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TOEFL Essential Vocab

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1. Simulate v. to pretend; make believe

2. Adj. acclaimed; well-known and popular syn. renowned

3. Adv. very; to an unusual degree syn. extremely

4. Abundant a. more than sufficient

5. Thoroughly adv. completely

6. V. to give back or bring back something; to return to the original condition syn. revitalize

7. Major adj. primary or principal; having or exercising control over something

8. Ignorant adj. to be unaware of or forgetful

9. Cherished adj. having much monetary or sentimental value; beautiful

10. Chief adj. the central or most important part

11. Adj. modern - up-to-date - or (n.) person living at the same time as another person syn. current

12. Imposing adj. causing admiration because of an object's importance - size - or quality

13. Capriciously adv. acting without thinking

14. Adj. very intelligent - smart - clever syn. perceptive

15. Deteriorate v. to wear away; disappear slowly

16. Consistent adj. continuing in a constant way; remaining strong

17. Encounter v. to find or discover - usually by chance or mistake

18. Ancient a. very old - old-fashioned - no longer used

19. Diverse a. being of many different types n4 v a2 av

20. Powerful a. very strong

21. Carelessly adv. by accident; without paying attention; unexpectedly

22. Renowned adj. famous; having a high position

23. Adj. continuing syn. current

24. Typically av. commonly - usually n2 v a

25. Practical adj. easy to reach; near; suitable to one's needs

26. Adv. making something appear true or good when it is false or bad syn. misleadingly

27. Gain v. to gain or secure something

28. Hazardous adj. not safe - firm - or steady

29. Exceptional a. worthy of mention; uncommon

30. Rumored dv. to know by report; unconfirmed; supposedly

31. Comprehensive adj. large in area or number; to offer; to make longer

32. Unavoidable a. sth that cannot be prevented from happening n av

33. Doubtful a. not probable

34. Medium adj. not too much - not too little

35. Elements n. things combined to make something; the contents of something

36. Retain v. to catch and hold onto - usually by trickery; deceived

37. Disorganized adj. being in complete disorder and confusion

38. Inappropriately adv. not following established rules; not desirable

39. Remind v. to call up or produce memories or feelings; to cause to remember

40. Adj. nonstop - continual - or never-ending syn. constant

41. Disappear v. to vanish

42. Moderate a. very small; in form - but not in substance

43. Adj. ordinary syn. frequent

44. Simplify v. to update; to make more efficient or concise

45. Emotional adj. something that captures the imagination; exciting

46. Adj. weak in health or in body syn. fragile

47. Aspect n. element or component

48. Adj. intensely bright or colorful; intelligent syn. radiant

49. Constant a. firm - reliable - dependable n

50. Adj. following accepted rules or standards syn. traditional