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SAT Vocab Multiple Meanings

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. A stereotypical or formulaic character. i don't remember her name beacause she was just a stock character in the play.

2. (n. - v.) - A factory where money is produced / To produce money also excellent condition Mint produced pennies. When they are minted - they are in mint condition.

3. -pompous - self-important. He believes he is consequential because he donated money to the school fund.

4. (v.) - To complain about or denounce bitterly

5. Exacting - fastidious - very precise. The reason the watch maker could command such high prices is because his work is so nice.

6. The supporting structural cross-part of a wing. Guitars have struts across the neck.

7. To reduce quality or value of something. If you defrost and refreeze the meat you will compromise the quality.

8. Overshadow; surpass. The younger brother - Tim - eclipsed his sister as timed relays.

9. A group of trees. Please put the new bench in front of the stand of pine trees.

10. General acceptance . The banning of handguns gained currency after the movie theater shooting spree.

11. Sarcastic - impertinent. He was sent to the principal's office for being flip in Miss Gerry's class.

12. Majestic - venerable. Albert Bierstadt painted august mountains.

13. (n. - adj.) - Artificial or pretentious behavior. The trouble with Jill is that her behavior is so affected that it is impossible to determine her real personality

14. (v.) - To insult - put down . Every word she said was meant as a slight and the whole class recognized her hostility.

15. Exceptional - unusual - odd.She was singular in her gymnasts talent. She was singular in her Gothic taste.

16. (v.) - To attempt to get recognition or applause (e.g. to milk an audience) The young singer stayed on stage after the applause died down hoping to milk more even more recognition from the audience.

17. (v.) - To cut short. He cropped his jeans so he he could wade into the water and not have wet pants around his ankles

18. (v.) - To complain After awhile her carping became very irritating because she never said anything positive about the school.

19. (n.) - A dissolute man - womanizer. Do not go out with Bill - he's a rake and can't be trusted.

20. To become weak; to lose interest. After the long battle the soldiers were flagged.

21. (v.) - To regulate - control. Who is going to police the dark alley to make sure it is safe for the young children who pass by every day.

22. A perfect example Sam was the personification of bravery.

23. (v.) - To elaborate or exaggerate. Every story Mike tells is so embroidered - that it is impossible to understand exactly what really is true.

24. To suspend; to engage; holding one's attention. I am afraid my brother is case of arrested development. Her beauty was arresting. His Chaucer lecture was arresting.

25. To lose courage - turn frightened. The chimpanzee was quailed by the alpha male in the group.

26. To attempt to gain the favor or support of a person or group - The politician courted support for the new bill he wanted to pass -

27. To move heavily and clumsily. Hagrid lumbered back to his shack.

28. To wade across the shallow part of a river or stream. Climb every mountain; ford every stream--are words from the Sound of Music

29. (v) - To shock or stun. I was floored by his unexpected bouquet of flowers

30. To successfully travel through. He negotiated the sharp turn very poorly.

31. (n.) - The physical character - health of a body. I am very lucky because I have a very healthy constitution - so have never missed a day of school.

32. Wit - joker. I love having dinner with your cousin; he's such a wag.

33. (v.) - To proclaim enthusiastically. Harry was hailed as the greatest lacrosse player Hackley has ever seen.

34. Fitting - proper.It is altogether meet that Jackie Robinson is in the baseball hall of fame

35. To equivocate or change one's position. You can't count on Jane: she always waffles at the last moment

36. Elevation of a land surface. The globe we have had all the mountain ranges in relief. Remember bas relief?

37. (v.) - To believe in. I subscribe to the 'less is more' theory of dressing so I usually do not wear jewelry

38. Courage - spunk - fortitude. Despite hard times - James had amazing pluck.

39. A result or outcome of an action. The seniors' prank precipitated a ban on all future senior pranks.

40. (n.) - A fundamental (e.g. staple crop)

41. Sharply perceptive; keen; penetrating. For some reason very librarian our school has ever ever hired has been trenchant.

42. To lose vigor (as through grief). After her husband died - Mrs. Deary pined for weeks.

43. (v.) - To join two things together The wellness club and the athletic department were bridged my their mutual interest in having Hackley serve healthy food.

44. An arrogant attitude. George took a cavalier attitude towards smoking in the men's room.

45. Official approval or disapproval of an action. Mrs' Gerring sanctioned ipod but only for studying vocabulary

46. (v.) - To question intensively . The criminal was grilled for hours by the police

47. To attempt to gain the favor of. Right now our President is courting voters.

48. (v.) - To modify or soften the severity of a statement

49. To test or try; attempt; experiment. Dr. Ying has us essay several compounds in Chemistry class today.

50. To sap or droop; to become spiritless. I am sorry to be flagging but I am suffering from jet lag.