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1. dministrative closure for the feasibility phase of a project requires that ________.

2. The control points of the Sigma proces. Typically the limits are set +/- 3 sigma

3. Activity B msut be Finish by the time Activity A is finish

4. The Process deciding how to approach and conduct the risk managment activities for a project

5. Difference between internal and external risk

6. Type of Mgmt style that drives the direction of the team or team members to accomplish specific activties and goals

7. Shows the risk that potentially occur broken down by risk category

8. Communication with customer - other project - the media - and the public

9. Formal or informal system used in project management to ensure that the work is done as planned. It ensures that right work is done in the right order at the right time by the right people

10. Worst form of power to use. People experience negative impact if they don't do what is desired

11. Quality philosophy that focus on proactive attitude toward quality with a detail toward statistical analysis to document improvement

12. Conflict Solution where there is an attempt to focus on the positive and distract the attention from the negative

13. Herzberg theory on motivation - basically what drives us to do things

14. Type of Mgmt style that helps keep things progressing making them occur. This style is not super proactive nor does it have ownership

15. Doing activites in parallel that are that are normally in sequence. Inc cost could occur with rework but additional risk could occur because of possible rework.

16. Document what you do - Do what you document - Document any variance (from the normal process)

17. Commuincation within the project

18. Process of improving the competencies - team interaction - and the overall team environment to enhance project team

19. Can come from the following factors: Business Need - Market Demand - technological advance - customer request - legal requirements

20. Forecasting methods that uses the assumption that is possible to identify the underlying factors that might influence the variable that is being forcasted

21. Forecasting method that incorporates intuitive judgement - opinions and probability estimates

22. A deliverable or project work component at the lowest level of each branch of the work breakdown structure

23. A cumulative histogram you can use to see where the key problems lie. You can see what is causing the most frequency of problems plus a cumulative percentage of the problem

24. Putting more resources on the Critical Path activites. Usually increases cost but minimal risk exposure

25. Process of indentify all people or organization impacted by the project and documenting relevant infromationo regarding their interests - involvement - and impact on project success

26. Formal or informal system used in project mgmt to ensure that work is done as planned. It ensures that right work is done in the right order at the right time by the right people

27. The narrative description of the project scope - including major deliverables - project assumptions - project constraints - and a description of work - that provides a documents basis for making future project decisions and for confirming or developi

28. Type of communication that convey more than just words (inflection of voice body language)

29. One of the biggest potential problems facing a project team member in a strong matrix is....

30. Information Gathering Techniques from Identify Risks - tools and technique

31. When Activity A starts Activity B can starts

32. The most common causes of conflict in a multi-project environment

33. Inputs to many process because they deal w/ variables external to the project such as government requlations and market conditions. Examples are org structure govt standards - personnel - policies business market

34. It means that you are current on commincation activity and that you are kept in the project communication loop as musch as possible

35. Estimate is usually a total time or cost estimate that has no significant detail. Info can be created quickly - lack detail

36. Earlier in the project - the PM does directing - as the project evolves the PM shifts towards coaching. As the project gets a great deal of work accomplished - the PM goes to a Facilitator. The PM then goes to support at project closure

37. Shows an aggregate or rolled up view of the various activites at the summary level. It gives senior management - the project management team - a picture of how long the summary level work packages are to take - and what sequence they occur

38. One choice does not include any other choices

39. Company pays for quality in a proactive way - typically up front in the planning area of a project ie - increase morale

40. In the project coordinator form of a matrix organization - project coordinators often....

41. Process that helps determine where a project fits in the big picture of planning at the company - It also could be used to address a goal-setting technique which emphasizes establishing attainable goals and monitoring for variance then adjusting as n

42. Benefits that everyone receives in the company i.e Ins or paid holidays

43. Forecasting method that uses historical data as the basis for estimating future outcomes

44. An after the fact look at what caused a difference between the basline and the actual performance

45. Process of Confirming human resources availibilty and obtaining the team necessary to complete project assignments

46. Provides details of the planned Scope for the project - this includes the Project Scope Statment - WBS - WBS dictionary. It is the key output in the Create WBS.

47. Conflict Solution where the PM ignores the problem and hopes it either fixes itself or disappears

48. Standard is associated with companies that wish to document their process and adhere to those processes

49. Components - assemblies - sub assemblies used to build a product or service Whaty are the 4 breakdown structures?

50. Shows the overall state of the project - aka the sum of all reports