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Theatre Appreciation

Subject : performing-arts
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1. Imitation of character and action

2. Based on the lives of the saints

3. Rejection of neoclassicism -

4. Was poetry for many years

5. Audience watches from 3 sides

6. Greek - actor

7. Not many props or detailed scenery

8. The first director

9. Scenery - costume - lighting - rhythm - movement - composition

10. Someone who writes plays

11. Historically accurate costumes and scenery

12. 500-1800 people

13. Professional - but all proceeds go back into the theatre - may require grants/donations

14. Occurs when a line of action suddenly veers to the opposite

15. Organization of action

16. Ideas within the play

17. Non-profit and sells a full season theatre

18. 'Storm and stress'

19. The period of work in which the show is made ready for the stage.

20. In the middle ages - wagons with scenery used in professional staging

21. The recall of physical sensations surrounding emotional events

22. Proscenium space

23. Suggest - distort - or abstract reality - deliberately incomplete - impossible in real life

24. Fast paced - uses reversal and discovery

25. Focused on thought - controversial

26. The person in charge of the financial business and aspects of a production.

27. Bottom of stage (closest to audience)

28. Humorous - objective view point

29. A chart that records the items of clothing worn by each actor in each scene of the play

30. Shows that are produced to earn a profit for investors

31. Events that set off a major conflict

32. Production of plays in schools at primary - secondary - undergraduate - and graduate levels

33. Born in Stafford Upon Avon - studied Latin in school - wrote 30 plays

34. Part of What is included in the text

35. Non-profit and sells a full season theatre

36. To see something in a 3 dimensional way

37. Experimental - popular between 1890's-1960's

38. A type of performance in which dialogue and action are not planned ahead of time and written down - but are made of on the spot by the actors

39. 500-1800 people

40. A group of educated men from Oxford and Cambridge Who wrote and performed for the professional public theatre

41. Controls the environment in the theatre

42. Stick used to add noise to physical comedy

43. Not many props or detailed scenery

44. Medea - The Bacchae

45. Psychological separation - or a sense of detachment

46. Plays with a moral message - good vs. evil

47. Less than 100 people - experimental theatre - not exactly commercial

48. Does not acknowledge the presence of an audience

49. 'New Comedy' wrote The Grouch

50. Grammatically based