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1. Record types are used to implement custom business processes by associating them to specific

2. List the places where Currency is specified

3. The administrator wants to track data over a period of time. Which graph would he use?

4. Your recycle bin record limit is _____times the MBs in your general storage

5. Give an example of where a junction object is used between standard objects.

6. Name the standard applications in the list.

7. An online form to capture lead information - Email template response content published on your web site.

8. Login hrs - IP restriction - FLS - CRUD(Std & Custom) object - Access to VF and Apex classes.

9. Charts - Tables - Metrics - Gauge

10. Who can view campaigns?

11. A public group is a grouping of all except...

12. Which is not a standard business object?

13. Marketing Users must also have the Marketing User profile (or the Import Leads permission in Enterprise Edition organizations).

14. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) model

15. You can customize Profile to restrict users' ability to...

16. Salesforce data validation gives administrators an easy way to ensure the integrity of data...

17. The company wants all opportunities associated with an account to be added in and displayed on the account record detail page. It is possible by...

18. Lead becomes an Account - Contact - and optionally an Opportunity. With Territory Management enabled - Account (Territory) Assignment Rules will fire - which may assign the new Account to a Territory (or possibly multiple Territories).

19. When is it appropriate to use the Import Wizard vs. the Data Loader?

20. Who can import data for all users?

21. Types of relationships that can exist between objects

22. The administrator changes the organization time zone from Pacific Daylight to Central. __________ will be affected.

23. These can ___________ when an existing custom field is changed: Changing to or from type Date or Date/Time - Changing to number from any other type

24. An account sharing system that grants access to accounts based on the characteristics of the accounts. It enables your company to structure your Salesforce data and users the same way you structure your sales territories. Particularly if your organiz

25. Where do active currencies live?

26. With the Manage Campaign button on campaign selected - what all can you do with the integrated campaign builder?

27. Used to provide automatic email responses to individuals filing cases manually - by email - or by web-to-case. These rules determine which cases should receive an automatic response - and to choose which email template should be

28. Name three benefits of the cloud computing model.

29. Campaigns and opportunities have a _____________ relationship.

30. Where would you make changes in order to make default tabs visible?

31. Custom summary formula on report...

32. Create ads that display on search engines is possible in SFDC using...

33. When you configure search settings for your organization - the new value...

34. What is conditional highlighting for reports?

35. The system ___________ std lead fields to standard account - contact - and oppy fields.

36. Error on failed web to lead validation is...

37. Solutions are answers to customer problems or issues. They are used to resolve cases by associating them via related lists. From a case - search for a case or find a suggested solution - then select it to associate with a case.

38. The create new folder link will only be visible to users with which permission?

39. These reports are simple lists of records - and do not allow you to group results; they therefore cannot be used in dashboards.

40. What is the salesforce Console?

41. Show up to 2000 records in the record count display - Print up to 1000 records in print view

42. A workflow alert cannot be tracked...

43. You must create the business process before creating record types for each of these objects...

44. A role controls __________ that users have to an organization's data.

45. Newsletter Settings: To which email address does Salesforce CRM send an activation message?

46. The ____________ is a custom field that aggregates child record information in to the parent record.

47. History tracking can be performed on the following standard objects except...

48. A virtual storage that can be used to group on criteria such as skill requirements - product categories - customer types - or service levels is called a...

49. ____________ is available for custom fiscal years.

50. As an admin - you can schedule regular data imports...