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1. What is true about look up relationships?

2. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) model

3. The administrator wants to track data over a period of time. Which graph would he use?

4. Which report formats must be used to create dashboard components?

5. A lead has been converted. Where can we find the campaigns associated with it?

6. Changing the data type of an existing custom field can cause data loss while changing to...

7. It is possible for a user to...

8. The user default login hours are 8-5. The user logs in at 4:30pm and logs out at 5:01pm. What happens?

9. Personal tags cannot...

10. Create ads that display on search engines is possible in SFDC using...

11. Can view - edit and delete their own records

12. Lead becomes an Account - Contact - and optionally an Opportunity. With Territory Management enabled - Account (Territory) Assignment Rules will fire - which may assign the new Account to a Territory (or possibly multiple Territories).

13. How do you specify the following in a formula field: the year of the custom date field(date_c) should be the current year?

14. A virtual storage that can be used to group on criteria such as skill requirements - product categories - customer types - or service levels is called a...

15. A role has a ________ relationship with users.

16. A lookup field relationship...

17. Solutions are answers to customer problems or issues. They are used to resolve cases by associating them via related lists. From a case - search for a case or find a suggested solution - then select it to associate with a case.

18. Dated exchange rates can be set in the time range of...

19. Users with which permission can install or uninstall AppExchange packages from the APpExchange?

20. Author and the owner do not have the...

21. Business process is available in following objects: _______________

22. How many Editions are there in SFDC?

23. Page Layout - Field level security - Record Types

24. Workflow task - Workflow outbound message - Workflow Field Updates - Workflow email alerts

25. If the lead has a record type - the default record type of the new owner is assigned to records created during...

26. What is the salesforce Console?

27. You must create the business process before creating record types for each of these objects...

28. The system ___________ std lead fields to standard account - contact - and oppy fields.

29. Workflow tasks may be assigned to a: User - Role - Record Owner - Record Creator - ________ - Account team

30. What can stop a scheduled report-dashboard run?

31. How many records of a custom object can a system admin import using the Salesforce Import Wizard?

32. In list view enhancements - users cannot export list results to...

33. Users can be restricted to view a particular field in views - searches - and reports by hiding the field at...

34. List the type of case queues commonly used by call centers.

35. According to Salesforce - console is not for occasional users of Salesforce. The console is best set up for users who view Salesforce for...

36. The org. wants to create a follow up task based on a field change. Which is the best way to do it?

37. Records in _____________ do not count against your organization's storage limits.

38. You can use conditional highlighting for which types of reports?

39. As a ________________ you can create page layout in the console and assign it to profiles.

40. Recycle bin houses deleted data for...

41. If the data validation at web to lead form fails - who will get the error report?

42. Newsletter Settings: To which email address does Salesforce CRM send an activation message?

43. It is possible for a user to...

44. Calendar and Task Activities are both...

45. Applications are built on which platform?

46. If your org uses _____________ - the new account is evaluated by account assignment rules and may be assigned to one or more territories.

47. How many lead assignment rules can be active at one time?

48. It indicates whether or not a user has the right to create and manage campaigns including: Create/Edit/Delete campaigns - Delete an existing campaign - Update campaign statistics - Import leads into a campaign - Mass update the status for members of

49. Conditional formatting is available for...

50. When is a custom object created?