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Medical Data Entry Medisoft

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1. What contains the physician's notes about a patient's condition and diagnosis?

2. Every time a patient is treated by a health care provider - a record is made of the encounter. This record is known as

3. In the Sort By field of the Deposit List dialog box - the default is sorting payments by...

4. Medisoft will ask for a confirmation before

5. A _____________ lists all services performed - along with the charges for each service

6. Capitation payments are entered in the

7. A_______is a document that specifies the amount a provider bills for provided services

8. What type of patient statements are printed and mailed by the practice?

9. Which of the following refers to diagnosis codes?

10. If incorrect dates are used when entering data - the information in reports will be

11. Health information that can be used to find out a person's identification is referred to as

12. What are claims with all the information necessary for payer processing called?

13. The_______section of the Transaction Entry dialog box displays account aging information for the patient and the insurance carrier

14. The_____is where information about a patient's primary insurance carrier and coverage is recorded

15. NSF checks are also called

16. When claims are transmitted electronically - the Claims Status for each claim automatically changes from Ready to Send to_____

17. __________ cannot contain special characters such as a hyphen or semicolon

18. The extra copy of data files made at a specific point in time is known as

19. Which of these is accessed through the patient list dialog box?

20. In order to adjust the patient accounts of those covered by the capitated plan - a second deposit is entered with a

21. The ___________ protects individually identifiable health information

22. Where are the electronic data in the remittance advice automatically posted through the process of autoposting?

23. A new patient is a patient who has not received services from the same provider or a provider of the same specialty within the same practice for a period of

24. What type of patient has received services from a physician within the last three years?

25. The_____is where information about a patient's primary insurance carrier and coverage is recorded

26. edicare uses its own payment schedule - known as the

27. Which of the following workflows might providers use?

28. ______ allow two or more people to work with a patient's record at the same time

29. The process of retrieving data from backup storage devices is referred to as

30. A_____is a document that specifies the amount the payer agrees to pay the provider for a service - based on a contracted rate of reimbursement

31. In the Sort By field of the Deposit List dialog box - the default is sorting payments by...

32. The deletion of vacant slots from the database is known as

33. Which of the tabs in the Claim dialog box displays information about claims being submitted to a patient's primary insurance carrier?

34. The______button removes a case from the system if the case has no open transactions

35. Medisoft's file maintenance utilities are accessed via the ______menu

36. The status field in the other information tab of the patient/guarantor dialog box is used to indicate whether the patient

37. Which of the following uses diagnosis and procedure code information as well as administrative and financial information to generate health care claims?

38. Which statements are a list of the amount of money a patient owes - organized by the amount of time the money has been owed - the procedures performed - and the dates the procedures were performed?

39. Which of the following would likely be a reason to set up a new case for a patient?

40. What are the amounts a provider bills for the services performed?

41. Under_______a flat fee is paid to the physician no matter How many times a patient receives treatment - up to the maximum number of treatments allowed per year

42. An encounter form is also known as a

43. Payments made to the health plan by the policyholder for insurance coverage are called

44. Up to____diagnoses codes can be entered in one Medisoft case

45. What is a collection of up-to-date technical information about Medisoft products called?

46. What is a physician who recommends that a patient see a specific other physician called?

47. hat type of report is used to compare the response time with the terms of the contract the practice has with the payer?

48. Patient accounts must be adjusted to a zero balance in the

49. The ten-step cycle that results in the timely payment for patients' medical services is the

50. In Medisoft - a_________is a condition that data must meet to be selected