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Theatre Appreciation

Subject : performing-arts
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1. The era we are currently in

2. Born in Stafford Upon Avon - studied Latin in school - wrote 30 plays

3. The person in charge of the financial business and aspects of a production.

4. In a proscenium space - spaces offstage to the left and right for actors - crew - and scenery not yet in the visible performance space

5. A second or later round of auditions to which specific actors are invited

6. Rhyming

7. Causes trouble for the main character

8. Ideas within the play

9. The period of work in which the show is made ready for the stage.

10. Non-profit and sells a full season theatre

11. Drawn by eccentricities of major character

12. Drawn by eccentricities of major character

13. Major character at odds with social expectations

14. Physical comedy that became popular with the downslide of religious theatre

15. Events progress forward in time

16. Medea - The Bacchae

17. Relates to the emotional response that the play creates

18. Occurs when a line of action suddenly veers to the opposite

19. Movement of art and literature in 16th century - based on Greek and Roman works

20. Suggest - distort - or abstract reality - deliberately incomplete - impossible in real life

21. Secondary line of action that is included in the plot/story

22. 500-1800 people

23. The person in charge of the artistic aspects of theatrical production

24. 'New Comedy' wrote The Grouch

25. Proscenium arch/stage

26. Serious and comedic qualities are mixed

27. Humorous - objective view point

28. Appearance of truth

29. Recognizes plays as intellectual property of the playwright

30. A group of actors - not just one star

31. Emotional release

32. Units of action that build emotional intensity

33. 'Storm and stress'

34. Actors do not acknowledge the presence of an audience

35. Two or more opposing forces working towards different goals

36. Someone who writes plays

37. Rejection of neoclassicism -

38. 'The Well Made Play' Credited with writing in between 440-500 plays - featured a melodramatic strategy

39. A drawing created by the lighting designer showing where each lighting instrument is to be hung

40. Events that set off a major conflict

41. Drop in emotional intensity following the climax

42. The standard tool for casting a production

43. Artistic decisions meant to communicate a specific interpretation to the audience

44. Born in Stafford Upon Avon - studied Latin in school - wrote 30 plays

45. Secondary line of action that is included in the plot/story

46. Bottom of stage (closest to audience)

47. Busiest person in the theatre

48. Italians

49. A type of performance in which dialogue and action are not planned ahead of time and written down - but are made of on the spot by the actors

50. 19th century - action - thrillers - domestic stories of love and divorce