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TOEFL Essential Vocab

Subjects : toefl, english, vocabulary
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1. Consume v. to use up; to reduce greatly

2. Thriving dj. successful - wealthy

3. Convenience n. something that makes life easier or more enjoyable

4. Dangerous adj. very risky - unsafe

5. Overwhelm v. to flood n

6. V. to throw off naturally; to give out syn. discard

7. Miscalculated adj. guessed lower than the actual quality or quantity

8. V. to produce - to carry; to show; to endure syn. yield

9. Assessable adj. able to determine how much or how many

10. Humanitarian a. a feeling of love for people - usually resulting in financial aid to worthy causes n2

11. Unclear adj. not clear; ambiguous

12. Repetitious adj. being excessive; showing unnecessary repetition

13. Noticeably adv. attracting attention

14. Adj. difficult to understand or explain; having many parts syn. complicated

15. Creative a. something newly introduced; creative

16. Adj. causing confusion and interruption syn. disturbing

17. Wonder n. something that surprises or impresses

18. Deliberately adv. done for a special reason

19. Trigger v. to cause or produce negative behavior

20. Enormous adj. very large

21. Initiate v. to cause something to begin

22. Hero n. a person or image that is loyally admired or respected

23. Adv. no one else; nothing else; not shared syn. restrictively

24. Typically av. commonly - usually n2 v a

25. V. to cause a conflict or argument syn. initiate

26. Significant adj. important; strongly made; of value

27. Communicate v. to make something know to others; to communicate

28. Engage v. to become completely occupied or involved

29. Adv. the most important or most common syn. mostly

30. Disorganized adj. being in complete disorder and confusion

31. Prep. ph. in addition to - alongside syn. along with

32. Recently adv. caught or produced not long ago

33. Adj. continuing syn. current

34. Grind v. to press together so as to completely distort the shape or nature of the object

35. Adj. to be in a disordered - disturbed or unstable condition syn. chaotic

36. Prevent v. to stop from occurring; to turn away

37. Communicate v. to tell - to show a connection between two things n2 a

38. Separate v. to organize; to make clear

39. Picturesque a. concerning pleasant natural surroundings n2 av

40. Produce v. to cause something new to exist; to create

41. V. to make something difficult to see syn. cloud

42. Conceal v. to hide the usual appearance of something (n=v) a

43. Outdated adv. being old fashioned; no longer in general use

44. V. to remove - take out - or take back syn. extract

45. Adj. odd or strange; eager to learn syn. peculiar

46. Observe v. to sense; to become aware of

47. Attain v. to obtain something needed or useful; to increase to the amount of something

48. Healing. adj. being able to restore to good condition

49. Debatable adj. something that causes disagreement or argument.

50. Attract v. to make efforts to attain or gain something