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Adobe Premiere Pro

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1. A basic effect used on images to fade in or out by applying the Opacity effect

2. In Premiere Pro - the point where a clip has been split. It is marked by a vertical line between two clips nd is also referred to as a cut.

3. Facilitates video editing

4. A title in which text moves horizontally over the footage

5. A frame with settings that provide a snapshot of how you want a clip to look at a specified time

6. An option in the Effect Controls panel that displays the starting and ending frames of clips to which a transition has been applied

7. The panel used to preview assests from the project panel or the media browser before being placed in a sequence

8. A part of the Titler in Premiere Pro where you choose a font and change the font size - kerning - leading - or font characteristics such as bold or italics

9. A setting in the Premiere Pro Effect Controls panel that adjusts the smoothness of a transition's edge

10. Contains the movie you are creating

11. A feature of the Premiere Pro Timeline panel that measures the time in a sequence horizontally and displays icons for makers and In and Out points

12. A way to plan a video by placing clips or digital assets in the order you plan to have them play

13. The section of the timeline panel where most editing takes place

14. The part of a session where video & audio clips are assembled - edited - & enhanced

15. A title in which text move vertically over the footage

16. Main window comprised of various panels

17. The delay before a video begins to play on the Internet

18. A command that removes a clip from a sequence without leaving any gaps if the clip being removed is located between two other clips

19. A part of the Titler in Premiere Pro where you design and preview text and graphics; the central panel in the Titler window

20. A part of the Titler in Premiere Pro where you can apply preset styles to titles and create and save your own titles

21. Video played much like a traditional live broadcast and affected by the bandwidth available

22. The Workspace drop down menu

23. The beginning edge of a transition; may be adjusted

24. A technology used to make video viewable on the Web in which movie player software determines how long it will take to download an entire movie for viewing and begins playing the movie when enouggh of the movie has been downloaded so it will play bac

25. The panel that organizes all the assets for a project

26. A part of the Titler in Premiere Pro where the tools are located to draw basic shapes - create text paths - and create vertical or horizontal text

27. A part of the Titler in Premiere Pro where you align - center - or distribute objects and text verically and horizontally

28. A procedure done during the export process so that other people will be able to view a movie

29. Measures the time in a sequence horizontally & displays icons for markers & in & our points

30. The arrangement of panels in the application window

31. A setting in the Effect Controls panel that allows the color of the transition border to be set

32. Clicking and dragging the CTI to preview a sequence

33. Arrows found on some transitions that change the orientation or direction of the transition

34. The panel where you place various assets & edit them

35. The view that shows thumbnails or smaller versions of the clips

36. A title that has fixed text

37. A setting in the Effect Controls panel that allows for the adjustment of the optional border on a transition

38. A visual representation of the area of a sequence that you want to preview or export; the selected portion is indicated by brackets just below the Time ruler

39. Used to organize assets in the project panel

40. A setting in the Effect Controls panel that allows you to play a transition backward

41. A workspace that has been created by a user and saved with a unique name

42. Tabs found at the tops of panels

43. The process of compiling a composition into its final output from all of its layers and settings; a rendered project plays more smoothly and much closer to real time

44. Video - audio - still images files

45. A light blue triangle in the ruler with a vertical red line extending through the video and audio tracks

46. The area that becomes highlighted as you drag a panel

47. The ending edge of a transition; may be adjusted

48. A reduced size picture of a digital asset

49. The level of transparency on a scale from 0% to 100% if set to 0% - the clip is completely transparent; at 100% - the clip has no transparency

50. A file created to track assets taht are referenced in the project panel