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1. Conflict Solution that entails considering insights and views from a variety of sources and leads to consensus management which in turn leads to commitment

2. One advantages of sensitivity analysis is?

3. Product Verfication - lesson learned - Updating records - reporting - archiving - formal acceptance

4. The narrative description of the project scope - including major deliverables - project assumptions - project constraints - and a description of work - that provides a documents basis for making future project decisions and for confirming or developi

5. 1 Has a specific purpose 2. Creates specifi results 3 Has a definite start and finish dates 4. Is temporary 5. Could be progressively elaborated

6. Process of tracking member performance. providing feedback - resolving issues - and managing changes to optimize project performance.

7. Forecasting method that uses historical data as the basis for estimating future outcomes

8. Calculating the expected monetary value (EMV) of a project risk is found by....

9. Delphi Technique Interviewing

10. Shows the type of resources broken down

11. Chart used Project Management on the left - Talbe of information (Usually activities - dates - resources etc) on Right - horizontal bars showing when those activities are occuring use it to track the day-to-day.

12. Information Gathering Techniques from Identify Risks - tools and technique

13. Amount of time that an activity can slip or be delayed without delaying the finish date of the project (or activity or published project completion date)

14. A jeopardy that results from the implementation of a risk repsonse

15. A contigency put into action when a risk reesponse and any backup plans don't work. It is the reactive "wing it" reponse

16. Form - creation of the team - Storm - refers to the chaos that occurs when people start working together - Norm - behavior starts to normalize - Perform - activity that transpires as the team works as a team instead of solo - Adjourn - work is compl

17. Earlier in the project - the PM does directing - as the project evolves the PM shifts towards coaching. As the project gets a great deal of work accomplished - the PM goes to a Facilitator. The PM then goes to support at project closure

18. States that if you seven consecutive data points on either side of the mean - without crossing the other sid - the process is considered out of control and needs investigation

19. Estimate is usually a total time or cost estimate that has no significant detail. Info can be created quickly - lack detail

20. Communication formula

21. In fixed pricing the most important consideration is ____.

22. Displays a breakdown by resource type accross an organization. This breakdown makes it possible to view where resources are being used regardless of organizational group or division they are in. Can include non-H.R. resources as well as personnel

23. The amount of risk remaining after a risk response 9from the risk reponse plan) has been implemented

24. Conflict Solution where there is an action in which a direct order to resolve something is given. It is typically the worst type of conflict resolution.

25. An output of Define Activites that identies all milestones and indicated whether the milestone is mandatory

26. When Activity A starts Activity B can starts

27. Type of communication method sent to a specific recipient who needs to know the information - This method ensures that the communication is distributed but does not certify that it actually reached or was understood by the intended audience Includes

28. Process of Confirming human resources availibilty and obtaining the team necessary to complete project assignments

29. Conflict Solution Negotiation attempt to get everyone involved to give (concede) a little to find a common ground and resloution. It is sometimes viewed as undesirable because when everyone give something up there is a potential that the solution wil

30. Process of collecting and distributing performance information - including status reports - progress measurements and forecast

31. Formula use to calculate time or cost. It performs a weighted avg of the pessimistic - optimistic - and realistic estimates.

32. Best form power to use. Someone receives a benefit for doing something that is needed

33. If the contract is not completed by the contractor either for failure to comply - bankruptcy etc. this is know as

34. The Process deciding how to approach and conduct the risk managment activities for a project

35. Conflict Solution where there is an attempt to focus on the positive and distract the attention from the negative

36. Commuincation within the project

37. ID all potential project stakeholders - Identify the potential impact or support each other stakeholder could generate and classify them ...ie the grids - Assess how key stakeholders are likley to react or respond in various situations

38. Can come from the following factors: Business Need - Market Demand - technological advance - customer request - legal requirements

39. Type of grid that groups the stakeholders based on thier level of authority and their level of concern regarding the project outcomes

40. What is the number source of conflict?

41. The conflict resolutions modes that are least likely to resolve situations

42. Special benefits offered being on a certain project of doing a certain activity Difference between Fringe and Perks

43. Techinque of systemically gathering and analyzing quantitative and qualitative information to determine whose interest should be taken into account throughout the project

44. Characteristics which indicate that a risk event is possible in the near future. They are identified when the risk are identified

45. Plan defines the communication needs of the stakeholders - the communications format and frequency and who delivers them. It can include reports meeting scehdules - changes process and contact information for the team.

46. Process of improving the competencies - team interaction - and the overall team environment to enhance project team

47. Herzberg theory on motivation - basically what drives us to do things

48. Request made by someone on a project not approved and has no impact

49. Responsiblity Assignment Matrix The tool lets the project team know who is involved in each area and what they are responsible for an in what area

50. Develop Project Charter - Develop Project Mgmt. Plan - Direct and Manage Project Execution - Monitor and Control Work - Perform Integrated Change Control - Close Project or Phase