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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. In order to implement more than one business process - ____________must also be implemented.

2. The size limit for documents uploaded is...

3. Why do you create a web tab?

4. Custom summary formulas are...

5. A public group is a grouping of all except...

6. Which is not a standard business object?

7. Allows you to define different sets of picklist values for both standard and custom picklist.

8. What is true about managed packages?

9. Name three sources from which cases can be created.

10. A custom multi-select pick list cannot be a...

11. Give an example of a one-to many relationship between standard objects.

12. Newsletter Settings: To which email address does Salesforce CRM send an activation message?

13. How many roles can you create for your org?

14. If your org uses _____________ - the new account is evaluated by account assignment rules and may be assigned to one or more territories.

15. Used to provide automatic email responses to individuals filing cases manually - by email - or by web-to-case. These rules determine which cases should receive an automatic response - and to choose which email template should be

16. Users with which permission can install or uninstall AppExchange packages from the APpExchange?

17. Which report formats must be used to create dashboard components?

18. A set of functionality that allows administrators to more efficiently standardize around internal procedures and automate elements of business processes.

19. A role has a ________ relationship with users.

20. What can stop a scheduled report-dashboard run?

21. When is it appropriate to use the Import Wizard vs. the Data Loader?

22. Case queues are buckets into which cases are placed - either manually or using routing rules. Individual users - users associated with a role - or with a public group can be assigned to handle cases placed in a queue. These users can work the case.

23. You need which permission to specify a running user other than yourself?

24. Create ads that display on search engines is possible in SFDC using...

25. If the lead has a record type - the default record type of the new owner is assigned to records created during...

26. How does the Import Wizard perform matching when updating records?

27. If the data validation at web to lead form fails - who will get the error report?

28. Name three benefits of the cloud computing model.

29. Where would you make changes in order to make default tabs visible?

30. Picklist dependency rules are __________ during import.

31. If your Marketing team needed to add 10 -000 existing leads to a campaign at one time - what would be the best way to do this?

32. If a standard object is renamed - the reports are renamed based on...

33. Custom fiscal year works on a define once and...

34. During a lead import - you can choose to enable ___________ as part of the import.

35. A _____________ cannot be the controlling field for a dependent field.

36. The maximum # of time trigger actions

37. There are _________ to new picklist or multi-select picklist values for any field during a single import

38. A lookup field relationship...

39. Super User - Can customize and administer the application

40. Determines the level of access to the dashboard data

41. Applications are built on which platform?

42. As an admin - you can schedule regular data imports...

43. According to Salesforce - console is not for occasional users of Salesforce. The console is best set up for users who view Salesforce for...

44. The # of business hours that can be set for the organization to operate

45. With the Manage Campaign button on campaign selected - what all can you do with the integrated campaign builder?

46. The size limit for documents uploaded is...

47. Reports that must be used to create dashboard components.

48. The administrator changes the organization time zone from Pacific Daylight to Central. __________ will be affected.

49. It can manage campaigns - import leads - create letterheads - create HTML email templates - manage public documents - and update campaign history via the import wizards. Also has access to the same functionality as the Standard User.

50. How many lead assignment rules can be active at one time?