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1. Why is PKi needed to encypt vpn traffic?

2. What does Scanstate /OfflineWinOld: C:Windows.old do?

3. How can you disable IPV6 from OSs that cant be uninstalled?

4. The WSUS server and remote SQL server _____________.

5. What does Windows uses the index for?

6. What is the difference between MSCHAP2 and EAP-TLS?

7. How do you route IPV6 traffic on your private network?

8. There is a RESET option in Internet Explorer to...

9. What is IPsec Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) tunnel?

10. How do you set a DNS server to a cache only DNS server?

11. What is a DHCP relay agent?

12. What OS can be upgraded to Windows 7?

13. What wireless protocolls can be used to authenticate smart cards?

14. Can the Application Compatibility Kit can also search and report on the applications installed on a Windows 7 computer?

15. What can you use the User State Migration Tools (USMT) for?

16. If you wanted to encrypt the connection between a client PC and the WSUS server what would you use?

17. What do DFS nameservers need to do to obtain the most current namespace data?

18. How does transparent caching work?

19. What extensions is Firewall rules can be exported and imported?

20. What is new in Windows User State Migration Tool (USMT) 4.0?

21. What happens if the router advertisement has the M flag set to 0 but the other staeful configuration (o) flag set to 1?

22. What does dnscmd /zoneadd dsprimary do?

23. What does the Resource Monitor display?

24. How do you manage EFS from the command line?

25. How do you verify your IPV6 address?

26. Can users can share encrypted files with another user by giving them permission?

27. What is Aero Peek?

28. How do you review files in the Offline Files Cache?

29. What is a NPS server?

30. How do you remove a resource record from a zone file?

31. How should EFS files should be recovered?

32. What does the PSCONSOLEFILE option in POWERSHELL do?

33. How do you setup a remote site that resolves names even when there is no connectivity to the main site?

34. How can you secure file transfers across a network?

35. What account must be used to activate a DHCP server in active directory?

36. How many bits are in the GLOBAL/UNIQUE LOCAL prefix?

37. What are the ESRB Ratings?

38. What does Scanstate /GENMIGXML do?

39. What protocol does Ping uses?

40. What are the two ways that you can take advantage of system protection?

41. What is the name of the folder that stores all the system backup images?

42. What is a ESP?

43. What OSs can IPV6 be uninstalled?

44. What is terminal server network level authentication?

45. How do you display detailed Windows Activation and License status?

46. Can configure a GPO to prevent all removable storage devices?

47. What is Aero Snap?

48. How do you enable rdp on a core server?

49. What does MISEXEC.EXE do?

50. What are network monitor aliases used for?