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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. If territory management is enabled for your organization and a lead is converted - how does it get assigned?

2. Determines how leads are automatically routed to user or queue - Contains rule entries - pre-defined business rules - that determine lead routing.

3. How many records of a custom object can a system admin import using the Salesforce Import Wizard?

4. A particular team needs to track individuals working on cases and the individual roles of the people working on cases/ Which is the best way to do it?

5. A person account is different from a business account because...

6. The size limit for documents uploaded is...

7. Can only view records

8. You can map a custom lead field...

9. According to Salesforce - console is not for occasional users of Salesforce. The console is best set up for users who view Salesforce for...

10. Field level security cannot be used to...

11. Users with which permission can install or uninstall AppExchange packages from the APpExchange?

12. It can manage campaigns - import leads - create letterheads - create HTML email templates - manage public documents - and update campaign history via the import wizards. Also has access to the same functionality as the Standard User.

13. You can map a single column from the csv file to...

14. Super User - Can customize and administer the application

15. Partner Portal: Users login to the web portal rather than through the...

16. Custom fiscal year works on a define once and...

17. If the data validation at web to lead form fails - who will get the error report?

18. You can create _____________ directly from the csv import file.

19. Newsletter Settings: To which email address does Salesforce CRM send an activation message?

20. You must create the business process before creating record types for each of these objects...

21. Types of relationships that can exist between objects

22. The org. wants to create a follow up task based on a field change. Which is the best way to do it?

23. Campaigns and opportunities have a _____________ relationship.

24. How do you specify the following in a formula field: the year of the custom date field(date_c) should be the current year?

25. When a case is deleted - following are deleted except

26. You can use conditional highlighting for which types of reports?

27. List the type of case queues commonly used by call centers.

28. Reports that must be used to create dashboard components.

29. To edit opportunity permission - where would you make the change?

30. It indicates whether or not a user has the right to create and manage campaigns including: Create/Edit/Delete campaigns - Delete an existing campaign - Update campaign statistics - Import leads into a campaign - Mass update the status for members of

31. Deleting a lead from a campaign does not delete the lead itself - but it is no longer...

32. Used to escalate a case if it has not been resolved within a specified period of time.

33. What is true about look up relationships?

34. What is the role of Primary Object when creating custom report types?

35. Can view - edit and delete their own records

36. A record of contact with customer support. A customer is reporting a problem or asking a question.

37. A lookup field relationship...

38. Author and the owner do not have the...

39. Name the standard applications in the list.

40. Give an example of a one-to many relationship between standard objects.

41. You can delete the _____________ that is on an oppy.

42. Custom summary formula on report...

43. The system ___________ std lead fields to standard account - contact - and oppy fields.

44. Available out of box - cannot be deleted (You can change the label name).

45. What data can you export out of SFDC?

46. During a lead import - you can choose to enable ___________ as part of the import.

47. May be used to group related cases - or to split one case into many different parts.

48. The owner has given you a manual sharing read - write rights on an opportunity. What all can you do with this right?

49. Name three settings on the Company Information page that administrators can edit.

50. When is it appropriate to use the Import Wizard vs. the Data Loader?