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SAT Vocab Multiple Meanings

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Soften or moderate Although he was disappointed - my dad tempered his words with a slight smile.

2. Courage - spunk - fortitude. Despite hard times - James had amazing pluck.

3. A perfect example Sam was the personification of bravery.

4. To pry - to press - or force with a lever; something taken by force - He prized the locked door until the door jam gave way.

5. (adj.) - Unfamiliar - foreign The new schedule was so alien to me that I kept showing up at the wrong time for about a week.

6. (adj.) - Serious Pleas recognize the gravity of the situation and refrain from laughing.

7. To lose vigor (as through grief). After her husband died - Mrs. Deary pined for weeks.

8. General acceptance . The banning of handguns gained currency after the movie theater shooting spree.

9. (v.) - To rummage around - search

10. (adj.) - Simple - unadorned. It was a small modest home but they wee happy to have their own place.

11. To tear or torn; an opening or tear. There was a rent in his uniform jacket from the barbed wire fence -

12. A serious situation or problem. Joe did not apprear to recognize the gravity of the situation

13. (v.) - To believe in. I subscribe to the 'less is more' theory of dressing so I usually do not wear jewelry

14. (v.) - To move slowly and awkwardly. The old man lumbered down the lane

15. (v) - To shock or stun

16. To move heavily and clumsily. Hagrid lumbered back to his shack.

17. A rope - cord or cable attached as a brace or guide. The guy helped secure the mast.

18. Sharply perceptive; keen; penetrating. For some reason very librarian our school has ever ever hired has been trenchant.

19. To take for one's own use; confiscate. Harry appropriated the candy supply for himself.

20. To demand - call for - require - take. Our English teachers demands were exacting. The pressure of public speaking exacted a tremendous amount of vitality from George VI.

21. To lose courage - turn frightened. The chimpanzee was quailed by the alpha male in the group.

22. To soften; moderate. Mr. King - after forbidding students to wear shirst with scenes of violence tempered his remarks by saying that they did not apply to boys who never wore hoodies or shirts with offensive militaristic designs to school

23. To enervate or weaken the vitality of. A sunny day at the beach saps all the energy out of me.

24. (n. - adj.) - Artificial or pretentious behavior. The trouble with Jill is that her behavior is so affected that it is impossible to determine her real personality

25. (v.) - To complain After awhile her carping became very irritating because she never said anything positive about the school.

26. To successfully travel through. We negotiated our way through the narrow street in Chainatown

27. A strong tendency. Annie has a bent for Chemistry.

28. -pompous - self-important. He believes he is consequential because he donated money to the school fund.

29. (v.) - To cut short. He cropped his jeans so he he could wade into the water and not have wet pants around his ankles

30. (n.) - The physical character - health of a body. I am very lucky because I have a very healthy constitution - so have never missed a day of school.

31. To diminish the intensity or check the vibration of sound.

32. (v.) - To withstand . The new stone house sustained to high gustly wind.

33. An arrogant attitude. George took a cavalier attitude towards smoking in the men's room.

34. Exacting - fastidious - very precise. The reason the watch maker could command such high prices is because his work is so nice.

35. Majestic - venerable. Albert Bierstadt painted august mountains.

36. (n.) - A fundamental (e.g. staple crop)

37. A stereotypical or formulaic character. i don't remember her name beacause she was just a stock character in the play.

38. Hidden - concealed - beyond comprehension. John Lofter was well regarded because his evil intentions were occult.

39. To complain about bitterly. He railed against the new regulations.

40. (v.) - To give in - acquiesce Eventually - Mimi caved in and let the girls wear eye makeup

41. To bring up - announce - begin to talk about. Many parents are afraid to broach the subject of colleges with their kids

42. (v.) - To modify or soften the severity of a statement

43. (n.) - A liking or talent for (syn: predilection - proclivity - penchant). The SAT really likes this one

44. To saturate or completely soak - as in to let a tea bag steep. Allow the tea to steep for at least five minutes -

45. Wit - joker. I love having dinner with your cousin; he's such a wag.

46. To co-mingle - to debase by mirroring with something inferior. I am afraid the bowl is made of an alloy - not sterling as we thought.

47. A tool used for shaping. My father used a die to shape the replacement spindle for our stair railing.

48. To equivocate or change one's position. You can't count on Jane: she always waffles at the last moment

49. (v.) - To put a stop to. With a tourniquet she was able to stem the flow of blood

50. The supporting structural cross-part of a wing. Guitars have struts across the neck.