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Timeline Of The Middle Ages

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1. Muhammed is born.Professed receiving revelations from God - which were recorded in the Qur'an - the basis of Islamic theology - in which he is regarded as the most important prophet.

2. The Viking Rollo and his tribe settle in what is now Normandy by the terms of the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte - founding the Duchy of Normandy.

3. At the Battle of Legnano - the cavalry of Frederick Barbarossa is defeated by the infantry of the Lombard League.This is the first major defeat of cavalry by infantry - signaling the new role of the bourgeosie.

4. Otto the Great crowned the Holy Roman Emperor.First to be crowned Holy Roman Emperor in nearly 40 years.

5. August 22ndBattle of Bosworth Field.Richard III dies in battle - and Henry Tudor becomes king of England; last shift of Houses/kingship during the War of the Roses.

6. Leif Ericson is to settle during the winter in present day Canada at L'Anse aux Meadows.Ericson is to be the European to settle in the Americas during the Norse exploration of the Americas.

7. Founding of the University of Paris.

8. The Byzantine conquest of Italy completes.

9. Death of Bede.Bede was later regarded as 'the father of English history'

10. The Fourth Crusade sacked Croatian town of Zadar (ItalianZara) - a rival of Venice. Unable to raise enough funds to pay to their Venetian contractors - the crusaders agreed to sack the city despite letters from PopeInnocent III forbidding such an act

11. Justinian I becomes Eastern Roman Emperor.Justinian is best remembered for his Code of Civil Law (529) - and expansion of imperial territory retaking Rome from the Ostrogoths.

12. Gregory the Great becomes Pope.The missionary work reached new levels during his pontificate - revolutionized the way of worship for the Catholic Church (Gregorian Chants) - liturgy - etc. - and was soon canonized after his death.

13. Through the Compromise of 1107 - suggested by Adela - the sister of King Henry - theInvestiture Struggle in England is ended.This compromise removed one of the points of friction between the English monarchy and the Catholic Church.

14. The Third Crusade follows upon Saladin's uniting the Muslim world and recapturing Jerusalem.Despite managing to win several major battles - the Crusaders did not recapture Jerusalem.

15. Synod of Whitby.Roman Christianity triumphs over Celtic Christianity in England.

16. The Franks under Edward defeat the Visigoths in the Battle of Vouill

17. Trial and execution of Joan of Arc.Death of the woman who helped turned the Hundred Years' War in favor of the French over the past two years.

18. Spain and Portugal sign the Treaty of Tordesillas and agree to divide the World outside of Europe between themselves. The Italian Wars begin.Italian Wars will eventually lead to the downfall of the Italian city-states. Pope's ruling will lead to the

19. Muslims take Carthage.

20. Augustine arrives in Kent.Christianization of Britain (Anglo-Saxons) begins.

21. Beginning of Abbasid Caliphate.Would become the longest lasting caliphate - until 1519 when conquered and annexed into the Ottoman Empire.

22. William the Conqueror - Duke of Normandy - invades England and becomes King after the Battle of Hastings.End of Anglosaxon rule in England and start of Norman lineage.

23. In the Battle of Naklo - Boleslaus III Wrymouth defeats the Pomeranians.Polish access to the sea is re-established.

24. North South States Period begins in Korea.

25. Ladislaus of Naples sells his 'rights' on Dalmatia to the Venetian Republic for 100000 ducats.Dalmatia would with some interruptions remain under Venetian rule for nearly four centuries - until 1797.

26. The Bible is translated into English by John Wycliffe.First print published in English (Vulgate)

27. Muhammed is born.Professed receiving revelations from God - which were recorded in the Qur'an - the basis of Islamic theology - in which he is regarded as the most important prophet.

28. Turkic Muslim invaders sack and burn the university at Nalanda.This is the beginning of the decline of Buddhism inIndia.

29. According to Theophanes Continuatus (The Continuer of Theophanes's Chronicle) - Tomislav of Croatia defeated Bulgarian army of Tsar Simeon I under Duke Alogobotur - in battle of the Bosnian Highlands.Bulgarian expansion to the west was stopped.

30. King William I of Scotland - captured in the Battle of Alnwick by the English - accepts the feudal lordship of the English crown and does ceremonial allegiance at York.This is the beginning of the gradual acquisition of Scotland by the English.

31. Battle of Dun Nechtain. Picts defeat Northumbrians - whose dominance ends.

32. Joint Persian-Avar-Slav Siege of Constantinople Constantinople saved - Avar power broken and Persians henceforth on the defensive

33. Reconquista ends.Marks end of Moorish/Muslim rule within Iberian Peninsula; Unification of Spain and Portugal - respectively.

34. Reconquista ends.Marks end of Moorish/Muslim rule within Iberian Peninsula; Unification of Spain and Portugal - respectively.

35. Honen Shonin (Genku) founds the Jodo shu (Pure Land) sect of Buddhism.This event marks the beginning of the Buddhist sectarian movement in Japan.

36. The reestablishment of the Bulgarian Empire.

37. The compilation of the Domesday Book - a great land and property survey commissioned by William the Conqueror to assess his new possessions.This is the first such undertaking since Roman times.

38. Battle of Anchialus. Simeon I the Great defeats the Byzantines.Recognition of the Imperial Title of the Bulgarian rulers.

39. The Hundred Years' War begins. England and France struggle for dominance of Western Europe.The war will span through three/four different war periods within a 116 year period.

40. Joseon Dynasty founded in Korea.Becomes longest reigning Korean dynasty.

41. Edward I of England invades Scotland - starting theFirst War of ScottishIndependence.

42. Serbian Orthodox Church becomes autocephalous under St. Sava - its first Archbishop.

43. Iceland is settled by Norsemen.

44. Al-Mansur Ibn Abi Aamir becomes de facto ruler of Muslim Al-Andalus.Peak of power of Moorish Iberia under 'Almanzor'.

45. The Taira clan are driven out of Kyoto by Minamoto Yoshinaka.The two-year conflict which follows ends at the Battle of Dan no Ura (1185).

46. The Anarchy begins in England.This will mark a 19 year period of Government strife and Civil War between the supporters of Stephen and Matilda - and end with the crowning of Matilda's son - Henry II - and beginning the Plantagenet dynasty.

47. Sicilian Vespers. Sicilians massacres Angevins over a six-week period - after a Frenchman harassed a woman.Would mark a two decade period of war - and peace treaties between mainly between Aragon - Sicily - and the Angevin.

48. Battle of Adrianople. The Bulgarians under Emperor Kaloyan defeat Baldwin I.Beginning of the decline of the Latin Empire.

49. The Kingdom of the Lombards is founded in Italy.

50. August 26thBattle of Cr