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TAKS 10th Grade Social Studies

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1. Means to improve by vote

2. Passionate patriot who became fomous for his fiery speeches in favor of American Independence his most famous quote included the worlds 'give me liberty or give me Death.'

3. Guarantees citizenship and righst to all poeple born or antrualized in the US

4. Is the first ten amednments of the Constituion and detail the protection of individual liberties

5. Stressed three dnagers facing the nation. The first related to the rise of polictical parties. Written by George Washington

6. Series of essays written by James Madison - John Jay - Alexander Hamilton - defending the Consituion and the principles on which the government of the United States was founded

7. A succesful - floursihing or thriving condition

8. The prodcution for sale - of goods at home

9. Administration charcterized by exessive red tape (steps to you have to go throuh to get a destired result) and rountine

10. A term for cows - horses - and other cattle

11. Established a system of setting up governments in the western territories so they could eventually join the UNion. its consitution had to provide for a representative governemnt and ithad to prohibit slavery

12. The Supreme Court decision that said saves were property and not citizens

13. The constitutional amendment designed to protect individuals accused of crimes. It includes the right to counsel - the right to confront witnesses - and the right to a speedy and public trial.

14. Wre people who opposed to the constituion preferring more power to be given to the state governments than to the national government

15. Guarantees the right to vot to all citizens regaurdless of race.

16. Relationships that exsits between governments

17. Inventor - stateman - diplomat - signer of the declaration of independence and delegate to constituatl convention.

18. Limits imposed on all branches of a government by vestin in each branch the right to amen or void the acts of another

19. Improtant points in an event

20. An economy that operates by voluntary echange in a free market and is not planned or contorlled by a central aauthority; a capitalisc economy

21. The taking of supplies - forces - money - etc. - from a given soruce - also the act of mkaing military service mandatory for certain persons

22. A disease caused by a mirooorganism or other agent such as a bacterium - fungus - or virus - that enters the body of an organism

23. When power is given to the people of the state to choose their governmnet

24. Is a cruel and unjust government

25. Ungentle and unpleasant in action or effect

26. General of the confederate army

27. Fired at Fort Sumter in South Carolina

28. To be compeletly destroyed

29. Purchased the Louisana Territory from Fracne in 1803. The untied States paid 15 million and it double the size of the U.S.

30. Published the Liberator; abolished Slavery

31. A machine that separates the seeds from raw cotton fibers - Eli whitney

32. A formal expression of opinion or intention made - usually after voting by a formal organization - a legislature - a club or another group

33. Was an escaped slave who became a Conductor on the Undergroud Railroad and helped over 300 salves to freedom in the North

34. Having to do with business

35. Body of citizens enrolled for miliatry service - and called out periodically for drill but serving full time only in emergencies

36. Realting to an event

37. Forbidden colonist to settle west of the Appalachian Moutians

38. Supporst of the constiution who favored a strong national government

39. States that people have rights toher than those mentioned in the Constitution

40. Was a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine to convice colonists that it was time to become independent from Britian

41. Ended the French and Indian War and effectively kicked the French out of North America; ended the American Revolution and foreced Britian to recginze the United States as an idependent Nations

42. The state of acting according to law; lawful

43. A sudden increase in the birthrate of an area or state

44. King of England during the American Revolution - taxed the colines refused the Olive Branch Petition leading to the final break with the colonies

45. Things that you own

46. Usually good or services sent out of one's country or are to be consumed by antoher

47. Increase in the number of people who inhabit a territoy or state

48. Stated that - 'no state..can lawfully get out of the Union..' bt pledged there would be no war unless the South started it - was ment to hlep heal and resore the country after four years of the Civil War

49. Is the refusal to obey a government laws or law as a means of passive resistance becasue of one's moral convicition of belief

50. The toal national income divided by the number of people in the nation