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1. Antihypertensive

2. (ipratropium bromide). Bronchodilator/Anticholinergic. COPD.

3. Antiparkinson drugs.

4. Fast acting antihypertensive used in autonomic dysreflexia.

5. Antiemetic used to control N & V - anxiety.

6. Antiinfective - antiprotozoal - antiulcer agent. Used to treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

7. Can put patient into a bipolar episode.

8. Metered does inhaler for control of asthma; rinse mouth after use.

9. (citalopram). Antidepressant. SSRI.

10. Levels commonly tested (1 - 1.5 normal); very hard on kidneys - need to dring 2-3 L per day. Improvement not typically seen for 1-2 weeks.

11. Potassium sparing diuretic

12. Antiemetic - antihistamine - sedative/hypnotic; can cause NECROSIS to vein

13. Cephalosporin antibiotic

14. Can cause a hemorrhage during a sickle cell crisis.

15. Stool softner.

16. Antiparkinson agent - antidiabetic/dopamine agonists. Take w/meals to prevent GI upset.

17. Rescue med for Morphine overdose.

18. A rapid acting insulin w/an onset of 5-15 minutes.

19. Contraindicated in people w/bleeding disorders.

20. Can cause photosensitivity - use sun screen.

21. Antiparkinson agent. Treatment of acute extrapyramidal SE-(torticollis).

22. (cefazolin). Anti - infective. 1st gen. cephalosporin.

23. Antidepressant. S/S of overdoes include excitability and tremors.

24. Antiparkinson agent/anticholinergic. Counteracts extrapyramidal SE.

25. Antiulcer agent/histamine h2 antagonist. Used in GERD and ulcers; taken once a day - at bedtime.

26. Can cause fetal hemorrhage; do not use during pregnancy.

27. Anti - inflammatory steroid. Maintenance of asthma; rinse mouth after using.

28. Antipsychotic. Major SE: extrapyramidal symptoms.

29. Antiarrththmic - inotropic. HF - A- fib - atrial flutter - paroxysmal atrial tachycardia. Increases force of Myocardial contraction. Increases CO and slows HR.

30. (nitroprusside) Antihypertensive. Agent used to treat shock - cardiac arrest - and anaphylaxis

31. Can cause postural hypotension; monitor VS before & after administration.

32. Bronchodilator; Adrenergic. Mgt of reversible airway diseases or to delay preterm labor. Maternal tachycardia can be SE -

33. Antifungal/imidazoles. Treats candidasis as seen in AIDS.

34. (pheneizine). Antidepressant/MAOI.

35. Cause Respiratory depression and are contraindicated in head injuries; masks s/s of ICP.

36. An herbal supplement used in the mgt of menopausal symptoms.

37. Anti - convulsant. Reduces amount of anesthesia needed.

38. Antirheumatic. Treats Inflammatory Bowel Disease - administer w/food or after meals.

39. End in 'lol' - decrease BP. Negative SE: bronchospasms and bradycardia.

40. Drug of choice for burn pain management.

41. Always drawn up first.

42. Antidysrhythmic. Used for bradycardia.

43. A Loop diuretic that has ototoxic effects.

44. Tricyclic Antidepressant. SE: sore throat - fever - increased fatiuge - and V/D

45. Expected results is prolonged PTT time of 1.5 times the control.

46. Treatment for seizures.

47. Used to treat tetany resulting from possible damage to parathyroid gland.

48. (milrinone). Inotropic. CHF

49. Contraindicated in closed angle glaucoma

50. Decreases effect of Sinemet.