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TOEFL Essential Vocab

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1. Bizarre a. strange and unpleasant; beyond accepted norms

2. N. enthusiastic approval; applause syn. praise

3. Erratic adj. not consistent; irregular

4. Annoying a. the state of being inside when not desired to be there by others n2 v av

5. Obtain v. to gain or come to possess

6. Weakening adj. weakening

7. Adj. extremely large syn. massive

8. V. to cause a conflict or argument syn. initiate

9. Assessable adj. able to determine how much or how many

10. Adv. no one else; nothing else; not shared syn. restrictively

11. Deteriorate v. to wear away; disappear slowly

12. Adj. not easy to bend; firm; inflexible syn. stiff

13. Thriving dj. successful - wealthy

14. Adj. quick; without warning syn. sudden

15. Detectable a. noticeable; easily seen n v av

16. Hypothetically adv. according to a reasoned - but not proven - point of view

17. Summarized adj. made smaller; shortened; merged

18. Abundant a. more than sufficient

19. Strange adj. unusual

20. Comprehensive adj. large in area or number; to offer; to make longer

21. Conscientiously adj. done with persistence and hard work; with attention to details

22. Growth n. the act of making larger v a

23. Aspect n. element or component

24. Ridiculous a. clearly false - without reason n av

25. Rich adj. able to produce abundantly

26. Highlight v. to show that something is especiaally important or exeptionall

27. Adv. regularly; usually done syn. ordinarily

28. Conj. in spite of the fact - regardless of the fact syn. although

29. Adv. making something appear true or good when it is false or bad syn. misleadingly

30. Methods n. ways

31. V. to make something difficult to see syn. cloud

32. Role n. the normal purpose of something

33. Imposing adj. causing admiration because of an object's importance - size - or quality

34. Significant adj. important; strongly made; of value

35. Inclined to a. likely to do something

36. Satisfying adj. giving pleasure or a feeling of accomplishment; showing thanks

37. V. to make rich; to make something of greater value syn. enhance

38. Hasten v. to go faster

39. Emphasize v. to highlight - to give more importance to

40. Irritating adj. making worse; annoying

41. Display n. a show or exhibit

42. Require v. to have to do sth n a2 av

43. Dependably av. in a trusted way n2 v a2

44. Inactive adj. not growing or producing; asleep

45. Insignificant a. hardly noticeable; scarcelt detectable; to ignore; to give little attention n2 a3 av

46. Supposedly adv. reported - but not confirmed n v a

47. Remarkable adj. deserving positive recognition or attention

48. Rarely adj. almost never

49. Inconsistent adj. not agreeing with the facts or previous statements made on the subject; declared wrong

50. Capriciously adv. acting without thinking