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TAKS 10th Grade Social Studies

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1. The principle or system of vesiting in separte branches the excuitve - legislatvie - and judical powers of a government

2. Was a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine to convice colonists that it was time to become independent from Britian

3. Former slave who became the best know black abolitionsit in the country 'north star'

4. Published the Liberator; abolished Slavery

5. An ecomny where buisness compete for business in an open market - with little governmnet interfernce

6. A type of government in which its functions and powers are prescribed - limited - and restricted by law

7. Citizens individually choose their representatives in a legislature

8. Is the refusal to obey a government laws or law as a means of passive resistance becasue of one's moral convicition of belief

9. Material before being processed or manufactured into a final form (oil - iron)

10. Led to the Boston Tea Party

11. Forbidden colonist to settle west of the Appalachian Moutians

12. An economy that operates by voluntary echange in a free market and is not planned or contorlled by a central aauthority; a capitalisc economy

13. Changing iron into steal

14. The turing point of the Civil War for the North - Confederate troops were forced to retreat and never invaded the North again

15. An act of the Second Continental Congress - adopted on July 4 - 1776 - which declared that the Thirteen Colonies in North America were 'Free and Independent States' and that 'all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain - is a

16. King of England during the American Revolution - taxed the colines refused the Olive Branch Petition leading to the final break with the colonies

17. States that people have rights toher than those mentioned in the Constitution

18. Mexico sold all of California and New mexico to the US

19. The amount of births ina country druing a specific period

20. Widespread hunger within a given region

21. Moving from one place to antoher

22. The measure of ability to accomplish a job with a minimum exenditure of time and effort

23. Series of essays written by James Madison - John Jay - Alexander Hamilton - defending the Consituion and the principles on which the government of the United States was founded

24. Seneca Falls Convention creating the Women's Rights movement in the US

25. Purchased the Louisana Territory from Fracne in 1803. The untied States paid 15 million and it double the size of the U.S.

26. A country or state that is surrouded by land on all sides

27. Robert Fulton

28. Women's rights organizer

29. Relationships that exsits between governments

30. When a public official (a president or Supreme Court Justice) is brought to trail for crimes committed in office

31. Congres shall make no law restricing freddom of speech - religion - press assembly and petition

32. John Deere

33. A term for cows - horses - and other cattle

34. Leader of the original democratic party and a 'president of the pople' he was also responsbible for the Trail of Tears - which forced Native Americans west of the Mississippi River

35. Things that you own

36. Having to do with business

37. The first permanent English settlement was founded in 1607

38. An agreement singed in 1620 b the Pilgrims in Playmouth - to consult each other baout laws for the colony and a promise to work together to make it succeed. Postive step towards self - rule.

39. Is the right of the Supreme Court to judge laws passd by COngress and determine wheaterh they are consitutial or not

40. Passionate patriot who became fomous for his fiery speeches in favor of American Independence his most famous quote included the worlds 'give me liberty or give me Death.'

41. Abraham Lincoln issued this on January 1 - 1863 seeting all slaves in the Confederate states Free

42. A economy where enough is grown hunted and crafted to provide for the basic needs of the people

43. The Supreme Court decision that rulled that the consitution gave contorl of interstate comerce to the U.S. congress not the individual states trhough whih a route passed

44. The legal prohibition and ending of slavery

45. Body of citizens enrolled for miliatry service - and called out periodically for drill but serving full time only in emergencies

46. Is a tax on goods brought into a country

47. Guarantees the right of states to organize millias or armies and the right of indivudlas to bear arms

48. Massachusetts Congressman and senator who spoke for the Norhta nd the preservation of the Union

49. Not allowed

50. A state of great comotion - confusion - of disturbance