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SAT Vocab Most Important Words

Subjects : sat, english, vocabulary
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1. Difficult to capture - as in something actually fleeting

2. A crafty trick

3. An ungrateful person

4. Characteristic of an earlier period; old-fashioned

5. Hard-working

6. Extremely or deliberately shocking or noticeable

7. Producing a deep or full sound

8. A judge who decides a disputed issue

9. Describing a category of artistic endeavor

10. (n.) an economic or military measure put in place to punish another country

11. Passing away with time; passing from one place to another

12. Awareness; insight

13. Hatefully evil; abominable

14. An artistic work that imitates the style of another work for comic effect

15. A union of two or more groups

16. Energy; power to survive

17. A fixed or strong belief

18. An example or model

19. Inborn; built-in

20. (adj.) softening and soothing (n.) something that softens or soothes

21. No longer in use; old-fashioned

22. Rotten

23. Highly respected

24. Extreme ill will or spite

25. Worthy of blame

26. The ability to form or understand an idea

27. Hateful; marked by deep seated ill-will

28. Subdued; kept from being circulated

29. Arrogant; vainly proud

30. One with an amateurish or superficial understanding of a field of knowledge

31. Without decoration; strict

32. The act of passing off the ideas or writing of another as one's own

33. Uninteresting; unchallenging

34. To avoid making a definite statement

35. Supported with proof or evidence; verified

36. False charges and malicious oral statements about someone

37. Trustworthiness; completeness

38. Lacking sophistication

39. Easily broken when subjected to pressure

40. To grow or increase rapidly

41. Exhibiting a display of great wealth

42. (adj.) relatively unknown (v.) to conceal or make indistinct

43. Not straightforward; crafty

44. The art of using language effectively and persuasively

45. Extremely careful and precise

46. Timid; fearful about the future

47. Concerned only with what is on the surface or obvious; shallow

48. One who is independent and resists adherence to a group

49. Extremely dull

50. Extra; unnecessary