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SAT Critical Reading Vocab

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. False - although seeming to be genuine

2. Of many kinds; having great variety

3. A performance using gestures and body movements without words

4. To make yourself responsible for sth

5. (disapproving) to be slow and unwilling to understand sth

6. A code that knights adopted in the late Middle Ages; requiring them to be brave - loyal and true to their word; they had to fight fairly in battle

7. To make sth happen or be produced

8. Not important or serious; not worth considering

9. Rage

10. Outstanding; greatest in importance or degree or significance or achievement

11. Something that encourage a process or activity

12. To take control of a country - region - etc - especially by force

13. Rule d and controlled by men

14. (man) to sing or play music to a woman of his love outside under the window

15. To limit the amount of sth that sb is allowed to have

16. To make an illness or a bad or unpleasant situation worse (=worsen)

17. Souvenir

18. Speed in doing sth - especially because you do not have enough time

19. A person who can't control himself to set fire on things

20. Unfriendly and aggressive

21. Too small; (of a person) hating to spend money

22. To make unpleasant sound

23. Additional information

24. Very sad

25. Unpleasant and not easy to accept

26. Cheerful and friendly

27. To try hard not to show your feelings

28. The stopping of sth; giving birth to baby by taking them out of the mother through a surgery

29. Money paid regularly to sb as wages

30. To talk sb into gently

31. A bad sense of something will happen

32. To make sth bigger - louder - stronger

33. Supply of bullets

34. (usually plural) a thing you must do as a formal or official part of a legal process - a social situation - etc - (usually singular) a thing - that you must do as part of an official progress - but which has little meaning and will not affect what ha

35. (informal) different from what most people expect

36. A fact or an event in nature or society - especially one that is not fully understand

37. To punish by officially kick sb out of a Christian Church

38. To make sth weaker

39. A mix of different things found together

40. To copy sth exactly

41. To make sth smaller or weak

42. (literary) to increase then decrease in strength - importance - etc. over a period of time

43. To spread information - knowledge - etc - so that it reaches many people

44. A collection of different things or different type of the same thing

45. A name used b y writer that is not real

46. Not seeming to be based on a reason - system or plan and sometimes seeming unfair

47. Hurried - especially when this has bad results

48. Extremely polite and full of respect - especially in an old-fashioned way

49. To establish sth very firmly so that it's very difficult to change

50. Not showing much emotion or interest; remaining always the same and not reacting or changing