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NCLEX Cardiac Medications

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1. take adrenergic neuron blocker while on MAOIs depressent

2. beta blockers and calcium channel blockers decrease tachycardia effects in

3. phosphodiesterase inhibitors increases or decreases cardiac output

4. decreases blood levels of furosemide

5. Second choice after ACE inhibitors for treatment of hypertension is...

6. erythromycin - verapamil - ketoconazole - lithium are interactions of what?

7. alpha/beta blockers can decrease

8. substained release form of calcium channel blocker should be swallowed whole and not

9. hydralaizine maybe given with What to reduce fluid retention

10. RAAS suppressants

11. losartan (Cozaar)

12. ACE inhibitors may cause

13. alpha/beta blockers in comibinational usage with oral hypoglycemic agents can cause what?

14. Candesartan (Atacand)

15. monitor potassium levels while taking..

16. beta adrenergic blocker

17. side effect:dry - non productive cough

18. St. john worts decreases...

19. loop diuretics cause...

20. Tachycardia is the body's natural response to...

21. side effects that ARBs dont have that AEC inhibitors do have

22. aliskiren (tekturna) given with potassium sparing diuretic causes

23. What to do when Episodes of headache and insomnia while on ARBs occur

24. digoxin is cintraindicated in pt. with

25. prototype drug of beta adrenergic blockers

26. phosphodiesterase inhibitors increase or decrease contractillity of the heart

27. AngiotensionII Receptor Blockers abbreviated

28. Losinopril (Prinivil)

29. Palpitation - muscle weakness - paresthesias are signs of...

30. dont take aliskiren (tekturna) if

31. Treat hypertension - heart failure - diabetic nephropathy - left ventricular function following myocardial infarction

32. chlorothiazied (DIURIL)

33. patient reports chest pain with dobutamine

34. indirectly increases heart rate (low blood pressure stimulates baroreceptors refles

35. hyporkalemia - angina chest pain - hypotension - cardiac dysrhythmias are side effects of...

36. milrinone (primacor) prototype

37. when angioedema occurs

38. Blocks production of angiotensin II

39. dilating the peripheral vessels will treat what?

40. adrenergic neuron blockers can cause

41. labetalol (trandate)

42. bumetanide (bumex)

43. Dont give alpha/beta blocker if pt...

44. resirpine (serpalan - resirpine)

45. Another name for sympatholytics

46. alpha adrenergic antagonist can cause...

47. administer adrenergic neuron blockers how

48. facial flushing may occur with

49. urinary excretion of sodium n water - retention of potassium describes how what works..

50. refrain from using potassium supplement or potassium containing salt while on...