. What does IP Helper service has to run for?

47. How do you setup multiple mx records?

48. How should EFS files should be recovered?

49. What is Network Level Authentication?

50. What does Parental Controls do?