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SAT Vocab Most Important Words

Subjects : sat, english, vocabulary
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1. Of chief concern or importance

2. Lacking sophistication

3. Coming into existence; emerging

4. Extremely dull

5. Strikingly new or unusual

6. One with an amateurish or superficial understanding of a field of knowledge

7. Commendable; worthy of imitation

8. Feeling or showing little emotion

9. Poisonous

10. Verbal expression or exchange; conversation

11. Combative; belligerent

12. Well-meaning; generous

13. The art of using language effectively and persuasively

14. Quiet or humble in manner or appearance

15. Dine by secretive means

16. A state of uncertainty or perplexity

17. A beginner

18. A union of two or more groups

19. Calm

20. Rudely abrupt

21. Given freely; unearned; unwarranted

22. Describing words or phrases that belittle or speak negatively of someone

23. Easily shaped or formed; easily influenced

24. Describing a large amount of something

25. Having to do with the appreciation of beauty

26. To express strong disapproval of; denounce

27. Energy; power to survive

28. Referring to the Middle Ages - old-fashioned

29. Anxiety or fear about the future

30. Describing a showy or pretentious display

31. Of little importance or significance

32. A brilliantly executed plan

33. A feeling about the future

34. Having little substance or strength; shaky; unsure - weak

35. Extra; unnecessary

36. Secretive

37. Arrogant; vainly proud

38. Hard-working

39. Persistence

40. Not straightforward; crafty

41. Intended to instruct

42. The act of making something useful again

43. (n.) contempt - scorn (v.) to regard or treat with contempt; to look down on

44. Freed from blame

45. Not migratory; settled

46. Artistic representation that aims for visual accuracy

47. Arrogantly domineering or overbearing

48. (n.) an economic or military measure put in place to punish another country

49. Rotten

50. Sincerity; openness