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Advanced Baking Terms

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1. A crisp cookie made of butter - sugar - and flour.

2. A fruit or vegetable puree - used as a sauce.

3. (1) A shiny coating - such as a syrup - applied to a food. (2) To make a food shiny or glossy by coating it with a glaze or by browning it under a broiler or in a hot oven.

4. Having a high fat content - which makes the product (such as a cookie or pastry) very crumbly and tender.

5. A light cake made by the chiffon method.

6. A small pastry or petit four sec made of rolled - sugared puff pastry cut into slices and baked.

7. The basic unit of volume in the metric system; equal to slightly more than a quart.

8. A light confection - icing - or filling made of meringue and gelatin (or other stabilizers).

9. A type of sweet yeast bread or coffee cake.

10. A paste or dough made of boiling water or milk - butter - flour - and eggs; used to make eclairs - cream puffs - and similar products.

11. The basic unit of weight in the metric system; equal to about one-thirtieth of an ounce.

12. A type of yeast bread or cake that is soaked in syrup.

13. The process of melting and cooling chocolate to specific temperatures in order to prepare it for dipping - coating - or molding.

14. The chemical name for regular granulated sugar and confectioners' sugar.

15. A paper-thin dough or pastry used to make strudels and various Middle Eastern and Greek desserts.

16. A custard baked in a mold lined with caramelized sugar - then unmolded.

17. A sugar paste used for decorative work - Which becomes very hard when dry.

18. A type of icing made of boiled sugar syrup that is agitated so that it crystallizes into a mass of extremely small white crystals.

19. A rich egg bread - often made as a braided loaf.

20. See Two-Stage Method.

21. Cocoa that has been processed with an alkali to reduce its acidity.

22. Italian word for 'sherbet.'

23. The process by which starch granules absorb water and swell in size.

24. A chocolate cake made with a high percentage of baking soda - which gives the cake a reddish color.

25. To partly mix two colors of cake batter or icing so that the colors are in decorative swirls.

26. Strong flour - such as patent flour - used for breads.

27. (1) An English pudding made of milk - sugar - and cornstarch. (2) A French dessert made of milk - cream - almonds - and gelatin.

28. A small - dry - finger-shaped sponge cake or cookie.

29. (1) A type of dough that is stretched until paper-thin. (2) A baked item consisting of a filling rolled up in a sheet of strudel dough or phyllo dough.

30. Weighing - usually of ingredients or of dough's or batters.

31. A batter or dough of yeast - flour - and water that is allowed to ferment and is then mixed with more flour and other ingredients to make a bread dough.

32. A process that converts liquid oils to solid fats (shortenings) by chemically bonding hydrogen to the fat molecules.

33. A semi liquid mixture containing flour or other starch - used for the production of such products as cakes and breads and for coating products to be deep-fried.

34. Piercing or perforating pastry dough before baking in order to allow steam to escape and to avoid blistering.

35. An elastic substance - formed from proteins present in wheat flours - that gives structure and strength to baked goods.

36. The basic unit of length in the metric system; slightly longer than one yard.

37. A mixing method that begins with the blending of fat and sugar; used for cakes - cookies - and similar items.

38. The starchy inner portion of grain kernels.

39. A cookie made of eggs (usually whites) and almond paste or coconut

40. The colored outer portion of the peel of citrus fruits.

41. The dry powder that remains after cocoa butter is pressed out of chocolate liquor.

42. The process by which yeast changes carbohydrates into carbon dioxide gas and alcohol.

43. A cookie mixing method in which all ingredients are added to the bowl at once.

44. A sponge cake or other yellow cake filled with pastry cream and topped with chocolate fondant or confectioners' sugar.

45. French word for 'cake.'

46. The production or incorporation of gases in a baked product to increase volume and to produce shape and texture.

47. A dessert consisting of ice cream on a sponge-cake base - covered with meringue and browned in the oven.

48. (1) A type of sundae served in a tall - thin glass. (2) A still-frozen dessert made of egg yolks - syrup - and heavy cream.

49. A deep-fried item made of or coated with a batter or dough.

50. A weak flour used for pastries and cookies.