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TOEFL Essential Vocab

Subjects : toefl, english, vocabulary
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Shallow adj. simple; not deeep; near the surface

2. Demanded adj. needed for a specific purpose

3. Surround v. to make a circle around

4. Initiate v. to cause something to begin

5. V. to specify - name - or select to do to a task; to indicate syn. assign

6. Adj. to be complementary or appropriate; a good match syn. compatible

7. Adj. attractive or interesting syn. alluring

8. Achievement n. a victory; a success v=n a2

9. Unavoidable a. sth that cannot be prevented from happening n av

10. Deliberately adv. done for a special reason

11. Remarkable adj. drawing special attention to

12. Develop v. to grow; to go through a period of change

13. Overwhelm v. to flood n

14. Combination n. the mixing of separate things to form a whole

15. Original a.sth unusual - uncommon; new

16. Equalized a. a state where everything is of the same size or weight

17. Induce v. to cause something to happen; to do quickly; to be on time n av

18. Gain v. to gain or secure something

19. Debatable adj. something that causes disagreement or argument.

20. Peacefulness n. calm; quietness

21. Crawl v. to move slowly and quietly close to the ground; to begin to happen

22. Medium adj. not too much - not too little

23. Recognize v. to know - remember - and accept the existence of something

24. Adj. allowable or satisfactory syn. permissible

25. Convenience n. something that makes life easier or more enjoyable

26. Disturb v. to shake or move; to cause worry

27. Limited adj. of a certain amount; having an end; not infinite

28. Color n. color

29. V. to make a request syn. appeal

30. Deplete v. to use completely; to expend all energy; very thorough

31. Story n. a report of an event; money kept in a bank; a statement of something used or received - usually a financial report n2 v a

32. Creative a. something newly introduced; creative

33. Dangerous adj. threatening or risky; harmful

34. V. to remove - take out - or take back syn. extract

35. V. to increase in a positive way - such as in value - power - or beauty syn. strengthen

36. Hide v. to prevent from being seen or discovered

37. Concept n. an idea - belief - or opinion

38. Adj. difficult to understand or explain; having many parts syn. complicated

39. Thoroughly adv. completely

40. V. to hit one object against another with violent force; to be in opposition syn. crash

41. Adv. enough; in a satisfying manner syn. adequately

42. Indisputable adj. clearly able to be determined

43. Establish v. to establish - start up

44. Complex a. having many parts; finely detailed n av

45. Healing. adj. being able to restore to good condition

46. Abundant a. more than sufficient

47. Speculate v. to think that sth is true - but having no proof n=v n a

48. Functional a. convenient or effective n

49. Weakening adj. weakening

50. House n. where people live