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Show Production Basics

Subject : performing-arts
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1. Usually located in the rear of the house or in the balcony; Houses technicians who complete any music or sound effects

2. Developed first microphone; Telephone transmitter invented for Alexander Graham Bell in 1876; Patented the first flat disc gramophone

3. Device used to compensate for undesired sound system characteristics or room acoustics

4. Final stage of protection; Protects each frequency band from overload

5. Created the audion tube which amplified weak radio signals thus making modern electronics possible

6. Meyer Sound; The first self-powered - high-level sound reinforcement loudspeaker (1240 watts)

7. From the FOH; Covers audience members seated behind the stage

8. Major loss in dB

9. Shop Technician --> System Technician --> System Engineer --> Band Engineer

10. False

11. Mixing console used in course of instruction; 40 channels; 8 Subgroups; 8 AUX Sends; 4 Matrix Outputs; Input sections on right and left and master section in middle

12. Typically contains 4 amplifiers on average (Max = 6);

13. System for the artists; Each band member receives their own personal mix; Up to 24 individual mixes for 1 engineer to manage

14. Mixes for the audience

15. 1st portable public P/A system used by Knute Rockne of Notre Dame for coaching the football team from a tower

16. Hired by the artist; Negotiates salary with and mixes the artist

17. Contains fan outputs from stage - fan outs from effects - and fan outs to drive racks; Interface can stay plugged into console jacks

18. The standard in live sound reinforcement for both digital and analog shows

19. From the FOH; Used in addition or instead of an apron fill to cover audience members seated under or below the FOH speaker clusters

20. Polar Patterns; Sensitivity of Microphones; Placement of Microphones ~ The goal is to decrease ambient noise and only amplify the desired signal

21. In live performance this is the reference mix that the engineer uses; In studio recording it is the mix in the artist's headphones; One of the engineer's most valuable tools; Post outboard EQ and Mix Master Faders

22. Rusty Brutsch

23. Could be in a bass trap or a dead zone at the mix position

24. FOH sound engineers for Woodstock; Used JBL/Altec cabinets - Crown/Macintosh amplifiers - and custom Hanley consoles

25. Hired by the artist; Negotiates salary with and mixes the artist

26. Monitors kept near the FOH engineer so proper mixing can be done during the live performance

27. From the Monitor Desk; Cover artists from speaker locations on the sides of the stage; Usually tri-amped systems; Stereo bus designed to manage these - but Mix SENDS can also be utilized

28. Microphones -> Mic Cables -> Subsnakes -> Splitter -> Monitor Fanout -> Console -> EQ Rack (Mix Inserts) -> EQ -> Console -> Mix Outs -> Amp Racks -> Multiple Monitor Wedges

29. Splitter Box; Main Snake; Fan Outs

30. True

31. Best to keep drive and effects racks separate to avoid confusion

32. FOH

33. From the FOH; Used to cover audience members located beyond the coverage of the front of house sound systems; Speaker system's signal is delayed to let the sound from FOH speaker systems catch up

34. Real Time Analyzer; Wired at the CUE OUTS

35. Responsible for the line array technology boom; Developed the L-ACOUSTICS V-DOSC system in 1993

36. (1953) - 1st wireless microphone available to the public developed by Shure

37. EQ -> Limiter -> Crossover

38. Microphones -> Mic Cables -> Subsnakes -> Splitter -> House Main Snake (Fanout/Console/FX Rack/ Drive Rack/Return Lines (Fanout) -> Main Snake -> Splitter -> Drive Lines -> Amp Racks -> Speaker Cabinets

39. Can quickly change gain in response to many different detectors looking at same signal; Used in really tough situations where u want strict control over level and dynamics

40. A mixer within a mixer that usually controls additional speaker systems

41. Founded in 1967 in Lititz - PA and had accounts with Elvis Presley - Elton John - Yes - Fleetwood Mac - KISS - Queen - and The Moody Blues

42. Masks with acoustic horns in the design; High-soled shoes to help with projection; Reflective acoustic shells designed into staging; Stadium stye seating for patrons; Jars filled with different layers of ash used for sound absorption and diffusion

43. Usually colored red and lettered; Gender reversed from the channels; Allow for sending of any signal from the console areas back to the splitter box; Final mix from the console is the first priority; Optional and must be specified; If splitter does n

44. Stage area to the rear of stage performers that is furthest away from the audience

45. From the FOH; Covers audience members seated very close to the stage that will not be covered by direct sound from the FOH speaker system

46. Usualluy always RED; Numbered; Used for return signal and communication

47. Radial horn with vanes placed in the mouth of the horn for the stated purpose of pattern control

48. Too far away inside the sound will be diffused

49. FOH sound engineers for Woodstock; Used JBL/Altec cabinets - Crown/Macintosh amplifiers - and custom Hanley consoles

50. Large format live console for show production and sound reinforcement