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SAT Vocab Multiple Meanings

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. To tolerate - endure - countenance. I can brook many of his silly habits but loud gum chewing is intolerable

2. To move heavily and clumsily. Hagrid lumbered back to his shack.

3. Multicolored - usually in blotches. His face was pied from exposure to poison ivy

4. Selective or refined taste. Nina had discriminating taste

5. (v) - To shock or stun

6. Soften or moderate Although he was disappointed - my dad tempered his words with a slight smile.

7. Inhumanely cruel. Attila the Hun was probably the most fell of all rulers.

8. To complain or grumble. Stop grousing and just come with us.

9. (adj.) - Indirect - vague . After a while I tired of her elliptical hints and asked her directly what she wanted from me.

10. A result or outcome of an action. The seniors' prank precipitated a ban on all future senior pranks.

11. To remove (as a parliamentary motion) from consideration - let's table the discussion on cafeteria lunch and go for a nice walk instead.

12. To wade across the shallow part of a river or stream. Climb every mountain; ford every stream--are words from the Sound of Music

13. To soften; moderate. Mr. King - after forbidding students to wear shirst with scenes of violence tempered his remarks by saying that they did not apply to boys who never wore hoodies or shirts with offensive militaristic designs to school

14. Hidden - concealed - beyond comprehension. John Lofter was well regarded because his evil intentions were occult.

15. (adj.) - Simple - undecorated

16. To bring up - announce - begin to talk about. Many parents are afraid to broach the subject of colleges with their kids

17. (n.) - The physical character - health of a body. I am very lucky because I have a very healthy constitution - so have never missed a day of school.

18. (n.) - A dissolute man - womanizer. Do not go out with Bill - he's a rake and can't be trusted.

19. (n. - v.) - A factory where money is produced / To produce money also excellent condition Mint produced pennies. When they are minted - they are in mint condition.

20. (v.) - To believe in. I subscribe to the 'less is more' theory of dressing so I usually do not wear jewelry

21. To co-mingle - to debase by mirroring with something inferior. I am afraid the bowl is made of an alloy - not sterling as we thought.

22. Sarcastic - impertinent. He was sent to the principal's office for being flip in Miss Gerry's class.

23. (adj.) - Austere - rigid. She wore her hair in a severe bun and she dressed is a severe black - high necked dress.

24. To suspend; to engage; holding one's attention. I am afraid my brother is case of arrested development. Her beauty was arresting. His Chaucer lecture was arresting.

25. A strong tendency. Annie has a bent for Chemistry.

26. (adj.) - Serious Pleas recognize the gravity of the situation and refrain from laughing.

27. To pronounce or speak affectedly; to speak too carefully. Don't mince word; say what you mean.

28. Contemptible; despicable. I find his behavior to be scurvy.

29. Elevation of a land surface. The globe we have had all the mountain ranges in relief. Remember bas relief?

30. To complain about bitterly. He railed against the new regulations.

31. The supporting structural cross-part of a wing. Guitars have struts across the neck.

32. A perfect example Sam was the personification of bravery.

33. (n. - adj.) - Artificial or pretentious behavior. The trouble with Jill is that her behavior is so affected that it is impossible to determine her real personality

34. (n.) - A fundamental (e.g. staple crop)

35. (adj.) - Simple - unadorned. It was a small modest home but they wee happy to have their own place.

36. An arrogant attitude. George took a cavalier attitude towards smoking in the men's room.

37. To diminish the intensity or check the vibration of sound.

38. To successfully travel through. We negotiated our way through the narrow street in Chainatown

39. To sap or droop; to become spiritless. I am sorry to be flagging but I am suffering from jet lag.

40. (n.) - A liking or talent for (syn: predilection - proclivity - penchant). The SAT really likes this one

41. To take for one's own use; confiscate. Harry appropriated the candy supply for himself.

42. (v.) - To withstand . The new stone house sustained to high gustly wind.

43. A serious situation or problem. Joe did not apprear to recognize the gravity of the situation

44. (n.) - To read over or study with great attention. Fran pored over the yearbook hoping to find himself in many pictures.

45. To reduce quality or value of something. If you defrost and refreeze the meat you will compromise the quality.

46. (v.) - To put a stop to. With a tourniquet she was able to stem the flow of blood

47. A group of trees. Please put the new bench in front of the stand of pine trees.

48. (v.) - To modify or soften the severity of a statement

49. (v.) - To proclaim enthusiastically. Harry was hailed as the greatest lacrosse player Hackley has ever seen.

50. Fitting - proper.It is altogether meet that Jackie Robinson is in the baseball hall of fame