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TOEFL Essential Vocab

Subjects : toefl, english, vocabulary
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1. Noticeably adv. attracting attention

2. Discriminate v. to hear - see - or recognize differences

3. Concisely adv. short - usually in time

4. Adj. strong enough to recover from difficulty or disease syn. tenacious

5. Preserve v. to support; to keep in good condition n

6. Role n. the normal purpose of something

7. Overstate v. to make something more than what it is

8. Freely av. willingly; easily

9. Simplify v. to update; to make more efficient or concise

10. Wonder n. something that surprises or impresses

11. Establish v. to establish - start up

12. Disappearing adj. going out of sight

13. Discriminating adj. carefully chosen

14. Meaningless adj. not important; of little value

15. Inappropriately adv. not following established rules; not desirable

16. N. the act of disagreeing; not giving approval syn. objection

17. Afterwards adv. following; coming after something

18. Decrease v. to move from good to bad - or from much little to little - to refuse

19. River n. a natural flow of something; a pouring out

20. Instruct v. to give information or understanding to someone

21. Image n. a picture or element cast back

22. Deliberately adv. with define purpose and planning n

23. Polluted a. to make something impure by adding something dirty or a poisonous substance n v

24. Hypothetically adv. according to a reasoned - but not proven - point of view

25. Around av. almost correct; not exact n v=a

26. Attain v. to obtain something needed or useful; to increase to the amount of something

27. V. to suggest or plan to do something syn. suggest

28. Methodically adv. done according to a plan a

29. Adj. to be complementary or appropriate; a good match syn. compatible

30. Satisfying adj. giving pleasure or a feeling of accomplishment; showing thanks

31. Characteristic n. something that is thought to belong to a person or thing; a quality by which something is identified

32. Faint adj. not bright or clear

33. Overwhelm v. to flood n

34. Dimensions n. the relationship of size or importance when compared to another object or person a2 (--> av2)

35. Apathetic adj. being uninterested or not caring about something

36. Doubtful a. not probable

37. V. to alert someone of danger - warn someone to take care or pay attention to something syn. warn

38. Retain v. to catch and hold onto - usually by trickery; deceived

39. Shelter v. to give protection; to not express a desire or opinion - usually bad

40. Defend v. to show to be right or reasomable; to support

41. Habit n. a regular - repeated arrangement or action

42. Carelessly adv. by accident; without paying attention; unexpectedly

43. Exceptional adj. excellent quality; above all the rest

44. Adj. not fine or smooth; not delicate syn. rough

45. Communicate v. to tell - to show a connection between two things n2 a

46. Logical a. well reasoned; ideas that are clearly presented n v av

47. Defect n. a small sign of damage that makes an item imperfect

48. Capriciously adv. acting without thinking

49. Incorrect a. having errors n

50. Observe v. to sense; to become aware of