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Medical Data Entry Medisoft

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1. What is established when the diagnosis and treatment of a patient are logically connected?

2. Up to____diagnoses codes can be entered in one Medisoft case

3. A report that lists the charges - payments - and adjustment made during a day is known as

4. The process of deleting files of patients who are no longer seen by a provider in a practice is called

5. What term refers to an individual who may not be a patient of the practice but who is financially responsible for a patient account?

6. Patient payments made at the time of an office visit are entered in the

7. Which of the following refers to diagnosis codes?

8. How can a custom report be printed in Medisoft?

9. In the Transaction Entry dialog box - walkout receipts are created via the _______button

10. Where are the electronic data in the remittance advice automatically posted through the process of autoposting?

11. What type of patient has been seen by a provider in the practice in the same specialty within three years?

12. The use of computers and handheld devices to transmit prescriptions to pharmacies in digital format is called

13. A _____________ lists all services performed - along with the charges for each service

14. Most often - transactions are grouped into cases based on the_____for which a patient seeks treatment

15. If incorrect dates are used when entering data - the information in reports will be

16. When all necessary information has been entered in the Create Claims dialog box - clicking the_______button creates the claims

17. Any claims prepared for submission to an insurance carrier must be selected and then reviewed for...

18. What are changes to patients' accounts?

19. If the patient's employer does not appear on the Employer drop-down list in the other information tab - it must be entered using the

20. The most common type of managed care plan today is a

21. The data stored in the Patient/Guarantor dialog box is primarily

22. Copayments are routinely collected during

23. In this type of billing system - patient statements are created and sent on a staggered basis rather than all at once

24. During check-in - it is also common practice to photocopy the patient's insurance identification card and a

25. The_____is where information about a patient's primary insurance carrier and coverage is recorded

26. Once created - a chart number...

27. A walkout receipt is also known as a(n)

28. Medisoft's file maintenance utilities are accessed via the ______menu

29. What step in reviewing a remittance advise comes after comparing the RA to the original insurance claim?

30. The chart is a folder that contains all records pertaining to a

31. How many different methods of changing the date in the program are available in Medisoft?

32. Payments are entered in the______section of the Transaction Entry dialog box

33. What type of patient has received services from a physician within the last three years?

34. Which button in the Claim Management dialog box reprints a claim that has already been printed?

35. What is the first step in processing a remittance advice?

36. Once the payment has been applied in the Apply Payment to Charges dialog box - the amount in the________column changes

37. A_______is a document that specifies the amount a provider bills for provided services

38. Which type of report lists the amount of money owed to the practice organized by the amount of time the money has been owed?

39. The HIPAA standard transaction for electronic claims is the

40. What is the first step in processing a remittance advice?

41. In this type of billing system - patient statements are printed and mailed all at once

42. The process of updating balances to reflect the most recent changes made to the data is referred to as

43. A new patient is a patient who has not received services from the same provider or a provider of the same specialty within the same practice for a period of

44. What report lists charges - payments - and adjustments and the total accounts receivable for the month?

45. Most dates are entered in Medisoft using the ____format

46. In order to adjust the patient accounts of those covered by the capitated plan - a second deposit is entered with a

47. If claims are being sent to a_______ - more than one insurance carrier code can be entered in the Primary Insurance box

48. The National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a ten-position identifier consisting of

49. The ten-step cycle that results in the timely payment for patients' medical services is the

50. When claims are transmitted electronically - the Claims Status for each claim automatically changes from Ready to Send to_____