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TOEFL Essential Vocab

Subjects : toefl, english, vocabulary
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Color n. color

2. Inactive adj. not growing or producing; asleep

3. Logical a. well reasoned; ideas that are clearly presented n v av

4. Adj. weak in health or in body syn. fragile

5. Recover v. to find and bring back n a

6. Possible a. able to be done a av

7. Relinquish v. to give up; to have something taken away - usually by rule or regulation

8. V. to make it attractive to do something - usually something not good syn. entice

9. Emphasize v. to highlight - to give more importance to

10. Adv. being measured or judged by comparison syn. relatively

11. Remark v. to say; relate in written form

12. Adj. continuous; refusing to give up; firm in action or decision syn. constant

13. Retain v. to catch and hold onto - usually by trickery; deceived

14. V. to change a belief or behavior by argument or reason syn. convince

15. Remote adj. something that cannot be reached or communicated with

16. Highlight v. to show that something is especiaally important or exeptionall

17. Repetitious adj. being excessive; showing unnecessary repetition

18. Vulnerable adj. to be subject to influence; capable of being affected by a person or thing

19. Display v. to show or demonstrate

20. Incorporate v. to become a part of

21. V. to have the same opinion or draw the same conclusion syn. agree

22. Sufficient adj. more than enough

23. Humanitarian a. a feeling of love for people - usually resulting in financial aid to worthy causes n2

24. Insignificant a. hardly noticeable; scarcelt detectable; to ignore; to give little attention n2 a3 av

25. Strange adj. unusual

26. Baffling adj. not easily understood or figured out

27. Preserve v. to support; to keep in good condition n

28. Simulate v. to pretend; make believe

29. Adj. producing a desired result based on truths or fact syn. convincing

30. Colorless adj. lacking color; unintenteresting - boring

31. Concisely adv. short - usually in time

32. Enormous adj. very large

33. Hardly adv. almost not

34. Free v. to allow to come out; to give freedom

35. Deplete v. to use completely; to expend all energy; very thorough

36. Emphasize v. to emphasize the part of a greater whole

37. Movement n. the state of changing one's position

38. V. to promote - help - or support syn. stimulate

39. Arrange v. to place into groups according to type

40. Indisputable adj. clearly able to be determined

41. Strong adj. powerful - full of action

42. Polluted a. to make something impure by adding something dirty or a poisonous substance n v

43. Elements n. things combined to make something; the contents of something

44. Miscalculated adj. guessed lower than the actual quality or quantity

45. Resist v. to show little fear or regard for rules or established norms; to change

46. Shelter v. to give protection; to not express a desire or opinion - usually bad

47. N. enthusiastic approval; applause syn. praise

48. Limited adj. of a certain amount; having an end; not infinite

49. Ridiculous a. clearly false - without reason n av

50. Specific adj. a certain way or thing; unusual; hard to please