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SAT Vocab Most Important Words

Subjects : sat, english, vocabulary
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1. Awareness; insight

2. Imposed as a duty; obligatory

3. Easily shaped or formed; easily influenced

4. Quarrelsome; unruly

5. Difficult to comprehend

6. Informative; contributing the one's awareness

7. Mutual hatred or ill-will

8. Not migratory; settled

9. Plentiful; having a large quantity

10. Extra; unnecessary

11. Exercising good judgment or common sense

12. The act of suggesting or hinting

13. The act of making something useful again

14. Difficult to capture - as in something actually fleeting

15. Copied or adapted from a source

16. To free from guilt or blame

17. A clever trick used to deceive or outwit

18. Given freely; unearned; unwarranted

19. Not in favor of one side or the other - unbiased

20. A crafty trick

21. Determined by impulse rather than reason

22. Exercising absolute power; tyrannical

23. Impulsive and unpredictable

24. Appropriateness of behavior

25. Dine by secretive means

26. Exhibiting a display of great wealth

27. Developed or learned; not naturally occurring

28. Stubbornly adhering to an opinion or course of action

29. Long established; deep-rooted; habitual

30. Feeling or showing little emotion

31. All-powerful

32. Not straightforward; crafty

33. Of or occurring in the night

34. Concerned only with what is on the surface or obvious; shallow

35. The philosophy or science of law

36. Describing flowery or elaborate speech

37. Producing a deep or full sound

38. Open to more than one interpretation

39. Current - modern; from the same time

40. To calm or soothe

41. A widespread fire

42. Spread or flowing throughout

43. Elaborately decorated

44. Referring to the Middle Ages - old-fashioned

45. The state or quality of being average; of moderate to low quality

46. Hatefully evil; abominable

47. Profoundly moving; touching

48. Giving praise

49. Treating in a condescending manner

50. Proper; marked by good taste