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Php Programming Basics

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1. To assign array element values to individual variables

2. _______ is a comparison operator

3. To find how many substrings are in a string

4. This will not show error reporting - it will be turned off.

5. any programing language where the script is parsed on the server

6. The order of operations.

7. This error arises from misusing a function.

8. To refer to an item in an array

9. The prefix for a dynamic variable - also known as a variable variable

10. The array that stores variables specific to a user's visit

11. signed integer

12. The output of var_export((float)array(0));

13. bitwise right shift

14. To delete a variable or an element of an array

15. any programing language where the user must support the language the script is written in

16. Similar to mysql_fetch_array() - but cannot be accessed by integer offset

17. To create an array

18. Function can you use to format a number with commas

19. does a certain action when called upon

20. Used to check if a variable has any value (including 0 or FALSE or an empty string).

21. A conditional or loop is a ________________.

22. a type with two possible values: true and false

23. function Function used to create a random number

24. Returns an array that corresponds to the fetched row of MySQL data and moves the internal data pointer ahead

25. This fatal fatal is caused by a semantic mistake: omission of a semicolon or imbalance of quotations or parentheses or braces.

26. When used the value can be passed safely through the URL (GET).

27. signed floating-point value

28. To get over quotation marks while using arrays

29. Alias of rtrim()

30. Used to create a substring (referred to as a token) from a larger string

31. container of ordered data elements

32. To get time data

33. Used to replace a substring with another string - it is not case-sensitive.

34. Used to find the amount of words in a string.

35. Used to check if a variable has a valid numerical value; strings with numerical values pass.

36. Tag to begin a php script

37. ___________ can be used with substr() to count backward

38. To set up error reporting

39. standard notation

40. Predefined constants such as __LINE__ or __FILE__ or __FUNCTION__ or __CLASS__ and __METHOD__

41. Besides GET and POST ________ can be used to access data but $_POST and $_GET are more precise and therefore preferable.

42. bitwise AND

43. a line of information that can be stored in a variable or used in a function or statement

44. To include files - _______ will give errors and _________ will terminate execution().

45. Function used to round down to the lowest integer

46. To declare a constant

47. Search Engine Optimization

48. either hasn't yet been set or is assigned NULL value

49. bitwise XOR

50. Variable names cannot begin with _______