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PMP: Project Management Professional

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1. Information Gathering Techniques from Identify Risks - tools and technique

2. Shows the risk that potentially occur broken down by risk category

3. Activity A must be completed before Activity B

4. Can come from the following factors: Business Need - Market Demand - technological advance - customer request - legal requirements

5. Type of grid that groups the stakeholders based on their level of authority and their active involvement in the project

6. Group whose function is to review - approve or reject changes on the project as they relate to the various areas of the represented bussiness

7. The company's quality system must conform to the criteria set forth in ISO 9001.

8. A planning technique which progressively details the work as information becomes firm - and allows for less detail in later project phase where uncertainty is greater is called

9. Shows what has been accomplished at a given time frame

10. The consequences (good or bad) or the amount at stake if something does occur

11. A cumulative histogram you can use to see where the key problems lie. You can see what is causing the most frequency of problems plus a cumulative percentage of the problem

12. What is the number source of conflict?

13. Calculating the expected monetary value (EMV) of a project risk is found by....

14. You determine how the much of something must be tested to ensure that defects are caught

15. Request made by someone on a project not approved and has no impact

16. Close out any contracts w/ outside vendors - Deliver any required reports associated w/ closure (OPA updates) - Complete any close project or phase activites - Performed lessons learned - Complete the archives of any project files (OPA updates) - Rel

17. ompany pays for quality in a reactive way - on the back end - decrease morale - decrease customer perception Cost of Conformance and nonconformance examples...

18. Herzberg theory on motivation - basically what drives us to do things

19. Cost associated with conformance to requirements and the step taken to elimate non-conformance

20. Formal or informal system used in project management to ensure that the work is done as planned. It ensures that right work is done in the right order at the right time by the right people

21. Process of determining the project stakeholder information needs and defining a communication approach. Who needs what information - when they need it - how it will be provided to them and by whom.

22. Type of grid that groups the stakeholders based on their active involvement in the project and their ability to effect changes to the projects planning or execution.

23. Doing activites in parallel that are that are normally in sequence. Inc cost could occur with rework but additional risk could occur because of possible rework.

24. Self Actualization - Esteem - Belonging - Saftey - Physological

25. ID all potential project stakeholders - Identify the potential impact or support each other stakeholder could generate and classify them ...ie the grids - Assess how key stakeholders are likley to react or respond in various situations

26. Describes when and how human resource requirments will be met. It is part of the Human Reources plan wich in turn is part of the Project Managment plan

27. What warranty type relates to merchantablily or fitness for use?

28. Employee works a great deal on the project and assumes that the reward will be relative to the amount of effort or perceived effort

29. Earlier in the project - the PM does directing - as the project evolves the PM shifts towards coaching. As the project gets a great deal of work accomplished - the PM goes to a Facilitator. The PM then goes to support at project closure

30. The Process of prioritizing risk for further analysis or action by assessing and combining their probability of occurrence and impact - The Process of numerically analyzing the effect of identified risks on overall project objectives

31. Provides details of the planned Scope for the project - this includes the Project Scope Statment - WBS - WBS dictionary. It is the key output in the Create WBS.

32. Process of collecting and distributing performance information - including status reports - progress measurements and forecast

33. A constraint put in place by something external to the project team or organization

34. A constraint that must be completed before subsequent items can start

35. One of the biggest potential problems facing a project team member in a strong matrix is....

36. Forecasting method that uses historical data as the basis for estimating future outcomes

37. Used for - legal communication and project documents - When distance or extreme complexity are involve - official situations - presentations - primarily one directional communications

38. Inputs to many processes that deal with variables external to the project - such as imfomation systems and company policies and procedures. They can include process definitions - templates - organizations communications needs

39. Proactive stance to development - one that makes improvement throughout a process

40. Practice of providing more than what the customer request

41. A milestone has a ______duration

42. States that if you seven consecutive data points on either side of the mean - without crossing the other sid - the process is considered out of control and needs investigation

43. It means that you are current on commincation activity and that you are kept in the project communication loop as musch as possible

44. People make good project manager simply because they are good in their fields - regardless of background training in project management

45. Team members - quality of their work - Project Manager - quality on the project - Senior Exe - quality standards at the company

46. dministrative closure for the feasibility phase of a project requires that ________.

47. The amount of time something can be delayed w/o delaying the PUBLISHED finish date

48. Communication that is on record such as as newsletter and annual report

49. Tool that factors in the communications requirments to ensure they are properly address in the communication Mgmt plan

50. Deals with the known Unkowns and is the Project Plan