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USMLE Step 1 Immunology

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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. What is Aldesleukin? What is it used for

2. which B and T cell disorder presents with specifically low IgM?

3. IgG...

4. What is an example of a parasite showing antigenic variation?

5. What portion of the lymph node is not well developed in DiGeorge Syndrome?

6. What is the antimetabolite precursor of 6 mercaptopurine? What is the result?

7. DTH (delayed type hypersensitivity) is the ________ of a PPD reaction

8. What are the major functions of Antibodies?

9. What is the toxicity of muromonab?

10. What is the presentation of scid? treatment?

11. What is the common variable immunodeficiency ? How is it different from Brutons?

12. What does CD16 on NK cells do?

13. Type Iv hypersensitivity is...

14. What is the main cytokine released by T cells? What does it do

15. What does interferon gamma do? What two type of cells does it attack mostly?

16. Complements are...

17. What is recomb alpha interferon used for?

18. What type of side chains are found on Fc region of an antibody?

19. What is the clinical use of Muromonab?

20. Name 5 ways Antibody diversity is generated?

21. What part of the complement system also acts as an opsonin? What is opsonization? can you Name two other opsonins?

22. What are the autoantibodies for goodpastures syndrome?

23. what ensure that a memory response is generated?

24. What is an autograft? syngeneic graft? allograft? xenograft? What is an ex of an allograft? xenograft?

25. Which MHC presents intracellular peptides? how so?

26. What are the autoantibodies for primary biliary cirrhosis?

27. What is the difference of IgE AIHA and IgG AIHA if they are both complement dependent type II hypersensitivities?

28. where are complements produced?

29. Often bacteria are associated with being killed by humoral immunity. Name some bugs that require cell mediated immunity because they evade humoral response

30. __________ are a part of the innate system.

31. What are the autoantibodies for wegeners granulomatosis?

32. What are some catalase positive organisms?

33. What are the autoantibodies for polymyositis and dermatomyositis?

34. What are MHC's necessary for? By themselves?

35. What does IL 2 do?

36. What happens in a secondary follicle?

37. What does it mean if there are igM in the serum at birth?

38. What are the mediators that mast cells release?

39. What are superantigens? give two examples.

40. What lymph node drains the testes?

41. which antibodies prevent antigens from binding mucosal surfaces?

42. can igG cross the placenta?

43. What are howell jolly bodies?

44. What are the four steps in phagocytosis? What are the four disease that correspond to each step?

45. What do macrophages secrete that activate Th1 cells to secrete interferon gamma?

46. Which is the most abundant antibody in blood?

47. Which disease is associated with HLA A3?

48. which antibodies can bind complement?

49. Name two endogenous pyrogens

50. Monomer in circulation - ___ when secreted