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Php Programming Basics

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1. The ouput of var_export((bool)"NULL");

2. Leading 0x: 0x13F or 0xA23

3. does a certain action when called upon

4. Similar to mysql_fetch_array() - but cannot be accessed by integer offset

5. Online applications and resources which are available to the general public with very few restrictions

6. $_SERVER - $_POST - $_GET - $_COOKIE - $_SESSION - $_ENV; special arrays.

7. identity

8. This will not show error reporting - it will be turned off.

9. This fatal fatal is caused by a semantic mistake: omission of a semicolon or imbalance of quotations or parentheses or braces.

10. Predefined constants such as __LINE__ or __FILE__ or __FUNCTION__ or __CLASS__ and __METHOD__

11. Asynchronous Javascript And XML

12. To sort by the keys while maintaining the correlation between the key and its value

13. To append elements to an array - this will assign item to the next available index; associative arrays get messy.

14. To reorganise the array randomly

15. $_POST and $_GET are ________ variables.

16. To refer to an element in a multidimensional array list the indices in order of _____ to more precise;

17. container of both data and code

18. a type with two possible values: true and false

19. signed floating-point value

20. PHP has two conditional: if and ______.

21. The seven main error reporting constants are: E_NOTICE - E_WARNING - E_PARSE - E_ERROR - E_ALL - _____ - E_DEPRECATED

22. Used to find the length of a string

23. To put a dollar sign before a variable like $10 where 10 is the variable's value - you can escape the first dollar sign; $$cost; or you can use __________.

24. leading zero: 0100 or 0567

25. To assign array element values to individual variables

26. any programing language where the user must support the language the script is written in

27. says 'if' this then do this 'else' do this or 'while' this do this

28. To refer to an item in an array

29. Hyper Text Markup Language

30. Control structures that break exit

31. Returns an array that corresponds to the fetched row of MySQL data and moves the internal data pointer ahead

32. To determine the amount of elements in an array

33. This will show all error reporting except for notice errors.

34. To iterate over the values of an array

35. Variable names cannot begin with _______

36. equivalence

37. bitwise AND

38. _______ is a comparison operator

39. Function used to round up to the highest integer

40. The four main error types are:Notice - Warning - ________ and Error.

41. To set up error reporting

42. Standard Generalized Markup Language

43. bitwise XOR

44. To declare a constant

45. Tag to end a php script

46. a positive or negative number

47. a storage location in the computer's memory that has a type & a name and a contents

48. Active Server Pages

49. The output of var_export((float)array());

50. Alias of rtrim()