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Adobe Photoshop Tools And Commands

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  • Match each statement with the correct term.
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. Lets you view your layers

2. Cut sections out of an image

3. Sets display closer or further away from picture

4. Like layers work in the same way in that you can see through them but they don't change anything actually below them. So you can apply an adjustment (such as hue/saturation changes) on a transparency/layer and it will become an adjustment layer.

5. Holding down shift while using the crop button keeps the ____________

6. Color You Apply With A Paint Or Edit Tool

7. Selected areas drawn by hand

8. Part of an image

9. Two techniques for ___________________ - to select the layer you paint on - to create a new layer and then group it within the previous

10. The 2 numbers at the bottom of the status bar mean indicate the size of the __________

11. Something you did to change a setting or effect in photoshop

12. Add color or other effects to an image using a circular edit space

13. Graphics created using a grid of colored squares

14. Erases pixels of the same color.

15. Rulers - things that help the user make accurate selections

16. Amount of pixels

17. Creating a 'hole' in the layer to see the layer below

18. ____________ selects rectangular area - and rectangle tool draws the shape

19. A feature used to automatically locate and correct spelling errors

20. Combination of lasso and healing brush - drags pixels from a source area onto another area

21. Adjusts saturation

22. Copy pixels from a source area to a new area

23. To protect your original image - create a _______ of the background layer

24. Indicates that a layer is visible.

25. Add writing to a photo

26. A layer that contains vector-based shapes.

27. Highlight the edges of an image by hand and then extract withing that outline

28. normal viewing and editing mode

29. When you configure the artwork on the base layer as a mask for the layer above it

30. The bottom-most layer in an image - usually containing the image data.

31. Deletes part of a layer

32. Crosshair indicates _________

33. Search files to be edited withing photoshop

34. Creating an identical copy of an image

35. Removing color

36. Whether or not the crosshair will move with the edit brush or whether it will stay in one area

37. Brightness

38. Adds to selection

39. Can use the brush to edit the selection over and over by hand more precisely

40. A bar at the bottom of the program window that provides information about the current file and process

41. Perserve earlier states of your work

42. Keeps the selection size fit to a certain shape

43. A mask that can be added to specific layers rather than all the layers below

44. Automatically finds and extracts the background from an image

45. Creates an effect of slowly decreasing color

46. A tool that blurs the edges [or wherever you drag the mouse]; reduces detail by decreasing the level of sharpness

47. Selections of a similar color

48. How much colors clash with each other

49. Selects a circular area

50. Chemical used in photograph development. something similar used in quick mask mode