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1. Changing the data type of an existing custom field can cause data loss while changing to...

2. Which of the following does not need business process?

3. The administrator wants to track data over a period of time. Which graph would he use?

4. Business process is available in following objects: _______________

5. What objects may be imported or updated using the Import Wizard?

6. Workflow tasks may be assigned to a: User - Role - Record Owner - Record Creator - ________ - Account team

7. Dated exchange rates can be set in the time range of...

8. Conditional highlighting is used only in...

9. Workflow field updates specify the field you want updated and the new value for it. Depending on the type of field - you can do the following except...

10. Reports that must be used to create dashboard components.

11. A virtual storage that can be used to group on criteria such as skill requirements - product categories - customer types - or service levels is called a...

12. Record types are used to implement custom business processes by associating them to specific

13. Marketing Users must also have the Marketing User profile (or the Import Leads permission in Enterprise Edition organizations).

14. You can import only ___________ per CSV file.

15. Salesforce for Microsoft Outlook is which type of client?

16. We cannot create sharing rules on...

17. Name three sources from which cases can be created.

18. How do you specify the following in a formula field: the year of the custom date field(date_c) should be the current year?

19. The create new folder link will only be visible to users with which permission?

20. If your org uses _____________ - the new account is evaluated by account assignment rules and may be assigned to one or more territories.

21. A particular team needs to track individuals working on cases and the individual roles of the people working on cases/ Which is the best way to do it?

22. Which is not a standard business object?

23. The company wants all opportunities associated with an account to be added in and displayed on the account record detail page. It is possible by...

24. Login hrs - IP restriction - FLS - CRUD(Std & Custom) object - Access to VF and Apex classes.

25. An account sharing system that grants access to accounts based on the characteristics of the accounts. It enables your company to structure your Salesforce data and users the same way you structure your sales territories. Particularly if your organiz

26. Why do you create a web tab?

27. A _____________ cannot be the controlling field for a dependent field.

28. List the type of case queues commonly used by call centers.

29. Name three benefits of the cloud computing model.

30. A lead has been converted. Where can we find the campaigns associated with it?

31. What is true about look up relationship?

32. Create and manage letterheads and email templates

33. It is possible for a user to...

34. Your recycle bin record limit is _____times the MBs in your general storage

35. What is true about look up relationships?

36. History tracking can be performed on the following standard objects except...

37. The owner has given you a manual sharing read - write rights on an opportunity. What all can you do with this right?

38. The org. wants to create a follow up task based on a field change. Which is the best way to do it?

39. Custom objects are...

40. Where do active currencies live?

41. Header - Button - Various Sections - Related Lists - System Info. Page layouts control the layout and organization of buttons - fields - s-controls - custom links - and related lists.

42. The # of business hours that can be set for the organization to operate

43. As an admin - you can schedule regular data imports...

44. Set up for your organization to designate what times your customer support teams are available. They are used to associate cases with specific time zones and locations - and to escalate cases according to specific time zones and location

45. The size limit for documents uploaded is...

46. Can only view records

47. It indicates whether or not a user has the right to create and manage campaigns including: Create/Edit/Delete campaigns - Delete an existing campaign - Update campaign statistics - Import leads into a campaign - Mass update the status for members of

48. Case sharing rules - Lead sharing rules - Campaign sharing rules - Custom object sharing rules

49. A company that uses custom fiscal year: A standard forecast option is unavailable. Administrator will have to...

50. Partner Portal: Users login to the web portal rather than through the...