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Theatre Appreciation

Subject : performing-arts
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1. Information needed to understand the play

2. In the middle ages - wagons with scenery used in professional staging

3. Stock characters (servants - masters - lovers)

4. Italians

5. Main character

6. Greek - actor

7. Evokes emotions of pity and fear - serious - ends unhappily

8. Rebellion against melodrama and romanticism - more based on character's psychological journey - controversial subject matter

9. Verse

10. Does not acknowledge the presence of an audience

11. Emotional release

12. Person who embodies a character on stage

13. Audience watches from 3 sides

14. A drawing created by the lighting designer showing where each lighting instrument is to be hung

15. Controls the environment in the theatre

16. Units of action that build emotional intensity

17. A group of educated men from Oxford and Cambridge Who wrote and performed for the professional public theatre

18. Major character at odds with social expectations

19. The person in charge of the financial business and aspects of a production.

20. Linear events progress forward in time

21. Naturalism - throw away traditional structure - 'slice of life'

22. Bottom of stage (closest to audience)

23. Artistic decisions meant to communicate a specific interpretation to the audience

24. The recall of physical sensations surrounding emotional events

25. Secondary line of action that is included in the plot/story

26. Emotional identification - sense of identification with the character

27. 'Father of Realism'

28. The Oresteia - only surviving Greek trilogy - added 2nd actor

29. A second or later round of auditions to which specific actors are invited

30. In ancient Greece - the audience seating area at floor level immediately in front of the stage

31. Shows that are produced to earn a profit for investors

32. Grammatically based

33. Professional - but all proceeds go back into the theatre - may require grants/donations

34. 19th century - action - thrillers - domestic stories of love and divorce

35. A>B>C>D

36. In the middle ages - wagons with scenery used in professional staging

37. A picture of the scene from the audience perspective

38. Based on the lives of the saints

39. Relates to the emotional response that the play creates

40. Was poetry for many years

41. Six elements - catharsis

42. Performs Actions of the Play

43. Visible light source on stage

44. 500-1800 people

45. Occurs when a line of action suddenly veers to the opposite

46. Organization of action

47. To see something in a 3 dimensional way

48. Relates to the emotional response that the play creates

49. Scenery - costume - lighting - rhythm - movement - composition

50. Silhouette - color - texture - accent