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Advanced Baking Terms

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1. A batter or dough of yeast - flour - and water that is allowed to ferment and is then mixed with more flour and other ingredients to make a bread dough.

2. (1) A yeast-type dough made with a sponge or starter that has fermented so long that it has become very sour or acidic. (2) A bread made with such a dough.

3. A food made into a smooth pulp - usually by being ground or forced through a sieve.

4. (1) A shiny coating - such as a syrup - applied to a food. (2) To make a food shiny or glossy by coating it with a glaze or by browning it under a broiler or in a hot oven.

5. A cake mixing method - beginning with the blending of flour and high-ratio shortening - followed by the addition of liquids. Also called the high-ratio method.

6. Piercing or perforating pastry dough before baking in order to allow steam to escape and to avoid blistering.

7. A paste or dough made of boiling water or milk - butter - flour - and eggs; used to make eclairs - cream puffs - and similar products.

8. French word for 'cake.'

9. (1) A dessert made of a ring of cream puffs set on a short dough base and filled with a type of pastry cream. (2) The cream used to fill this dessert - made of pastry cream and whipped egg whites.

10. A light vanilla-flavored custard sauce made of milk - sugar - and egg yolks.

11. Having a high fat content - which makes the product (such as a cookie or pastry) very crumbly and tender.

12. The chemical name for regular granulated sugar and confectioners' sugar.

13. A small pastry or petit four sec made of rolled - sugared puff pastry cut into slices and baked.

14. A form of icing made of confectioners' sugar and egg whites; used for decorating.

15. A pie with a light - fluffy filling containing egg whites and - usually - gelatin.

16. Rich yeast dough containing large amounts of eggs and butter; or a product made from this dough.

17. A chocolate cake made with a high percentage of baking soda - which gives the cake a reddish color.

18. An Italian dessert or sauce made of whipped eggs yolks and Marsala wine.

19. Prefix in the metric system meaning 'one-thousandth.'

20. A coarse - flaky meal made from whole rye grains.

21. The dry powder that remains after cocoa butter is pressed out of chocolate liquor.

22. A type of sweet yeast bread or coffee cake.

23. The weight of the total contents of a can or package.

24. A variety of small fancy cakes and other pastries - usually in single-portion sizes.

25. A syrup consisting of sucrose and water in varying proportions.

26. (1) Term referring to cakes and cake formulas mixed by a special method and containing more sugar than flour. (2) The mixing method used for these cakes. (3) Term referring to certain specially formulated ingredients used in these cakes - such as sho

27. A flaky - buttery yeast roll shaped like a crescent and made from a rolled-in dough.

28. A delicate cake or pastry small enough to be eaten in one or two bites.

29. A dessert consisting of ice cream on a sponge-cake base - covered with meringue and browned in the oven.

30. A dessert consisting of a ring of baked eclair paste filled with cream.

31. The browning of sugars caused by heat.

32. Italian ice cream

33. A soft or creamy dessert that is made light by the addition of whipped cream - egg whites - or both.

34. Boiled sugar made into long - thin threads by dipping wires into the sugar syrup and waving them so that the sugar falls off in fine streams.

35. Cocoa that has been processed with an alkali to reduce its acidity.

36. (1) A liquid brushed onto the surface of a product - usually before baking. (2) To apply such a liquid.

37. The process of whipping eggs - with or without sugar - to incorporate air.

38. A type of biscuit or biscuitlike bread.

39. A plastic triangle with toothed or serrated edges; used for texturing icings.

40. The basic unit of weight in the metric system; equal to about one-thirtieth of an ounce.

41. A cake mixing method involving the folding of whipped egg whites into a batter made of flour - egg yolks - and oil.

42. A thin sponge cake layer spread with a filling and rolled up.

43. The process of melting and cooling chocolate to specific temperatures in order to prepare it for dipping - coating - or molding.

44. (1) A type of dough that is stretched until paper-thin. (2) A baked item consisting of a filling rolled up in a sheet of strudel dough or phyllo dough.

45. (1) A cold dessert made of Bavarian cream or other cream in a special mold - usually lined with ladyfingers or other sponge products. (2) A hot dessert made of cooked fruit and baked in a special mold lined with strips of bread.

46. A batter that is too thick to pour but will drop from a spoon in lumps

47. A rich custard with a brittle top crust of caramelized sugar. French name means 'burnt cream.'

48. Weighing - usually of ingredients or of dough's or batters.

49. To partly mix two colors of cake batter or icing so that the colors are in decorative swirls.

50. A coarse - crystalline frozen dessert made of water - sugar - and fruit juice or another flavoring.