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TOEFL Essential Vocab

Subjects : toefl, english, vocabulary
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Observe v. to sense; to become aware of

2. Debatable adj. something that causes disagreement or argument.

3. Adj. allowable or satisfactory syn. permissible

4. Adj. able to move in a quick and easy way syn. nimble

5. Finally adv. to happen at some time in the future - usually gradually

6. Achievement n. a victory; a success v=n a2

7. Collect v. to collect

8. N. the coming or appearance of something syn. arrival

9. Expansive adj. having a lot of room

10. Inconsistent adj. not agreeing with the facts or previous statements made on the subject; declared wrong

11. Clarify v. to understand the meaning of something

12. Dispersed a. to be spread out or separated widely v

13. Emphasize v. to highlight - to give more importance to

14. Flexible a. to be stretched - easily shaped

15. Adv. regularly; usually done syn. ordinarily

16. Extensive adj. found everywhere

17. Adj. extremely large syn. massive

18. Consistent adj. every part being the same

19. Ignore v. to pay no attention

20. Distribute v. to cause to move along a fixed path; to move freely

21. Incorporate v. to become a part of

22. Carry v. to move from one place to another

23. Unaware adj. unable to see or understand; to conceal; showing poor judgment or understanding

24. Somewhat av. a part of the whole; incomplete a av2

25. Adj. very surprising syn. astonishing

26. Functional a. convenient or effective n

27. Different adj. various; distinct from others

28. Beginning n. in the beginning stages of development n a

29. Color n. color

30. Adj. an action or decision made with little thought - order - or reason syn. haphazard

31. Abundant a. more than sufficient

32. V. to confuse to a point at which no progress can be made syn. puzzle

33. Money n. monetary unit; cash

34. Adj. intensely bright or colorful; intelligent syn. radiant

35. V. to suggest or plan to do something syn. suggest

36. Appropriate adj. appropriate; correct; convenient

37. Adj. quick; without warning syn. sudden

38. Adv. very; to an unusual degree syn. extremely

39. Adj. causing confusion and interruption syn. disturbing

40. Concisely adv. short - usually in time

41. Typical adj. an easily recognized quality of something

42. Simulate v. to pretend; make believe

43. Delete v. to remove - free oneself of something

44. Monotonous a. long and tiring n

45. Conceal v. to hide the usual appearance of something (n=v) a

46. Switch n. a change in position or direction

47. Remarkable adj. deserving positive recognition or attention

48. Combination n. the mixing of separate things to form a whole

49. Cover v. the length of time or distance from one limit to the other; to cross

50. Grind v. to press together so as to completely distort the shape or nature of the object