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TOEFL Essential Vocab

Subjects : toefl, english, vocabulary
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1. V. to make pure; to improve syn. perfect (verb)

2. Adj. attractive or interesting syn. alluring

3. Methods n. ways

4. Grind v. to press together so as to completely distort the shape or nature of the object

5. Aspect n. element or component

6. Astute adj. intelligent; resourceful

7. Elements n. things combined to make something; the contents of something

8. Adj. not fine or smooth; not delicate syn. rough

9. Precise adj. careful and exact

10. Complex a. having many parts; finely detailed n av

11. Strange adj. unusual

12. V. to alert someone of danger - warn someone to take care or pay attention to something syn. warn

13. Disregard v. to ignore or neglect a

14. Unavoidable a. sth that cannot be prevented from happening n av

15. Practical adj. easy to reach; near; suitable to one's needs

16. Apathetic adj. being uninterested or not caring about something

17. Resist v. to show little fear or regard for rules or established norms; to change

18. Flexible a. to be stretched - easily shaped

19. Adj. acclaimed; well-known and popular syn. renowned

20. Expansive adj. having a lot of room

21. Meaningless adj. not important; of little value

22. N. something that may help one to be successful or to gain something syn. benefit

23. Healing. adj. being able to restore to good condition

24. Consistent adj. continuing in a constant way; remaining strong

25. Adv. the most important or most common syn. mostly

26. Manage v. to deal with or control

27. Indisputable adj. clearly able to be determined

28. Confront v. to be in the presence of and oppose

29. Story n. a report of an event; money kept in a bank; a statement of something used or received - usually a financial report n2 v a

30. Shortage n. a need for; an insufficient amount

31. Adj. value in doing something syn. rewarding

32. Primary adj. simple in structurre - easy to do

33. Assessable adj. able to determine how much or how many

34. Gather n. the act of collecting a crop; the crops gathered

35. Objective a. with no preconceptions

36. Abundant a. more than sufficient

37. Persuade v. to make someone see things your way

38. Thorough adj. far below the surface; complete understanding

39. Hide v. to prevent from being seen or discovered

40. Dependably av. in a trusted way n2 v a2

41. Incorporate v. to become a part of

42. Speculate v. to think that sth is true - but having no proof n=v n a

43. Calm a. quiet - not easy upset

44. Adj. full of life - action - or power syn. vigorous

45. V. to interest greatly syn. fascinate

46. Adj. difficult to understand or explain; having many parts syn. complicated

47. Include v. to surround completely; to envelop

48. Exhibit v. to show; reveal

49. Foreign sales n. products sold abroad

50. Reflect v. to show - as in a mirror