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Medical Data Entry Medisoft

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1. What step in reviewing a remittance advise comes after comparing the RA to the original insurance claim?

2. Which of the following is the correct chart number for Daniel Ho?

3. A _________ lists the procedures performed - the charges for the procedures - and the amount paid by the patient

4. In this type of billing system - patient statements are printed and mailed all at once

5. The primary insurance carrier is the______ carrier to whom claims are submitted

6. The HIPAA security standards comprise

7. The process of updating balances to reflect the most recent changes made to the data is referred to as

8. Medisoft will ask for a confirmation before

9. Payments are entered in the______section of the Transaction Entry dialog box

10. In this type of billing system - patient statements are created and sent on a staggered basis rather than all at once

11. Which of these is a collection of related pieces of information?

12. The most common type of managed care plan today is a

13. HIPAA was designed to...

14. hat type of report is used to compare the response time with the terms of the contract the practice has with the payer?

15. What is a series of steps designed to judge whether a claim should be paid?

16. How many different methods of changing the date in the program are available in Medisoft?

17. The extra copy of data files made at a specific point in time is known as

18. What process checks and verifies data and corrects any internal problems with the data?

19. The ten-step cycle that results in the timely payment for patients' medical services is the

20. Once created - a chart number...

21. If the patient's employer does not appear on the Employer drop-down list in the other information tab - it must be entered using the

22. What is a collection of up-to-date technical information about Medisoft products called?

23. Where can a calculator tool be found in Medisoft?

24. What type of payment is made to physicians on a regular basis?

25. Claims are created in the_______dialog box

26. Which statements are a list of the amount of money a patient owes - organized by the amount of time the money has been owed - the procedures performed - and the dates the procedures were performed?

27. The_____report lists patients sorted by provider or facility - and then by their insurance carrier

28. Which of the following refers to procedure codes?

29. Information in the patient window is...

30. Which of the following refers to money coming into the practice?

31. In Medisoft - a_________is a condition that data must meet to be selected

32. During check-in - it is also common practice to photocopy the patient's insurance identification card and a

33. What is a physician who recommends that a patient see a specific other physician called?

34. Transactions are entered in Medisoft via the

35. Which of the following can be used in a chart number?

36. Patient accounts must be adjusted to a zero balance in the

37. Where can a calculator tool be found in Medisoft?

38. The choices in the Payment Method field in the Deposit dialog box include cash - credit card - check and

39. NSF checks are also called

40. An encounter form is also known as a

41. Electronic data interchange involves sending information from computer to...

42. Each charge - or fee - for a visit is represented by a specific

43. The set program date command is found on the

44. What type of patient statements are sent electronically to a processing center - which prints and mails them?

45. When a new patient comes in for an office visit - he or she is asked to complete

46. _____ stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996

47. Payments that have been_____are not colored and appear white

48. How can a custom report be printed in Medisoft?

49. A _________ lists the procedures performed - the charges for the procedures - and the amount paid by the patient

50. A TRICARE sponsor is...