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SAT Vocab Most Important Words

Subjects : sat, english, vocabulary
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1. Characteristic of an earlier period; old-fashioned

2. Submissive; like a servant

3. (v.) to make an itemized list of

4. (adj.) characterized by the telling of a story (n.) a story

5. Logical; motivated by reason rather than feeling

6. Possessing careful attention to detail; difficult to please

7. An unusual - observable event

8. Not genuine; false - counterfeit

9. Lacking application or practical application

10. Hateful; marked by deep seated ill-will

11. Combative; belligerent

12. General agreement

13. A clever trick used to deceive or outwit

14. Friendly; sincere

15. To grow or increase rapidly

16. Laziness; inactivity; dullness

17. Exercising good judgment or common sense

18. Forceful; urgently demanding attention

19. Imposed as a duty; obligatory

20. Introducing something new

21. (n.) an economic or military measure put in place to punish another country

22. Hatefully evil; abominable

23. Clearness in thought or expression

24. Mutual hatred or ill-will

25. A place of retreat or security

26. The ability to speak vividly or persuasively

27. Of little importance or significance

28. Not caring one way or the other

29. Expressing remorse for one's misdeeds

30. Extremely dull

31. A brilliantly executed plan

32. Express grief for; mourn

33. One who designs or makes maps

34. Describing a dry - rainless climate

35. Plentiful; having a large quantity

36. Misconduct or wrongdoing - especially by a public official

37. Coming into existence; emerging

38. A crafty trick

39. Treating in a condescending manner

40. The practice of pretending to be something one is not; insincerity

41. Having no useful purpose; pointless

42. The power of knowing things without thinking; sharp insight

43. A judge who decides a disputed issue

44. Well-meaning; generous

45. A large painting applied directly to a wall or ceiling surface

46. Easy-going; friendly

47. Describing a category of artistic endeavor

48. To restrain; to hold back

49. Intended to instruct

50. To hide by blending in with surroundings