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TOEFL Essential Vocab

Subjects : toefl, english, vocabulary
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Adj. very intelligent - smart - clever syn. perceptive

2. Detectable a. noticeable; easily seen n v av

3. Essential adj. a primary or basic element

4. Picturesque a. concerning pleasant natural surroundings n2 av

5. V. to study something carefully; to separate into parts for study syn. examine

6. Adj. difficult to understand or explain; having many parts syn. complicated

7. Deteriorate v. to wear away; disappear slowly

8. Indisputable adj. clearly able to be determined

9. Bias n. an opinion formed in advance without experience or knowledge of something v a

10. Summarized adj. made smaller; shortened; merged

11. Somewhat av. a part of the whole; incomplete a av2

12. Shortage n. a need for; an insufficient amount

13. Adv. being measured or judged by comparison syn. relatively

14. Survive v. to fight without surrender; to persist

15. Creative a. something newly introduced; creative

16. Evade v. to escape in a tricky way

17. Adv. very; to an unusual degree syn. extremely

18. Resist v. to show little fear or regard for rules or established norms; to change

19. Adj. to be in a disordered - disturbed or unstable condition syn. chaotic

20. Hero n. a person or image that is loyally admired or respected

21. Adj. allowable or satisfactory syn. permissible

22. Dangerous adj. very serious or unsafe; finding fault

23. Adj. something from a long time ago; very old syn. old

24. Invent v. to make up - usually with an intent to fool or trick; to lie n a

25. Appear v. to come into vieww - or existence

26. Emphasize v. to emphasize the part of a greater whole

27. Economical a. able to be done - usually refers to something you can do without damage or loss v

28. Depict v. to represent; to act n

29. Adj. not easy to bend; firm; inflexible syn. stiff

30. Foreign sales n. products sold abroad

31. Adv. having no order or pattern; by chance syn. arbitrarily; carelessly

32. Energetic a. showing good health; in good shape n

33. V. to make it attractive to do something - usually something not good syn. entice

34. Combination n. the mixing of separate things to form a whole

35. Celebrity n. a very important or famous person - usually associated with a high position in government

36. Insignificant a. hardly noticeable; scarcelt detectable; to ignore; to give little attention n2 a3 av

37. Phenomenal adj. unusual in a positive way

38. Supposedly adv. reported - but not confirmed n v a

39. Hesitatingly av. unwillingly n a

40. Outdated adv. being old fashioned; no longer in general use

41. Adj. modern - up-to-date - or (n.) person living at the same time as another person syn. current

42. V. to specify - name - or select to do to a task; to indicate syn. assign

43. Conquer v. to defeat - fight with success; to take control of an individual

44. Thriving a. active and growing; healthy v

45. Diverse a. being of many different types n4 v a2 av

46. Similar a. being almost of the same type or time; comparable a=v

47. Commonplace adj. existing widely or commonly

48. V. to follow established rules or patterns of behavior syn. adapt

49. Average a. of average quality; not good or bad n

50. Communicate v. to make something know to others; to communicate