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Php Programming Basics

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1. The seven main SQL (structured query language) functions are alter - create - delete - _______ - insert - select - update

2. Tag to begin a php script

3. collection of binary data

4. Creates a pointer to a file with the declared mode (read - write -etc.).

5. print $_SERVER will _____ work if you use the print function on arrays.

6. Returns a string with backslashes in front of predefined characters

7. This fatal error arises from memory allocation problem.

8. To determine the amount of elements in an array

9. a database which is best supported by PHP

10. The seven main error reporting constants are: E_NOTICE - E_WARNING - E_PARSE - E_ERROR - E_ALL - _____ - E_DEPRECATED

11. To close a connection between a database

12. The prefix for a dynamic variable - also known as a variable variable

13. An array of variables passed with <input /> data

14. _____ is a logical operator

15. returns the number of matches found by a given search string under this format...

16. any programing language where the user must support the language the script is written in

17. To iterate over the values of an array

18. $_POST and $_GET are ________ variables.

19. To assign keys to the values in an array

20. bitwise XOR

21. The output of var_export((float)array());

22. a storage location in the computer's memory that has a type & a name and a contents

23. any programing language where the script is parsed on the server

24. All variables must begin with _________.

25. Use ______ for search engines or catalogued pages or pages that would be bookmarked.

26. Used to convert certain HTML tags into their entity versions.

27. Converts a string of ASCII characters to hexadecimal values

28. This will not show error reporting - it will be turned off.

29. Uses two arguments: constant name and constant definition

30. To refer to an item in an array


32. The order of operations.

33. Function used to convert new lines in a variable from a form to <br /> tags so that the data can be formatted correctly.

34. Used to find the length of a string

35. To refer to an element in a multidimensional array list the indices in order of _____ to more precise;

36. The syntax for connecting to a database

37. Used to convert all HTML tags into their entity versions.

38. a line of information that can be stored in a variable or used in a function or statement

39. This error arises from misusing a function.

40. signed integer

41. either hasn't yet been set or is assigned NULL value

42. ___________ can be used with substr() to count backward

43. Used to display errors in a particular script - should be placed at top of script.

44. Used to check if a variable has a valid numerical value; strings with numerical values pass.

45. Hypertext Preprocessor - a server-side programing language used to create webpages

46. To check if a constant is already declared

47. Standard Generalized Markup Language

48. Used to find the amount of words in a string.

49. Active Server Pages

50. This will show all error reporting except for notice errors.