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1. What is PSR.EXE?

2. What does servermanagercmd.exe do?

3. How do you route IPV6 traffic on your private network?

4. What type of router can RRAS be configured as?

5. What does DISM /Get-Drivers do?

6. How can you disable IPV6 from OSs that cant be uninstalled?

7. How do you troubleshoot DHCP client address assignment using the network monitor?

8. What do RRAS/NPS policys govern?

9. What service has to be started for Applocker to work?

10. Where do you get the USMT?

11. What is the command to add a DNS server?

12. What is NAP's security health validator?

13. Does Windows 7 does have an email client like Outlook Express or Windows Mail?

14. How do you view failed WSUS updates on the client PC?

15. Where is scavaging configured?

16. Can the Application Compatibility Kit can also search and report on the applications installed on a Windows 7 computer?

17. Why would you add additional drivers for the various operating systems in your organization that will be connecting to the shared printer when sharing a printer?

18. What is required to upgrade Vista to Windows 7?

19. What is EAP?

20. What protocol does Ping uses?

21. What does Scanstate /OfflineWinOld: C:Windows.old do?

22. What does Internet Explorer store while you are surfing using InPrivate Browsing?

23. What is BCD?

24. What is the command to configure the preferred DNS server?

25. What sites support Integrated Windows Authentication?

26. Why would a secondary DNS server stop responding to client queries?

27. How do you have a Firewall rule apply only to a specific computer?

28. Where are Applocker policies are configured?

29. Can DISM can apply an answer file to an offline image?

30. What does DirectAccess uses to authenticate?

31. What can NAP do?

32. What is System protection?

33. What does the MigDocs.xml file do?

34. What do you modify to define CD Autoplay settings and file associations?

35. How do you ping the IPV6 address of a remote computer?

36. What does netsh do?

37. What event viewer log is the Radius server (NPS) logs stored?

38. What needs to be enabled for smart card logon?

39. What is Network Level Authentication?

40. What happens if the router advertisement has the M flag set to 1?

41. What does WinRS do?

42. What is File Server Resource Manager?

43. How many bits are in the site prefix?

44. How does transparent caching work?

45. How do you display detailed Windows Activation and License status?

46. What is terminal server network level authentication?

47. What does the max=32000 mean in 'create vdisk file = c: vhd windows 7 vhdfilename.vhd max = 32000'

48. How do you manage EFS from the command line?

49. How does Transparent Caching lead to improved end-user response times and decreased bandwidth consumption over the WAN links to the server?

50. How do you create a subscription?