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Php Programming Basics

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1. a storage location in the computer's memory that has a type & a name and a contents

2. To get over quotation marks while using arrays

3. To sort by the keys while maintaining the correlation between the key and its value

4. Use ______ when a variable contains any amount of variables; in general.

5. When used the value can be passed safely through the URL (GET).

6. The ouput of var_export((bool)"NULL");

7. An array of variables passed with <input /> data

8. Hypertext Preprocessor - a server-side programing language used to create webpages

9. Document Type Definitions

10. Use ________ to have multiple quotations in one string

11. The array that stores variables specific to a user's visit

12. To assign array element values to individual variables

13. Used to find the amount of words in a string.

14. leading zero: 0100 or 0567

15. The syntax for connecting to a database

16. To iterate over the values of an array

17. Used to create a substring (referred to as a token) from a larger string

18. Function used to round up to the highest integer

19. To delete a variable or an element of an array

20. To find how many substrings are in a string

21. To merge arrays

22. EXtensible Markup Language

23. Hyper Text Markup Language

24. container of ordered data elements

25. Used to display errors in a particular script - should be placed at top of script.

26. Returns a character from a specified ASCII value

27. This will not show error reporting - it will be turned off.


29. Variable names can begin with __________

30. To include files - _______ will give errors and _________ will terminate execution().

31. Returns a string with backslashes in front of the specified characters

32. Used to convert certain HTML tags into their entity versions.

33. Control structures that break exit

34. To reset an array _______ the array() function to the array

35. _________ can be used in conditional statements to set precedence

36. container of both data and code

37. To check if a constant is already declared

38. ___________ can be used with substr() to count backward

39. To sort values of an array in reversed order

40. To sort the values while maintaining the correlation between each value and its key

41. Returns a string with backslashes in front of predefined characters

42. the most basic function in PHP used to output information to the page

43. What You See Is What You Get

44. The concatenation operator?

45. To close a connection between a database

46. This will show all error reporting.

47. To counter htmlentities()

48. Besides GET and POST ________ can be used to access data but $_POST and $_GET are more precise and therefore preferable.

49. Function can you use to format a number with commas

50. ____ or key is referred to for a value within an array.