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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. A person account is different from a business account because...

2. A custom summary formula cannot reference ____________ in an object.

3. A virtual storage that can be used to group on criteria such as skill requirements - product categories - customer types - or service levels is called a...

4. Which of these are inherited from objects on homepage in a console layout?

5. You can map a custom lead field...

6. How many roles can you create for your org?

7. A sales user wants to have edit access to opportunity but should not be able to import leads and should also be...

8. Inline editing updates the field when...

9. The data loader can load all objects - including custom objects - It generates...

10. While scheduling an email reports user specifies all except...

11. Partner Portal: Users login to the web portal rather than through the...

12. An account team can be added by all except...

13. List the type of case queues commonly used by call centers.

14. Deleting a lead from a campaign does not delete the lead itself - but it is no longer...

15. A company that uses custom fiscal year: A standard forecast option is unavailable. Administrator will have to...

16. Newsletter Settings: To which email address does Salesforce CRM send an activation message?

17. Workflow tasks may be assigned to a: User - Role - Record Owner - Record Creator - ________ - Account team

18. The user default login hours are 8-5. The user logs in at 4:30pm and logs out at 5:01pm. What happens?

19. What is the role of Primary Object when creating custom report types?

20. Use Web-to-Case to allow your customers to file cases directly from your corporate website.

21. Why do you create a web tab?

22. Custom summary formulas are...

23. History tracking can be performed on the following standard objects except...

24. Business process is available in following objects: _______________

25. You can import only ___________ per CSV file.

26. Standard User Permissions + can edit - approve - activate and delete contracts

27. If your org uses _____________ - the new account is evaluated by account assignment rules and may be assigned to one or more territories.

28. What is Salesforce?

29. What data can you export out of SFDC?

30. Who can import data for all users?

31. Case sharing rules - Lead sharing rules - Campaign sharing rules - Custom object sharing rules

32. Regarding a custom field formula: ______ character is the limit on the compiled size of the formula.

33. Rule to assign and route Cases Determine how cases are assigned to users or put into queues as they are created manually - using Web-to-Case - Email-to-Case - On-Demand Email-to-Case - the Self-Service portal - the Customer Portal - Outlook - or Lot

34. What is true about look up relationships?

35. Solutions are answers to customer problems or issues. They are used to resolve cases by associating them via related lists. From a case - search for a case or find a suggested solution - then select it to associate with a case.

36. Error on failed web to lead validation is...

37. We cannot create sharing rules on...

38. Name the standard applications in the list.

39. What is true about look up relationship?

40. Which report formats must be used to create dashboard components?

41. A custom lead field can be mapped to...

42. Users with which permission can install or uninstall AppExchange packages from the APpExchange?

43. The size limit for documents uploaded is...

44. What is true about managed packages?

45. Case queues are buckets into which cases are placed - either manually or using routing rules. Individual users - users associated with a role - or with a public group can be assigned to handle cases placed in a queue. These users can work the case.

46. You can modify the contents of a folder if the ______________ is set to read/write.

47. Marketing Users must also have the Marketing User profile (or the Import Leads permission in Enterprise Edition organizations).

48. Charts - Tables - Metrics - Gauge

49. List Dashboard component types

50. The owner has given you a manual sharing read - write rights on an opportunity. What all can you do with this right?