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Technology In Action - 2

Subjects : it-skills, literacy
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1. 'A hierarchical structure that include files - folders - and drives used to create a more organized and efficient computer.'

2. A special numerical code that prioritizes requests from various devices. These requests then are placed in the interrupt table in the computer's primary memory.

3. A computer that provides resources to other computers on a network.

4. The number of bits a video card uses to store data about each pixel on the monitor.

5. The radio waves or cable that transport data on a network.

6. A unit of computer storage equal to approximately one thousand bytes.

7. A port that can connect a wide variety of peripherial devices to the computer - including keyboards - printers - mice - smartphones - PDAs - flash drives - and digital cameras.

8. 'A group of two or more computers (or nodes) that are configured to share information and resources such as printers - files - and databases.'

9. A display that uses organic compounds to produce light when exposed to an electric current. Unlike LCD's - OLEDs do not require a backlight to function and therefore draw less power and have a much thinner display - sometimes as thin as 3mm.

10. The actual speed of data transfer that is achieved. It is usually less than the data transfer rate and is measured in megabits per second (Mbps).

11. A network made up of local area networks (LANs) connected over long distances.

12. A mouse with a rollerball on top instead of on the bottom. Because you move the trackball with your fingers - it doesn't require much wrist motion - so it is considered healthier for your wrist than a traditional mouse.

13. 'A complete processing section from a CPU - embedded into one physical chip.'

14. An index of all sector numbers that the hard drive stores in a table to keep track of which sectors hold which files.

15. 'In Windows - a snapshot of your entire system's settings used for restoring your system to a prior point in time.'

16. 'One of two recognized DVD formats that enables you to both read - record (R) - and rewrite (RW) data on the disc.'

17. RAM that is included as part of a video card.

18. A port to which a CRT monitor connects.

19. The process of connecting to a wireless network without the permission of the owner of the network.

20. 'A device that combines the functionality of a cell phone - a PMP - and a PDA into one unit.'

21. Interface between user and computer in which the user enters commands to communicate with the computer system.

22. Eight binary digits(bits)

23. The ability to easily add more users to a network without affecting the performance of the other network nodes (computers or peripherals).

24. A network name that wireless routers use to identify themselves.

25. A nonimpact printer that sprays tiny drops of ink onto a paper.

26. 'The main tool for finding - viewing - and managing the contents of your computer by showing the location and contents of every drive - folder - and file.'

27. The set of techniques used in processing and retrieving information.

28. 'Allows you to read flash memory cards such as CompactFlash - Memory Sticks - and Secure Digital.'

29. 'The exact location of a file - starting with the drive in which the file is located - and including all folders - subfolders (if any) - the file name - and the extension. (Example: C:Usersusername DocumentsIllustrationsEBronte.jpg)'

30. A network that uses the Ethernet protocol as the means (or standard) by which the nodes on the network communicate.

31. A device that amplifies your wireless signal to get it out to parts of your home that are experiencing poor connectivity.

32. 'System that is used to control many 'back office' operations and processing functions such as billing - production - inventory management - and human resources management.'

33. A unit of computer storage equal to approximately 1 million bytes.

34. A compact audio-video interface standard that carries both high-definition video and uncompressed digital audio.

35. A device that routes packets of data between two or more networks.

36. A pen-shaped device used to tap or write on tough-sensitive screens.

37. Software that facilitates the communication between a device and the operating system.

38. A network made up of local area networks (LANs) connected over long distances.

39. A computing device that runs a full-featured operating system but weighs two punds or less.

40. A device that uses some unique characteristic of human biology to identify authorized users.

41. A computer deployed to provide remote storage space or to act as a repository for files that users can access.

42. Any object that a user carries to identify him- or herself and that grants the user access to a computer system or computer facility.

43. 'A wireless standard established in 1997 by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; also known as WiFi (short for Wireless Fidelity) - it enables wireless network devices to work seamlessly with other networks and devices.'

44. A notebook computer designed specifically to work with handwriting recognition technology.

45. A port that uses a traditional telephone signal to connect a computer to the internet.

46. The technology used in flat-panel computer monitors.

47. The first commercially available operating system to incorporate a graphical user interface (GUI) with user-friendly point-and-click technology.

48. Is a device that combines the functions of a printer - scanner - copier - and fax into one machine

49. A network located in a home that is used to connect all of its digital devices.

50. A list of commands that displays on the screen.