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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Standard User Permissions + can manage published solutions + can manage solution categories

2. How many roles can you create for your org?

3. Applications are built on which platform?

4. It indicates whether or not a user has the right to create and manage campaigns including: Create/Edit/Delete campaigns - Delete an existing campaign - Update campaign statistics - Import leads into a campaign - Mass update the status for members of

5. What is the number of values allowed in dependent pick list?

6. Error on failed web to lead validation is...

7. Regarding a custom field formula: ______ character is the limit on the compiled size of the formula.

8. A virtual storage that can be used to group on criteria such as skill requirements - product categories - customer types - or service levels is called a...

9. You can map a custom lead field...

10. Partner Portal: Users login to the web portal rather than through the...

11. Custom objects are...

12. The # of business hours that can be set for the organization to operate

13. How does the Import Wizard perform matching when updating records?

14. If George is promoted from sales assoc to senior level exec - and the new sales assoc is appointed to take George's responsibilities. What are the appropriate steps to transfer Phil's account to the new assoc?

15. Picklist dependency rules are __________ during import.

16. You can create _____________ directly from the csv import file.

17. With the Manage Campaign button on campaign selected - what all can you do with the integrated campaign builder?

18. If the organization rule is that user can only login between 8am to 5pm. What will happen if he log in at 4:30pm and continue till 5:30pm

19. Custom summary formula on report...

20. The data loader can load all objects - including custom objects - It generates...

21. Which information not captured on user record in Salesforce?

22. A record of contact with customer support. A customer is reporting a problem or asking a question.

23. A sales user wants to have edit access to opportunity but should not be able to import leads and should also be...

24. Managed package is always...

25. The ____________ is a custom field that aggregates child record information in to the parent record.

26. Case queues are buckets into which cases are placed - either manually or using routing rules. Individual users - users associated with a role - or with a public group can be assigned to handle cases placed in a queue. These users can work the case.

27. When you configure search settings for your organization - the new value...

28. A custom summary formula cannot reference ____________ in an object.

29. Show up to 2000 records in the record count display - Print up to 1000 records in print view

30. As a ________________ you can create page layout in the console and assign it to profiles.

31. Give an example of where a junction object is used between standard objects.

32. ____________ is not available for printable lists

33. In order to implement more than one business process - ____________must also be implemented.

34. Inline editing updates the field when...

35. Your recycle bin record limit is _____times the MBs in your general storage

36. Determines the level of access to the dashboard data

37. How would an administrator modify lookup records in a console layout?

38. The documents tab does not contain...

39. Rule to assign and route Cases Determine how cases are assigned to users or put into queues as they are created manually - using Web-to-Case - Email-to-Case - On-Demand Email-to-Case - the Self-Service portal - the Customer Portal - Outlook - or Lot

40. The org wants users to view the details of the calendar of the accounts and the ability to add events. What should be the OWD for it?

41. Create ads that display on search engines is possible in SFDC using...

42. Users with access to opportunities as sales team members cannot...

43. Solutions are answers to customer problems or issues. They are used to resolve cases by associating them via related lists. From a case - search for a case or find a suggested solution - then select it to associate with a case.

44. Specifying a "running user" in dashboard means...

45. Salesforce data validation gives administrators an easy way to ensure the integrity of data...

46. Super User - Can customize and administer the application

47. List Dashboard component types

48. Campaigns and opportunities have a _____________ relationship.

49. A custom multi-select pick list cannot be a...

50. Which of the following does not need business process?