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TOEFL Essential Vocab

Subjects : toefl, english, vocabulary
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Powerful a. very strong

2. Adv. enough; in a satisfying manner syn. adequately

3. Excessive a. a large amount or quantity; more than reasonable

4. Equalized a. a state where everything is of the same size or weight

5. Adj. very surprising syn. astonishing

6. Astute adj. intelligent; resourceful

7. V. to remove - take out - or take back syn. extract

8. Elated a. to be satisfied; very happy n a

9. Hesitatingly av. unwillingly n a

10. Renowned adj. famous; having a high position

11. Adj. of unclear meaning; something that can be understood in more than one way syn. vague

12. Resist v. to show little fear or regard for rules or established norms; to change

13. Unavoidable a. sth that cannot be prevented from happening n av

14. Overstate v. to make something more than what it is

15. Growth n. the act of making larger v a

16. Reflect v. to show - as in a mirror

17. Primary adj. simple in structurre - easy to do

18. Imposing adj. causing admiration because of an object's importance - size - or quality

19. Openly adv. in a way clearly seen; not done secretly

20. Defect n. a small sign of damage that makes an item imperfect

21. Immediately adv. happening immediately; in a short period of time n a

22. Tremendous adj. very large

23. Distribute v. to cause to move along a fixed path; to move freely

24. Combination n. the mixing of separate things to form a whole

25. Outdated adv. being old fashioned; no longer in general use

26. Dependably adv. without changing; keeping the same principles - ideas - or quality

27. Enlarge v. to make larger or greater

28. Biased a. strongly supporting a group or point of view

29. Complex adj. something with a large number of parts; full of details

30. Disturb v. to shake or move; to cause worry

31. Retain v. to catch and hold onto - usually by trickery; deceived

32. Stimulate v. to promote growth or development

33. Relinquish v. to give up; to have something taken away - usually by rule or regulation

34. Meaningless adj. not important; of little value

35. Different adj. various; distinct from others

36. Initiate v. to cause something to begin

37. V. to change or make different syn. modify

38. Meticulous a. showing serious purpose; one who works carefully and with enthusiasm

39. Irritating adj. making worse; annoying

40. Repetitious adj. being excessive; showing unnecessary repetition

41. Speculate v. to think that sth is true - but having no proof n=v n a

42. Senseless adj. done without thought or consideration

43. Dangerous adj. very risky - unsafe

44. Overwhelm v. to flood n

45. Bias n. an opinion formed in advance without experience or knowledge of something v a

46. Approve v. to accept formally by vote n a

47. Impose v. to state demands with the power to enforce

48. Comprehensive adj. large in area or number; to offer; to make longer

49. Objective adj. showing no favoritism; being fair or just

50. Adj. intensely bright or colorful; intelligent syn. radiant