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Php Programming Basics

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1. Online applications and resources which are available to the general public with very few restrictions

2. To get over quotation marks while using arrays

3. Returns an array that corresponds to the fetched row of MySQL data and moves the internal data pointer ahead

4. Operators used to operate and assign

5. bitwise XOR

6. Uses two arguments: constant name and constant definition

7. Standard Generalized Markup Language

8. To find how many substrings are in a string

9. does a certain action when called upon

10. _______ is a comparison operator

11. This error refers to a variable with no value.

12. the most basic function in PHP used to output information to the page

13. either hasn't yet been set or is assigned NULL value

14. PHP has two conditional: if and ______.

15. Use ______ when there are no variables in the string

16. This will not show error reporting - it will be turned off.

17. Function used to round down to the lowest integer

18. To refer to an item in an array

19. This fatal fatal is caused by a semantic mistake: omission of a semicolon or imbalance of quotations or parentheses or braces.

20. Used to check if a variable has a valid numerical value; strings with numerical values pass.

21. Returns a string with backslashes in front of the specified characters

22. identity

23. To iterate over the values of an array

24. used to round numeric values.

25. Variable names can begin with __________

26. This will show all error reporting except for notice errors.

27. To include files - _______ will give errors and _________ will terminate execution().

28. a database which is best supported by PHP

29. To close a connection between a database

30. Returns a character from a specified ASCII value

31. Hypertext Preprocessor - a server-side programing language used to create webpages

32. addition

33. To sort by the keys while maintaining the correlation between the key and its value

34. Active Server Pages

35. Asynchronous Javascript And XML

36. $_POST and $_GET are ________ variables.

37. a type with two possible values: true and false

38. Used to encrypt values - it is a one-way encryption method

39. To reorganise the array randomly

40. Function used to find the absolute value of a number or numeric variable

41. The seven main error reporting constants are: E_NOTICE - E_WARNING - E_PARSE - E_ERROR - E_ALL - _____ - E_DEPRECATED

42. Use ______ for search engines or catalogued pages or pages that would be bookmarked.

43. Variable names cannot begin with _______

44. The output of var_export((float)array(0));

45. This error arises from misusing a function.

46. An array of variables passed with <input /> data

47. To check if a constant is already declared

48. Used to remove any white space - spaces or newlines or tabs - from the beginning and end of a string - not the middle.

49. function Function used to create a random number

50. Use _______ for passwords or pages that would not be bookmarked or pages that require security.