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TOEFL Essential Vocab

Subjects : toefl, english, vocabulary
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Ancient a. very old - old-fashioned - no longer used

2. V. to hit one object against another with violent force; to be in opposition syn. crash

3. Disappear v. to vanish

4. Limited adj. of a certain amount; having an end; not infinite

5. Irritating adj. making worse; annoying

6. Crest n. the top of a mountain range; a raised part of any surface

7. Adj. strong enough to recover from difficulty or disease syn. tenacious

8. Doubtful a. not probable

9. Debatable adj. something that causes disagreement or argument.

10. Adj. causing confusion and interruption syn. disturbing

11. Different adj. various; distinct from others

12. Ignore v. to pay no attention

13. Thriving dj. successful - wealthy

14. Adj. strong in one's opinion - firm in conviction - to find out syn. resolute

15. Include v. to surround completely; to envelop

16. V. to make something difficult to see syn. cloud

17. Capriciously adv. acting without thinking

18. Foreign sales n. products sold abroad

19. Adj. producing a desired result based on truths or fact syn. convincing

20. Produce v. to cause something new to exist; to create

21. House n. where people live

22. Probe n. a careful examination in order to determine facts n a

23. Unavoidable a. sth that cannot be prevented from happening n av

24. Appropriately adv. having a tendency to do something; likely

25. Functional a. convenient or effective n

26. Adj. difficult to understand or explain; having many parts syn. complicated

27. Adj. continuous; refusing to give up; firm in action or decision syn. constant

28. Apparent adj. easy to see - usually because of some proof

29. Achievement n. a victory; a success v=n a2

30. Meaningless adj. not important; of little value

31. Defend v. to show to be right or reasomable; to support

32. Unaware adj. unable to see or understand; to conceal; showing poor judgment or understanding

33. Enormous adj. very large

34. Convenience n. something that makes life easier or more enjoyable

35. Prepare v. to make ready; first in importance or in time

36. Alter v. to change in form or appearance

37. Hide v. to prevent from being seen or discovered

38. Thick adj. closely packed or crowded; difficult to see though

39. Weakening adj. weakening

40. Exceptional a. worthy of mention; uncommon

41. Prep. ph. in addition to - alongside syn. along with

42. Adj. to be the only one of a kind; special syn. rare

43. Summarized adj. made smaller; shortened; merged

44. Primary adj. simple in structurre - easy to do

45. Adj. ordinary syn. frequent

46. Grow v. to plan and raise a crop; to encourage growth of a relationship or friendship

47. Fast a. quick n

48. Thin a. small from one side to the other; limited n

49. Secluded adj. kept separated from others

50. Combination n. the mixing of separate things to form a whole