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PMP: Project Management Professional

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1. Communication with customer - other project - the media - and the public

2. 1 Has a specific purpose 2. Creates specifi results 3 Has a definite start and finish dates 4. Is temporary 5. Could be progressively elaborated

3. Forecasting method that incorporates intuitive judgement - opinions and probability estimates

4. Diagramming type where the activity is on the arrow or line and the circle or box connects the activities

5. Type of Mgmt style that drives the direction of the team or team members to accomplish specific activties and goals

6. A cumulative histogram you can use to see where the key problems lie. You can see what is causing the most frequency of problems plus a cumulative percentage of the problem

7. A planning technique which progressively details the work as information becomes firm - and allows for less detail in later project phase where uncertainty is greater is called

8. Used to asses the impact and consequnces of requested changes on the project

9. What the project consist of - What is involved to create the project - What it is expected to do when complete ( to avoid confusion) What is the ? What are the elements

10. People make good project manager simply because they are good in their fields - regardless of background training in project management

11. Breakdown structure to help dreak down the risk on a project. It helps create a brainstorming type of environment that allows the team to identify and categorize additional risk. Similar to WBS but the team creates it.

12. Forecasting methods that uses the assumption that is possible to identify the underlying factors that might influence the variable that is being forcasted

13. A contigency put into action when a risk reesponse and any backup plans don't work. It is the reactive "wing it" reponse

14. The amount of time something can be delayed w/o delaying the PUBLISHED finish date

15. If the contract is not completed by the contractor either for failure to comply - bankruptcy etc. this is know as

16. Activity B msut be Finish by the time Activity A is finish

17. A constraint that must be completed before subsequent items can start

18. Conflict Solution Negotiation attempt to get everyone involved to give (concede) a little to find a common ground and resloution. It is sometimes viewed as undesirable because when everyone give something up there is a potential that the solution wil

19. Develop Project Charter - Develop Project Mgmt. Plan - Direct and Manage Project Execution - Monitor and Control Work - Perform Integrated Change Control - Close Project or Phase

20. Product Verfication - lesson learned - Updating records - reporting - archiving - formal acceptance

21. ompany pays for quality in a reactive way - on the back end - decrease morale - decrease customer perception Cost of Conformance and nonconformance examples...

22. Proactive stance to development - one that makes improvement throughout a process

23. On creating a written project scope statement to be used in the future project decision making.

24. Form - creation of the team - Storm - refers to the chaos that occurs when people start working together - Norm - behavior starts to normalize - Perform - activity that transpires as the team works as a team instead of solo - Adjourn - work is compl

25. One of the biggest potential problems facing a project team member in a strong matrix is....

26. The Process of predicating furture project performance based on the actual performance to date.

27. Used with sceduling enviroments in which a forward pass establishes the easrliest the activities can start (ES) and finish (EF) and a backward pass establishes the latest the activites can start (LS) and finish (LF)

28. The Process of determing which risk may affect the project and documents their characteristics

29. Deals with the Unkown Unkowns and are not in the Project Plan Contingency Reserves VS Mgmt Reserves

30. Any numbering system used to uniquely identify each component of the work breakdown structure

31. Risk that is typically uninsurable. Its a risk inherent in the porcess of doing business

32. Type of power that comes from senior Mgmt at a company authorizing you to be a P.M. and whatever authority comes with that.

33. The Process of prioritizing risk for further analysis or action by assessing and combining their probability of occurrence and impact - The Process of numerically analyzing the effect of identified risks on overall project objectives

34. Tool you can use initially in a project to evaluate what could potentially cause defects. You can use it during the project to review symptoms to determine the real problem (continue to ask questions until the root cause is determine)

35. An accelerant of an activity You use a lead when something can begin before its predecessor is totally complete

36. Generally seen as the founding basis for total quality managment - Main Points are: 1. be proactive - not reactive 2. Utilize leadership and accountability 3. Measure and strive for constant improvement

37. Calculating the expected monetary value (EMV) of a project risk is found by....

38. It means that you are current on commincation activity and that you are kept in the project communication loop as musch as possible

39. A deliverable or project work component at the lowest level of each branch of the work breakdown structure

40. dministrative closure for the feasibility phase of a project requires that ________.

41. Customer Satisfaction - Prevention over inspection - Continous Improvement - Management Responsibility

42. Responsiblity Assignment Matrix The tool lets the project team know who is involved in each area and what they are responsible for an in what area

43. Formula use to calculate time or cost. It performs a weighted avg of the pessimistic - optimistic - and realistic estimates.

44. Activity A start before Activity B finishes

45. What % of time does a Project manager spend on communications?

46. One choice does not include any other choices

47. Conflict Solution where there is an effort in which attempts are made to work out the actual problem. It is the best type of conflict resolution

48. A network diagramming technique in which schedule activites are represented by boxes (or nodes)

49. Type of Mgmt style that brings out the best in the team - bringing mbrs to their potential or where they need to be with regard to the project

50. The process of subdividing project deliverables and project work into smaller more managable components