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NCLEX Nutrition 3

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Method of feeding clients who have a functioning GI tract but unable to chew or swallow - or impared upper GI tract that lead to poor nutrition - transport - or absorption

2. What technique may reduce the potassium content in vegetables but may reduce the vitamin content?

3. What type of formula will lower the risk of diahrrea from dumping syndrome?

4. What foods are good sources of calcium?

5. What type of vegetarian eat plants - no meats - fish - poultry - dairy - or eggs?

6. What condiment is high in potassium?

7. This method of feedings prevent hypoglycemia and hypothermia which may cause further tissue catabolism

8. What nutrient can lead to increased uric acid formation and lowers urinary pH causing uric acid stones?

9. Vegetarian eat no meat fish poultry or eggs but dairy is allowed

10. What are some s/s of malnutrition

11. What are some metabolic conditions that may arise from enteral feedings?

12. Inflammation of the mucous lining of any of the structures in the mouth - which may involve the cheeks - gums - tongue - lips - throa

13. What increase in which foods are recommended to prevent renal calculi?

14. Adjustment of volume or method of feeding is based on__

15. Low potassium diets are used for clients that have

16. How much cereal is to be consumed for on serving according to my pyramid?

17. If residual is greater than or equal to the one hour rate than this must be done then residual checked one hour later.

18. What antidepressant indicates clients to be on a tyramine and opamine restricted diet?

19. These tests are used in sequence to identify and eliminate potential food allergies

20. Vegetarian eat no meat fish poultry - no dairy but eggs are allowed

21. What foods are good sources for a high calorie diet?

22. When are residuals checked during continuous feedings

23. What do foods containing tyramine or dopamine do?

24. Liquid feedings can be giving bya NG tube or oral for this amount of time

25. What is flushed in the enteral tube feeding after checking for residual?

26. What protein level lead to ascites or third spacing and edema due to electrolyte imbalance?

27. What meds suppress appetite to lose weight slowly and not used for pregnancy - lactation or cardiac - hepatic or renal problems?

28. Name 7 types of meds that promote obesity

29. Name 8 veggies high in potassium

30. What level of albumin will show malnourishment from the enteral feedings?

31. What type of enteral formula will increase the risk of diarrhea from dumping syndrome?

32. For patient. with bone demineralization like osteoporosis - osteopenia - endocrine problems -and kidney failure

33. Loss of visceral protein stores or body storage due to underweight status

34. Before a race it would be wise to eat this type of meal

35. Aspirate gastric contents to check contents and measure this level of gastric aspirant for tube placement

36. What is the safest amount of weight loss per week?

37. What type of diet is needed for anemia?

38. What molecule increases from CHO and calorie intake increase causing increase respiratory effort?

39. Continuous enteral feedings last this long a flow rate/volume using a pump

40. If patient. is experiencing diarrhea when on the enteral feeding this must be adjusted

41. Name 7 fruits that are high in potassium

42. Besides weight gain what lab values are monitored with enteral feedings?

43. When are residuals checked during intermittent feeding?s?

44. What BMI level is appropriate for surgery if other methods to lose weight are unsuccessful?

45. What conditions are to be on a high calorie diet with added protein?

46. What exercise program enhances weight loss?

47. Underweight clients must have nutrient needs calculated based on these lab values

48. Type of enteral feedings are given over 30 minutes using 250-400 ml using a pump

49. How much more calories per week is needed for a one pound a week increase for malnutrtion?

50. What two surgeries are needed for long term enteral feedings?