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Medical Data Entry Medisoft

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1. The abbreviation TOS stands for...

2. Which type of report lists the amount of money owed to the practice organized by the amount of time the money has been owed?

3. Copayments are routinely collected during

4. Which statements show all charges regardless of whether the insurance has paid on the transactions?

5. What type of report lists a patient's balance by age - date and amount of the last payment - and telephone number?

6. Payment information located on the remittance advice is entered in Medisoft through the Enter Deposits/Payments option on the

7. Copayments are routinely collected during

8. Transactions are entered in Medisoft via the

9. A major advantage of computerized scheduling is the ability to...

10. What is the first step in processing a remittance advice?

11. Most often - transactions are grouped into cases based on the_____for which a patient seeks treatment

12. A _________ lists the procedures performed - the charges for the procedures - and the amount paid by the patient

13. When a new patient comes in for an office visit - he or she is asked to complete

14. The______is the paper claim approved by the NUCC

15. The process of retrieving data from backup storage devices is referred to as

16. In the Sort By field of the Deposit List dialog box - the default is sorting payments by...

17. The Claim Management dialog box is accessed via the_______menu in Medisoft

18. Which of the following uses diagnosis and procedure code information as well as administrative and financial information to generate health care claims?

19. ______ allow two or more people to work with a patient's record at the same time

20. A ___________ summarizes the financial activity of the entire month

21. The set program date command is found on the

22. Transactions are entered in Medisoft via the

23. In this type of billing system - patient statements are printed and mailed all at once

24. Which records offer a broad focus on a patient's total health experience over the lifespan - rather than the documentation of episodes of illness or injury?

25. The insurance program that provides coverage for dependents of active-duty services members is known as

26. The Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) is updated

27. The choices in the Payment Method field in the Deposit dialog box include cash - credit card - check and

28. Any claims prepared for submission to an insurance carrier must be selected and then reviewed for...

29. A _________________ is a company that collects electronic insurance claims from medical practices and forwards the claim to the appropriate health plans

30. Payments are entered in________different areas of the Medisoft program

31. Once all the necessary information is entered in the Payments - Adjustments and Comments section - the payment is applied to specific charges using the______button

32. A walkout receipt is also known as a(n)

33. Medisoft will ask for a confirmation before

34. The process of retrieving data from backup storage devices is referred to as

35. The ____________ is the flow of financial transactions in a business

36. What process checks and verifies data and corrects any internal problems with the data?

37. edicare uses its own payment schedule - known as the

38. Where can a calculator tool be found in Medisoft?

39. The Claim Management dialog box is accessed via the_______menu in Medisoft

40. The National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a ten-position identifier consisting of

41. The deletion of vacant slots from the database is known as

42. Every time a patient is treated by a health care provider - a record is made of the encounter. This record is known as

43. What type of patient statements are sent electronically to a processing center - which prints and mails them?

44. The Place of Service code for services performed in a provider's office is...

45. The______button removes a case from the system if the case has no open transactions

46. Each charge - or fee - for a visit is represented by a specific

47. Which of the following refers to money coming into the practice?

48. The ___________ protects individually identifiable health information

49. What report lists charges - payments - and adjustments and the total accounts receivable for the month?

50. What term refers to an individual who may not be a patient of the practice but who is financially responsible for a patient account?