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1. Plan Quality - Perform Quality Assurance - Perform Quality Control

2. Formal or informal system used in project mgmt to ensure that work is done as planned. It ensures that right work is done in the right order at the right time by the right people

3. The control points of the Sigma proces. Typically the limits are set +/- 3 sigma

4. 1 Has a specific purpose 2. Creates specifi results 3 Has a definite start and finish dates 4. Is temporary 5. Could be progressively elaborated

5. Type of Mgmt Style where managers have an appealing persona that makes team members enjoy working with them

6. Factors that limits project options such as the number of people available - amount of time or money available to finish the job or other resources or assest issues

7. Conflict Solution where there is an action in which a direct order to resolve something is given. It is typically the worst type of conflict resolution.

8. Forecasting method that incorporates intuitive judgement - opinions and probability estimates

9. Team members - quality of their work - Project Manager - quality on the project - Senior Exe - quality standards at the company

10. A milestone has a ______duration

11. An accelerant of an activity You use a lead when something can begin before its predecessor is totally complete

12. Type of communication method sent to a specific recipient who needs to know the information - This method ensures that the communication is distributed but does not certify that it actually reached or was understood by the intended audience Includes

13. Breakdown structure to help dreak down the risk on a project. It helps create a brainstorming type of environment that allows the team to identify and categorize additional risk. Similar to WBS but the team creates it.

14. Type of Mgmt style that drives the direction of the team or team members to accomplish specific activties and goals

15. What the project consist of - What is involved to create the project - What it is expected to do when complete ( to avoid confusion) What is the ? What are the elements

16. Concept that defines a low level of detail on the WBS for immediate work being accomplished while the work to be done in the future is only at the highlevel of decomposition in the WBS until it is soon to be started. The concept that utilizes the pro

17. Formal or informal system used in project management to ensure that the work is done as planned. It ensures that right work is done in the right order at the right time by the right people

18. Key tool that is a statistical method or tool - that helps identify which factors may influence specific variable of a product or process under development or in production. It lets you change many factors at once.

19. Putting more resources on the Critical Path activites. Usually increases cost but minimal risk exposure

20. Diagramming type where the activity is on the arrow or line and the circle or box connects the activities

21. Inputs to many process because they deal w/ variables external to the project such as government requlations and market conditions. Examples are org structure govt standards - personnel - policies business market

22. Generally seen as the founding basis for total quality managment - Main Points are: 1. be proactive - not reactive 2. Utilize leadership and accountability 3. Measure and strive for constant improvement

23. Communication up and down the organization

24. Type of Mgmt style that helps keep things progressing making them occur. This style is not super proactive nor does it have ownership

25. The process of making relevant information availible to project stakeholders as planned

26. Tool that factors in the communications requirments to ensure they are properly address in the communication Mgmt plan

27. Modern quality philosophy that states that approx 99.999% of the everything a company creates or processes it executes are error-free

28. Shows an aggregate or rolled up view of the various activites at the summary level. It gives senior management - the project management team - a picture of how long the summary level work packages are to take - and what sequence they occur

29. One choice does not include any other choices

30. Forecasting method that uses historical data as the basis for estimating future outcomes

31. ompany pays for quality in a reactive way - on the back end - decrease morale - decrease customer perception Cost of Conformance and nonconformance examples...

32. Process of indentify all people or organization impacted by the project and documenting relevant infromationo regarding their interests - involvement - and impact on project success

33. A network diagramming technique in which schedule activites are represented by boxes (or nodes)

34. Worst form of power to use. People experience negative impact if they don't do what is desired

35. Request that have been through the changes control system and approved. They are now part of the project with any potential ipact now affecting the project Difference between requested changes and approved changes

36. Describes when and how human resource requirments will be met. It is part of the Human Reources plan wich in turn is part of the Project Managment plan

37. Commuincation within the project

38. You determine how the much of something must be tested to ensure that defects are caught

39. What % of time does a Project manager spend on communications?

40. States that if you seven consecutive data points on either side of the mean - without crossing the other sid - the process is considered out of control and needs investigation

41. Tool you can use initially in a project to evaluate what could potentially cause defects. You can use it during the project to review symptoms to determine the real problem (continue to ask questions until the root cause is determine)

42. Mock-up technique that uses software to simulate project charactereristics to determine possible outcome

43. Shows how the project organization is structure to accomplish project activities

44. The amount of risk remaining after a risk response 9from the risk reponse plan) has been implemented

45. Type of Mgmt style where the PM sees what can be - where the company or team needs to go. Focusing more on the big picture of the company - with others focusing on the day to day events.

46. Process of identifying and documenting project roles - responsibilities - and required skills reporting relationship - and creating a staffing managment plan

47. Self Actualization - Esteem - Belonging - Saftey - Physological

48. The Process deciding how to approach and conduct the risk managment activities for a project

49. Shows what has been accomplished at a given time frame

50. The Process of determing which risk may affect the project and documents their characteristics