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Show Production Basics

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1. 20 Hz - 100 Hz

2. Best to keep drive and effects racks separate to avoid confusion

3. Located in Windsor - England; Fleetwood Mac used 1000 watts of pure Hi-Fi power here for the first time

4. False

5. False

6. Covers a room from a single line of speakers over the rest of the venue saving time and labor costs; Multiple speakers hung together - either vertically or horizontally - so that they can act as one huge speaker


8. Used for cleaning up the stage area; Not considered part of the snake system; Can be used as a snake for a small system

9. Radial horn with vanes placed in the mouth of the horn for the stated purpose of pattern control

10. Rusty Brutsch

11. Large format live console for show production and sound reinforcement

12. Developed the first live console for the Grateful Dead after their sound engineer was detained by the FBI; Rebuilt Langevin recording console

13. Feedback eliminated - stage volume reduced - and 'roaming' problems decreased

14. Vacuum tube that improved and amplified weak wireless signals

15. 20 Hz - 100 Hz

16. Too far away inside the sound will be diffused

17. The standard in live sound reinforcement for both digital and analog shows

18. Works in house at live music venues to maintain audio systems; Generally entry-level positions; Most begin working monitors; May or may not get to mix for opening artists

19. Line of sight to the speakers is necessary (false sense of high frequencies if not directly in front of speakers); Optimum = Center or just off center of the main floor with a good distance for imaging and where the entire system can be heard

20. From the Monitor Desk; Cover artists from speaker locations on the sides of the stage; Usually tri-amped systems; Stereo bus designed to manage these - but Mix SENDS can also be utilized

21. True

22. Masks with acoustic horns in the design; High-soled shoes to help with projection; Reflective acoustic shells designed into staging; Stadium stye seating for patrons; Jars filled with different layers of ash used for sound absorption and diffusion

23. EQ -> Limiter -> Crossover

24. Setting the levels to get the best signal transfer through a console; Always start with the stereo bus - channel and monitor faders set to 0dB (Unity Gain) then adjust preamp for initial volume

25. False

26. Package tours and the Motown Era created the need for these in the 1950's

27. In charge of scheduling (spaces - rehearsals - and production meetings) and coordinating stage managers for the productions

28. Best to keep drive and effects racks separate to avoid confusion

29. Microphones -> Mic Cables -> Subsnakes -> Splitter -> House Main Snake (Fanout/Console/FX Rack/ Drive Rack/Return Lines (Fanout) -> Main Snake -> Splitter -> Drive Lines -> Amp Racks -> Speaker Cabinets

30. Hired by the sound company or venue and paid salary; Set-up and maintain FOH system and often mix opening artists; Responsible for set-up - teardown - and maintenance of systems

31. Optimum = Somewhere in the middle of the floor

32. Developed the first live console for the Grateful Dead after their sound engineer was detained by the FBI; Rebuilt Langevin recording console

33. Responsible for the line array technology boom; Developed the L-ACOUSTICS V-DOSC system in 1993

34. Used to mount speakers for 'flying sound'; Contains a basket - shackle - stinger - chain hook - chain - motor - motor hook - spansets and truss

35. Presidential Republican Convention (Chicago - IL)

36. False

37. large cable that hooks up to these mass connectors and carries the audio from the splitter box back to the House console area

38. Latin word meaning 'a place of hearing'

39. Console; Assignments; VCA; Subgroups; Mutegroups; FX; Setting Up Units; Assigning AUX; Double-Checking of Dynamic Patches; EQ; Mic Placement

40. Contains fan outputs from stage - fan outs from effects - and fan outs to drive racks; Interface can stay plugged into console jacks

41. Put all instruments in the mix and fine tune later

42. 1st to use a foldback monitor system at the San Francisco Civic Auditorium in 1961

43. Presidential Republican Convention (Chicago - IL)

44. True

45. Developed by George Lucas and Thomlinson Holman; Debuted with the film 'Return of the Jedi'; Proprietary electronic crossover network and rigorous audio equipment specifications and performance standards

46. Wired to the Mix Inserts which are commonly used for gates - compression - reverb - and EQ

47. False

48. When the volume over the headphones is affected by the channel fader; Generally more useful on a single channel; Common for an AUX OUT to be added to this mix so the engineer can listen to the signal being sent to that aux

49. Time; Acoustics; Microphones & Placement; Stage Volume; Condition & Level of Gear

50. FOH