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SAT Vocab Most Important Words

Subjects : sat, english, vocabulary
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1. The power of knowing things without thinking; sharp insight

2. A selected part of a passage or scene

3. Rotten

4. Timid; fearful about the future

5. Informative; contributing the one's awareness

6. Current - modern; from the same time

7. Concerned only with what is on the surface or obvious; shallow

8. A clever trick used to deceive or outwit

9. Not straightforward; crafty

10. Freed from blame

11. Strikingly new or unusual

12. Anxiety or fear about the future

13. Cunning

14. Quiet or humble in manner or appearance

15. Rudely abrupt

16. Equipment; a group of machines

17. Easily understood; clear

18. The philosophy or science of law

19. Highly respected

20. Without decoration; strict

21. An example or model

22. Stubbornly adhering to insufficiently proved beliefs

23. To hide by blending in with surroundings

24. Of or occurring in the night

25. Not migratory; settled

26. Difficult to capture - as in something actually fleeting

27. An assortment or a mixture - especially of musical pieces

28. Treating people as weak or inferior

29. False charges and malicious oral statements about someone

30. Point of view

31. Conspicuously bad or offensive

32. The practice of pretending to be something one is not; insincerity

33. Inequality in age - rank - or degree; difference

34. Expressing remorse for one's misdeeds

35. Courageous; fearless

36. Referring to the Middle Ages - old-fashioned

37. Spread or flowing throughout

38. Extreme ill will or spite

39. Open to more than one interpretation

40. To put up with to survive a hardship

41. Possessed at birth; inborn

42. A brilliantly executed plan

43. The quality of being calm and even-tempered; composure

44. Done or achieved with little effort; easy

45. Easily shaped or formed; easily influenced

46. Unimportant

47. A tremendously skilled artist

48. One who is independent and resists adherence to a group

49. Habitually late

50. Describing a category of artistic endeavor