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1. What is Aero Shake?

2. How do you secure a WSUS connection to a remote SQL server?

3. What are network monitor aliases used for?

4. How many bits are in the GLOBAL/UNIQUE LOCAL prefix?

5. What is Aero Snap?

6. How does a autoconfiguration router or DHCP assign a IPV6 address (after the Local Link Address)?

7. What wireless protocolls can be used to authenticate smart cards?

8. What are some of the IPV6 transition technologies?

9. How do you enable additional Windows Components?

10. What OS can Applocker policies not be enforced?

11. Where must SSL certificates must be issued by?

12. What is DiskPart?

13. What is Touch UI?

14. What do RRAS/NPS policys govern?

15. What type of router can RRAS be configured as?

16. What event viewer log is the Radius server (NPS) logs stored?

17. Can DISM can apply an answer file to an offline image?

18. What is exFAT?

19. How do you display detailed Windows Activation and License status?

20. How do you configure IPSEC?

21. How do you setup a DHCP server for redundancy?

22. What is a mx record?

23. What is the difference between MSCHAP2 and EAP-TLS?

24. When you install an application in Windows Virtual PC - Windows XP Mode - where does it automatically creates a Windows 7 Start Menu Shortcut under?

25. What are the two ways that you can take advantage of system protection?

26. What are the ESRB Ratings?

27. What does the Storage Manager Report mmc allow you to do?

28. What is a Subscription in event viewer?

29. What does DISM do?

30. How are RRAS/NPS policies evaluated?

31. What does the NEW-PSSESSION powershell applet do?

32. How do you ping the IPV6 address of a remote computer?

33. What is InPrivate Browsing?

34. How do you set a DNS server to a cache only DNS server?

35. What is Internet Explorer Content Advisor?

36. What is NAP's security health validator?

37. How do you prevent Forms Based Credentials from being saved?

38. What does DISM do?

39. What drive is System protection is automatically setup on?

40. What is the name of the folder that stores all the system backup images?

41. What is AH?

42. What is Drvload?

43. What does the Ping -6 option do?

44. What is terminal server network level authentication?

45. What is the command to set a collecting computer for event log forwarding?

46. What is Client for Microsoft Networks?

47. Where is ageing configured?

48. What protocol does Ping uses?

49. How does transparent caching work?

50. ________________ can be replicated through Ad replication.