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TOEFL Essential Vocab

Subjects : toefl, english, vocabulary
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Bright adj. sending out in all directions - especially heat or light

2. Delete v. to remove - free oneself of something

3. Apex n. the highest point

4. Alter v. to change from one form or state to another

5. Hasten v. to go faster

6. Adj. very intelligent - smart - clever syn. perceptive

7. Evade v. to escape in a tricky way

8. Outdated adv. being old fashioned; no longer in general use

9. Adv. very; to an unusual degree syn. extremely

10. Separate v. to organize; to make clear

11. Unjustified a. without good reason or cause; inappropriate

12. Humor n. a joke; a funny story

13. Constant a. firm - reliable - dependable n

14. Appropriately adv. having a tendency to do something; likely

15. Concrete adj. real; that which can be felt

16. Survive v. to fight without surrender; to persist

17. Adj. by itself; with no association syn. independent

18. V. to confuse to a point at which no progress can be made syn. puzzle

19. Hardly adv. almost not

20. Colorless adj. lacking color; unintenteresting - boring

21. Regularly a.occuring at specific - determind period of time

22. Practical adj. easy to reach; near; suitable to one's needs

23. Objective adj. showing no favoritism; being fair or just

24. V. to cause a conflict or argument syn. initiate

25. Strange a. unusual; uncommon n av

26. Basic adj. simple; not complex

27. Average a. of average quality; not good or bad n

28. Assessable adj. able to determine how much or how many

29. Growth n. the act of making larger v a

30. Indisputable adj. clearly able to be determined

31. Deliberately adv. done for a special reason

32. Incorporate v. to become a part of

33. Concept n. an idea - belief - or opinion

34. Adj. following accepted rules or standards syn. traditional

35. Astute adj. intelligent; resourceful

36. Adj. acclaimed; well-known and popular syn. renowned

37. Adv. having no order or pattern; by chance syn. arbitrarily; carelessly

38. Accelerate v. to cause to go faster; move forward more quickly n a av

39. Equalized a. a state where everything is of the same size or weight

40. Enormous adj. very large

41. Resist v. to show little fear or regard for rules or established norms; to change

42. Develop v. to grow; to go through a period of change

43. Apparent adj. easy to see - usually because of some proof

44. Dispersed a. to be spread out or separated widely v

45. Poisonous adj. harmful; capable of being fatal

46. Convenience n. something that makes life easier or more enjoyable

47. Commonplace adj. existing widely or commonly

48. Launch v. to begin; to establish; to take decisive action without help n2 a

49. Simplify v. to update; to make more efficient or concise

50. Emotional adj. something that captures the imagination; exciting