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1. A series of related steps that make up a larger tasks - a function is often called from multiple locations on a program

2. A named memory location that can hold a value

3. Data + functions that operate on that data over time.

4. A function associated with an object

5. A value that is passed in when you call a function

6. A variable that is associated with an object

7. Defines what an object will look like

8. An agreed upon way of doing things

9. An individual member of an array also called an item

10. the function that is run when your listening for an event

11. Starting condition and and ending condition the stuff in between that the computer does

12. A name of the action script file of the main code file

13. A list of items that is refereed to by a single name

14. Statement to write out the value of variables used to debug

15. Something that happens while your flash movie is playing that your flash movie wants to know about.