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1. One of the biggest potential problems facing a project team member in a strong matrix is....

2. Invokes determining the latest that an activity can start w/o delaying the activites that follow it.

3. A constraint put in place by something external to the project team or organization

4. ompany pays for quality in a reactive way - on the back end - decrease morale - decrease customer perception Cost of Conformance and nonconformance examples...

5. People make good project manager simply because they are good in their fields - regardless of background training in project management

6. Aka Standard Deviation. It is considered the quality standard. 1 Sigma - 68.26% 2 Sigma - 95.45% 3. Sigma - 99.73%

7. Factors that limits project options such as the number of people available - amount of time or money available to finish the job or other resources or assest issues

8. Type of Mgmt Style where managers have an appealing persona that makes team members enjoy working with them

9. Team members - quality of their work - Project Manager - quality on the project - Senior Exe - quality standards at the company

10. Customer Satisfaction - Prevention over inspection - Continous Improvement - Management Responsibility

11. 3 main components of the communication model

12. Communication up and down the organization

13. Process of Confirming human resources availibilty and obtaining the team necessary to complete project assignments

14. Type of communication method between two or more parties performing a multidirectional exchange of information. It is the most efficient way to ensure a common understanding by all participants on specified topics - and inclues meetings - and phones

15. Document that develops and helps attain buy-in on a common interpretation of the project scope. It can describe what it is - as wel as what is not - in the project

16. Best form power to use. Someone receives a benefit for doing something that is needed

17. Develop Project Charter - Develop Project Mgmt. Plan - Direct and Manage Project Execution - Monitor and Control Work - Perform Integrated Change Control - Close Project or Phase

18. Activity A must be completed before Activity B

19. Deals with how we are effeiciently using our money

20. Conflict Solution Negotiation attempt to get everyone involved to give (concede) a little to find a common ground and resloution. It is sometimes viewed as undesirable because when everyone give something up there is a potential that the solution wil

21. Delphi Technique Interviewing

22. Communication that is not on the record

23. The company's quality system must conform to the criteria set forth in ISO 9001.

24. CMMI - 6 SIGMA - LEAN 6 Sigma Quality Function

25. Deals with the Unkown Unkowns and are not in the Project Plan Contingency Reserves VS Mgmt Reserves

26. Forecasting methods that uses the assumption that is possible to identify the underlying factors that might influence the variable that is being forcasted

27. Forecasting method that incorporates intuitive judgement - opinions and probability estimates

28. Cost associated with conformance to requirements and the step taken to elimate non-conformance

29. Tool you can use initially in a project to evaluate what could potentially cause defects. You can use it during the project to review symptoms to determine the real problem (continue to ask questions until the root cause is determine)

30. The amount of risk remaining after a risk response 9from the risk reponse plan) has been implemented

31. In fixed pricing the most important consideration is ____.

32. Concept that defines a low level of detail on the WBS for immediate work being accomplished while the work to be done in the future is only at the highlevel of decomposition in the WBS until it is soon to be started. The concept that utilizes the pro

33. The consequences (good or bad) or the amount at stake if something does occur

34. A milestone has a ______duration

35. Tool that factors in the communications requirments to ensure they are properly address in the communication Mgmt plan

36. Play a huge role in planning - When you perform project management part of the concept of Planning is to deal with items unkown. You must make assumptions for scheduling and bugeting. In most cases as the project evoles - you learn more about it.

37. States that if you seven consecutive data points on either side of the mean - without crossing the other sid - the process is considered out of control and needs investigation

38. A deliverable or project work component at the lowest level of each branch of the work breakdown structure

39. What % of time does a Project manager spend on communications?

40. Which organization does conflict occur the most in managing projects

41. Forecasting method that uses historical data as the basis for estimating future outcomes

42. Conflict Solution where the PM ignores the problem and hopes it either fixes itself or disappears

43. Shows what has been accomplished at a given time frame

44. Communication in writing or oral

45. Type of communication method sent to a specific recipient who needs to know the information - This method ensures that the communication is distributed but does not certify that it actually reached or was understood by the intended audience Includes

46. Information Gathering Techniques from Identify Risks - tools and technique

47. Responsiblity Assignment Matrix The tool lets the project team know who is involved in each area and what they are responsible for an in what area

48. Schedule typically used in executive repoting with each milestone having a zero duration. It lack detail - generally listing only the main project milestones as diamonds instead of the Gantt bars

49. Used to track technical performance such as how well something works or schedule or cost performance such as how things were completed on time or budget - respectively

50. The process of making relevant information availible to project stakeholders as planned