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TOEFL Essential Vocab

Subjects : toefl, english, vocabulary
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1. Diverse a. being of many different types n4 v a2 av

2. Regularly a.occuring at specific - determind period of time

3. Switch n. a change in position or direction

4. Adj. producing a desired result based on truths or fact syn. convincing

5. Secret a. to be said or written in recret n v

6. Inherent a. being a primary part of something

7. Response n. a reply; a change that occurs when substances are mixed

8. Monotonous a. long and tiring n

9. V. to produce - to carry; to show; to endure syn. yield

10. Trigger v. to cause or produce negative behavior

11. Attract v. to make efforts to attain or gain something

12. Require v. to have to do sth n a2 av

13. Adv. regularly; usually done syn. ordinarily

14. Adj. difficult or painful to experience; not able to accept different ways of thought or behavior syn. unbearable

15. Renew v. to restore to life or bring back into memory

16. Gather n. the act of collecting a crop; the crops gathered

17. Significantly adv. in a deep way; showing deep knowledge of a subject

18. Powerful a. very strong

19. Weakening adj. weakening

20. Conj. in spite of the fact - regardless of the fact syn. although

21. Characteristic n. specific qualities that distinguish one from another

22. Explain v. to make more easily understood; to make clear

23. Adj. very surprising syn. astonishing

24. V. to change or make different syn. modify

25. Debatable adj. something that causes disagreement or argument.

26. Meticulous a. showing serious purpose; one who works carefully and with enthusiasm

27. Meaningless adj. not important; of little value

28. Adj. by itself; with no association syn. independent

29. N. something that may help one to be successful or to gain something syn. benefit

30. Humanitarian a. a feeling of love for people - usually resulting in financial aid to worthy causes n2

31. Manage v. to deal with or control

32. Decrease v. to move from good to bad - or from much little to little - to refuse

33. Dangerous adj. threatening or risky; harmful

34. Sufficient adj. more than enough

35. Highlight v. to show that something is especiaally important or exeptionall

36. V. to send out; give off syn. release

37. Adj. of great importance; full of life syn. indispensable

38. Dangerous adj. very serious or unsafe; finding fault

39. Expectedly adv. in a way that foretells future events

40. Limited adj. of a certain amount; having an end; not infinite

41. Intensify v. to cause to become greater n a

42. Celebrity n. a very important or famous person - usually associated with a high position in government

43. Inclined to a. likely to do something

44. Observe v. to sense; to become aware of

45. Symbolize v. to give an example

46. Energetic a. showing good health; in good shape n

47. Adj. to be in a disordered - disturbed or unstable condition syn. chaotic

48. Phenomenal adj. unusual in a positive way

49. Discriminating adj. carefully chosen

50. V. to increase in a positive way - such as in value - power - or beauty syn. strengthen