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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Always drawn up first.

2. Antiemetic - antihistamine - sedative/hypnotic; can cause NECROSIS to vein

3. Antifungal/imidazoles. Treats candidasis as seen in AIDS.

4. Antitubercular. Peripheral neuropathy SE.

5. Contraindicated in closed angle glaucoma

6. (tiotropium). Bronchodilator/anticholinergic.

7. (oxazepam). Anti - anxiety medication.

8. (isoproterenol). Antiarrhythmics - bronchodilators/adrenergics. Asthma - COPD - Bradycardia.

9. Antiinfective - antiprotozoal - antiulcer agent. Used to treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

10. Bronchodilator; Adrenergic. Mgt of reversible airway diseases or to delay preterm labor. Maternal tachycardia can be SE -

11. Viagra - Levitra - Cialis.

12. Cause Respiratory depression and are contraindicated in head injuries; masks s/s of ICP.

13. Is a short acting insulin w/an onset of action of 30-60 minutes.

14. Needs to be taken at bed time

15. Aka: estrogen. Initial SE: nausea. Long - term SE: visual disturbances & tinnitus

16. Antipsychotic - antimetic. SE may be difficulty urinating which can become severe health problem.

17. (dobutamine). Inotropic/adrenergic. Heart failure.

18. Antiulcer agent/histamine h2 antagonist. Used in GERD and ulcers; taken once a day - at bedtime.

19. Potassium sparing diuretic

20. MAOI- avoid aged cheese - yogurt - beer - & wine.

21. Wellbutrin - Zyban (antidepressant).

22. Antiarrththmic - inotropic. HF - A- fib - atrial flutter - paroxysmal atrial tachycardia. Increases force of Myocardial contraction. Increases CO and slows HR.

23. Antiulcer/antiacid. Interferes with drug absorption.

24. (buspirone). Anti - anxiety medication.

25. Antiparkinson drugs.

26. Anti - hypertensive patch. PO treats ADHD. Epidural form treats cancer pain.

27. Levels commonly tested (1 - 1.5 normal); very hard on kidneys - need to dring 2-3 L per day. Improvement not typically seen for 1-2 weeks.

28. Supplement for pernicious anemia.

29. A very long acting insuling - has a continuous effect w/no peak.

30. Taken w/something acidic at bedtime.

31. (milrinone). Inotropic. CHF

32. Calcium channel blocker/antihypertensive; when used w/other antiphyertensives can cause hypotension and HF.

33. Rescue med for Morphine overdose.

34. Ovulation inducer; changes hormonal effects on ovary.

35. Decreases effect of Sinemet.

36. Lipid - lowering agent. Used w/high triglyceride levels; monitor AST levels (8-20).

37. Antipsychotic. Major SE: extrapyramidal symptoms.

38. Antianginal. Acute and long - term mgt of angina pectoris - CHF - MI. Raises HR.

39. Treatment for seizures.

40. CNS depressant. Given to mother during labor; can cause slowed respirations and hyporeflexia in newborn.

41. Stool softner.

42. Cephalosporin antibiotic

43. Contraindicated in people w/bleeding disorders.

44. Affect the muscles around the bronchi (large airways). When the lungs are irritated - these bands of muscle can tighten - making the bronchi narrower. ______work by stopping the muscles from tightening.

45. Antiarrhythmic. Adverse reactions are severe hypotension or bradycardia.

46. Antiulcer agent. Treats ulcers - GERD - heartburn. Take w/meals and before bed; SE- acne like rash.

47. Antipsychotic. Given IM w/ 2 inch - 21 gauge needle.

48. Ginko - ginger and garlic interfere w/ anti - coagulants.

49. (norepinephrine). Vasopressor. Severe hypotension and shock.

50. Loop diuretic that causes potassium excreation.