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TAKS 10th Grade Social Studies

Subjects : taks, humanities
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1. A succesful - floursihing or thriving condition

2. The toal national income divided by the number of people in the nation

3. Forbids the gov. to order private citizens to allow soldier to live in their homes

4. A type of government in which its functions and powers are prescribed - limited - and restricted by law

5. Having to do with clothing

6. An economy that is planned and controled by a central administration as in the former soviet Union

7. Gernal of the Union Army and was responsible for winning the Civil War for the north

8. The british defeat at Yorktown - Virgina by George Washingtown's troops singaled the end of the american revolution. accepted the surrrender of the main british army under Cronwallis

9. King of England during the American Revolution - taxed the colines refused the Olive Branch Petition leading to the final break with the colonies

10. A machine that separates the seeds from raw cotton fibers - Eli whitney

11. To promote or improve the growth of (a plant - crop - etc.) by labor and attention

12. South carolina congressman and senator who spoke for the south before and during the Civil War

13. Original records of an event - they incldue eyewitness reports created at the time of an event speeches - and letters by people involved in the event - photographs and artifacts

14. Congres shall make no law restricing freddom of speech - religion - press assembly and petition

15. Stressed three dnagers facing the nation. The first related to the rise of polictical parties. Written by George Washington

16. Living in a country

17. Economic theory that a country's strength is measured by the amount of gold it has that a country should sell more than it buys and that the colonies exist for the benefit of the the Mother Country

18. The number of pople living per unti of an area (per square mile)

19. The measruemnt of the percent of people in a given state or country who can read a write

20. 16th president of the USA who sucessfully put the Union back together only to be assassinated 5 days later after the Civil war ended

21. Limits imposed on all branches of a government by vestin in each branch the right to amen or void the acts of another

22. Pertaining to the geography or natural landforms of a given area - or a location wihin a given area

23. 'Father of the Constitution'

24. Citizens individually choose their representatives in a legislature

25. The freedom of private businesses to operate competitively for profit with minimal goverment regulations

26. By the north in 1863 effectively split the Confederacy in two and gave control of the Mississippe River to the Union

27. A state of great comotion - confusion - of disturbance

28. The number of years that an individual is exprected to live as deteremined by statistics

29. The 'great charter' of Enlgish liberties - forced form King John by the English barons - June 15 - 1215

30. Abolished slavery

31. The right to vote

32. Massachusetts Congressman and senator who spoke for the Norhta nd the preservation of the Union

33. Important; of consequence

34. Purchased the Louisana Territory from Fracne in 1803. The untied States paid 15 million and it double the size of the U.S.

35. Unable to move or with limited space and operate

36. Fired at Lexington Massachusetts in April 1775

37. Small town in Virgina where Robert E Lee surrendered the Confederate Army to Ulysses S. Grant ending the Civil War

38. John Deere

39. When a public official (a president or Supreme Court Justice) is brought to trail for crimes committed in office

40. The providing or supplying of something - esp. food or other necessities - in law providing for a specific circumstances or event.

41. Is the refusal to obey a government laws or law as a means of passive resistance becasue of one's moral convicition of belief

42. Stated that - 'no state..can lawfully get out of the Union..' bt pledged there would be no war unless the South started it - was ment to hlep heal and resore the country after four years of the Civil War

43. Resprenting a wide range of things like ethnicites - genders and ideals

44. Published the Liberator; abolished Slavery

45. Usually good or services sent out of one's country or are to be consumed by antoher

46. Passionate patriot who became fomous for his fiery speeches in favor of American Independence his most famous quote included the worlds 'give me liberty or give me Death.'

47. A point at which an important decision must be made

48. The turing point of the American Revolution led to a miltiary alliance with France

49. The amount of wokers available to perform the tasks necessary for a society to function

50. A formal expression of opinion or intention made - usually after voting by a formal organization - a legislature - a club or another group