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Medical Data Entry Medisoft

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1. What type of patient has been seen by a provider in the practice in the same specialty within three years?

2. Any claims prepared for submission to an insurance carrier must be selected and then reviewed for...

3. The Type column in the Statement Management dialog box can contain either Standard or

4. If a patient is being treated for injuries related to an automobile accident - information about the accident must be entered in the______tab of the Case folder

5. Which of the following workflows might providers use?

6. The______button removes a case from the system if the case has no open transactions

7. Which statements show all charges regardless of whether the insurance has paid on the transactions?

8. In Medisoft - a_________is a condition that data must meet to be selected

9. Patient payments made at the time of an office visit are entered in the

10. The last character in a chart number is always a

11. When a locate button is clicked - What is displayed?

12. Transactions are entered in Medisoft via the

13. When the_______button is clicked in the Deposit List dialog box - the Deposit dialog box appears

14. The choices in the Payment Method field in the Deposit dialog box include cash - credit card - check and

15. The ___________ protects individually identifiable health information

16. Which button in the Claim Management dialog box reprints a claim that has already been printed?

17. Which of the following refers to procedure codes?

18. The information in the Condition tab is used by_________to process claims

19. The Place of Service code for services performed in a provider's office is...

20. Which of the following can be used in a chart number?

21. During check-in - it is also common practice to photocopy the patient's insurance identification card and a

22. An encounter form is also known as a

23. The set program date command is found on the

24. Where can a calculator tool be found in Medisoft?

25. In the Transaction Entry dialog box - walkout receipts are created via the _______button

26. Which of the following can be used in a chart number?

27. NSF checks are also called

28. Payments are color-coded to indicate______status

29. If incorrect dates are used when entering data - the information in reports will be

30. Payments are entered in________different areas of the Medisoft program

31. The HIPAA standard transaction for electronic claims is the

32. Medisoft's file maintenance utilities are accessed via the ______menu

33. A walkout receipt is also known as a(n)

34. A_______is a document that specifies the amount a provider bills for provided services

35. hat type of report is used to compare the response time with the terms of the contract the practice has with the payer?

36. Where are data saved in most medical practices?

37. Payment information located on the remittance advice is entered in Medisoft through the Enter Deposits/Payments option on the

38. The______is used to enter case notes

39. The Claim Management dialog box is accessed via the_______menu in Medisoft

40. A_____is a document that specifies the amount the payer agrees to pay the provider for a service - based on a contracted rate of reimbursement

41. Once created - a chart number...

42. The patients/guarantors and cases command is selected from the__________to change information about a patient

43. A TRICARE sponsor is...

44. Under_______a flat fee is paid to the physician no matter How many times a patient receives treatment - up to the maximum number of treatments allowed per year

45. A new patient is a patient who has not received services from the same provider or a provider of the same specialty within the same practice for a period of

46. Each charge - or fee - for a visit is represented by a specific

47. The______is the most important document for correct reimbursement

48. The chart is a folder that contains all records pertaining to a

49. __________ cannot contain special characters such as a hyphen or semicolon

50. Under_______a flat fee is paid to the physician no matter How many times a patient receives treatment - up to the maximum number of treatments allowed per year