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1. How do you set a DNS server to a cache only DNS server?

2. Where is scavaging configured?

3. How do you capture a computer's hard disk to a .WIM file?

4. Are Migrated user accounts are enabled by default?

5. What is BCD?

6. How do you configure IPSEC between two computers?

7. What is AH?

8. What does dnscmd /zoneadd dsprimary do?

9. What is the name of the folder that stores all the system backup images?

10. How do client computers get configured to use a WSUS server?

11. What is the command line version of windows server backup?

12. What does Windows ReadyBoost do?

13. What does User Rights policy governs?

14. What can Windows 7 Enterprise can be directly upgraded to?

15. What are Libraries?

16. ________________ can be replicated through Ad replication.

17. What does MISEXEC.EXE do?

18. How do you verify your IPV6 address?

19. What are the proven - standards-based technologies that DirectAccess is built on?

20. How do you upgrade windows 7?

21. What does sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown /unattend:sysprep.xml?

22. What do you do if a computer is missing the data recovery agent certificate for the EFS recovery agent?

23. How do you enable rdp on a core server?

24. What is DISM.EXE?

25. What is SSTP?

26. Where do you get the USMT?

27. What happens if the router advertisement has the M flag set to 0 but the other staeful configuration (o) flag set to 1?

28. What is an example of a exceptions to rule?

29. What is terminal server network level authentication?

30. What OS can Applocker policies not be enforced?

31. How can you communicate accross the IPV6 accross a IPV4 network?

32. What are network monitor aliases used for?

33. What do you do if the Operating System won't start due to a corrupt driver?

34. What is BCDEdit?

35. What does DISM do?

36. What is a DNS SRV record?

37. What does the Storage Manager Report mmc allow you to do?

38. How do you calculate the original subnet mask of a network that was divided in to multiple networks?

39. What is DHCP conflict detection?

40. How many bits are in the site prefix?

41. How do you configure DHCP to ignore clients on a particular subnet?

42. What can NAP do?

43. What are WIM files used for?

44. What is NAP's security health validator?

45. What is jetpack.exe?

46. Where should you backup to automate System Image backups and maintain multiple images?

47. What do Print permission only allows?

48. What are hard disk quotas?

49. How do you restore a System Image from backup?

50. How do you setup DNS single label (unqualified) name resolution?