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Theatre Appreciation

Subject : performing-arts
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1. Performs Actions of the Play

2. Exaggerated comedy derived from situations

3. Stick used to add noise to physical comedy

4. Rebellion against melodrama and romanticism - more based on character's psychological journey - controversial subject matter

5. Gas lights - etc.

6. Oedipus - Antigone - added 3rd actor

7. Major character at odds with social expectations

8. Wrote 'The Republic' about people who would be allowed in his society

9. Time (play had to take place within a 24 hour period) - place (the whole play must take place in a single location) - and action (single plot)

10. Relates to the emotional response that the play creates

11. Works published before 1923

12. Non-profit and sells a full season theatre

13. In ancient Greece - a stage house upstage from the circular orchestra

14. Thomas Aquinas - literature can be dispersed at a faster rate

15. Major character at odds with social expectations

16. Person who embodies a character on stage

17. In ancient Greece - the audience seating area at floor level immediately in front of the stage

18. 'New Comedy' wrote The Grouch

19. Blend of union and non-union actors - sometimes housed in non-traditional locations

20. Based on the lives of the saints

21. A drafting of the set as seen from overhead

22. Occurs when something important is found - learned - or realized - during the action of the play

23. Oedipus - Antigone - added 3rd actor

24. A group of actors - not just one star

25. 'Emotion over intellect' - made to assault the senses - developed by Antonin Artaud

26. A>B>C>D

27. Planned actor movement

28. Artistic decisions meant to communicate a specific interpretation to the audience

29. An individual that aids the director in researching the play and its historical time period

30. Linear events progress forward in time

31. Meetings before casting - brainstorming - shaping work into a unified concept

32. The recall of physical sensations surrounding emotional events

33. A chart that records the items of clothing worn by each actor in each scene of the play

34. A second or later round of auditions to which specific actors are invited

35. Six elements - catharsis

36. Stock characters (servants - masters - lovers)

37. Drawn by eccentricities of major character

38. Medea - The Bacchae

39. Professional - but all proceeds go back into the theatre - may require grants/donations

40. In a proscenium space - spaces offstage to the left and right for actors - crew - and scenery not yet in the visible performance space

41. Emile Zola - throws away traditional structure - 'slice of life'

42. Linear events progress forward in time

43. Bottom of stage (closest to audience)

44. 'Father of Realism'

45. Planned actor movement

46. Audience observes from a similar viewpoint

47. Blend of union and non-union actors - sometimes housed in non-traditional locations

48. Focused on thought - controversial

49. The Oresteia - only surviving Greek trilogy - added 2nd actor

50. What characters do - what characters say about themselves - what others say about them