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TOEFL Essential Vocab

Subjects : toefl, english, vocabulary
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Ineffective adj. not strong; incapable

2. Ignorant adj. to be unaware of or forgetful

3. Thorough adj. far below the surface; complete understanding

4. Noticeably adv. attracting attention

5. Energetic a. showing good health; in good shape n

6. Arbitrary adj. not chosen carefully; unplanned

7. Establish v. to establish - start up

8. Speculate v. to think that sth is true - but having no proof n=v n a

9. Attract v. to make efforts to attain or gain something

10. Impose v. to state demands with the power to enforce

11. Relinquish v. to give up; to have something taken away - usually by rule or regulation

12. Appear v. to come into vieww - or existence

13. Similar a. being almost of the same type or time; comparable a=v

14. Remarkable adj. deserving positive recognition or attention

15. Immediately adv. happening immediately; in a short period of time n a

16. Dry adj. being of little rain or water

17. Exceptional a. worthy of mention; uncommon

18. V. to give back or bring back something; to return to the original condition syn. revitalize

19. N. the act of disagreeing; not giving approval syn. objection

20. Authentic adj. reasonable - lawful

21. Inconsistent adj. no regular pattern in thiinkiing ar movement; changeable without reason

22. Inactive adj. not growing or producing; asleep

23. Quickly adv. showing sensitivity or quick thinking; showing a quick change in direction

24. River n. a natural flow of something; a pouring out

25. Critical adj. of great importance; extremely necessary

26. Engage v. to become completely occupied or involved

27. Adj. attractive or interesting syn. alluring

28. Possible a. able to be done a av

29. Trigger v. to cause or produce negative behavior

30. Equalized a. a state where everything is of the same size or weight

31. Achievement n. a victory; a success v=n a2

32. Simulate v. to pretend; make believe

33. Polluted a. to make something impure by adding something dirty or a poisonous substance n v

34. Delete v. to remove - free oneself of something

35. Concrete adj. real; that which can be felt

36. V. to cause a conflict or argument syn. initiate

37. Adv. having no order or pattern; by chance syn. arbitrarily; carelessly

38. Hardly adv. almost not

39. Hide v. to prevent from being seen or discovered

40. Relate v. to tell a story; relate n3 a=n

41. Cautiously adv. in a careful - polite manner a

42. Oblige v. to make something happen by necessity or force a

43. Typical adj. an easily recognized quality of something

44. Observe v. to sense; to become aware of

45. Adj. producing a desired result based on truths or fact syn. convincing

46. Deplete v. to use completely; to expend all energy; very thorough

47. Objective adj. showing no favoritism; being fair or just

48. V. to follow established rules or patterns of behavior syn. adapt

49. Ridiculous a. clearly false - without reason n av

50. Neglect v. to leave out - not include n a