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Medical Data Entry Medisoft

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1. The process of deleting files of patients who are no longer seen by a provider in a practice is called

2. Which of the tabs in the Claim dialog box displays information about claims being submitted to a patient's primary insurance carrier?

3. Under_______a flat fee is paid to the physician no matter How many times a patient receives treatment - up to the maximum number of treatments allowed per year

4. A report that lists the charges - payments - and adjustment made during a day is known as

5. Which of the following can be used in a chart number?

6. Which statements are a list of the amount of money a patient owes - organized by the amount of time the money has been owed - the procedures performed - and the dates the procedures were performed?

7. In the Sort By field of the Deposit List dialog box - the default is sorting payments by...

8. Which of these is accessed through the patient list dialog box?

9. The ____________ is the flow of financial transactions in a business

10. How can a custom report be printed in Medisoft?

11. A_______is a document that specifies the amount a provider bills for provided services

12. A new patient is a patient who has not received services from the same provider or a provider of the same specialty within the same practice for a period of

13. Which of the following refers to diagnosis codes?

14. Which of these are computerized records of one physician's encounters with a patient over time?

15. The_____report lists patients sorted by provider or facility - and then by their insurance carrier

16. Which term refers to the acquisition - access - use or disclosure of unsecured PHI in a manner not permitted under the HIPAA Privacy Rule - thus compromising the security or privacy of the PHI?

17. If incorrect dates are used when entering data - the information in reports will be

18. What is a physician who recommends that a patient see a specific other physician called?

19. HIPAA was designed to...

20. The Place of Service code for services performed in a provider's office is...

21. Which of the following workflows might providers use?

22. Claims are created in the_______dialog box

23. Which of these is a collection of related pieces of information?

24. Which of the following is the correct chart number for Daniel Ho?

25. If a patient's treatment is only authorized through a certain date - this date is entered in the______tab of the Case Folder

26. A _____________ lists all services performed - along with the charges for each service

27. If a patient is being treated for injuries related to an automobile accident - information about the accident must be entered in the______tab of the Case folder

28. The choices in the Payment Method field in the Deposit dialog box include cash - credit card - check and

29. What are the amounts a provider bills for the services performed?

30. Payment information located on the remittance advice is entered in Medisoft through the Enter Deposits/Payments option on the

31. Claims are created in the_______dialog box

32. In this type of billing system - patient statements are created and sent on a staggered basis rather than all at once

33. Capitation payments are entered in the

34. The HIPAA security standards comprise

35. What is a collection of up-to-date technical information about Medisoft products called?

36. The data stored in the Patient/Guarantor dialog box is primarily

37. HIPAA was designed to...

38. A _________ lists the procedures performed - the charges for the procedures - and the amount paid by the patient

39. Electronic data interchange involves sending information from computer to...

40. The ____________ is the flow of financial transactions in a business

41. Which of these is accessed through the patient list dialog box?

42. The______is used to enter case notes

43. What type of report lists a patient's balance by age - date and amount of the last payment - and telephone number?

44. The Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) is updated

45. The primary insurance carrier is the______ carrier to whom claims are submitted

46. Every time a patient is treated by a health care provider - a record is made of the encounter. This record is known as

47. Which of the following would likely be a reason to set up a new case for a patient?

48. A ___________ summarizes the financial activity of the entire month

49. A _________________ is a company that collects electronic insurance claims from medical practices and forwards the claim to the appropriate health plans

50. When a new patient comes in for an office visit - he or she is asked to complete