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TOEFL Essential Vocab

Subjects : toefl, english, vocabulary
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Thorough adj. far below the surface; complete understanding

2. Typically av. commonly - usually n2 v a

3. Generate v. to initiate - cause or start

4. Powerful a. very strong

5. Erratic adj. not consistent; irregular

6. Senseless adj. done without thought or consideration

7. Insulting adj. causing anger; rude; being unpleasant

8. V. to hit one object against another with violent force; to be in opposition syn. crash

9. N. a recommendation syn. suggestion

10. Confront v. to be in the presence of and oppose

11. Critical adj. of great importance; extremely necessary

12. Old-fashioned a. too old to be presently useful; outmoded n

13. V. to make it attractive to do something - usually something not good syn. entice

14. Trigger v. to cause or produce negative behavior

15. Launch v. to begin; to establish; to take decisive action without help n2 a

16. Dimension n. of great size or importance n v a av

17. Communicate v. to tell - to show a connection between two things n2 a

18. Constant a. firm - reliable - dependable n

19. Inactive adj. not growing or producing; asleep

20. Induce v. to cause something to happen; to do quickly; to be on time n av

21. Adv. enough; in a satisfying manner syn. adequately

22. Recognize v. to know - remember - and accept the existence of something

23. Cover v. the length of time or distance from one limit to the other; to cross

24. Survive v. to fight without surrender; to persist

25. Conclude v. to finish; to reach a climax or the highest point

26. Deliberately adv. done for a special reason

27. Noticeably adv. attracting attention

28. Accelerate v. to cause to go faster; move forward more quickly n a av

29. Remark v. to say; relate in written form

30. Original a.sth unusual - uncommon; new

31. Appeal n. a special quality that endears other people to the person who has this quality

32. Display n. a show or exhibit

33. Intense adj. extreme; harmful

34. V. to change a belief or behavior by argument or reason syn. convince

35. Thick adj. closely packed or crowded; difficult to see though

36. Adj. modern - up-to-date - or (n.) person living at the same time as another person syn. current

37. Conquer v. to defeat - fight with success; to take control of an individual

38. Inappropriately adv. not following established rules; not desirable

39. Extensive adj. found everywhere

40. Sufficient adj. more than enough

41. Adj. strong enough to recover from difficulty or disease syn. tenacious

42. Carry v. to move from one place to another

43. Distribute v. to cause to move along a fixed path; to move freely

44. Component n. a part of the whole; environmrnt

45. Dependably adv. without changing; keeping the same principles - ideas - or quality

46. Apathetic adj. being uninterested or not caring about something

47. Expansive adj. having a lot of room

48. Adv. making something appear true or good when it is false or bad syn. misleadingly

49. Energetic a. showing good health; in good shape n

50. Gain v. to gain or secure something