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TOEFL Essential Vocab

Subjects : toefl, english, vocabulary
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Enlarge v. to make larger or greater

2. Automatically adv. in an unthinking manner; not chosen

3. Exhibit v. to show; reveal

4. Doubtful a. not probable

5. Functional a. convenient or effective n

6. Senseless adj. done without thought or consideration

7. V. to have the same opinion or draw the same conclusion syn. agree

8. Hesitatingly av. unwillingly n a

9. Recently adv. caught or produced not long ago

10. Bizarre a. strange and unpleasant; beyond accepted norms

11. Free v. to allow to come out; to give freedom

12. Uncomplicated adj. easy to understand; simple; honest

13. Probe n. a careful examination in order to determine facts n a

14. Pulse n. a regular pattern - usually in music a av

15. Miscalculated adj. guessed lower than the actual quality or quantity

16. Detectable a. noticeable; easily seen n v av

17. Absolutely adv. clearly true

18. Complex adj. something with a large number of parts; full of details

19. V. to increase in a positive way - such as in value - power - or beauty syn. strengthen

20. Recognize v. to know - remember - and accept the existence of something

21. Inconsistent adj. not agreeing with the facts or previous statements made on the subject; declared wrong

22. Adj. of unclear meaning; something that can be understood in more than one way syn. vague

23. Medium adj. not too much - not too little

24. Different adj. various; distinct from others

25. Abundant a. more than sufficient

26. Superficial adj. not far from top to bottom

27. V. to divide among people or to give out syn. dispense

28. Adv. very; to an unusual degree syn. extremely

29. Adv. having no order or pattern; by chance syn. arbitrarily; carelessly

30. Protected a. protected from harmful elements; isolated from reality n=v

31. Adj. to be the only one of a kind; special syn. rare

32. Methodically adv. done according to a plan a

33. Characteristic n. something that is thought to belong to a person or thing; a quality by which something is identified

34. Poisonous adj. harmful; capable of being fatal

35. Fast a. quick n

36. Discriminating adj. carefully chosen

37. Irritating adj. making worse; annoying

38. Disturb v. to shake or move; to cause worry

39. Expectedly adv. in a way that foretells future events

40. Astute adj. intelligent; resourceful

41. Immediately adv. happening immediately; in a short period of time n a

42. Dispersed a. to be spread out or separated widely v

43. Crest n. the top of a mountain range; a raised part of any surface

44. Story n. a report of an event; money kept in a bank; a statement of something used or received - usually a financial report n2 v a

45. Attract v. to make efforts to attain or gain something

46. Confront v. to be in the presence of and oppose

47. Induce v. to cause something to happen; to do quickly; to be on time n av

48. Sufficient adj. more than enough

49. Firmly adv. being fixed in place; close; leaving no freedom

50. Secret a. to be said or written in recret n v