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TOEFL Essential Vocab

Subjects : toefl, english, vocabulary
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Establish v. to set up or create an office; to place in a fixed position

2. Apex n. the highest point

3. Appropriate adj. appropriate; correct; convenient

4. N. an invented story or idea syn. legend

5. Slight a. a little

6. Explain v. to make more easily understood; to make clear

7. Hypothetically adv. according to a reasoned - but not proven - point of view

8. Ignore v. to pay no attention

9. Events n. natural events or facts; strange or notable n pl a

10. Oblige v. to make something happen by necessity or force a

11. Regularly a.occuring at specific - determind period of time

12. Adj. of great importance; full of life syn. indispensable

13. Remarkable adj. drawing special attention to

14. Neglect v. to leave out - not include n a

15. Prevent v. to stop from occurring; to turn away

16. Adj. to be complementary or appropriate; a good match syn. compatible

17. Defend v. to show to be right or reasomable; to support

18. Renew v. to restore to life or bring back into memory

19. Exceptional a. worthy of mention; uncommon

20. Complex a. having many parts; finely detailed n av

21. Noticeably adv. attracting attention

22. Enormous adj. very large

23. Major adj. primary or principal; having or exercising control over something

24. Adj. following accepted rules or standards syn. traditional

25. Approve v. to accept formally by vote n a

26. Shelter v. to give protection; to not express a desire or opinion - usually bad

27. Authentic adj. reasonable - lawful

28. Secluded adj. kept separated from others

29. V. to make pure; to improve syn. perfect (verb)

30. Powerful a. very strong

31. Colorless adj. lacking color; unintenteresting - boring

32. Dependably adv. without changing; keeping the same principles - ideas - or quality

33. Appropriately adv. having a tendency to do something; likely

34. N. a recommendation syn. suggestion

35. Bias n. an opinion formed in advance without experience or knowledge of something v a

36. Image n. a picture or element cast back

37. Objective a. with no preconceptions

38. Gather n. the act of collecting a crop; the crops gathered

39. Extensive adj. found everywhere

40. Elements n. things combined to make something; the contents of something

41. Diverse a. being of many different types n4 v a2 av

42. Unconvinced adj. to question the truthfulness of information presented as fact; to nott trust

43. Miscalculated adj. guessed lower than the actual quality or quantity

44. Characteristic n. specific qualities that distinguish one from another

45. Survive v. to fight without surrender; to persist

46. Initiate v. to cause something to begin

47. Speculate v. to think that sth is true - but having no proof n=v n a

48. Instruct v. to give information or understanding to someone

49. Communicate v. to make something know to others; to communicate

50. Surround v. to make a circle around