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1. Risk for which insurance can be purchased - thereby transferring the risk for financial benefit to the party accepting the risk

2. Delphi Technique Interviewing

3. Company pays for quality in a proactive way - typically up front in the planning area of a project ie - increase morale

4. Type of Mgmt style that helps keep things progressing making them occur. This style is not super proactive nor does it have ownership

5. Shows a reporting relationship between the resources in a organization. This structure is typically shown in company division - departments and group. Typicall is does not show details related to project organization and work

6. Standard is associated with companies that wish to document their process and adhere to those processes

7. Type of Grid that groups the stakholders based on their active involvement in the project and their ability to effect changes to the projects planning or execution

8. Earlier in the project - the PM does directing - as the project evolves the PM shifts towards coaching. As the project gets a great deal of work accomplished - the PM goes to a Facilitator. The PM then goes to support at project closure

9. 1 Has a specific purpose 2. Creates specifi results 3 Has a definite start and finish dates 4. Is temporary 5. Could be progressively elaborated

10. Generally seen as the founding basis for total quality managment - Main Points are: 1. be proactive - not reactive 2. Utilize leadership and accountability 3. Measure and strive for constant improvement

11. Process of tracking member performance. providing feedback - resolving issues - and managing changes to optimize project performance.

12. What is the output of Identify Risk?

13. Which organization does conflict occur the most in managing projects

14. Type of Mgmt style that drives the direction of the team or team members to accomplish specific activties and goals

15. Shows an aggregate or rolled up view of the various activites at the summary level. It gives senior management - the project management team - a picture of how long the summary level work packages are to take - and what sequence they occur

16. Quality philosophy that focus on proactive attitude toward quality with a detail toward statistical analysis to document improvement

17. Cost associated with conformance to requirements and the step taken to elimate non-conformance

18. Shows the type of resources broken down

19. Used to track technical performance such as how well something works or schedule or cost performance such as how things were completed on time or budget - respectively

20. One of the biggest potential problems facing a project team member in a strong matrix is....

21. Forecasting method that uses historical data as the basis for estimating future outcomes

22. Used for communication and information distribution on the project - not necessarily a hightech system but what ever is used for project communication on the project. Normally a mixture of technology and non-technology.

23. Used with sceduling enviroments in which a forward pass establishes the easrliest the activities can start (ES) and finish (EF) and a backward pass establishes the latest the activites can start (LS) and finish (LF)

24. Form - creation of the team - Storm - refers to the chaos that occurs when people start working together - Norm - behavior starts to normalize - Perform - activity that transpires as the team works as a team instead of solo - Adjourn - work is compl

25. A milestone has a ______duration

26. Document what you do - Do what you document - Document any variance (from the normal process)

27. Process of communication and working with stakeholders to meet their needs and addressing issues as they occur

28. Process of Confirming human resources availibilty and obtaining the team necessary to complete project assignments

29. Characteristics which indicate that a risk event is possible in the near future. They are identified when the risk are identified

30. An inventory managment process that lets a company have little or no excess inventory in stock- Ideally a stocks ZERO inventory with supplies arriving only when needed for the products being built

31. Communication that is not on the record

32. Inputs to many process because they deal w/ variables external to the project such as government requlations and market conditions. Examples are org structure govt standards - personnel - policies business market

33. The person responsible for a risk event if it occurs and is simialr to the person responsible for completing on activity

34. Deals with the known Unkowns and is the Project Plan

35. A contigency put into action when a risk reesponse and any backup plans don't work. It is the reactive "wing it" reponse

36. Type of grid that groups the stakeholders based on their level of authority and their active involvement in the project

37. In the project coordinator form of a matrix organization - project coordinators often....

38. Type of Mgmt Style where managers have an appealing persona that makes team members enjoy working with them

39. Develop Project Charter - Develop Project Mgmt. Plan - Direct and Manage Project Execution - Monitor and Control Work - Perform Integrated Change Control - Close Project or Phase

40. Communication in writing or oral

41. Used for very large volumes of information or for very large audiences that requires the recipients to access the communication content at their own discretion - Inclued intranet sites - e-learning - and knowledge repositories

42. Any numbering system used to uniquely identify each component of the work breakdown structure

43. Is a state in which the outcome of process are separate from another

44. Customer Satisfaction - Prevention over inspection - Continous Improvement - Management Responsibility

45. Difference between internal and external risk

46. When Activity A starts Activity B can starts

47. Formal or informal system used in project management to ensure that the work is done as planned. It ensures that right work is done in the right order at the right time by the right people

48. The Process of determing which risk may affect the project and documents their characteristics

49. Plan defines the communication needs of the stakeholders - the communications format and frequency and who delivers them. It can include reports meeting scehdules - changes process and contact information for the team.

50. Risk that is typically uninsurable. Its a risk inherent in the porcess of doing business