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1. Self Actualization - Esteem - Belonging - Saftey - Physological

2. A contigency put into action when a risk reesponse and any backup plans don't work. It is the reactive "wing it" reponse

3. Forecasting methods that uses the assumption that is possible to identify the underlying factors that might influence the variable that is being forcasted

4. The Process of prioritizing risk for further analysis or action by assessing and combining their probability of occurrence and impact - The Process of numerically analyzing the effect of identified risks on overall project objectives

5. Request made by someone on a project not approved and has no impact

6. PM and team work to create a complete estimate from the bottom(activity level) up and roll it up to the total estimate. Main advantage - detail accuracy. Main dis ad - can take time to create

7. Employee works a great deal on the project and assumes that the reward will be relative to the amount of effort or perceived effort

8. What is the number source of conflict?

9. The narrative description of the project scope - including major deliverables - project assumptions - project constraints - and a description of work - that provides a documents basis for making future project decisions and for confirming or developi

10. Close out any contracts w/ outside vendors - Deliver any required reports associated w/ closure (OPA updates) - Complete any close project or phase activites - Performed lessons learned - Complete the archives of any project files (OPA updates) - Rel

11. What % of time does a Project manager spend on communications?

12. Conflict Solution where there is an action in which a direct order to resolve something is given. It is typically the worst type of conflict resolution.

13. What the project consist of - What is involved to create the project - What it is expected to do when complete ( to avoid confusion) What is the ? What are the elements

14. Process of identifying and documenting project roles - responsibilities - and required skills reporting relationship - and creating a staffing managment plan

15. Communication that is not on the record

16. An output of Define Activites that identies all milestones and indicated whether the milestone is mandatory

17. Type of communication that convey more than just words (inflection of voice body language)

18. The Process of determing which risk may affect the project and documents their characteristics

19. Process of indentify all people or organization impacted by the project and documenting relevant infromationo regarding their interests - involvement - and impact on project success

20. Responsiblity Assignment Matrix The tool lets the project team know who is involved in each area and what they are responsible for an in what area

21. A comprehesive list including all schedule activites required on the project

22. The conflict resolutions modes that are least likely to resolve situations

23. Develop Project Charter - Develop Project Mgmt. Plan - Direct and Manage Project Execution - Monitor and Control Work - Perform Integrated Change Control - Close Project or Phase

24. Used to asses the impact and consequnces of requested changes on the project

25. Used for very large volumes of information or for very large audiences that requires the recipients to access the communication content at their own discretion - Inclued intranet sites - e-learning - and knowledge repositories

26. Worst form of power to use. People experience negative impact if they don't do what is desired

27. Conflict Solution where there is an effort in which attempts are made to work out the actual problem. It is the best type of conflict resolution

28. Delphi Technique Interviewing

29. Process of communication and working with stakeholders to meet their needs and addressing issues as they occur

30. An after the fact look at what caused a difference between the basline and the actual performance

31. A constraint that must be completed before subsequent items can start

32. The company's quality system must conform to the criteria set forth in ISO 9001.

33. Considering both development and operating costs when evaluating project alternatives

34. Tool that factors in the communications requirments to ensure they are properly address in the communication Mgmt plan

35. When Activity A starts Activity B can starts

36. The Process of predicating furture project performance based on the actual performance to date.

37. Doing activites in parallel that are that are normally in sequence. Inc cost could occur with rework but additional risk could occur because of possible rework.

38. An inventory managment process that lets a company have little or no excess inventory in stock- Ideally a stocks ZERO inventory with supplies arriving only when needed for the products being built

39. dministrative closure for the feasibility phase of a project requires that ________.

40. Shows what has been accomplished at a given time frame

41. Used to track technical performance such as how well something works or schedule or cost performance such as how things were completed on time or budget - respectively

42. Benefits that everyone receives in the company i.e Ins or paid holidays

43. Cost associated with conformance to requirements and the step taken to elimate non-conformance

44. Communication with customer - other project - the media - and the public

45. One advantages of sensitivity analysis is?

46. Process of Confirming human resources availibilty and obtaining the team necessary to complete project assignments

47. Team members - quality of their work - Project Manager - quality on the project - Senior Exe - quality standards at the company

48. Provides details of the planned Scope for the project - this includes the Project Scope Statment - WBS - WBS dictionary. It is the key output in the Create WBS.

49. The Process deciding how to approach and conduct the risk managment activities for a project

50. Components - assemblies - sub assemblies used to build a product or service Whaty are the 4 breakdown structures?