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1. Techinque of systemically gathering and analyzing quantitative and qualitative information to determine whose interest should be taken into account throughout the project

2. Employee works a great deal on the project and assumes that the reward will be relative to the amount of effort or perceived effort

3. Communication formula

4. Strategy defines as approach to increase the support and minimize negative impacts of stakeholders throughout the entire project life cycle

5. Can come from the following factors: Business Need - Market Demand - technological advance - customer request - legal requirements

6. Displays a breakdown by resource type accross an organization. This breakdown makes it possible to view where resources are being used regardless of organizational group or division they are in. Can include non-H.R. resources as well as personnel

7. Describes when and how human resource requirments will be met. It is part of the Human Reources plan wich in turn is part of the Project Managment plan

8. Self Actualization - Esteem - Belonging - Saftey - Physological

9. Key tool that is a statistical method or tool - that helps identify which factors may influence specific variable of a product or process under development or in production. It lets you change many factors at once.

10. Formal or informal system used in project mgmt to ensure that work is done as planned. It ensures that right work is done in the right order at the right time by the right people

11. Request made by someone on a project not approved and has no impact

12. Concept that defines a low level of detail on the WBS for immediate work being accomplished while the work to be done in the future is only at the highlevel of decomposition in the WBS until it is soon to be started. The concept that utilizes the pro

13. Process of communication and working with stakeholders to meet their needs and addressing issues as they occur

14. Inputs to many process because they deal w/ variables external to the project such as government requlations and market conditions. Examples are org structure govt standards - personnel - policies business market

15. Practice of providing more than what the customer request

16. A contigency put into action when a risk reesponse and any backup plans don't work. It is the reactive "wing it" reponse

17. What % of time does a Project manager spend on communications?

18. A schedule network analysis technique applied to a schedule that has already been analyzed by the critical path method. It can be used when shared or critical required resources are only available at certain time - are only available in limited quan

19. Diagramming type where the activity is on the arrow or line and the circle or box connects the activities

20. In the area of legal risks the reasons for licensing of projects

21. Type of grid that groups the stakeholders based on thier level of authority and their level of concern regarding the project outcomes

22. Process of indentify all people or organization impacted by the project and documenting relevant infromationo regarding their interests - involvement - and impact on project success

23. The Process of determing which risk may affect the project and documents their characteristics

24. Type of Mgmt style that tries to find a common goal when there is a disagreement. This style is ideal when there are varying technical opinions or disagreement among resources managers

25. Commuincation within the project

26. Used for - legal communication and project documents - When distance or extreme complexity are involve - official situations - presentations - primarily one directional communications

27. Approach for scheduling that emphasizes resources flexibility - by using duration buffers for resources - and leveling over the course of the project to accommadate

28. The narrative description of the project scope - including major deliverables - project assumptions - project constraints - and a description of work - that provides a documents basis for making future project decisions and for confirming or developi

29. Calculating the expected monetary value (EMV) of a project risk is found by....

30. Any numbering system used to uniquely identify each component of the work breakdown structure

31. Used to track technical performance such as how well something works or schedule or cost performance such as how things were completed on time or budget - respectively

32. Communication in writing or oral

33. Close out any contracts w/ outside vendors - Deliver any required reports associated w/ closure (OPA updates) - Complete any close project or phase activites - Performed lessons learned - Complete the archives of any project files (OPA updates) - Rel

34. On creating a written project scope statement to be used in the future project decision making.

35. Tool that factors in the communications requirments to ensure they are properly address in the communication Mgmt plan

36. Type of Mgmt style that helps keep things progressing making them occur. This style is not super proactive nor does it have ownership

37. Invokes determining the latest that an activity can start w/o delaying the activites that follow it.

38. Chart used Project Management on the left - Talbe of information (Usually activities - dates - resources etc) on Right - horizontal bars showing when those activities are occuring use it to track the day-to-day.

39. Document that develops and helps attain buy-in on a common interpretation of the project scope. It can describe what it is - as wel as what is not - in the project

40. Type of Mgmt Style where managers have an appealing persona that makes team members enjoy working with them

41. Type of Mgmt style that brings out the best in the team - bringing mbrs to their potential or where they need to be with regard to the project

42. 1 Has a specific purpose 2. Creates specifi results 3 Has a definite start and finish dates 4. Is temporary 5. Could be progressively elaborated

43. One advantages of sensitivity analysis is?

44. Used with sceduling enviroments in which a forward pass establishes the easrliest the activities can start (ES) and finish (EF) and a backward pass establishes the latest the activites can start (LS) and finish (LF)

45. In the project coordinator form of a matrix organization - project coordinators often....

46. A comprehesive list including all schedule activites required on the project

47. Putting more resources on the Critical Path activites. Usually increases cost but minimal risk exposure

48. Process of Confirming human resources availibilty and obtaining the team necessary to complete project assignments

49. CMMI - 6 SIGMA - LEAN 6 Sigma Quality Function

50. Communication up and down the organization