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SAT Vocab Most Important Words

Subjects : sat, english, vocabulary
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Hinder; interfere with

2. Concerned only with what is on the surface or obvious; shallow

3. Goodwill between friends

4. (adj.) relatively unknown (v.) to conceal or make indistinct

5. Persistence

6. To make beautiful by ornamenting; to decorate

7. Copied or adapted from a source

8. Extremely or deliberately shocking or noticeable

9. A declaration or statement

10. Informative; contributing the one's awareness

11. A collection of literary pieces

12. Awareness; insight

13. A group organized by rank

14. Hateful; marked by deep seated ill-will

15. Of little importance or significance

16. A place of retreat or security

17. Wildly excited or active

18. Feeling or showing little emotion

19. Strikingly new or unusual

20. Condition of sticking together

21. Something that indicates what is to come; a forerunner

22. Having great depth or seriousness

23. Extreme ill will or spite

24. A crafty trick

25. Made; concocted in order to deceive

26. To hide by blending in with surroundings

27. The ability to speak vividly or persuasively

28. Unplanned; naturally occurring

29. Easily broken when subjected to pressure

30. Submissive; like a servant

31. Possessed at birth; inborn

32. Forceful; urgently demanding attention

33. Plentiful; having a large quantity

34. The philosophy or science of law

35. To grow or increase rapidly

36. An incorrect understanding or interpretation

37. Unimportant

38. Logically connected

39. Express grief for; mourn

40. Referring to the Middle Ages - old-fashioned

41. An authority who expresses his/her opinions

42. A large painting applied directly to a wall or ceiling surface

43. A widespread fire

44. To put up with to survive a hardship

45. Made up of a variety of sources or styles

46. Highly respected

47. An assortment or a mixture - especially of musical pieces

48. Shrewd; clever

49. Lacking sophistication

50. Courageous; fearless