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Adobe Illustrator

Subjects : it-skills, multimedia
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Scatter an object - such as a leaf - along a path; you can adjust the size - spacing - scatter and rotation options to change the appearance of the brush.

2. Characteristics of the outline of an object - such as its weight - color - style - etc.

3. A saved set of panel arrangements and tool setting.

4. The line that forms the shape of an object

5. __________ the skew value for horizontal dividers in a rectangular grid or radial dividers in a polar grid by 10% (W/M) - Start dragging - then press V

6. Moves the view of the art board when zoomed in- you can toggle it with the space-bar

7. Opacity and blending mode

8. in the option bar for a selected live paint group

9. Allow you to create brush strokes with the appearance of a natural brush with bristles.

10. To slant or skew an object from its original orientation.

11. Will allow you to change all of the colors in your selected art in a variety of ways.

12. A special effect applied to a digital image. Many filters mimic the effect of special camera lenses.

13. fills overlapping SELECTED shapes and line segments

14. Letter 'z'. magnifying glass - click and drag around the zoom area - hold option + click and zoom out.

15. Using the S_______________ - you can visually and intuitively merge - delete - fill and edit overlapping shapes and paths directly in the artwork.

16. object that is dimmed and unavailable for modification but can be used as a guide for creating objects.

17. Paint a pattern made up of separate sections - or tiles - for the sides - ends and corners of the path; the brush applies different tiles from the pattern to different sections of the path - depending on where the section falls on the path.

18. Hold shift to select multiple objects.

19. Five ________: Art - Calligraphic - Pattern - Bristle and Scatter.

20. Hold option to draw from the center.

21. An anchor point that connects path segments in a smooth curve.

22. Add or remove _______________ from a rectangular grid or radial lines from a polar grid (W/M) - Start dragging - then press the Right Arrow or Left Arrow

23. Switch through drawing modes (W/M)

24. stretch artwork evenly along a path and include strokes that resemble graphic media - such as the Charcoal-Feather brush used to create the tree and objects such as the Arrow brush.

25. Three types of _______: Extrude & Bevel - Revolve - Rotate

26. A mathematically generated curve that has two endpoints and control points to specify curve direction

27. This creates a single line of text. If you re-size this type it will re-size the text.

28. Uses the z-axis to give a 2D object depth by extruding the object. For example - a circle becomes a cylinder.

29. Menu button You can access symbols from saved documents either by clicking the _____________ at the bottom of the Symbols panel and choosing Other Library from the menu that appears; by choosing Other Library from the Symbols panel menu; or by choosi

30. This creates a text box where the text will wrap at the end of the line to the next. Also when you re-size the box - the text remains the same size.

31. Because the __________ is part of the Illustrator file - no link can be broken.

32. Move a shape while drawing it (W/M)

33. A temporary frame around a selected object that shows the object's outer dimensions.

34. A location in the application window where a panel or panels are secured so they do not float.

35. Change the _______ of a spiral (W/M) - Start dragging then Ctrl-drag/Start dragging then Command-drag

36. Line extending from anchor point that shows the direction of a curve

37. A point on a path that indicates a change of direction.

38. Decrease size of Blob Brush (W/M)

39. A graduated blend between two or more colors or between tints of the same color.

40. solidity of an object's color; the opposite of transparency.

41. Six basic ___________ are: Rectangle - Rounded Rectangle - Ellipse - Polygon - Star - and Flare.

42. Get you out of the Type tool and selects the Selection tool

43. ______ an arc - keeping the reference point constant (W/M) - Start dragging - then hold down F

44. Increase size of Blob Brush (W/M)

45. Measurement system used in grapic programs; there are six of these in an inch.

46. Hold shift to draw ___________.

47. printable portion of the work area - where illustrations can be finalized.

48. The area surrounding the art board on the computer screen - depending on the magnification or view - it may or may not be visible.

49. A graduated blend of colors used as a fill; can be linear (flat) or radial (round)

50. Letter '/' (questions mark key) - a box with red slash